Vice President Joe Biden Is Seriously Exploring A Run For President

Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden is seriously considering a run against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

The New York Times reported:

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his associates have begun to actively explore a possible presidential campaign, which would upend the Democratic field and deliver a direct threat to Hillary Rodham Clinton, several people who have spoken to Mr. Biden or his closest advisers say.

Mr. Biden’s advisers have started to reach out to Democratic leaders and donors who have not yet committed to Mrs. Clinton or who have grown concerned about what they see as her increasingly visible vulnerabilities as a candidate.

The conversations, often fielded by Mr. Biden’s chief of staff, Steve Ricchetti, have taken place through hushed phone calls and quiet lunches. In most cases, they have grown out of an outpouring of sympathy for Mr. Biden since the death of his son Beau, 46, in May.

In his final days, Beau Biden tried to convince his dad to run for president. Sympathy for the Vice President along with unease about how the Clinton campaign is unfolding have combined to create a dynamic that has opened the door for Biden to explore another run at the White House.

Joe Biden’s potential run is a sign of the unease some Democrats are feeling with the way that the Clinton campaign is being run. If Vice President Biden would enter the race, polling shows that he would immediately jump into second place in the Democratic field. Biden would give Democratic voters a direct connection to the Obama administration, and inject competition into the race.

The effort to mobilize a Biden campaign also reflects the concern of establishment Democrats that Bernie Sanders could win Iowa and New Hampshire. Establishment Democrats view Sanders as unelectable in a general election, so in this context a Joe Biden candidacy is a backup plan in case Hillary Clinton implodes.

The talk of a Joe Biden run has from chatter among a few Biden outsiders to the Vice President giving serious consideration to jumping in. A Biden run would energize the Democratic field, and provide an intriguing twist to a contest that has already had more than its share of twists and turns.

20 Replies to “Vice President Joe Biden Is Seriously Exploring A Run For President”

  1. The next President of the United States will either expand or destroy President Obama legacy.

    Joe Biden will expand it so I say run Joe. Its not like the other candidates can call you old and out of touch

  2. …THIS is a guy even Teatards have little bad to say about…Hell, Lindsey Graham considers him a friend!!!

  3. Trust they will bring up his brain surgery to score points. Always remember republicans are not about debate but how to destroy their opponent by any means necessary

  4. Have you all not learned anything in the past week? The NY Times will do ANYTHING to derail Hillary’s bid for the presidency. Even drag Beau Biden out of his fresh grave to use as fodder against her. It is disgusting, and if Maureen Dowd had a clue what shame was, she’d be overdosing on it right about now. Biden is never going to be president. He’s never going to be the nominee either. Know why? Clarence Thomas. Just go google Joe Biden, Anita Hill. Watch how he casually dismisses her and fawns over Thomas. Yeah, that Joe Biden. Or google Biden and plagiarism. He had to drop out of the race because he can’t come up with a single original thought. Oh yeah, and guess who else voted to authorize the invasion of Iraq? You know who DOES want Biden to run? The GOP, that’s who. Why, you ask? Because they would trounce him, that’s why. Now get your heads out of your rear ends and start acting like you want to win this!

  5. I was all ready to support Joe Biden when he ran for President but then suffered an aneurysm. Since those days, Joe has still maintained his service to his country in a way that I find honorable and gutsy. He’s in good health and has been since his illness. I love this man…”Uncle Joe”, and I know in my heart he would continue our President’s legacy with a fervor. He’s been a great VP and has been out in front fighting for our middle class since he took office as a Senator. He’s a fighter, an honest and humane man. If he decided to run, I would vote for him.

  6. Say it ain’t so Joe! Don’t dot it! wait till 2020, listen, the democratic party will have either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton as our new PRESIDENT!, I’m sorry, that’s the reality. Joe, I love ya but don’t divide the party THREE ways! ANYWAY, just look at the absolute difference between the democratic party candidates and the GOP romper room cobal! and the word ”CABAL” describes the GOP’s clown bus perfectly! look what the GOP has on deck! TRUMP- KNOWS nothing about politics! he’s running on PURE emotion! he’s just talking dumb $HIT! he doesn’t have a concrete plan for ANYTHING! he just making the LILY WHITE base feel relevant again! JEB BUSH !really? your claim to fame is, YOU stole the 2000 election! and for WHAT!? for your DUMBER brother to screw up the economy and ILLEGALLY invade another country! SCOTT WALKER- the koch boys OWN that little BIT@H and even DUMBASS republicans see that! bottom line, Eddie Murphy could be the democratic nominee and beat the GOP!

  7. Yeah, @Shadowolf, I thought about that as I was typing, I just don’t want the GOP nominee to make it even close! because WE all know the GOP will reach into it’s bag of dirty tricks and try to rig the damn election! 2000 elections were fun, weren’t they?

  8. I spend six bucks for the Sunday NYT, and this is what I get?

    I might as well buy the local newspaper in town.

  9. Biden is a welcome addition. He is the perfect backup plan candidate should anything happen to the front-runner. He has been expected to run all along and other sources mentioned both his sons urging him long ago, so the NYT hideous Mo did not scoop a single thing – it was common knowledge.

    He is at least a democratic party candidate who has gravitas. He also paid his dues and has run a national campaign, twice.

    That said, my girl will leave him in the dust like she did in 08. He will be second place overnight and gain support of delegates day one in the race. He earned that and more.

    Which might open some rather delusional eyes to where their candidate stands in the real world and how both parties view their long-shot and odd entrants this cycle.

    Does anyone know why Cruz Pac gave Fiorina Pac 1/2 million dollars?

    Does anyone know why Plumbers and Pipefitters Pac gave Hillary 1 million dollars?

    Does anyone know why Seattle or Portland is a dishonest mind trick?

  10. Dem Candidates should paint the Future USA we want to create.

    Republicans will focus-on the Past USA they want to return to.

    Knight, The more Dem candidates on DNC Debate all the better!

  11. Even though I think VPOTUS is a wonderful man with the best of intentions, I don’t get the feeling his heart is in it. I think he’s still grieving, and I would hate to see him put himself out there and spend millions just to try to appease Beau. Bless Beau and Joe.

  12. Wow. Just about every candidate did something less good 25, 30 years ago. Biden has served honorably since his errors. All of the good he has done since cancels out youthful lapses. I would vote for him.

  13. I love Joe and always have. I think he is as good as gold. But, I hate to see him run for President. I don’t think he can win, although in any other year I would vote for him. This man has served his country admirably for I don’t know how many years, but for the last eight has been a loyal supporter of our great President. Please, Joe, you can rest now. Go spend some time with your family. You’ve done your duty. God Bless You.

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