After 6 Years Of Taking Their Crap, Obama Calls Out Republicans For What They Really Are


Showing signs of being finished with their extremism, President Obama called out Republicans for what they really are by comparing them to the Iranian hardliners who chant death to America.


The President said:

In the end, that should be a lesson that we’ve learned from over a decade of war. On the front end, ask tough questions. Subject our own assumptions to evidence and analysis. Resist the conventional wisdom and the drumbeat of war. Worry less about being labeled weak; worry more about getting it right.

I recognize that resorting to force may be tempting in the face of the rhetoric and behavior that emanates from parts of Iran. It is offensive. It is incendiary. We do take it seriously. But superpowers should not act impulsively in response to taunts, or even provocations that can be addressed short of war. Just because Iranian hardliners chant “Death to America” does not mean that that’s what all Iranians believe.

In fact, it’s those hardliners who are most comfortable with the status quo. It’s those hardliners chanting “Death to America” who have been most opposed to the deal. They’re making common cause with the Republican caucus.

The President spoke the truth. There is very little difference between the hardliners in Iran who want a war with the United States, and the hardline Republicans in Congress who want a war with Iran. There is no reason to oppose this deal outside of a preference for military action.

The pipedreams of a “better deal” that Republicans are continuously dreaming up all have one thing in common. Republicans never explain how they can realistically achieve their “better deal.”

As Obama correctly pointed out, Republicans aren’t interested in diplomacy. The hawks in the GOP have had their eyes on war with Iran since before the U.S. invaded Iraq, and contrary to the GOP talking points, the Iran deal isn’t a choice between competing offers.

The choice is between a path to peace and a path to war. Republicans and their allies are careful to never explicitly state that they are planning for more war, but when they use phrases like the military option must be left on the table, it is clear to everyone what they are talking about.

President Obama isn’t holding back because the stakes are war and peace. Extremists in both countries want to kill this deal, and it was nice to hear the President calling out the Republicans for who they really are.

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  2. the Republicans will have their ‘better deal’ plan ready right after they have their ‘better’ Obamacare plan ready…

  3. Repeat after me: Republicans are the enemy.

    They’re enemies of peace, enemies of America, and enemies of civilization.

  4. Even now Obama is Diplomatic in his denunciations of the Republicans.

    It is easy for Republicans chant for War- as they will never be expected to be active in War other than collect their brib…’donations’ from the War Industry.

  5. Roaches never, ever Govern, they crawl over everything. Never seen so many Roaches crawl en-mass like the ones on tomorrow night. They’ll be hosted by the Roach motel innkeeper, FOX. Welcome Roaches, we’ve got the Raid Caddy waitin’ for ya’. Kinda’ like the California raisins did, back in the day.

  6. OUR President is dignified, smart, and poised. If he responded in kind to the haters, or with justifiable moral outrage, he would be tagged as an “Angry Black Man”.

    Can’t wait for his tell-all auto-bio once he’s no longer President where he reams these Republican anuses new ones !

  7. I’m so glad my President isn’t taking any more damn shit from the republicans. Actually he seems to be rubbing the shit in back in their faces.

  8. Once this agreement takes effect the GOP is worried Iran will lose it’s Boogieman status. That leaves them with the demented Hobbit Kingdom of North Korea as the only one left in the Axis of Evil. The GOP will have to come up with a new boogieman and I mean quickly. The boy dictator in N.K. isn’t workable. It’s the first quarter of a Presidential election cycle and the GOP is losing a crucial boogieman in their whole foreign policy. With the clowns the GOP has running for President it might not matter.

  9. “Worry less about being labeled weak; worry more about getting it right.”

    Wise words.

    Great topic for a question for the cast of Thursday night’s debate.

  10. Agreed …but the Repukes mantra is “Strong and Wrong” !

    They don’t care about anything except $$$ and feeding their ‘Stupid Quotient’ base red meat.

  11. Does the clown car really think Americans would support sending our sons and daughters back into war? Bush cluster f..ked us into the last one. I hope we have learned a lesson. Go OBAMA!

  12. Don’t forget Jobs plan, Economic plan, Ukrainian plan, CO2 emissions plan, Education plan, Wall Street plan, Gay/Lesbian plan, Citizen United plan, Immigration plan and more.

  13. Grim The Super-Rich want more War. Rich peeps like Cheney made out like a Bandit during GWB’s Fiasco!

    Check-out this video Re:
    “The Pathology of The Super Rich”

    If you only start @20:00…the end.

    Rich are now living so high off the Hog.
    But they know:
    “Après moi le déluge”
    “After Me…The Deluge”

  14. GOP is always on the wrong side of every issue.Now their new leader is The Donald. Wow how the party has stumbled.

  15. Their no surprise from the 47 republican traitors and the their followers, then the question becomes why are the democrats in both chambers are willing to leap off this cliff of no return? P5 ambassadors was on the hill this week along with IAEA representatives to answer questions from each member of congress who which to attend. Schumer is running faster and faster in Netanyahu arms, Cardin is piss because he can’t see the actual classified documents of IAEA and Iran, Menendez didn’t give a sh!* he was against it from the beginning. The House you see the same thing DWS and Steve Israeli.
    My question to these same politicians, you duck and dodge not to vote for authorization of force in Iraq and Syria, but they gun-ho of bombing Iran, WHY? Oh and for the P5 ambassadors inform them their NO BETTER DEAL and they won’t sustain Int’l sanctions.

  16. Thursday night the auditioning clowns will all be talking over one another to show that THEY won’t be perceived as weak. They’ll just say ‘How can weak be right? Weak is always wrong. After all, Might Makes Right!”

    And their base will cheer just like they did for uninsured people being left to die in the streets at the debates in 2012.

  17. For all the commentaries I read, it is satisfying to know that the country is beginning to wake up to the realities We the People face. Those so called debates are nothing but a farce because those candidates running for the highest office in the land, are instead crawling to satisfy the 1% especially the Koch Brothers. These characters have nothing to offer to the average citizen but more of the same; Nothing.

  18. Unfortunately, Lynn, there are a lot of ignorant, reactionary, paranoid people out there. From the latest YouGov poll:

    44% of the people consider Iran to be an “enemy”, 32% consider Iran to be merely “unfriendly”.

    33% say that Iran’s nuclear program is “an immediate and serious threat” to the US. Another 39% say it is a “somewhat serious” threat.

    63% say that the US should prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, even if it means taking military actions.

    60% of Republicans either oppose or “tend to oppose” the agreement with Iran–60%.

    56% of all say they would support the use of military force against Iran if it fails to abide by the terms of the agreement to limit its nuclear program.

    44% of the people either somewhat or strongly disapprove of the way Obama is handling Iran.

    There’s more: The power of propaganda.

  19. … And doing it with class. All the dumb-a$$ rethuglicans are just now scratching their heads and saying, “What did he just say?”

  20. It seems that Sen Durbin is rounding up votes for the Iran deal, Schumer the turncoat missed the meeting with the ambassadors from the 5 other countries that negotiated the deal and the feeling is that Schumer will vote against the deal causing others who are on the fence to do the same.
    I think Schumer should never be able to take Harry Reids job, it would be like having NuttyYahoo in the senate.

  21. I keep expecting to learn of FOX host suicides.
    It’s got to be taking something out of them – lying to The People daily.

    I hope FOX collapses under the weight of all the dirty propaganda they squirt out daily.

  22. Amber Phillips on a whip count for the veto override on Obama’s signature Iran deal:
    Which is where we come in. Will Congress get the two-thirds it needs? At least in the Senate, we can glean something of an idea of where things stand.
    So we’ve begun monitoring all the senators’ comments on the issue and classifying them accordingly. Be sure to bookmark this page for the latest updates. We’ll update this whip count regularly.

    And if we miss anything or classify a senator wrongly, make sure to let us know via e-mail.
    This deal is going to happen. AIPAC, Netanhayu and Republicans are losing on this, but not without a ton of wasted time and money (i.e. the Republican governance plan). .

  23. Obama: Opponents of Iran Deal are Warmongers

    Lame duck Obama pulls no punches. In his major address Wednesday on the Vienna deal reached with Iran, Obama let his critics have it.

    I take it he has done the math and knows that the Republicans in the House and possibly the Senate will reject his Iran deal, but that they do not have the votes to over-ride his veto of any restrictions they try to put on it. So he, unlike first-term Obama, has no illusions that he can reason with the GOP gangsters on the Hill. Instead, he is already reaching over their heads to the American public and trying to convince it that he is doing the right thing. So since he can’t likely persuade the GOP Congress, he is letting them know what he really thinks of them at last.

    He said,..
    Read More

  24. Our great President did not win the Nobel Peace prize for nothing. THIS is what a president should be.

    Kudos President Obama, you hit the nail on the head.

  25. “Sen. Tom Cotton, who is still very much against any negotiated nonproliferation agreement with Iran and who continues to be a prime contender for the title of America’s Dumbest Senator, says that the United States could instead simply launch a military strike on Iran that would set Iran back to “day zero.”

    I’d say Cotton is playing too many video games…video game mentality.

  26. I can’t understand why anyone gives him any attention at all. He’s no expert, he is just seeking attention. If they really wanted to inform people they would interview a real expert about the deal. It made me so mad Wolf Blitzer had him on last week and was actually agreeing with this traitor.

  27. …oh, so many comments to make!!!
    …somebody better ask Schumer where his allegiance lies…the USA or Nutty-yoyo…
    …the traitors are getting bolder…aka more desperate…
    …could they have overlooked the fact that there will be no profits after a NUCLEAR WAR???
    …oh, where are the Teahadist prophets when they need ’em most??? Probably counting thier blood money…

  28. “Never under estimate the stupidity of people in large numbers”
    George Carlin

    Roughly 150 million registered voters.
    About 61 million identify as very conservative. They must agree with the nonsense that the Republican party has become.
    61 MILLION is a lot of stupid for one party.

  29. jo,

    Let’s not forget that CNN = Conservative News Network.

    Oh my, how low they’ve fallen since the days of Ted Turner.

    CNN International is FAR MORE accurate, with limited RW propaganda. CNN USA is a thinly veiled Republican propaganda outlet, just like all other U.S. Media.

  30. Joan, I admire your hope and seeing the glass half full. However, I don’t see it. Instead I see more and more Americans falling asleep. The Republican Conservative machine never stops working and several once Obama supporters have switched sides. Don’t underestimate the influence of the chronically loud and angry.

    The left has lost Ed and MSNBC and I don’t know who will take Stewart’s and Colbert’s place on Comedy Central to expose the lies. I fear our next president will be a conservative.

  31. Major General (Army, Ret.) Paul Eaton (for and as Managing Director of the Vet Voice Foundation) said:

    “Interference by Congress won’t strengthen our negotiators’ hand, it will make it harder for them to do their job. Diplomacy is far more likely to work without backseat driving from Congress. Congress has the responsibility to do everything it can before putting American troops in harm’s way — which should only be a last resort. That means letting diplomacy work and not undermining our negotiators.”
    This is the most important foreign policy decision facing our Congress since we decided to go into Iraq. People who root for this deal to fail have not thought through the alternatives. We will limit Iran’s program diplomatically, or there will be war.

  32. This, taken from the article above…is profound. It speaks directly to the warmongering, one track minded members of our Congress.–and the general public who love the sound of the drumbeats for war with Iran.


    ——“Resist the conventional wisdom and the drumbeat of war. Worry less about being labeled weak; worry more about getting it right.
    I recognize that resorting to force may be tempting in the face of the rhetoric and behavior that emanates from parts of Iran. It is offensive. It is incendiary. We do take it seriously. But superpowers should not act impulsively in response to taunts, or even provocations that can be addressed short of war. Just because Iranian hardliners chant “Death to America” does not mean that that’s what all Iranians believe.”——

    Those in Iran chanting death to America are just like those in America saying lets Bomb-bomb-bomb Iran. See the similari…

  33. And now McConnell is having a sad because the president gave them some of their own medicine. Such hypocrites.

    Long after he’s out of office republican will still be wondering how he always manage to get the best of them.

  34. Agreed, I can’t wait until Obama finally goes after those extremists. He’s already got his list, why not go put them in FEMA camps already.

  35. Obama is the diunital President. That is, he sees possibilities as not strictly either/or, or right or wrong, but as both/and. A diunital view doesn’t see things as simply good or bad, rather both good and messed up at the same time. It could be person, a race, a country. But the diunital reality doesn’t sell tabloids or TV news shows. The American temperament, for the most part, wants to know who is right and who is wrong and that’s that.

  36. Chuck Schumer AKA AIPAC whore will go against the interest of the United States and the President will oppose the deal. He does not deserved to be the leader of the Senate Democrats when Reid steps down

  37. Agree with you dj. The thugs use fear. They drum up fear from where ever possible, stamped the public to believe war is necessary. Been done before and will be done again. Remember the thugs are MASTERS at creating the amount of fear they need and want. Why else are they so afraid of any talk of peace with Iran? If Iran suddenly becomes a Nation(perhaps on the road to peace) they no longer are the big bad wolf the thugs need.
    There goes all the very large amounts of cash, the war mongers planned on. We must also remember the thugs always have a couple of big bad wolfs in the back ground to use, so the cycle begins again.

  38. A Marketing Idea:

    First Picture: $5.00 gallon for gas. Caption: Republican President in 2016- Invading Iran.

    Second Picture: $1.64 gallon for gas. Caption: Democratic President in 2016- not invading Iran.

    Third Picture: $5.00 gallon for gas. Caption: Republican President in 2000- invading Iraq.

  39. Schumer encouraged democrats to attend Netanyahu’s speech to Congress.

    He’s become fat and bloated rich just like republicans and I hope they don’t make him leader after Reid.


  40. State of the Union: No More Mr. Nice President
    | Tue Jan. 28, A year ago, President Barack Obama delivered two speeches that sent a clear signal: His second term would be much devoted to a progressive agenda. In his second inaugural speech, he reaffirmed the progressive tradition of the nation, celebrating the value of “collective action,” defending the social safety net, and challenging the tea party’s core message. (Government programs, he said, “do not make us a nation of takers; they free us to take the risks that make this country great.”)

  41. I told my sister last night when I heard about Schumer this is what happens when we let Republicans distract us with their shiny objects signifying nothing.

  42. I read a post somewhere that stated the only reason Isreal doesn’t become our 51st state is because they would only have two senators. Schumer proves that to be a true statement.

  43. That.

    And that they’d have to defer to a Government that doesn’t automatically worship the same god they do.

    Israel- YHWH.

    America- Mammon.

  44. Why should they become the 51st state. They provide their citizens with free healthcare and abortions at US taxpayer expense. They bulid housing with US taxpayer assisitance so it would be a lose lose for them.

  45. Dear Sen. Schumer: Words fail me Gutless. Cowardly. Contemptible. One searches for just the right word to describe the depths of foulness displayed in Sen. Chuck Schumer’s alliance with the truculent GOP and Iranian hardliners, and one comes up short. “Advocates on both sides have strong cases for their point of view that cannot simply be dismissed,” said Schumer’s statement. “This has made evaluating the agreement a difficult and deliberate endeavor, and after deep study, careful thought and considerable soul-searching, I have decided I must oppose the agreement and will vote yes on a motion of disapproval.” One can also search for one word of honesty in that statement, but one will come up equally short. There is no “strong case” against President Obama’s Iran deal; evaluating the deal is far from difficult; and the senator gave no deep study, careful thought or considerable soul-searching to it
    Read More

  46. AIPAC gall is amazing

    Here members of AIPAC (often for attribution) assert that it is improper for Barack Obama to criticize AIPAC. It is very important that they don’t just contest the (obviously accurate) criticisms, but argue that criticizing them is something he must never ever do. The amazing thing is that it is clear that they wanted this article to be published (I think it is clear that they contacted The Times). In the USA there is a powerful bunch of people who think that they must not be criticized, are willing to say so, and don’t imagine that their denunciation of lese AIPAC will anger anyone who can cause them any problems — that is they assume that they are so powerful that they can be as arrogant as they want. I think that no country with any self esteme would allow any group to treat it that way. The quotes directly that it is unacceptable for a President to (implicitly) criticize AIPAC (without naming it).
    Read More

  47. Fact is Obama got it half-right!
    HE should have categorically said: “It’s those hardliners chanting “Death to America” who have been most opposed to the deal. They’re NO DIFFERENT FROM TEH REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED CONGRESS WHICH BY THEIR EVERY ACTION DAY IN DAY OUT CHANT DEATH TO AMERICA!!!”
    The republicans are an utter disgrace to democracy. I Was in Washington DC 2 weeks ago and studiously refused to visit the US Congress – that is how odious those people are!
    – Thunder Negro

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