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Mike Huckabee: Failing to Defund Planned Parenthood is Salt in a Sick, Grotesque Wound

According to Southern Baptist minister and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who thinks if you miss a chance to go crazy on an issue that you’re not doing your job, Planned Parenthood equates to “butchers,” and failing to defund the organization is “salt in a sick, grotesque wound.”

The rhetoric coming out of Huckabee’s mouth is certainly sick and grotesque. It is difficult for me to say this, but he lacks Donald Trump’s refinement of speech.

Huckabee is unhappy that the move to defund Planned Parenthood was blocked yesterday. Huckabee, friend of rapists and murderers, wants you to believe not only that he is pro-life, but that his God his pro-life:

As you can see from the quote taken from Hosea above, nothing could be further from the truth. So I’ve taken the liberty to help out the Huckabee campaign and re-do it for them. And that image, and not the one tweeted, should be used by the Huckabee campaign.

In fact, if anything, that passage and others demonstrate that God is perfectly okay with abortion; he orders enough of it done, after all.

Only 3 percent of what Planned Parenthood does is abortion-related. They screen for cancer and provide other valuable services. Many women with nowhere else to go, endure abuse from alleged pro-life activists to get that much-needed care. Planned Parenthood saves lives. It is the GOP that wants to end them.

Huckabee posted to Facebook two years ago,

My fight to defund Planned Parenthood continues.

With Democrats in the House vowing to block Republican attempts to defund Planned Parenthood. We must make clear to Republican Leaders that pushing to fully eliminate all funding for Planned Parenthood is a grassroots priority for millions of Conservatives across the nation.

I guess he needs to re-post that as “My fight to defund Planned Parenthod continues…and continues…

Last Friday, he told Newsmax there would be no funding for Planned Parenthood if he was elected president:

None. There’s nothing that they do, which is very little for women’s health, that couldn’t be done by better and more responsible providers rather than these butchers who are out there justifying and defending the slaughter of children and the selling of their parts. It’s time for us to get honest.

Honest…that would be a first for Huckabee. This comes from a party that legislates – orders – doctors to lie to their patients. I wonder if the defunding comes before or after he nukes Iran?

“People are kissing the calves!” laments Hosea 13:2. Well, you can do it to in Iowa, as this tweet from yesterday shows:

What Mike Huckabee has done is wrap a biblical veneer around his hateful and bigoted message, an aura of sanctity to make holy the sick Republican obsession with fetuses while the living starve and struggle for life, for clean air to breathe, for safe water to drink, for food that won’t poison them, and for an education and an opportunity for their children.

Go kiss Mike Huckabee’s golden calf if you want. Just don’t pretend you’re a Christian afterward.

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