Bernie Sanders Vows To Put An End To The Koch Brothers “Legalized Bribery” With New Bill


Sen. Bernie Sanders will be unveiling new legislation on the Senate floor today that will put an end to the Citizens United system of legalized bribery by making public funding available to political candidates.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders (I-VT) said, “We are talking about a rapid movement in this country toward oligarchy, toward a government-owned and controlled by a handful of extremely wealthy families…I will be introducing legislation which calls for public funding of elections, which will enable any candidate, regardless of his or her political views, to run for office without being beholden to powerful special interests.”

Sen. Sanders pointed to an analysis by the Sunlight Foundation that found that two-thirds of the money raised by all the presidential candidates is going to super PACs, not campaigns. He also directly called out the Koch brothers for their plan to spend more than the Democratic and Republican parties on the 2016 presidential election.

Former President Carter recently called the current campaign finance system legalized bribery because that is what it is. The Republican Party is no longer interested in representing the interests of a majority of the American people because the party sold itself to wealthy billionaires and special interests. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has gone so far as to call for billionaires to be allowed to make unlimited contributions to the political parties. In other words, Priebus wants to be able to legally take bribes from the Koch brothers.

The point of the Sanders legislation is to continue to build a public grassroots movement against the oligarchic takeover of the federal government. A public fund for candidates would remove some of the financial barriers and allow more people to run for office. The money would be available to any candidate who wants to run.

The bill is bigger than supporting Democrats or Republicans. The purpose is to promote the sort of democracy that the Koch brothers are intent on suffocating. The Sanders legislation is common sense, and even if it doesn’t pass this time, the bill will raise awareness about one of the most important issues that is currently impacting our country.

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  1. This is where Bernie Sanders can show his leadership: if he can convince Congress to sign on to his bill.

    The success or failure on getting this bill through and to the president’s desk foreshadows how he’ll be as a president.

    I guess now is the time to get that grassroots of Bernie supporters out and about to show just how much power they have in making Congress work.

    Oh wait! The Senate is going on a month-long vacay starting August 10th, isn’t it? Hm. Great timing, Bernie. You know this bill ain’t goin’ anywhere, but it’s apparently enough to show your fans how progressive you are without really doing anything constructive, isn’t it?

  2. The alternative read is that this month gives people the opportunity to weigh in, to write their congressmen about how they feel. Super PACs only work because everyone believes (perhaps rightly so) that good (and expensive) advertising wins elections. The only way to solve the problem is to convince politicians that they will lose EVEN WITH THAT MONEY if they don’t support campaign finance reform.

    Then again, most of us are too cynical to think things could get better, so we won’t bother.

    And nothing will change.

    And we’ll blame someone else.

  3. Introduction of a bill during the time the Senate is out to lunch?

    Explain to me please, how this is a good thing?

  4. oligarchy, a word i use to associate with russia
    now when i see it in a post, and read it, my mind has this brooklyn accent attached to it.

  5. According to FIVE downvotes I got for even uttering skepticism about Senator Sanders, it appears that his supporters don’t care whether or not this is a useless act, ignoring that the Senate will be OUT for most of August and a few days in September.

    I’ve noticed that Senator Sanders does this a lot. He gets cred for putting bills forward that don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades to get through Congress.

    Much like when he voted against the 2007 immigration reform bill because it contained language re: guestworkers. At the time, Democrats held majorities in both House and Senate (although barely).

    But then he voted for the 2013 immigration reform bill when Republicans had solidly taken the House – and it still contained the same guestworker language he claimed to have voted against in 2007.

    The appearance of being pro-immigration running up to the 2016 presidential primaries would undoubtedly help him.

    Now watch the downvotes gather on this post.

  6. He does bring up a valid point.
    What’s the point of introducing bills that no one is available to vote on?

    I honestly ask: How is this doing anyone any good?

  7. It’s a political ploy and one I absolutely agree with. With the crowds Bernie is drawing it is an issue he can hammer the republicans and democrats who are on the fence about this issue so when the Senate is back in session it might actually get a vote. This is a way to give it traction.

  8. Progressive Troll’s Comprehensive Manifesto (extrême-gauche)

    For more comments:

    I hope the candidacies of real progressives like Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards (Maryland) and Mayor Bill de Blasio would provide the hybrid structures that lay the foundations of a progressive state. My wishlist includes: Such state would, inter alia,
    1. Enact Term limits for all elected and appointed politicians, including judges (2 terms).
    2. Overturn Citizens United.
    3.Campaign finance. Make all political campaigns publicly and locally financed.
    4. Over-haul the No Child Left Behind policy to require either full high school or technical school graduation.

  9. Perhaps it gets some notice in the brain-dead press ?
    The ‘Turtle Brigade’ never debates or votes on anything worthwhile anyway, beyond the 500th futile repeal of Obamacare !

    Bernie knows the Senate. This gets the whores on record.

  10. How about focusing on what I wrote rather than lower yourself to ad hominem attacks, clennis?

    As most people here know, I’m NO troll. Just because I have strong feelings against an avowed Socialist who now has a change of mind and is running for the Democratic nom (something he’s always abhorred, but of course his fans forgive him), and just because I don’t kowtow to some Leftist’s pipe-dream of a socialist utopia (I’d rather live in the real world), that doesn’t make me a troll. So chill, pal.

  11. How farfetched, but I guess that’s necessary in order to explain this ill-timed, doomed-to-fail bill Bernie Sanders has put forward to keep his supporters happy.

    Everyone and anyone with more than half a working brain can see that this is nothing more than Sanders’ attempt to keep his fans happy. He plays them like fine-tuned instruments. I’m not that gullible.

  12. Yep. Very opportunistic while selling himself as an Independent. Thanks for the link. It shows what I’ve sensed in this man from the get-go: just another politician who found his niche in being “the outsider” when he’s no different than any of the insiders.

  13. All Things Considered did a story yesterday about a Koch event attended by GOP presidential candidates. It’s really stunning to listen to some of their quotes.

    MARCO RUBIO: As long as newspapers and television stations keep charging people to speak out on politics, we’re going to have to keep raising money to pay for it.

    JEB BUSH: “Money helps. I’m playing by the rules of the game, the way it was laid out. And if people don’t like it, that’s just tough luck.”

  14. There are too many who don’t care enough to call their elected officials on every level, Remember you pay their salary and you should voice your opinion. It’s better tolight one candle than to face the darknes.

  15. Since when are Democrats “on the fence” about putting an end to the Citizen’s United flow of money?

    I’m not sure how the proposed bill differs from the Constitutional amendment that was proposed back in the fall… It seems that, as the Supreme Court struck down portions of campaign finance laws in Citizens United, that a Constitutional amendment, not a mere bill, would be needed to overturn Citizens United.

    And for those complaining here about Democrats.. Here’s the outcome of that Constitutional amendment:

    It was blocked on a party-line vote by REPUBLICANS.

    Let me repeat that: Democrats WANT limits on campaign spending. Republicans DON’T!

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