Donald Trump Falls Apart When Called Out On His Racism Towards African-Americans

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Donald Trump fell apart when questioned about his racism towards African-Americans on ABC’s This Week.


Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

KARL: So let me ask you about something you tweeted last year. You said of Barack Obama, “Sadly, because President Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won’t see another black president for generations.”

What did you mean by that?

TRUMP: Well, I think he’s been a very poor president. I think he has done a very poor job as president. We have $18 trillion right now in debt and going up rapidly.

KARL: But what did you mean? What —

TRUMP: Wait a minute.

The world is — we don’t have victories anymore. China is killing us on trade. Mexico’s killing us at the border and also killing us on trade. Mexico’s doing unbelievably against us in trade.

You look at what’s going on with Japan. You look at what’s going on with Vietnam. You look at Saudi Arabia, makes $1 billion a day and we defend them. We get nothing.

KARL: I understand your critique. But why do you say that means we won’t see another black president for generations?

TRUMP: Because I think that he has set a very poor standard. I think that he has set a very low bar and I think it’s a shame for the African American people.

And by the way, he has done nothing for African Americans. You look at what’s gone on with their income levels. You look at what’s gone on with their youth. I thought that he would be a great cheerleader for this country. I thought he’d do a fabulous job for the African American citizens of this country.

He has done nothing. They are worse now than just about ever and —

KARL: But —

TRUMP: — they are — excuse me. They have problems now in terms of unemployment numbers, look at their unemployment numbers. And you have — here you have a black president who’s done very poorly for the African-Americans of this country.

And I think that I will win the African-American vote, and I think I will win the Hispanic vote. And if you see the recent polls that came out, Jon, you’ll see that because I’m leading in the Hispanic vote.

Trump’s claim was that since Obama has been a “bad” president, no African-American will be able to win the White House for generations. When Jon Karl pressed him on what he meant by there won’t be another African-American president for generations, Trump broke into his billionaire bluster and claimed that African-Americans and Hispanics will vote for him.

The contradiction in Trump’s claim was an inference that African-Americans voted for Obama because he is black, but they are going to turn to the rich white man to “rescue” them in 2016. Donald Trump was called out on his racist beliefs, and instead of admitting his racism, he fell apart and retreated to his usual empty tough talk.

When even Jon “Benghazi emails” Karl is calling out Trump’s racism, the writing is on the wall.

However, racism is what has made Donald Trump so popular with Republican voters. Don’t expect Trump to apologize or change because without the racism, he is just another unqualified Republican candidate.

78 Replies to “Donald Trump Falls Apart When Called Out On His Racism Towards African-Americans”

  1. Lets face it, todays republican party are racist, bigots and sexist. f you are not an white straight male Christian then you are the enemy.

  2. There is no surprise here, Trump is a racist and that’s the only reason why he is leading in all the GOP/TP polls. This upcoming debate will let the world see if they don’t already know how racist and nasty the GOP has become.

  3. He trash talks about Obama with malice and without using basic, searchable, recorded FACTS about Obama’s accomplishments. He speaks for the Obama haters, the nastier he gets about Obama, of course bring cheers from his sickos in the gallery. Trump is a joke. A very bad joke. Americans, Republican, Independents and Democrats laugh at his pompous, egotistical arrogance self and hope that someone has the guts to put him down in such a way he has to go hide for awhile and lick his wounds. Who dares to call Trump a fool to his face will get MY respect.

  4. Hell NAW!!! When they think we are still 3/5ths of a citizen, you know that strict reading of the Constitution

  5. Trump is a buffoon…But the commentator didn’t ask nor press for proof from Trump to support his claims…I know of No AA that will vote for Strumpet…His egotistical claims are without merit..The ONLY demographic that will support strumpet is the extreme right and racist…but that statement was redundant..

  6. President Obama has accomplished a lot, in spite of the gop opposition. They have blocked him from day one. Does Trump think W was a great president? He was a bumbling IDIOT. Plunged the country into debt, made enemies everywhere in the world, damaged lives or ended them completely. President Obama has a mart, savvy wife and mother of his kids. The Donald has 3 different mothers of his kids, two of whom were foreign. The latest one has as much Botox and implants as any Kardasian. Looks like a blow up doll. He is a big fan of the empty headed $arah Payme, also. Women have HIS number, only 1 in 5 would vote for him.

  7. Can WE get real? it doesn’t mean a damn thing whether trump is friendly or a flaming A$S racist! the GOP kicked open the doors for the LILY WHITE racist back in NIXON’s days! so what’s the damn difference! The GOP has done everything in it’s power to shun the A.A. community! and the ONLY ones who are too god damn stupid enough to believe the GOP is this BIG TENT equal opportunity party are these idiot republicans who continually bring their LILY WHITE republican views on race relations, via the internet! Listen! the GOP NEVER gets more than 1 to 5% of their votes from A.A.’s PERIOD! republicans ONLY get the self proclaimed ”bourgeois NEGRO” who made a few bucks and FORGOT all about where they came from! “SEE CLARENCE THOMAS” for pictures! republicans also get the equally disgusting, NEGRO who’s blinded by BAD religion! who actually believes, God just loves the GOP. bottom line, the GOP made it’s bed with A.A .’s, turn off the lights, the parties over! NO BLACK vote for….

  8. Donald Trump is nothing more than a bloviating douche bag (albeit, a rich one) that appeals to other “wanna be” douche bags. Fortunately for us..their numbers are small. Even though he’s a legend in his own mind, he’ll never be President.

  9. No….the debate is a sham because Fox News will insure that there won’t be any controversial questions…I’m not going to waste my time watching it, no more than I would watch Fox News….

  10. How is trump going to handle the time restrictions of the dabates? He can’t state anything short order. Will he blame the moderators? Fox news? Decide the field needs thinning?

  11. Donald, don’t stand on one leg waiting for the minority vote unless you want them to paint you pink and sell you for a flamingo.

  12. He is a nasty, pompous-ass, braggart. Unfortunately, he is just like the rest of the steaming piles of chit you have in the republican party. His head is stuck in his backside so he will never change.

  13. This is your idea of falling apart? Looks like a sensationalized headline to me which makes you about as credible as Trump. Words matter and instead of using words wisely, you looked for a click magnet. Terrible journalism.

  14. With Faux in charge of this whole debate charade, none of it should be taken seriously. Ailes has written the agenda, questions and answers, I am sure.

  15. Really? Would you care to elaborate in detail with verifiable links to the facts to substantiate your claims?

  16. So Sideshow Don’s point is that he, and all of the people that think like him, shouldn’t vote for the next African-American who runs for President (or Senator or Governor or dog-catcher) because of their skin color? Well, BFD, I doubt that any of those people voted for President Obama either time, or for that matter, for any black person. Ever. And guess what, Ben Carson, you ain’t getting their votes either.

  17. African-American??? Is that a special kind of American? Because I’m only an American. What do you have to do be considered “special?”

  18. Wehave always voted for our best interest. I guess when John Kerry got over 90% of our votes it was because he was a brother

  19. someone needs to do a news story, about the donalds systematic refusal to sell or rent his properties to blacks. like donald sterling in LA, who also with his wife, for years, and got sued, that they wouldn’t rent to blacks. there is so much dirt under donalds bad combover, that its only a matter of time he implodes.

  20. Get singled out as different and be treated worse because of that, and any American who is being truthful knows that.

  21. Y’all want to see and know the REAL Donald Trump? Ok, go to this link:

    It’s a short bio-documentary, put together by an independent film maker.
    It will open your eyes, and have you scratching your head. And you will see what makes him tick. It goes back to 1988 forward to the 1990’s, yet apropos to 2015. See it.

  22. Whenever anyone mentions the debt, do they even know what it consists of, do they know that Bush’s wars never went through the budget process at all, do they know that Obama recognized the cost of the wars and the debt for them is still mounting, and the
    disabled and dead military expense. Do they know that when Reagan put social security in the general fund we as a country have that as a debt item, also Bush tax cuts for the rich, never budgeted for. Do they know that treasury securities
    are part of the debt, we owe the money to
    holders of treasury securities, and on and on. Also do they know that the republicans have been in charge of the budget for most of the Obama presidency.The president cannot change the debt figures, who will pay the debt for the wars?

  23. “I think that he has set a very low bar and I think it’s a shame for the African American people.”

    Trump the DB. President Obama will more than likely go down in history as one of the most successful Presidents. He has given other black males & females a very high bar to strive for. In addition, he did it despite the obstruction from the GOP.

    Sorry Trump..jealous white boy, born with a silver spoon in his mouth; while our President grew up against the odds and really is a self-made man. Trump is no man, he is a bloated narcissist.

  24. Actually, the GOP bar is so low that Trump can run for President, along with the other clowns. Now THAT my friends is a low bar!

  25. Donald Trump is a bloviated blowhard. His criticism of our President is pure bullcrap. Trump was called out by the President at the Washington Press Club dinner last year, and I think he’s been stewing over it the whole time. He doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning the nomination. Wouldn’t surprise me if he candidacy is all about “getting even” with the President for his remarks when Donald was taken to task in a room full of journalists. He’s a narcissist through and through, and narcissists do like to get even. He’s as much a Presidential figure as my goldfish, only my goldfish has more character.

  26. That’s what struck me while reading through the comments; the Trumpster Trolls were really out for this article.
    I believe that Politicus will see more and more of this as the TrumpDump continues his charade and articles are written.
    What a bunch of deluded suckers – but they are born every minute.

  27. Trump popularity in the Republican party is due to his bigotry and hatred of Latinos and African Americans. GOP is a party of bigots and racists.

  28. Oh, Oh…Hey Maxwell, are you calling Dr. Ben Carson a ” House Negro” ? Ha! Well, in my opinion…he shows the characteristics of such a person. Look, if the GOP not show their Racist DNA, I would give him (Ben Carson) a pass. Just because, we do have to have different opinions, politically in this country. The opposition per se. BUT, when a Party, such as the Republicans DON’T respect minorities, or WANT them in their sphere, I wonder who people like Ben Carson and those Black Republicans THINK they are? Tokens? “Show case” Black trophies? (YES). Yeah, Right. Holy Jesus! When those “Black people” open their mouths and thoughts….it echoes the platform of the Racist Republicans—and THEY DON’T SEE IT! Or, prefer to ignore it. Why? Do they hope that they will be accepted as the “GOOD” Negro? Get benefits? Get a pass into the White upper class? Get a ticket that says: I am different? What? Give me a pass? What?

  29. Cyprus: You are obviously a Greek National. You ask, “what’s so special about being called an African American” ? Get this: African Americans have contributed to the building of this Great country in many ways, SINCE their arrival on these shores. Many inventions were made by Blacks, Military contributions: Since the Revolution, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf Wars, etc.
    Contributions to the work force, Business professionals, educators, politicians, the Arts, Music, etc……WHAT have the Greeks contributed to this country? Give me a Fu*king example! Yet, you have the gall to disparage Black Americans? Get to F*uck outta here! You have been under the radar. Nobody is talking about Greeks migrating to the USA. Thousands of you do. Quietly. But the focus is on the MEXICANS right now. And YOU, obviously condemn that, while you sit there enjoying the privilege of not being singled out by the Political fan-fare against migrants from south of the border.

  30. Oh, Oh…I got three (3) Trump a$$ kissers here who didn’t like my comment or posting of that link to see the documentary.
    People, go to the Link, SEE that documentary! It is revealing. I hear that Trump did not WANT THIS BIO-DOCUMENTARY to be seen. Go see it:

  31. I almost think that he thinks the way he thinks is normal and he doesn’t even understand how racist it sounds. We have had white presidents who have done worse so does that mean we won’t have another white president. Blacks aren’t all the same. We don’t share brains.

  32. djchefron:

    Yes, I pay them attention. Very carefully……
    (Right Wing,conservative,birhter, Republican trolls. As a matter of fact, they make me laugh at their weak, simplistic “come backs”. Have you noticed that the ones who come here to rebut our comments seem to be the most uneducated, misinformed, yahoos. Their comments seem, or are, straight from the FOX memoes. They cut and paste, or they paraphrase incorrectly, and they use a lot of Sara Palin style of making statements. Gibberish. Dumbass stuff, that makes you wonder….IS THIS WHAT THE Republican base is? Anyway, the ones who dare to comment on this site. They seem to be : Out of touch. And unable to make their points in a cohesive way. That’s what we get here. The Dumbasses, as you so correctly call them. :) Anyway, I love to see them make their comments. It is an insight to their mindset. Albeit, Far, far off the table. WHAT IS WRONG WITH the Right Wing, crazies? Conservatives gone wild. ;)

  33. Donald Trump/ See: 1.We all too stupid. 2.He thinks we too stupid. 3. Well vote for me, I done business in the hood las’ night. Being rich has a demented effect on a Republican like him. What an example of stupidity politicking.

  34. Donald Trump is a PHONY!

    It will be soon revealed…..
    That man is NOT the one to be in charged of the country. IF his way of handling his companies are any indication of his style….then we will be F*cked, IF he bloviates his way into the White House.
    Go see:
    An eye opener Re: Trump. Who needs him. Not us. Please, let’s stop the idolatary about this bloviating, egotistical, thin skinned, phony. Please, Ok?

  35. They either know and don’t care. Or they don’t know, and wouldn’t care if they did.

    ANYTHING to badmouth Obama.

    So, thanks sTrumpette. For your Freudian Slip.

  36. What I hear Donald saying is that White presidents and all other whites in power positions help their people. He has a point because none of those white people have done a damn thing for African Americans and never will and neither will his White self either.

    All they do is create program after program after program saying this is what we will do to help the African american community while at the same time feeding their own mouths and family with grant funding and all other social programs they create or start saying see…look what we are doing to help the blacks…Well your government welfare programs suck and when your white asses get mad you take them away or cut them. You’re not helping us you’re hindering our progress. And Donald you want do a damn thing either.

  37. President Obama has set a VERY high bar for those who follow. And he’s not finished yet.

    As for Donald T. Rump: If you squeezed all the shit out of him, he’d fit in a matchbox.

  38. A previously unreleased film about Trump is now available for viewing at politicalgates, along with a lot of facts about his record as a tool. His attacks on any woman who challenged him, and his gag worthy comments on women in general are also there. Go read it, and share it. He’s Sarah Palin with worse hair.

  39. I hadn’t read your comment when I wrote mine, about the same thing. A lot more info is available at politicalgates. Quotes and facts that he has no interest in explaining, I’m sure. Not that anybody will be likely to ask him about them. There is no reason the article can’t be sent to news organizations, as well as posted on Fakebook and sent to everyone we know.

  40. Donald Trump the man who has been married 4 times, filed bankruptcy 3 times. And people what this man as President? You know I say let’s go back to a Right-wing Republican Regime again. Then we all can start chanting “impeachment, impeachment”

  41. His handle is “We are almost Cyprus”. Nowhere does it say that he is a Cypriot or ethnic Greek.

    I, however, AM a Greek-American and plenty of us, including myself, have made positive contributions to this country, so don’t insult us.

  42. It’s impossible not to see the GOP are the party of racism, sexism, and hatred for anyone with a brain in their heads. Not only are they not trying to hide their bigotry, but they are proud of it. President Obama has done an amazing job saving us from a Great Depression, cutting the deficit, creating jobs for 69 straight months. He has had to do so, along with the challenge of fighting an obstructionist GOP. It seems like a joke that a sociopathic, egomaniac like Trump is currently their frontrunner. The other GOZp candidates are just as scary. They use women and minorities as electoral tools because they consider us as less than equal. Ten years ago I would have read what’s happening as the plot of a fictional novel, but those GOP Bozos are deadly serious. We must continue to fight without any true journalist. Which is why I share articles from politicusUSA to get the truth out. We the People have got to be the ones spreading the facts and fighting the ignorance hatred, et…

  43. At what point did he “fall apart”? Lazy minds choose easy labels to vilify those they disagree with.

  44. I GOT IT!!! The prob with Teahadists, NeoConArtists and Teatards is that they think the Golden Rule is “He who has the Gold makes the Rules.”
    Actuality it’s always been “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
    …and I REALLY doubt they want what THEY dish out landing on thier own heads…

  45. If you were born in the United States,
    then you are AMERICAN! Not African-American. Nobody cares where your ancestors are from any more than they care where mine came from. Just American.

  46. You are very ignorant to group people. You sound very similar to Hitler…… Maybe you should understand America a little more, before you make tough comments of your opinion.

  47. Thanks, Thomas, well said. I would just add ditto for their treatment of women. Only I would say they consider us even lower than people of color. Either way, we are treated like a minority who is too stupid to know how to manage our own bodies. At this point, they are actively trying to kill as many poor women as possible by denying us our rights to health care. Of course, they are doing the same thing with the militarized police, many of whom are white supremacists,free to murder any one of color and walk away free to kill another day. This country has turned into a banana republic/oligarchy/theocracy/facist corporate nightmare. Did I leave anything out?

  48. Exactly how should I understand America better? How about the enslavement of a people to build white people wealth. Review: How the U.S. Economy Was Built on Slavery

    Or maybe you can tell me how white people committed genocide against the native people to fulfill manifest destiny? The US and the Crime of Genocide Against Native Americans

    No you bigot we understand history well. Its you in your sick racist mind that don’t know it. And BTW Motherfuk Elvis
    Elvis was a hero to most
    But he never meant shit to me you see
    Straight up racist that sucker was
    Simple and plain
    Mother fuk him and John Wayne
    Cause I’m Black and I’m proud
    I’m ready and hyped plus I’m amped
    Most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps
    Sample a look back you look and find
    Nothing but rednecks for 400 years if you check

  49. Mustang congratulations give them good I can’t tolerate racism,I hope he looses and first of all let him sort out his hair first before he runs for presidency ,then he will loose

  50. Am from South Africa and trump criticize black leaders and encourages white who discriminated the native he is a pure unrefined racist, sexiest bigot

  51. When he starts backtracking and claiming to see shit that doesn’t exist.

    Shall we spell it out in monosyllables so that you can comprehend it?

  52. Several years ago I noticed on my way to work a “gentleman’ who erected in his field a sign proclaiming that any white dude who voted for Obama was guilty of ‘White Guilt’.

    I immediately disliked him.
    Since then he’s had overly large/compensation signs backing that Loser of the Worst Order-Art Robinson.

    A couple days ago, he erected another sign- Pro-Trump.

    You can’t fix stupid.

  53. Forget Trump. He won’t be the next president. But what’s truly frightening here is how many liberals are quick to label everyone who considers themselves a Republican to me a racist, bigot, or sexist? Do you not see the irony in your comments? You are in fact doing exactly what you supposedly hate. I reside in the political middle. You staunch liberals and hard core conservatives are destroying this country with your divisiveness and failed policies from the extreme left and right. Liberals have become the party intolerance when they used to stand for personal freedom. If you don’t agree with what they believe, you are quickly labeled. And for those of you who keep attacking the GOP for supporting the rich, please pull your head out of the sand. Your Democratic politicians are bought and controlled by the rich as well. Obama is a horrible divider of the races. He’s set race relations back many years. We need social liberalism and fiscal conservancy!!Trump and Hillary are wrong for …

  54. Name just one policy of the republican party that address equal treatment for all? I wont hold my breath

  55. How is President Obama a divider of races? Because he governs while black and your white racist little dick ass cant come to grips that this black man has forgotten more than your trailer park ass ever knew

  56. Not true! Now it is you being racist. What Trump mean’t was, Black Americans would stifle their tendency toward extreme chauvinism (which, to a point, I can understand)(note: I, unlike Liberals in general, refuse to use the R word loosely), and would vote for someone like him who could deliver more to all Americans irrespective of race or ethnicity.

    Just because someone’s interests diverge from yours, or because someone doesn’t comport with your thought process in these matters, doesn’t make them racist. They do not view everyone else as the so called enemy as you say.

  57. Donald Trump: There is a black man running and he has very high standards. He is a man of integrity and character. He doesn’t have an I ego. He is very professional in the way he conducts himself. He has more common sense and wisdom than anyone else on the platform the night of the debate. He wasn’t given a chance to express his thoughts because of those that wanted to have control over the so called debate. He also has some wonderful answers to today’s issues, if he had a chance to express them. His name is Ben Carson!

  58. Really? You thought about asking Dr. Ben Carson about that? How about J.C. Watts? Carly Fiorina? Do they qualify as white males?

    Talk about speaking out of ignorance . . .

  59. Why do I have to be a troll to point out idiots. Now maybe your uneducated ass find Carsons thinking if you want to call it that inspiring but like you he is a total idiot

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