House Republicans Go On Vacation Without Voting On Fast Track

The U.S. House of Representatives sits empty until the day after Labor Day. Representatives abandoned DC Thursday for whatever home territory sent them to that historical city in the first place. For many, it’ll be campaign and money-raising season; for others, a chance to hob nob with constituents or renew acquaintances with the local rich and powerful glitterati. The U.S. Senate, on the other hand, is sticking around for another week.

Apparently going nowhere for now in the Nation’s Capital are the three pieces of stinko trade legislation that nobody wants to register a vote for or against before confronting voters. An aye vote for fast tracking any of these repulsive power plays, giveaways and job destroyers would leave a local senator or representative with a “whole lot of “splainin to do” as Ricky used to tell Lucy. House members can’t vote for over a month and even with the extra six days of their own session, senators won’t vote on fast tracking before returning either.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) joke and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) sleazy deal have been well chronicled on this and other sites, but the equally onerous Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) needs a bit of an expanded explanation. Like TPP and TTIP, TiSA is a piece of back-room, highly secretive, rich man’s global statecraft that benefits no average citizen and hands the keys to the kingdom to the power boys and girls.

As usual, WikiLeaks is essentially the only go-to source that tells you what world governments are up to these days. The first hint of TiSA was leaked in February, while the latest exposure came from WikiLeaks, July 2. Here it is and it ain’t purty! Be sure and click on the “Our World is Not for Sale” (OWINFS) link for an in-depth explanation of TiSA.

Working through the back channels of the World Trade Organization (WTO) some 53 countries, including all 28 EU members and the U.S. started meeting at assorted secret venues to put together a power package that assured that corporate sovereignty would override national sovereignty in the world trade arena. Here’s what that means. TiSA would include privatization that would be inked in as irreversible and deregulation would be high on the agenda. Thus fortified, mergers and acquisitions would create giant armies of corporations spread throughout various business sectors.

OWINFS lists the sectors that would include all business entities that control world commerce. We’re talking such power centers as banking, financial, insurance, energy, telecommunications, water, electronics, transportation and any other manufacturing or service industry with power over governments and citizens. Monopolies would prevail. Every controversial decision would favor corporations protected by TiSA, TPP and TTIP. The world’s workforce would be at the mercy of a tiny percentage of incredibly powerful corporations and individuals. That’s where we’re headed with these agreements and others in the pipeline.

It has taken a few years for all the lettered input organizations to hammer out this new economic imperialism. A great irony tracks back to 1967, when French journalist Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber authored a best-seller, “The American Challenge.” It was about the U.S. handing the French their lunch in all things corporate and economic. Now the two countries are backroom allies in the dirty tricks strategy of world corporate domination.

What’s truly galling about these agreements is how antithetical they are to what America professes to be. Even as senators and representatives swill of generous corporate campaign bucks and lucrative post-retirement job promises, they go home and talk of what a great democracy they represent. They brag of such “accomplishments” as cutting taxes (not to mention services), the protecting of our country through military might and following the scriptures to a holy and spiritual life. And it’s all complete horse pucky. Your reps and senators are going to sell your country down the river with their upcoming fast-tracking votes to adopt those horrible snake oil trade pieces of pure legislative garbage. And, trust me; you won’t get a straight answer from any of them, with precious few exceptions, when the embarrassing questions are finally asked.

If you’re like me, you won’t even get to ask the question. Just to track the opposition, I generally try to go to any appearance made locally by one of the Republican candidates for their party’s presidential nomination. Jeb Bush was the latest to show up. The hostess for the gathering surprisingly announced that Bush would answer questions from the audience.

Mine was the second or third hand to go up. I wanted to get Jeb’s take on TPP, TTIP and TiSA. Two questions were asked and answered before mine. The young man holding the microphone acknowledged with a nod that I was next and I came down and stood by him. The hostess recognized me and went to the other side of the room to avoid any question I would ask of Bush. Minutes later, time ran out. That’s how it works in the deep red south.

It’s also instructive that Associated Press, in a by-lined story appearing in their contracted newspapers and websites, left out TPP, TTIP and TiSA in the critical list of legislation facing senators and representatives when they return from hiatus, September 7. No embarrassing trade questions at town halls if readers remain unaware. At least that was the case in my local paper and the numerous sites I visited looking for a fast tracking mention.

As for the trade votes, fast tracking these agreements give your country away and promises of more jobs notwithstanding, these agreements also give away millions of jobs as well. Just like NAFTA.

A call to your Democratic Party legislator telling him or her to stay the course is not a bad idea. As for Republicans; Koch calls, instructing them to vote for fast tracking and what to say to the media are pretty much the only ones that carry any weight.

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  1. So did these cretins, calling themselves Republicans, actually get elected to Congress or were they installed? Here’s a tip, it’s not the government, that’s the problem, it’s the Republicans in government. Big difference. As in..quit voting for these malcontents.

  2. One of the biggest ongoing arguments in the TPP negotiations (as far as we know, anyway) remains the question of how far the United States can push the other signatories to adopt its views on intellectual property law. The contentious points revolve around the ability to undertake criminal legal action against IP violators. “The U.S. wants the standards for damages to be very high, and to go beyond TRIPS (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) obligations for injunctions and the destruction of infringing goods,” according to James Love of Knowledge Economy International. The United States has also pushed for increasing the ability of government to undertake criminal legal procedures against intellectual property infringers.

    What’s at stake? The criminalization of IP infringement in a multilateral agreement would give the United States legal teeth for enforcing its preferred system of intellectual property protection across the world.

  3. It’s intellectually dishonest to denounce the GOP but make no mention of Obama’s treacherous role in pushing for TPP.

  4. it’s not the government, that’s the problem, it’s the Republicans in government.

    I’ve been saying something along those very lines for years.

    People say government doesn’t work. I tell them, “Wrong. Government when Republicans are in control doesn’t work”.

    And here we see yet another example of petty sore-loserism by Republicans that a Democrat is in the White House – and a Black one to boot.

  5. It’s intellectually dishonest for so-called Liberals to wail and whine against the Asian trade deal (TPP) while being completely MUM about the European trade deal (TTIP) that’s being simultaneously negotiated. I would really want to know why that is.

  6. Because Europeans have equal or higher wages than we do, so it’s not a threat.

    It’s intellectually dishonest for people like you to wail and whine about Liberals.

  7. Most of them need to get home to prepare for that all expense paid luxury holiday in Israel, paid for by AIPAC and Sheldon Adelson, where they will get detailed instructions on how to kill the Irtan deal
    (and also bags of cash).

    I wonder if they will ask Israel to give details of their nuclear arsenal!!!

  8. Thank you for the informative article.

    It says a lot when certain ideas or proposals are met with almost religious level of outrage when they’re brought up.

  9. I received my degree in economics in 1962. “International Trade” was one of the courses I enjoyed most. That was then; over 50 years ago. International trade made sense then. This is now. The multinational corporations have ruined the benefits of International trade for every country on earth. All the multinational corporations want is gimme, gimme, gimme, more, more, more. Piss on the people. Millionaires and billionaires come first.

    The “exceptional” USA better learn that lesson before this country becomes just another ‘Banana Republic”. [WINK]

  10. But when you took your class the rest of the world was still trying to recover from WW2. The US was the dominant power when it came to trade. Now times have change so what would you suggest how we go forward?

  11. Joan, Obama “the Socialist” is barely left of center and great friend to the Capitalists and Wall Street. For being well educated, he either doesn’t understand today’s international trade economics or his advisory staff doesn’t.

    Either that or he is trying to take care of his Capitalist and Wall Street friends.

  12. Oh, so people in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czec Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Republic of Cyprus – impoverished countries that are part of the European Union, too, btw – earn more than Americans? Really?

    You don’t know squat, Bettysdad. Either that, or you’re trying to excuse/hide the hypocrisy and/or covert racism in so-called Liberals attacking President Obama over the Asian trade deal while glossing over if not ignoring the European trade deal.

    Anyone who is against the TPP while saying NOTHING about the TTIP should be questioned whether they’re sheep of American Unions and anti-Obama people or just not interested in the fact that both trade deals are STILL ONLY BEING NEGOTIATED.

    Apparently, Unions in the United States also believe that you can fool some of the people some of the time, and that so-called Liberals aren’t immune from poutrage propaganda…just as long as it’s against one of the most progressive presidents of our lifetime.

  13. surprise surprise, the GOP once again pulling some DUMB $HIT! they haven’t done crap for the last 7 years but harass Obama on ANY and EVERYTHING! and completely destroying this country by handing it to the oligarch’s! They’ve BLOCKED every nomination Obama purposes! HELL those worthless ROTTEN BAST@RDS even held up Al Franken’s senate seat!, these LILY WHITE BAST@RDS love playing hardball! they’ll do ANY god damn thing for more power! But heres my REAL problem! when is the god damned democratic party gonna start taking a page from the GOP’s book? WHEN!? the democratic party is so damn SOFT! and compliant! WE’VE talked more about BENGHAZI, than we’ve talked about OUR WAR CRIMINALS! WE’VE talked more about Hillary’s EMAILS than we’ve talked about RE-BUILDING our god damn third world infrustructure! WE’VE talked about more about the IRS supposedly hounding POOR little republicans groups! WHEN is the democratic party gonna figure it out? it’s a WAR! fight back

  14. Experience…been kicked around most of my life DJ…especially financially…like an old cat seeing a new pair of boots entering a room…it ain’t a question of IF it’s gonna hurt; but how much…

  15. That was a good read. The part of currency manipuliton is what IMO other than intellutual property right are what is holding it up. I dont hve the answers but I do trust my President to do what is in Americas interest

  16. Bernie Sanders has the exact same position on free trade and the TPP as Donald Trump.

    Many of those who ridicule climate change deniers correctly point out that 99% of all PhD meteorologists agree that carbon dioxide is associated with rising global temperatures. However free-trade opponents do not consider the fact that that 99% of all PhD economists agree that free-trade and the TPP in particular will greatly benefit America and raise standards of living .
    Protectionism is the progressivism of fools. Gandhi was a great statesman but a horrible economist. Just as the ignorant in the USA argue that American workers who earn $15 per hour should not have to compete with Chinese workers who make $2 per hour, Gandhi thought that Indian workers should not have to compete with American and European workers who have the benefit of modern machines…”

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