Fox News’ Plan Backfires As Their Viewers Reject The Phony Republican Debate Criteria


Fox News thought they could bring some order to the chaos of the Republican primary by imposing debate rules that limited the number of candidates. Instead, their plan has backfired as Republicans oppose the network’s plan for the Republican debate.

According to the new Monmouth University Poll:

The top ten candidates in the field, based on a national polling average, will make it into the first sanctioned GOP debate later this week. Few Republican voters are on board with this idea. When presented with three possible scenarios to determine who gets into the first debate, nearly half (45%) prefer to have two back-to-back debates with the field randomly split in half. Another 29% say it would be better to put all the declared candidates together on one stage. Just 23% favor using polls to select a “top ten” group of candidates for the main debate while having the remaining candidates participate in a separate debate.


“I suppose Fox hoped that a top tier would emerge by the time the first debate rolled around. But based on current polling, there’s no good rationale for arbitrarily selecting a top ten,” Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.

The problem is that after Donald Trump (26%), Jeb Bush (12.2%), and Scott Walker (11.1%) all of the other Republican candidates are bunched together. Fox News has claimed that they will be using the five polls to pick the ten candidates who will make it to the main debate stage, but nobody seems to know which polls Fox is going to use.

What’s even worse is that Fox News appears to be making up the rules as they go along. New York Magazine reported, “Inside Fox, the debate is generating controversy among Ailes’s senior ranks. ‘There’s total confusion about all of it. The Second Floor is making it up as they go along,’ one Fox personality told me, referring to Ailes’s executive suite. According to sources, Fox executives are still undecided about which polls to use and who will be allowed on the stage.”

Fox News has added fuel to the chaos within the Republican primary, and even their viewers can sense the unfairness of the entire situation. Fox has been changing the rules of the debate seemingly at the whim of Roger Ailes.

The upside to this drama is that Fox News has eliminated any pretense of being a news organization. It is clear that Fox is actively trying to pick the Republican nominee. Legitimate news organizations don’t set the debate rules and then change their minds based on which candidates they would like to see included. The Fox debate criteria was a phony sham that is so obvious that even their brainwashed viewers can see what is really going on.

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  1. My guess is Fox doesn’t want viewers to see the number of clowns, buffoons, idiots, sociopaths, psychopaths, liars, unpatriotic, deceptive,lowlife, scumbags, Koch whores, soulless, heartless, unsympathetic, cold hearted, spineless, jackasses there on stage pretending they are Presidential material when they do not qualify to be classed as homo sapiens

  2. …not to mention they can’t stand people…

    …the word I coined for ’em is “Sociopathetic”…

  3. Uh, Maxie, I think that covers all of them. They wouldn’t have anybody on stage to have a debate.

  4. I propose we take it to the nearest excavation site, and have a candidate dirt clod fight, to see who appears onstage. But no rocks. Just dirt clods.

  5. Faux should just embrace the forces of the market and sell podium spots to the highest bidders. Fair and Balanced.

  6. What a joke repugs are. They are so damn stupid and self involved they can’t hear the country laughing out asses off at them.

  7. Wouldn’t work. Typically, when Repubtiles find themselves in a hole they just want to keep digging deeper.

  8. LMFAO, you know you’re in deep $HIT, when FUX NEWS viewers see how phony FUX is! But seriously, the GOP is a cancer! they’re not even TRYING to give a credible republican candidate! I know we all love making fun of republicans but think about this, if the GOP continues to lower the bar for government politicians, I’m VERY afraid the democratic party won’t try as hard because the GOP has little interest in the W.H. or anything SANE.

  9. Somehow you just know that at the root of all of this apparent debate chaos they really believe that it’s all Obama’s fault. Thanks, Obama.

  10. How can this be considered a Debate?

    Since all they’re going to do is engage in auto-brown nosing?

  11. Of course the FAKE news is trying to FAKE the debates to keep the FAKE conservatives just as stupid as ever.

    FAKE is as FAKE does, the sane democrats and entire World is LAUGHING at you!!!

    I’m not sure if I’m going to watch the Trump Show train wreck on Thursday, although it would be fun to see who can out stupid each other.

    There’ll be the diaper debate, then the pull-ups debate.

  12. There isn’t ONE tea bagger candidate who’s qualified for big boy pants let alone the president of the free world.

  13. FOX should just hire them all and put their ignorance on display everyday; they can all huddle together and make screet up to tell the foxers who really only love haters and hateful people’s fantasies; the winner will be the most bizarre.

  14. This is why when republicans and right wingers die you bury them face down in case they wake up and start digging.

  15. It is unfortunate that the only way this “debate” can be tolerated is by the excuse that it is necessary to be an informed citizen. Then you look at the “candidates” and wonder if even that is enough rationale. Some of them, led by Trump, aren’t even running for Pres. He’s so “dedicated” that he’s already talking about heading a third party slate. Sad that one political party takes the presidency so lightly, but then look at the way they’ve treated it for eight years.

  16. So obvious that Fux is feeling entitled enough to choose the Republican candidate. By having so many on stage and giving them one minute each to respond to what I’m certain will be inflammatory questions, not one person, not even Fux viewers will get a clear, concise answer from any of the blowhards. Then FUX will start promoting their favorite, and the debate will be all for naught. There is a method to their madness at Fux, and Roger Ailes as usual, is behind it all.

  17. My idea for the ‘debate’ is simple: Instead of a debate, why don’t we put all 16 candidates inside an arena and let them duel it out gladiator style. Last man (or woman since Fiorina is involved) standing wins the nomination and the right to be completely blasted out of the water by the Democratic nominee.

    It combines two really good things: violence and catering to the stupidity of the people.

  18. …started out Faux Spews was the servant of the Republican Potty…now the once humble servant has transmogrified into a tyrant…
    …serves the Republican Potty right…

  19. How ironic, I have seen more of the Republican candidate’s on MSNBC than on fox. Fox is bought buy Trump.

  20. Don’t you just love it. I’m so excited to see what happens next. Do you think anyone could ever have written a script like this? Any bets on Donnie’s next move?

  21. Agreed. except I’d correct that number of years — look how they treated the Presidency for the eight years BEFORE Obama!

    What an incredibly childish party the GOP has become. Abraham, Teddy R. and Eisenhower are spinning in their graves.

  22. Will they also be incesting(sic) upon deleting the word “homo” so only “sapiens” can be used?

  23. Who cares? They could trot out any 10 clowns onto their stage and not a single one of them has a chance in hell of being the President of the United States. Absolutely no one being polled these days has a clue. They know Donald Trump because he is Donald Trump, so they say they favor him. Jeb Bush? Say, is ne not the son and the brother of former Presidents? Well, I am voting for him then. Scott Walker? Uh, did he not fight the unions and win in his state? Yeah, that’s the guy. Forget that he was almost recalled and impeached. I’ll vote for him. WHAY A FRIGGIN JOKE!

  24. Considering the only questions they’ll ask:

    Which of the following would be their first actions in their inaugural speech:
    1. Defund and destroy the ACA
    2. Attack Iran
    3. Outlaw all gay marriage

    What is their strategy for defeating Obama in the 2016 election.

    How superultraubermegahyperpatriotchirstianistchristian are you?

    it shouldn’t take long for however many candidates show up to puke up their requisite talking points.

  25. I’ll save everyone the expense and give you the details of the GOP debate right now. Tax cuts for everybody, expand the MIC, free trade,expand the prison industrial complex, cut the safety net(what little bit remains), attack abortion rights.

    All that plus cut the deficit and debt magically.

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