Another GOP Threat of Violence: Chris Christie Will “Punch Teachers In Their Faces”

Another Republican candidate for president has joined Christian freak of nature Mike Huckabee in signaling that using violence is the preferred conservative means of dealing with citizens who dare to participate in a legal activity in the “increasingly exceptional” United States of America. It is prescient that about a month ago, a major newspaper in Mexico City, La Jornada, wrote that “the U.S. has become a structurally violent state where force is frequently used domestically to resolve differences. Such a phenomenon reflects the feeling of extensive sectors about the supposed legitimacy of violent methods.” Obviously, one of the sectors touting “the supposed legitimacy of violent methods” is now mainstream Republicans and it is unclear if they are embracing their extremist supporters tactics, or devised the “methods” of their own accord; likely it is a little of both.

The latest Republican presidential candidate to express his predilection to use violence against other Americans is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Maybe he is building his tough guy bona fides in case he has to spend time in prison, but he likely did not think it through because he is threatening predominately women (over 74%) school teachers. Like every Republican, Christie hates school teachers as much as he does public education, and has particular Koch-inspired animosity for the National Teachers Union. According to Christie, the single most destructive force in public education is not poverty or underfunding, or Republican governors diverting public school funds to private religious schools, or Republican trickle down advocates slashing education to fund corporate tax cuts; it is public school teachers and their labor organization.

Christie claims that the reason he wants to “punch them in their faces” is because according to a typical Koch-Republican lie regarding public school teachers is that unions advocate for teachers, they hate educating children, and they have no concern for America’s youth.  His Koch-hatred for any organized labor is so intense that Christie embraces the increasingly natural tendency among conservatives in general, and Republicans in particular, and publicly stated “I will punch them in their faces.”

Of course, threatening violence against Americans for engaging in legal activities like belonging to a labor union is nothing new for Republicans. Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee continues, publicly no less, promising that if he is in the White House and commander in chief of the United States armed forces he will direct the military to put a stop to legal abortions. It is easily a blatant escalation in the religious Republican war against America’s women. However, Huckabee did not clarify if he would use the military to kill women or abortion providers; something another Christian fanatic was very direct about.

It was “quietly reported” late last week that a violence-prone pro-life activist, Angela Dillard, has to stand trial for “successfully harassing and intimidating a doctor” who had planned to provide abortion services in Kansas. Dillard argued that she enjoyed First Amendment freedom to issue death threats against the doctor, but an Appellate Court disagreed and said a jury could reasonably find that a threatening letter conveyed a true threat of violence. The Appeals Court decided that, “The context in this case includes Wichita’s past history of violence against abortion providers, the culmination of this violence in Dr. Tiller’s murder before Defendant mailed her letter, Defendant’s publicized friendship with Dr. Tiller’s killer, and her admiration of his convictions”.

Dillard is a Christian songwriter, evangelical fanatic and notorious anti-choice radical with “godly” devotion to the confessed murderer of Dr. George Tiller, Scott Roeder. After Roeder walked into a church and murdered Doctor Tiller, the devout follower of Christ sent a letter to a Doctor Means that presented a “vision” of what her life would look like if she dared provide legal medical services in Wichita, Kansas. Dillard sent the death threat because Dr. Means was preparing to start offering abortion services at the clinic of the late abortion provider. In that letter, Dillard explained how thousands of people from across the country were already scrutinizing Dr. Means’ background and “pledged that very soon, thousands of like-minded pro-life Christians would know all your habits and routines. They know where you shop, they know who your friends are, what you drive, and where you live. You will be checking under your car every day because maybe today is the day someone places an explosive under it.”

Dillard’s notoriety did not help her “First Amendment freedom” argument because she had been quoted in an Associated Press article professing her undying admiration for Roeder because he shot and killed Dr. George Tiller for legally practicing medicine. Apparently, Dillard had no reservations telling the Associated Press that she developed a close friendship with Roeder while he was imprisoned awaiting trial and applauded his violent act against an American engaging in a legal activity; one evangelicals do not like. She said, “With one move, Roeder was able to accomplish what we had not been able to do. So he followed his convictions, and I admire that.”

This idea of using violence, or threatening to use violence, against Americans engaging in legal activities is gaining acceptance in conservative circles, including nationally-recognized Republicans, and is not reserved for abortion providers or school teachers. Republicans have openly called for, and supported, violence against the LGBT community long before marriage equality was settled. Recently in California a religious maniac attempted to put an initiative on the ballot calling for state-mandated execution of gays.

In Oklahoma, a Republican candidate for the state’s legislature publicly endorsed stoning gays to death because “ignoring as a nation things that are worthy of death (in Leviticus) is very remiss.” Last year when rancher Cliven Bundy summoned armed militias to confront and threaten federal agents performing their legal duty, Republicans rushed to defend the acts of sedition as good American patriots standing up to the government with threats of violence. After the massacre of 20 six-year-old children and six adults prompted President Obama to call for background checks for firearm purchases, gun zealots called for armed rebellion and threatened  violence against the government.

How long before Republicans begin openly calling on their supporters to assassinate Democratic members of Congress, President Obama, or Supreme Court jurists who fail to acquiesce to conservative demands? It is not out of the realm of possibility in Republican circles because within a week two Republican candidates for president have threatened violence against other Americans engaging in legal activities like being a school teacher in a labor union and being a woman making a reproductive health choice Republicans do not like. The Mexico City newspaper is right; America is a structurally violent nation and there is no greater proof than a presidential candidate threatening to “punch school teachers in their faces” because they belong to organized labor or pledging to call out the army to stop legal abortion.

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  1. Methinks that Fat Bastard got to spend a overly large amount of time in Detention- for some reason…

    A fool saying they admire Roeder because he followed through on his convictions is like saying they admire Joseph Edward Duncan III because he did the same.

  2. …Christie is nothing more than a thug in an expensive suit…{Paid for by taxpayers???} not to mention a thief…if people died because of his policies the blood is on his hands…point being do we need such an overgrown schoolyard bully taking OUR lunch money???

  3. Christie is nothing but a bully who’s escaped the consequences of his evil actions for too long.

    On the other hand, we don’t have to resort to bigoted fat bashing to bash Christie; it makes us look no better than the right-wing bigots who bash women and the LGBT community out of sheer prejudice.

  4. The man is fat. Even after lap band surgery- it takes a devoted asshat to not lose weight after that.

    And he’s a bastard in his actions.

    You wanna give hug therapy to rabid animals? Knock yourself out. Nasty assed attacks are the only coin that the Right wing deals in.

    Because our nasty attacks ring with the truth.

  5. The man (?) is more than a bully. He’s a criminal- his actions in the Fort Lee Lane closure scandal should be enough to demonstrate that.

  6. How long before Republicans begin openly calling on their supporters to assassinate Democratic members of Congress, President Obama
    In a not-at-all-ominous-sounding article titled “Obama needs to remember what happens when you push law-abiding people TOO FAR”, West offers Obama a friendly warning if he attempts to somehow pursue any further gun control policies:

    President Obama and the liberal progressive left must never forget the reason why Americans stood at Lexington Green and Concord Bridge. A tyrant wanted gun control – the answer was the “shot heard ‘round the world.”

  7. I’m not surprised Chris has not had a heart attack yet. The man is so overweight and his anger. A heart attack just waiting.

  8. They certainly engage in self-aggrandizement don’t they?

    Law-abiding? Yeah Right! Law-abiding folks don’t snivel and whinge about the Supreme Court when it comes down with a decision they don’t like.

    Citizen’s United, we work to over turn it.

    Real Law Abiding folks seek to follow the law, not keep coming up with new excuses as to why they don’t apply to themselves.

  9. What we need is another bad-ass Attorney General like Janet Reno.

    So called Sovereign Citizens, Cliven Bundy and the assholes who flocked to his ranch for a stand off against the government would have been effectively burned out by now.

  10. The only person he needs to punch in the face is his lap-band doctor – the procedure didnt work! This dumpty could never speak like a decent human being to other world leaders, Angela would knock his block off had he disrespected her.(envision Merkel sluggin Dumpty)((calls Obama for a good laugh)).

  11. will he be punching out the football and wrestling coaches first?

    and will this be before or after he throws the Boss and the rest of E Street Band in the slam for drug ‘violations’?

  12. “It is prescient that about a month ago, a major newspaper in Mexico City, La Jornada, wrote that ‘the U.S. has become a structurally violent state where force is frequently used domestically to resolve differences'”.

    La Jornada is incorrect. The U.S. has always been a structurally violent state.

  13. Maybe Roeder and Dillard can get married while in prison, conceive a fetus during one of their conjugal visits, and then have it taken away by the State.

  14. More PROOF that todays Conservative Christians and Conservatives in general ARE the new Nazi Party. This morning a woman who is a customer of the shop got offended and claimed “you crossed the line” when I made the FACTUAL analogy between the Right Wing and the Nazi Party. I’m not surprised though but it’s strange that someone who has toured Europe still knows so little about history. Actually she just lives in denial of just what “Conservatism” is or what it can be perverted into with relative ease because of the inherent weaknesses in it’s constituents.

  15. Christie cannot control his anger, his greed, his eating, his dishonesty. He has no business even thinking he could be a world leader.

  16. I know my comment is not nice, but I am
    fascinated every time I see Christies wife, whenever he is on stage I look for her ans he has the silliest grin on her face and it seems to be permanent, it is quite eerie.

  17. Dungeons and Dragons; Society for Creative Anachronisms; L.A.R.P.’ers.

    There are many adults in America who understand the difference between Fantasy and Reality.

    And most if not all of those said adults understand that you wait until the enemy advances before you start a counter attack.

  18. You know, weren’t we all told that violence doesn’t solve anything?

    The people on the right have either never heard the message or (and this is probably the case) just have plain ignored it because, you know, being peaceful is for weak ass liberals who hate ‘Merica.

  19. Joan, I think the same!

    Seriously,she even grins when he is going off on someone. Maybe relief it is not her or one of the kids. I cannot imagine that this bully would be easy to live with.

  20. …explains much…they rejected Jesus Christ because HE’S the original liberal…
    …just sayin’…

  21. He won’t punch anybody in the face! All the victim or potential victim has to do is throw a dozen Dun kin donuts at him! That will stop him dead in his tracks! Just saying! Big Bully!

  22. Republicans have already called for assassination of Democrats. Remember what happened to Gabby Giffords?

    And Sarah Palin still won’t accept responsibility for her part in that debacle.

  23. Unfortunately, he has a Republican heart. Look at Dick Cheney. Against all the odds he is still here.

    Remember the good die young. So we all have to vote to stop this insanity.

  24. I guess since republicans have no ideas and zero accomplishments, they have to resort to violence. What a sad end for the republican party, as they circle the drain. But it’s no less than what they deserve.

  25. Give em the keys to the nation and the GOP will turn the the whole thing into Kansas.This guy should be behind bars let alone insulting our teachers. Run for president , then start bullying voters. Welcome to dumbasss rodeo.

  26. The Sam Brownback GOP Disaster in Kansas continues as massive austerity cuts to public schools has now left districts without enough licensed teachers to fill jobs, as experienced teachers are leaving in droves.

    While the tax cut experiment didn’t create jobs, it did destroy the Kansas budget, and one major consequence of that has been massive funding cuts for Kansas schools. Several districts ended the school year early for lack of funds. Education funding levels are so low, and unequal across school districts, that judges have ruled them unconstitutional and the case is currently pending at the state Supreme Court.
    Read more

  27. Christie is just trying to ride Walker’s coat tails by vilifying organized labor and expressing contempt for public education.

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