Rand Paul Goes Crazy and Claims Obama Indicted His Super PAC Chief To Cost Him The Election



The head of Sen. Rand Paul’s super PAC has been indicted on conspiracy charges stemming from illegal activities that took place during the 2012 Iowa caucus, and Rand Paul thinks that President Obama is to blame.

The Hill reported:

The FBI has charged three members of former Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign with conspiracy, including Jesse Benton, who now runs the pro-Rand Paul super-PAC America’s Liberty.

According to the indictment, Benton, Paul’s former Campaign Manager John Tate, and former Deputy Campaign Manager Dimitrios Kesari arranged payments of more than $70,000 to former Iowa Sen. Kent Sorenson to switch his endorsement from former Rep. Michele Bachmann, who was also running for president at the time.

The three have been charged with conspiracy, submitting false campaign expenditure reports and submitting false records to obstruct an investigation. Benton has also been charged with making false statements to the FBI.


The Paul camp has done what they do best. They have responded to the indictments by putting on their tinfoil hats and screaming conspiracy. A spokesman for the Paul campaign said, “Senator Rand Paul is disappointed that the Obama justice department chose to release this just prior to the highly anticipated first Republican presidential debate; it certainly appears suspiciously timed and possibly, politically motivated. Additionally, these actions are from 2012 and have nothing to do with our campaign.”

The statement from the Paul campaign was total nonsense because the scandal in Iowa has been under FBI investigation for years. This is the same scandal that forced Michele Bachmann to “retire” from Congress in order to avoid punishment. Paul’s claim of political sabotage might have some merit if his presidential campaign wasn’t such a complete failure. Politico recently looked inside the Paul campaign and found, “Interviews with more than a dozen sources close to the Kentucky senator, all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity, painted a picture of an underfunded and understaffed campaign beaten down by low morale.”

Rand Paul’s campaign sounds like a miserable slog to nowhere. Sen. Paul isn’t leading in any polls, and he is not in the top tier of the Republican field. Paul’s attempt to keep his father’s libertarian fans while courting the Republican establishment has resulted in the worst of all worlds and left the campaign listlessly floating in a sea of inconsistent mediocrity. In a Republican field that is being run by billionaire donors, Paul doesn’t have the big money. More importantly, Rand Paul doesn’t seem to have much desire to be president.

The idea that the evil Obama is trying to sink his campaign may help him raise a few more bucks with his next money bomb, but it is absolutely insane for anyone to suggest that Obama is trying to take down Rand Paul.

The campaign of Sen. Rand Paul has already sunk.

41 Replies to “Rand Paul Goes Crazy and Claims Obama Indicted His Super PAC Chief To Cost Him The Election”

  1. Goes Crazy?
    That train has long since left the station.

    As always when they’re caught committing a crime- Blame Someone Else.

    And what better excuse than the Republican’s Favorite Scapegoat: Obama.

  2. Typical Libertarian…your people screws up, blame the President…
    …I hereby declare a new political term: Libertard!!!

  3. Yes, Rand. The only reason you will never be presidential material is that Pres. Obama is so scared, he is conspiring against you. Alone. Out of all the more popular candidates, the President decided to target you. What an embarrassment to the Senate you are.

  4. retarditarian is a better term… RuPaul has a better claim to Libertarian than RuRand…

    she’s better looking too..

    Scarah is also a member of the retarditarians and Rupaul is better looking than her too…

  5. I’ve not said much lately. But make NO mistake I’m building up against these right wing wacko’s. And it is not funny. Actually its SCARY to watch.

  6. Yes Rand like you are one of Obama’s biggest worries. This entire GOP lineup is a joke to the rest of the world. Get ready for dumbasss rodeo.

  7. Oh please, like he ever had a chance to be president anyway. And I think Pres. Obama has better things to do than worry about the guy who is driving the clown car.

  8. Jessie Benton is Pauls nephew inlaw and a total sleeze. (apparently they like to keep it in the family) Randy lent him to McConnell to run his campaign for reelection to the senate last year. (what pals those two must be) Paul knew this investigation was in the works last year even before Benton had to resign from McConnells campaign. Rand Paul needs to scrape the dirt off his own backporch, instead of blaming the President. Paul is an absurd little man, but I did enjoy the the fast one he pulled on Mitch.

  9. When all else fails, plays the “martyrdom” card.

    And so another GOP POTUS wannabe attempts to play the role of a maligned victim of a nefarious federal plot to undermine his campaign.

  10. Loved your response,short sweet and to the point! My dad would have said the same thing, only with a heavy Italian accent.

  11. Believe me, Rand Paul is a cranky little frog who is attempting to blame everyone else for his failed campaign…last week it was CNN for “running 800am til 8:00pm programs that mentioned only Trump.” He seems to thing he would have had a more significant chance and would have risen in the polls if the msm didn’t give all their attention to Trump. He’s been in this race longer and Trump, and still was going nowhere. No one ever said “I love my Libertarian President,,,EVAH!!

  12. Umm… So, these GOP “Candidates” for President are the ones most Americans want to have access to the Nuclear Launch button?

  13. Not before he draws on his “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” eyebrows. The messy look authenticates the whole look.

  14. Crazy pretty much with a few spurts of normalcy. Amazes me he thought he was presidential material. He seems to be drawn to some pretty unseemly characters.

    These repugs, every one of them, have serious flaws.

  15. Last time I checked it was the United States Justice Department, not Obama’s justice department. They’re all crooked.

  16. Here’s a hint, Rand: Break the law and you will be indicted. The date of the indictment will NEVER be convenient.

  17. Your people got caught and I pretty sure the FBI didn’t need the president’s help who had other things to do.

    This thing about the president being involved with or doing everything, which seemed to have started when Obama became president, and everything he does is a conspiracy is ridiculous.

  18. I think its strange that if they have been under investigation for years, why indict at this moment? Did they suddenly find a piece of the puzzle that allowed them at this time to go forth with an indictment. If you had any idea what is going on in Washington, you would become a libertarian in a second. The Washington machine is using these agencies as weapons on the American people who disagrees with their form of government. A socialist form. Take by force from one to give to another. The Republicrats are running this country into a ditch and you are cheering them on. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Personally I would like to see the fed go away. Codes and statutes aren’t laws. Get rid of them. Go back to common law instead of maritime/admiralty “statutory law” No victim, no crime. That’s the constitution and Libertarianism. You are responsible for your actions. But you are free. Not a slave.

  19. No, you fuzzy headed watch-fob, your man was indicted because he was a crook, whereas you’ve only shown yourself, as yet, to be a hypocrite, a liar, and a plagiarist.

  20. Hey Rand Paul, stop your childish behavior and start behaving like an adult.

    Do as we adults do, take responsibility for your own actions.

  21. My dad too. I could just hear him say some choice Italian words. :)

    Of course, he would never be vulgar in front of his wife and four daughters.

  22. Actually, the term the loonies on the extreme right love to use against the left, “libtard,” was originally a slam against Libertarians.

  23. Rand you never had a chance anyway to be president, so stop worrying. And as far as President Obama worrying about you is a joke in itself. He’s worrying more what to eat for dinner than waste time on you. Idiot!!!

  24. Of all the republicans in the clown car, Rand Paul would be far down list if Obama wanted to sabotage any of the idiots! Why should he try to sabotage any of them, he isn’t running again! Is Paul so stupid he doesn’t know Obama isn’t running again?

  25. The mind of the Conservative is a fascinating thing to behold.

    Lie about getting a blowjob- it’s worthy of impeaching a President about.

    Get caught engaging in political shenanigans that violate many laws- and you’re being put upon.

    The Constitution and the Law isn’t supposed to be applied to Republicans…apparently.

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