Dirty Liar Charles Koch Campaigns As An Advocate For the Poor

For the poor, disparaged souls who make it their business to observe and comment on America’s woeful political circus, it is glaringly obvious that the Republican Party is wholly-owned and operated by the billionaire oil magnates the Koch brothers. The GOP are not just the mouthpiece of Charles and David Koch, it is a surrogate and plainly speaking, every vote for any Republican is a vote for the Koch brothers regardless the political office. This past weekend at a political strategy conference administered by the Kochs, Charles Koch launched into campaign mode and “compared ‘his’ influence over U.S. elections to America’s historical freedom movements.

As the Republican Party’s lead oligarch, Charles Koch did what all Republicans are trained to do from an early age and lied about why he is crusading to buy and then abolish America’s government. He said, “Look at the American revolution, the anti-slavery movement, the women’s suffrage movement, the civil rights movement, all of these struck a moral chord with the American people. They all sought to overcome an injustice. And we, too, are seeking to right injustices that are holding our country back.” In the Koch brothers’ libertarian minds, the injustice holding “their” country back is a functioning government; the same government that ended slavery, gave women the right to vote, enacted civil rights laws, and protect Americans’ freedoms from monsters like the Kochs.

According to the Kochs, their “crusade to eliminate government” is founded on their intense desire to protect Americans’ freedoms by giving a precious gift to the nation’s poorest Americans. It is likely why the billionaire fascists direct Republicans to “correct injustices” by eliminating the minimum wage, ending overtime pay, wiping out education, abolishing healthcare, eliminating pensions, annihilating workplace protections, eradicating voting rights, and abolishing all regulatory agencies. However, the Kochs are not only about obliterating government, because they do support and direct their Republican representatives to use federal and state governments to privatize the criminal justice system, ban women’s reproductive health choices, and restrict participation in the electoral process to white evangelicals too stupid to understand they are voting for their own demise; unless they are filthy rich and own corporations. That is the Kochs’ idea of restoring “freedoms” to Americans and “helping” America’s poor population overcome injustices and why they are campaigning as “advocates for the poor” being held back by an unjust government.

Everything Charles Koch said is a lie, and infuriating, but maybe none more than comparing the Kochs’ drive to eradicate government to the Civil Rights movement. The Kochs and their legislative arm the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) have long wanted to put an end to free and fair elections, including abolishing the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) and campaign finance laws. Since 2010 they have led and funded the Republican effort to “disproportionately suppress” voting rights of students, the elderly, the poor, and particularly people of color; because they do not support Republicans panting to put an end to the government. In fact, through their political arm Americans for Prosperity, the Kochs have pushed Republican-controlled states to reject Medicaid expansion because it predominately affects poor and low-wage African Americans in predominately Southern states from having access to medical care; it is the Koch way of advocating for the poor.

As part of their “gift” to poor Americans, the Kochs have also heavily-funded Republican efforts to oppose raising the minimum wage, or championing abolishing it outright; even though raising the minimum will certainly lift millions upon millions of African Americans and Latino workers out of poverty. However, that is not what the Kochs’ advocacy of the poor, especially poor people of color, is about because the Kochs are blatant racists. In fact, in past Koch political strategy conferences, the billionaire white brothers hosted speakers renowned for their “explicitly racist views” which is why the Koch’s comparing their libertarian crusade against the government to the Civil Rights movement is an outrage they are fortunate does not evoke a well-warranted violent reaction from any decent human being.

At the Koch summit just last year, the brothers celebrated their special keynote speaker, Charles Murray, who achieved notoriety and high praise for arguing vehemently that African Americans and Latinos are “genetically inferior to white people” and deserve second-class status Republicans work tirelessly to condemn them to; another Koch gift to America’s poor they are willing to spend nearly a billion dollars to see reaches fruition.

This is not the first time Charles Koch promoted him and his brother’s effort to dismantle government, and everything it provides for Americans, as the billionaire’s altruistic attempt to help the poor. Last year Charles Koch penned a “woe is me” op-ed and complained bitterly that President Barack Obama is “stealing his freedom” because the wealthy oil magnate is a tireless advocate for the poor. The only regard Charles or David Koch have for the poor is keeping them in poverty and subjugated to the rich at any cost. The new cost is $889 billion to install a Koch surrogate in the White House to rubber-stamp Koch legislation abolishing every aspect of government; beginning with agencies and programs created specifically to help the poor.

The fact that Koch openly boasted he is campaigning to influence government based on his advocacy for the poor, something he claims that he, and he alone, understands is an affront to common decency. According to the Kochs, only they advance principles that enable people to improve their lives and that fundamental concepts of dignity, respect, equality before the law, and personal freedom are under attack by the government with an African American as President.

It is why he, Charles Koch, is campaigning lead America and “restore a free society and create greater well-being and opportunity for all Americans;” something he claims he has fought valiantly to restore for more than 50 years. Last year Koch said, “A truly free society is based on a vision of respect for people and what they value,” and that “any government should fail that disrespects its citizens.” The only people who disrespect Americans, particularly people of color, the poor, elderly, and middle class Americans, are the Koch brothers and their surrogates in the Republican Party who crusade to fulfill the Kochs’ goal of unrestricted injustice that is precisely what America without a government will be.

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  • We should follow the lead of the Klingons when it comes to dealing with such people. The Romulans also do this.

      • Examples: Ferengi Rules of Acquisition...

        76. Every once in a while, declare peace.
        It confuses the hell out of your enemies.

        77. Beware of the Vulcan greed for knowledge.

        78. The flimsier the product, the higher the price.

        79. Never let the competition know what you're thinking.

        80. Ask not what your profits can do for you, but what you can do for your profits.

        81. Females and finances don't mix.

        82. A women in clothing is like a man in the kitchen.

        Do you need more evidence as to where they get their code of conduct?

  • See that laughing face in the picture? That is Charles Koch receiving word that states are cutting education, getting rid of Planned Parenthood (because they can't make a profit from it), implementing for-profit charter schools (from which they CAN make a profit), giving tax breaks to him and his brother, refusing to expand Medicaid, getting rid of unions ( a particular thorn in his side) and a whole host of other things to advance the American people. He is really enjoying getting that information.

  • King Koch is a very sick and delusional asshole. I hope the Government is investigating these anarchist before they start changing the locks in Washington.

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    The coming of tax day provides a great opportunity for everyone to focus on their favorite tax break, and there are many from which to choose. However for all the sneaky and squirrelly ways that the rich use to escape their tax liability, none can beat the hedge fund managers’ tax break. This is the way the rich tell the rest of us, because they are rich and powerful, the law doesn’t apply to them.
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  • WOW! only in the good ole usa, could you stack $HIT this high and not be embarrassed! david koch ran for vice president with the libertarian party in 1980 and got his A$S handed to him! but once again, only in the good ole usa, if you're WEALTHY enough, if YOU can't win fair and square, just BUY the $HIT! the koch boys are exactly like their RACIST GOOSE stepping, french kissing photos of HITLER, DADDY fred koch wasn't your typical redneck NAZI loving nut! fred made money the old fashion AMERICAN way, he destroyed anything and ANYBODY who got in him quest for MONEY! and when fred started making huge amounts of cash, whats a redneck NAZI suppose to do next? start the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY! yeah! that's the ticket! We can't let those DARKIES and those JEWS! get in on the game and make money! charles and david didn't just watch dear old daddy,hell no! they wanted to improve of dads dream! So this BULL$HIT about the koch's loving the POOR? LOL like I said, ONLY in the good ole usa!

    • "ANYTHING or ANYBODY who got in the way for his quest of MONEY" Sorry about that POLITICUS, Note to self, Reading is fundamental but Proofreading a rant is ESSENTIAL!

  • ...the Libertarians are Fascists plain and simple...
    ...I concur with J.P.U. on applying the Klingon Solution...

    • Thank you shadowolf for the support. And I'm not talking about Dis-commodation I'm talking about the method used to move upward in rank but you knew that. The conservative corporate master are indeed like the Ferengi and the rest of the GOP and conservative base are like the Paklids...always searching for "something to make us go!"...May I suggest mass quantities of Ex-Lax!...perhaps they may even have bowel movements so fully evacuating that even the shit they have for brains will be purged.

      • ...true...
        ...these bastids remind me of a T-Shirt I had as a kid: "My mind is constipated...won't pass a thing."

  • MYTH: Liberals Use Koch Brothers As A Scapegoat
    FACT: The Koch Network Influences Policies Across The Nation
    MYTH: The Koch Brothers Are Equivalent To Liberal Donors
    FACT: Kochs Spend In Conjunction With Their Financial Interests, And Spend More
    MYTH: It's Unfair To Characterize Kochs As Big Oil
    FACT: The Koch Brothers Are Big Oil
    MYTH: Kochs Want Economic Freedom For All Energy Sources
    FACT: Kochs Attack Renewables Exclusively
    MYTH: Kochs Are Environmentally Responsible
    FACT: Kochs Have Terrible Environmental Track Record


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