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Trump Would Be GOP Nominee if Vote Were Held Today

The Trump “Bubble” continues. He is leading in Iowa. The McCain imbroglio only made him more popular. Fox News’ Eric Bolling tweeted this morning that if the vote were held today, Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee for president:

Bolling says “Many in the party are still not sold,” which is an understatement at best. “I think the establishment is afraid of Donald Trump, and I asked him why.”

Donald Trump: I don’t understand it. I say what I say, which is something, make America great…Basically what I want to do, is make our country great again. We’re going in such a wrong direction and it’s not going to be turned around easily.”

Makes you wonder where The Donald has been since the Bush administration. What he is saying is exactly what liberals were saying, and it is certainly true of the country as Obama found it when he entered office after the 2008 elections. It was in terrible shape, and it has been a long and difficult road even restoring some semblance of normalcy.

Now Trump and his fellow Republicans want to have another go at it. We can call it Ruination 2.0. Or Ruination Redux. Whatever you call it, it will be more of what we got from 2000 to 2008. But because recovery is not complete – thanks to nullification efforts in Congress and Red States, the consequences of another Republican administration will be even more catastrophic.

“We are really far down,” Trump told Bolling. “We are in big trouble.” Gone unsaid was Trump’s secret motto: BOHICA. Bend over, here it comes again.

Been there. Done that. Not doing it again. We didn’t even get t-shirts last time, and we don’t want to lose the ones we have.

Yet Trump says, “I”m doing the right thing. I’m saying the right things in terms of the country, but the level of animosity and the level of hatred from some people who I think are good people, is incredible.”

But hey, you still have the Tea Party, Mr. Trump. In fact, he says “The level of support is beyond incredible.”

According to Trump, his popularity is not being driven by a ethnic nationalist (read that white supremacist) Republican base, but rather a mysterious “silent majority” reminiscent of all those Tea Party “we want our country back” types. Who, coincidentally, were funded by corporations owned by rich “people” like Donald Trump. I say “people” because many corporations are owned by other corporations. It is impossible to figure out who really owns them. Trump is the very public face of an essentially faceless corporatism.

It may be, as Bernie Sanders says, that he is forcing Hillary Clinton to deal with reality. Sadly, nobody can force Donald Trump – or the Republican Party as a whole – to deal with reality. And if anything, as we have seen, Trump’s vocal extremism is only driving other Republican candidates to adopt a more strident tone themselves.

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