New Poll Reveals That Democrats Would Crush Republicans If Trump Runs Third Party


The worst nightmares of the Republican Party were confirmed by a new Marist poll that showed Democrats crushing Republicans if Donald Trump runs as a third-party Independent candidate for president.

According to Marist:

While Clinton, 49%, edges Bush, 43%, by 6 points in a two-way, general election contest, a three-way race with Trump cuts into Bush’s support and gives Clinton, 44%, a 15 point lead over him, 29%. Trump garners 20% in such a contest. When Bill Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush in 1992, he received 43% of the popular vote.

While Clinton retains her support among her Democratic base in a three-way race, Bush’s support among Republicans freefalls from 92% to 63%, a 29 point difference. Trump garners 28% of the GOP vote. Among independents nationally, Clinton’s 6 point edge over Bush, 48% to 42%, more than doubles to 13 points with Trump in the race.

Trump would fracture the Republican Party as a third-party candidate, and destroy any chance of Republican victory in 2016.

What should be more frightening than Trump for Republicans is that Hillary Clinton’s general election polling is looking a lot like President Obama’s. President Obama beat John McCain 53%-46% in 2008, and Mitt Romney 51%-48% in 2012. Currently, Bush is less popular nationally than Romney or McCain, but Clinton is within two points of matching President Obama’s 2012 result. Bush is only at 42% nationally while getting the support of 92% of Republicans. Hillary Clinton has room to grow within her party as she is at 49% with the support of 89% of the Democratic Party. Given these numbers, it is possible to project that Hillary Clinton is on pace to match President Obama’s popular vote percentage. The data also suggests that the Republican Party has gotten smaller, and getting the support of Republicans is not enough to win a presidential election.

Donald Trump would take the internal divisions within the Republican Party to the ballot box if he ran as an Independent, but the takeaway here is that Democrats don’t need Trump to run third-party in order to win. Hillary Clinton leads every Republican candidate polled by at least five points. So far, the advantages that Democrats have enjoyed in recent presidential elections are holding true for 2016.

Republicans go from having a chance to win in 2016 to no chance at all if Donald Trump runs as an Independent.

48 Replies to “New Poll Reveals That Democrats Would Crush Republicans If Trump Runs Third Party”

  1. Trump/Palin 2016

    You’re Fired! / I Quit!

    Please please please Santa, I’ve been very good this year.

  2. as I’ve suggested before… he needs to hire Ralph Nader and Ross Perot to advise his 3rd party run…they were so successful at it…

  3. I don’t want a third party run. I don’t want to hear any excuses come November when we crush this extremism so maybe we can have a sane republican party to debate on how we go forward

  4. First he’ll have to decide if he really wants to run, now that this has come out: “Donald Trump’s companies have sought visas to import at least 1,100 workers.”

  5. Nah. If he can’t get the Republican nomination, he’ll use the threat of a third-party run to extort the GOP into promising whatever he wants.

  6. While I would love a sane Republican party, from what I have seen there are no sane Republicans. If they get beat in Nov. next year they will go even further right, if that is possible.

    Congress being controlled by them is totally dysfunctional. They can’t even agree amongst themselves. They would never move more to the center for an honest debate.

  7. I sure hope you’re right. I suspect though we have a lot of crazies who will vote for a sick Republican.

  8. …whileas Trump ain’t exactly a Kochsucker…he IS a billionaire; and rich shits stick together…

  9. DT said he would provide jobs and the Hispanics would love him for it. However, it looks like he started doing this quite awhile ago. Hey, Donald, is there something you forgot to mention?

  10. I’ve been listening to Hillary give some speeches even her supporters give a half ass applause. Somebody needs to help Hillary become more in-touch with her audience. What I’m trying to say she sounds out dated or maybe a little fake in her delivery.

  11. And we need a poll to tell us this???

    A third party candidate is obviously a win for the democrats. It’ll be a Ross Perot campaign all over again. I do think third party would get more support now than in 1992(??) but would still hurt the republicans far more than the democrats.

    A big reason is that the democrat voters are always united. Always supporting their party no matter what. And I give you folks credit for that.

    The republicans, on the other hand have been in disarray the last 20 years. Especially the last 10. The party is divided between the old rhinos and the younger generation who want them to stand up for some principals. The old republicans are cowards who’ve been running the party for too long and want to get rid of the younger conservatives and Tea Party who are thorns in their sides.

  12. Moon, I have to agree with Mike. Hillary is a very intelligent woman and a very good politician. But she’s not the politician Bill is or was.

    Bill Clinton’s greatest asset at his disposal when he ran for president was his personality. He’s a guy who could sit down and have a beer or coffee with anyone. As much as you and other democrats might support Hillary and agree with her, she doesn’t carry that ‘likability’ that Bill does.

    As I’ve said before I predict she will not win the nomination. If I’m wrong I’ll certainly be called out on it. But I’ll take the chance lol

  13. And which principles should they stand up for? Taking away women’s reproductive rights? Giving big corporations HUGE subsidies? Or maybe forcing gay married people to be divorced? What a bunch of winning ideas…NOT. [WINK]

  14. And that’s the problem when idiots have the right to vote. They vote on who they want to have a beer with like its a contest like American Idol! The most idiotic thing you have written so far

  15. Do you know what a metaphor is? Or do I have to explain it to you? Geez!

    Whether you’ll admit it or not, likability is huge in politics. Especially when running for president. Bill Clinton has that charm and personality.

  16. “What principles teabaggers stand for?”

    Well I’m glad you asked, Djchefron because it’s an excellent question.

    -Fight illegal immigration.
    -Term limits.
    -Cut spending.
    -Get rid of wasteful programs.
    -Fiscal responsibility.
    -No more earmarks.
    -Term limits.
    -Less government. Not more. A limited government, as our founding fathers wanted.
    -Personal responsibility.
    -Voter ID laws. And NO!!! It DOES NOT suppress legal voters from voting.

    The Tea Party is made up of ordinary, average working Americans who are PO’ed at our government. And they want it to go back to the American people.

    We don’t have a government for the people, by the people anymore. It’s become the government for the government.

  17. Where was this anger when Bush damn near destroyed the world economy? You people are nothing more than simple minded racist who cant even spell and wants government out their Medicare. Dumbass

  18. I will try to answer you dumbasses concerns with links
    1.Fight illegal immigration.
    U.S. deportations of immigrants reach record high in 2013
    2.Term limits.
    If you dumb white racist would ever read the Constitution you would know it takes amending the Constitution to limit terms.
    3.Cut spending.
    It’s unlikely that President Obama will ever shake his reputation among Republicans as a big spender. But a key fact counters that rap.

    As a share of the economy, spending on domestic and defense programs has been on the decline since 2010, and is on track to reach the lowest level in more than 50 years by 2023.
    4.Get rid of wasteful programs.
    Obama signs order to start $85 billion budget cuts

    President Barack Obama has reluctantly ordered an $85bn (£56bn) austerity drive that could slow the US economy and slash jobs, after blaming Republicans for refusing to stop the “dumb” spending cuts.
    5.Fiscal responsibility.
    The ludicrous myth of Republican fiscal responsibility: A history lesson for the modern GOP

    The GOP loves to insist that Democrats have caused a fiscal crisis. But the real story looks far different
    Remember dumbass Congress controls the spending
    6.No more earmarks.
    Dumbass are you still with me? Since Congress controls spending then they control earmarks. BTW House Republicans Renew Earmark Ban for 113th Congress – See more at:
    7.Term Limits. Since I already covered that I see no reason to continue with your idiocy. When you learn how government works that we can talk other that that you have shown yourself as nothing more than a fuking idiot

  19. You don’t have a damn clue as to what the Tea Party represents. In a nut shell they want freedom, liberty and the government to be responsible and leave them alone.

    Authoritarianism, indoctrination, and anti-intellectualism are all tools of liberalism. They want to control our health care and in some cases the size of our sodas. They control most colleges, ideal for indoctrination. It is in their best interest to keep a number of people poor and dependent on the government, solidifying their votes.

  20. There certainly was anger with Bush. He and Jeb are both part of that elite rhino republican group. I am not a Bush republican. I’m a conservative. The down spiral of the economy is on the democrats as well, particularly with the housing industry.

    It was Bahney Fwank and other democrats who decided it was everyone’s right to own a home. Whether they could afford it or not. How many builders went broke because of the housing bust? How many Americans lost their home?

    You can not blame only Bush and the republicans for the poor economy.

  21. Bullshit
    Mayor Bloomberg:

    It was not the banks that created the mortgage crisis. It was, plain and simple, Congress, who forced everybody to go and give mortgages to people who were on the cusp….But they were the ones who pushed Fannie and Freddie to make a bunch of loans that were imprudent, if you will. They were the ones that pushed the banks to loan to everybody.

    My sense is that these are people who can’t accept that some markets, especially financial ones, are disasters when completely unregulated – and thus find any far-fetched excuse to blame the government. But since we are going to hear a lot of it in 2012, how should one respond to the line that Congress and Fannie/Freddie caused the housing crisis?

    As usual your teabagging ass cant face reality so that makes you number 1 dumbass

  22. I prove that your assumptions are bullshit with links. Face it you are nothing more than a sorry ass white racist who is a loser in life

  23. It was George W. Bush who declared that every American should own a home if they wanted to. And how could Barney Frank have that much say in Congress when Republicans held the majority through most of Bush’s time in office? The Democrats did not become the majority party in the House until 2007 when the recession was already beginning.

  24. There is a difference between declarations and following through.
    Between the lip service paid by Bu$h and the number of homes foreclosed for dubious reasons…
    A simple investigation into Big Bank business practices would’ve curtailed a great deal.

    But that would’ve been interfering with the ‘free’ market.

  25. Yes we can blame them.

    Because- the economy is more than housing markets. The economy is also driven by American Jobs, jobs that Bu$h and his cohorts expelled to foreign countries.
    It was the refusal to match pay for increased efficiency in the workplace.
    It was the refusal to even acknowledge that America was sliding into another Recession- because such predictions were ‘trying to make Bu$h look bad’ by the “Liberal Media”.

    Blow it out your ass hypocrite.

  26. Well I never said Bush or the republicans were immune from blame. Yes they are responsible. I’m not one bit afraid to point fingers at republicans because that used to be my party until the left me. But you are so narrow minded and brain washed that the democrats are never wrong. EVER. In fact I get more upset with the Rs than the Ds.

    There were democrats such as Maxine Waters, Greg Meeks others (some Rs as well) who didn’t want to put regulations on Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac.

    Also, the interest rates got too low which over inflated property values. If you want a business lesson on how too low of interest rates can be as damaging as too high of rates I’d be glad to explain.

    Lastly, I’m self employed and successful. I have a net worth of well over $3 million. If I’m a “loser” as you say, I’m a pretty damn successful one.

  27. So you chose to gauge your self worth on money?

    Money is inherently worthless. What have you done for your fellow man?

  28. Bullshit.

    If the Tea Party was all for that then why don’t they do so in the places where they’ve got control.

    They don’t because they can’t, they’re just out to destroy anything and everything they can in an effort to undermine freedom- for everyone else.

  29. You keep spouting Term Limits without ONCE explaining how exactly is that going to do anyone any good.

    Just like your fellow Republicans- all you can do is spout Bullshit without explaining how it’s going to work.
    You cannot. Because it doesn’t. Your words as empty as your mind.

  30. Here is how liberals would solve things if the Republicans would the FARK out of the way:

    Fight illegal immigration.-By going after those who employ them.

    -Term limits- Does nothing.

    -Cut spending.-Eliminate the biggest bloat- unnecessary military spending.

    -Get rid of wasteful programs.- The biggest waste: Corporate Welfare.

    -Fiscal responsibility.- Make everyone pay their fair share.

    -No more earmarks- Eliminate Republican Cash Cows.

    -Term limits.-Does Nothing.

    -Less government. Not more. A limited government, as our founding fathers wanted.
    – Eliminate the crapola that Republicans keep creating.

    -Individualism.- This coming from Ditto-head?

    -Personal responsibility.- See to the beam in thine own eye hypocrite!

    -Voter ID laws. And NO!!! It DOES NOT suppress legal voters from voting.- BULLSHIT! Yes it does. You want to reduce so called “Illegal Voting” then do what Oregon does- Absentee Ballot- It works.

  31. And we never said that the Dems were immune to blame or incapable of being wrong, EVER.

    But that doesn’t stop you from asserting such erroneous notions like Term Limits, does it?

  32. If the tea bags want smaller government, they why do you want to regulate womens bodies, invade people’s bedrooms and want everyone fined if they don’t go to church?
    Why does the OK governor want to tax the sun and wind?

    The tea bags are the most uninformed.

    Bush drive for home ownership fueled housing bubble

    I’ll bet you also blame the 2008 economy meltdown on the Dodd-Frank bill signed in 2010.

  33. And all Analog Kid offers are a bunch of empty catchphrases.

    As if chanting them will somehow turn them into a Magic Spell that will make everything better.

    Family Values/Term Limits/Smaller Government/Individualism- they’re all nice sounding phrases without an ounce of substance or detail.

    Life isn’t catchphrases. Life is a helluva lot more complicated. An adult understands that.

    It’s like saying how to succeed in the Stock Market: Buy Low Sell High. Ok fine, BUT HOW!?

  34. Hillary Clinton.
    Secretary of State.


    She’s got experience.

    And by damn- I like her.
    And the more you Republican Retards rail against her, the more I like.

  35. Dumbass just STFU every study every analysis has said that housing crash was not the fault of Freddie and Freddie mac. The numbers don’t even support it. The only reason that your feeble mind keep repeating that nonsense is because of your inner klansman want to blame poor POC even though like welfare you whites use more government services that anybody else

  36. Falling into a philosophical mode.

    Money- it’s only worth something because someone else wants it. And they only want it because everyone else does too.

    Even gold is only worth something because of the same thing.

    But that which does intrinsic worth: Air, Water, Food, is inevitably despoiled by those who claim that they need more money.

    They destroy that which does have worth in pursuit of that which does not.

    Humanity- is insane.

  37. -Fight illegal immigration…I’m with you 100% on that one.

    -Term limits…It would help because it would get rid of the elites in both parties.

    -Cut spending….Yes there are areas in the military we could cut. Yet we still need to stay ahead of our enemies in military tech. We’ve got one M F’n kick ass military and we need to keep it that way.

    -Corporate welfare. I’m with ya there too.

    -Fiscal responsibility…I’m talking government fiscal responsibility. Quit spending more than you take in. Like you and I do. The wealthy are already paying their fair share..and more. But that’s another debate.

    -Less government…And you think it’s only the Reps who’ve created the over sized government?

    -Individualism… Yes, individualism over collectivism and statism.

    -Responsibility… Show me where I’m a hypocrite.

    Voter ID…explain how it does suppress legal voters from voting and I’d love to discuss it.

  38. And yet you have not provided any evidence to refute everything I posted o prove you are nothing more than a palinbot who have nothing other than bullshit slogans. Just pitiful

  39. Bravo Moon…
    And do what Seattle did:
    Raise Minimum Wage!
    My son up there said, Everyone is asking: Why didn’t we do this sooner?
    Nick Hanauer is a rich guy, an unrepentant capitalist — and he has something to say to his fellow Plutocrats: Wake up! Growing inequality is about to push our societies into conditions resembling pre-revolutionary France.
    Hear his argument about why a dramatic increase in minimum wage could grow the middle class, deliver economic prosperity … and prevent a revolution.

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