Hillary Clinton Hammers Jeb Bush On Women’s Health And Immigration


At a Tuesday organizing event in Colorado, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton hammered Jeb Bush for his policies on women’s health and immigration. While the media has focused heavily on the Donald Trump candidacy as of late, Hillary Clinton still seems razor focused on sharpening her attacks against Jeb Bush. The Clinton campaign may still regard Bush as the favorite to win the GOP nomination, despite Trump’s current standing at the top of the GOP polls.

In Colorado, Clinton reiterated some of her most pointed criticisms against Jeb Bush, hitting him hard on key issues like women’s health and immigration. Hillary Clinton vigorously defended Planned Parenthood, stating:

Jeb Bush said he is not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues. Now, he has got no problem giving billions of dollars away to super wealthy and powerful corporations, but I guess women’s health just isn’t a priority for him.

This really isn’t complicated. When you attack Planned Parenthood, you attack women’s health, and when you attack women’s health, you attack America’s health.

She continued her trenchant criticism of Jeb Bush, by adding:

I have been, as many of you have, fighting for women and children and families for my entire life. I am really tired of the double-speak. I am tired of women being shamed and blamed and dismissed.


In addition, to slamming Bush’s indifference to women’s health, Clinton also leveled criticism against him for his inhumane stance on immigration. Taking a dig at Bush’s euphemistically named “Right to Rise” PAC, Clinton stated:

I don’t know how anyone can say they believe in a ‘Right to Rise’ and then push policies that leave behind millions of hardworking people and families, and even expose them to deportation. That is not the America we believe in and has been a home for immigrants across our history.

Hillary Clinton has been sharpening her attacks on Bush with issues that matter to a lot of swing state voters. Immigration policy and women’s health policy are significant areas where Jeb Bush’s ideas are both morally indefensible and politically unpopular. Hillary Clinton is wise to continue hammering Bush on these issues, because if she continues to do so, the Right to Rise PAC will take a fall along with their candidate, Jeb Bush.

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  1. 18 possibilities so far and the favorite is Trump. Sad state of affairs. How many times have I read no difference between Clinton and Bush.Night and day people!

  2. I believe President Obama will support and campaign for Mrs. Clinton and, for the most part, I trust him. We were supposed to reward her in 2016 with the nomination because she did the right thing for the Democratic party after losing so gracefully to Barack Obama in 2008 anyway.

    More importantly, Hillary was unequivocally qualified to be our first female POTUS in 2008, and even more so now. She’s as tough as leather and infinitely smarter than all 17 Republican 2016 Presidential candidates.


    But, the candidates have only just joined the battle! There hasn’t even been a democratic debate or primary and we still have plenty of time to listen more, question more, watch more and demand much, much more.

    We just need to make sure we work hard to win as many Democratic seats as possible and work hard to get another Democrat elected President in 2016.

  3. I don’t think the President will campaign for any candidate till after the election. Now that don’t mean he will be dropping hints to who will best to protect his legacy and if its not the vice President then he knows who would have the best chance to win the general

  4. I was thinking about Al Gore not wanting President Clinton to campaign too much with him. But, that was only after he had become the Democratic nominee.

    You’re right.

    As usual.

  5. Gores mistake was picking that AIPAC stooge LIE-berman thinking that he would shield him from the Clintons on so-called moral issues. Even when the majority didn’t give a rats ass about a blow job. That’s
    problem with dummycrats they think the base of their party are ball washers for the Reich wing Christian teahadist and we vote according to their sick view of morality.

    I don’t know about anyone else but praying to the baby jesus on keeping my dick in my pants don’t pay the bills.
    Gwen Guthrie – Ain’t Nothing Going On But The Rent

  6. Hillary still scares me a bit. I worry about her being too close with “big money”. Keystone for example….

    I hope I’m wrong. I’m a registered Independent and there’s no question I will vote Dem, whether it be the Hill, the Bern or Biden.

    I’d really feel more confident about Bernie even though I know he’ll get no cooperation from Congress unless they can take the majority in 2016 and maybe not even then.

    It’s all very scary! HELP!!

  7. I don’t think our choice should have anything to do with gender.

    When the time comes that a women is nominated by a party, we need to judge on her platform.

    I’m not so sure that the Hill isn’t in cahoots with big money.


  8. I also believe that the Repub standard bearer will turn out to be Jeb! It seems absurd, as he isn’t really setting anything on fire, but he has HUGE bucket loads of money in SuperPacs, more than Hillary, more than any of them.

    And he is a Repub insider. AND people in Florida STILL like him.. and he has a Hispanic wife.

    It’s going to be a tough race, despite the cast of characters on the clown car.

  9. Bush is an idiot (as are all the rethuglicans running for prez). He’s low-hanging fruit for anyone with two brain cells.

  10. A RIGHT to rise.

    A right to vote.

    A right to be free of discrimination.

    A right to earn a living wage.

    Nice talk about rights, but your actions speak louder Jeb(?).

    President Clinton sounds good.

  11. …Jeb just wants to be Prez Bush III…he’s saying what the psychotic Reich-Wingers wanna hear…then he had a massive brain fart and convinced himself that in the GE all will be forgiven and he can cruise in “Looking Presidential” {between gaffes that is}…
    …he has only 2 probs…
    1} Everything he says…
    2} Everything he does…

  12. I will vote for whichever Democrat gets the nomination because I will not – NOT – vote for a Republican and not voting at all is not even an option. Well, I suppose it is an option but you might as well just vote for a Republican at that point.

  13. So help me God, I will NEVER, understand the mind of republican woman! NEVER! what is it with them? huh? I get the low self esteem angle! but C’MON! how do these dollar store Stepford wives reconcile how the GOP just spits on them? Let’s look at how the GOP thinks about women, shall we? A- YOU have ZERO control of YOUR own reproductive system! if YOU follow the GOP’s logic, if YOU get raped! YOU god damn well better have that rapist BABY! and YOU better god damn not ask for help! because when that innocent child draws it’s FIRST breath, the GOP doesn’t want $HIT to do with YOU or the baby! as a matter of fact, the GOP will do EVERYTHING in it’s power to hamstring YOU and YOUR precious bundle of JOY! NO WIC,. NO food stamps, NO medical insurance, NO god damn ANYTHING! B- the GOP also enjoys watching women getting SHAFTED in the work place, equal pay for equal work? are you kidding? the GOP looks at it this way, GO find YOU a good man and stay out of the workplace!

  14. HRC was spot on concerning this …and the issue is right in her wheelhouse. I like how she kept the rebuttal short and easy to understand instead of loading up with wonkspeak.

    If HRC is the Democratic nominee, I’ll gladly support, vote for, and work for her election. I’m just troubled that Goopers are trying to pick the Democratic candidate. They’ve spent decades and millions of $$$ on opposition research on HRC, and have a ton of ‘material’ just itching to use in their Dirty Tricks Bag. Of course; they will be lies, slanders, and innuendoes …but they’ve been field tested to appeal to the lo-info’s and will be repeated ad nauseum like Palin on a loop robocall.

  15. The late but forever GREAT Gwen Guthrie! The song is apropos, djchefron! Thank you for linking to this 80’s gem.

    Man! I miss the eighties…

  16. Correct me if I’m wrong, but your post smacks heavily of concern-trolling.

    Fact of the matter is, neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders send chills up my spine as any one of the Republican corporate stooges do.

    So I’m not at all concerned about the Democratic candidates. I’m, however, terrified of any one of the Republican candidates who all have BIG money behind them and who will ensure that, should they somehow win, their donors and only their donors will benefit from their presidency while the rest of us are relegated to the proverbial breadlines.

  17. I don’t think our choice should have anything to do with gender.

    For women who still earn $0.77 cents for every $1 a man makes, it has a lot to do with it. But generally speaking, you’re right. It shouldn’t. A person’s decision to vote for any particular candidate should be based on that candidate’s experience and platform – and Hillary Clinton’s platform is identical to POTUS Obama’s – not to mention, she’s the most experienced of all candidates currently running.

    That’s good enough for me.

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  19. Dorothy was a very intense and charming woman. She was at many of the Pennsylvania rallies in 2008 and every now and then we’d get Bill, Chelsea, Hillary and Dorothy on the campaign trail at the same time. PA was a battleground that year and we had lots of visits.

    This time I am in Florida – and surely we will have a whole lot of attention from all the candidates for our 29 big numbers that are up for grabs.

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