Bernie Don’t Play That: Sanders Stonewalls Media Effort To Get Him To Attack Clinton

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Bernie Sanders put on a clinic and completely stonewalled ABC’s News Jon Karl when he tried to get the Democratic candidate to personally attack Hillary Clinton.


Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

KARL: Hey, we are out of time. I want a yes or no answer to one quick question. Hillary Clinton’s poll suggest a lot of people don’t see her as honest and trustworthy. Do you think Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy?

SANDERS: I have a lot of respect for Hillary Clinton. She is somebody I’ve known for 25 years. I’m not going to be engaging in personal attacks against her.

KARL: So you won’t say whether or not she’s honest.

SANDERS: I’m not going to be engaging in personal attacks against her. She and I disagree on many issues. The American people want a serious debate about serious issues, not personal attacks.

KARL: All right, Senator Sanders, thank you very much for joining us.

Whether one supports Bernie Sanders or not, the Senator from Vermont deserves respect for the way that he has conducted his campaign. The media would love nothing more than for Sanders to personally attack Clinton. The corporate media in the United States has convinced themselves that the American people are too stupid to enjoy a debate about issues, so they spend their time trying to goad candidates into personally attacking each other.

Sanders is the only candidate who has not taken the bait. He understands that personally attacking Hillary Clinton would take the focus off of the issues that matter. Plus, one of the reasons why Sen. Sanders has attracted such a dedicated following is that he is a different kind of candidate. There is a something dignified about a candidate who refuses to dwell in the sewer of modern American politics.

The contrast between the Democratic and Republican primaries is striking. On the Republican side, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is practically begging his candidates to stop attacking each other, but with Donald Trump sitting at the top of the polls, the Republican primary has become a mudslinging contest.

While the Republicans are doing everything in their power to avoid discussing issues, Democrats are having an issue-driven debate among their candidates that is already sharpening up their vision of what the post-Obama Democratic agenda will look like.

Bernie Sanders isn’t going to be bullied by the corporate media. He knows exactly what the press wants, and he is refusing to give it to them. Whether the media likes it or not, Democrats are going to have a spirited primary centered around the issues.

Save the circus and childish behavior for the Republicans. Democrats are busy plotting a path to a prosperous future for the middle-class.

18 Replies to “Bernie Don’t Play That: Sanders Stonewalls Media Effort To Get Him To Attack Clinton”

  1. Senator Sanders is by far the best choice for president, he has class and show respect for the other candidates. His understanding of the problems Americans face is unparalleled by any other candidate. He is the right choice for America.

  2. Win lose or draw Bernie is a class act the likes that have not been seen inside the beltway in a long time. Elections should be decided on issues not money or personnel attacks.

    BERNIE 2016

  3. Integrity.

    No wonder so many Republicans Loathe him.

    And where is this determination to catch a POTUS-candidate when it’s a Republican?

  4. Just what you would expect from right-wing ABC News. The rightie newscasters always try to bait Bernie, but he’s up to their tricks.

  5. Bernie is one classy dude, and that is what has seriously been lacking in every level of our government from the little towns to the top. Some class and some patience will bring us all to exactly where we need to be.

  6. …and he’s making it oh so obvious — the difference between the Democratic candidates (caring, thoughtful and civilized) and the GOP candidates (uncivilized and fact-free). If there truly ARE independents out there, I suspect they will swing the way of the civilized.

  7. So when has Hillary personally attacked Bernie? Never you say? So why not praise her or even mention that little tidbit?

  8. I’m thrilled to have two strong democrat contenders in Bernie and Hillary. On my social media pages the support is split, but we’ve made it a rule not to personally attack either candidate. We debate the issues and in the end whoever is the candidate chosen we’ll all back Bernie or Hillary in order to protect our country from any Koch supported or ultraconservative getting the Presidency. Hopefully we can also get back the House and Senate, because the thought of a evangelical, Koch paid for government is too dangerous to imagine. We’ve heard “this is the most important election in History” many times before, but 2016 IS crucial to saving our country. Stick with the issues, just as Hilary and Bernie are doing, and don’t let anything divide us! We’re in this together! we HAVE to succeed.

  9. Jonathan Karl and Chuck Todd were siamese twins, separated at birth.

    Both are nothing even remotely like the definition of real “journalists.”

  10. Bernie Sanders is doing extraordinarily well considering that cable TV news rarely mentions that he is running against Hillary Clinton for the presidential nomination!

    A Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows that Clinton’s favorable ratings on going down and more significant is that only 34% of white women see her in a positive light compared to 53% who had a negative impression of her. You would think that white women would identify with Hillary Clinton, but apparently they do not.

    Bernie Sanders favorable rating among Americans has doubled since March and a CNN/ORC poll found Sanders winning against Donald Trump by 20 points.

    This is because Bernie Sanders is appealing to a broad range of voters, not just liberals. His message is thoughtful, intelligent and shows that he is a wise sage who knows that America has a long way to go to improve economic and racial equality.

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