Tony Perkins Says Muslim Immigrants Threaten Our Country from Within

People for the American Way reports that yesterday, Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins said that “legal immigration is a big problem” because “people that have come in from Muslim Countries” may “threaten our country from within.”

Listen courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Apparently, Perkins thinks the military can’t protect us because he also claimed that the U.S. military has “turned…into a parade that looks like the bar scene in Star Wars.” Which doesn’t sound all that bad, when you think about it. That looked like a tough crowd:

Surprise, surprise. They’ve destroyed religious freedom in our military, they’ve turned it into a parade that looks like the bar scene in Star Wars and they are wondering why they can’t recruit people. It’s beyond words.

Maybe Perkins thought it was a gay bar, or he saw a bunch of people who weren’t white males, and assumed they must all be, well, you know, inferior genetic stock.

It’s an ethnic nationalist thing Hitler would understand.

Of course, religious freedom in the military was not destroyed. What happened in truth is that religious freedom was preserved in the military, which was never intended to be, after all, a crusading army out of Islamic nightmares.

Of course, we already have people threatening our country from within. Including Tony Perkins. A few immigrants hardly seem a problem for a country that has withstood a sustained, decades-long assault on the United States Constitution by the Religious Right.

Liberals and progressives tend not to take Tony Perkins very seriously, but as PFAW points out, “2016 Republican candidates have extensively praised and courted Tony Perkins in the past”:

  • Jeb Bush said earlier this year: “I have a lot of respect for Tony and his group. I talk to him, I have an open dialogue with him.”
  • Ted Cruz’s go-to dinner date in D.C. is Perkins.
  • Bobby Jindal appointed Perkins to a seat on Louisiana’s Commission on Law Enforcement.
  • Rick Santorum said that FRC’s message “was one that was very much consonant with mine.”
  • Scott Walker is in regular contact with Perkins.
  • Almost all of the Republican presidential candidates have appeared on Perkins’ radio show and/or spoken at Family Research Council events.

That these Republicans take their cue from Perkins and others like him, liberals and progressives should take Perkins more seriously. Just look at some of the extreme positions he holds. PFAW’s Right Wing Watch has previously reported that Perkins:

  • Praised a Uganda bill that would have condemned gays and lesbians to death as an effort to “uphold moral conduct that protects others and in particular the most vulnerable.”
  • Warned that LGBT rights advocates will launch a holocaust against Christians, placing those that oppose same-sex marriage into “boxcars.”
  • Suggested that Christian clergy who support LGBT rights should not have the same religious liberties as anti-gay conservatives because “true religious freedom” only applies to those he believes hold “orthodox religious viewpoints.”
  • Warned that lawmakers who voted to repeal the military ban on openly gay service members would have “the blood of innocent soldiers on their hands.”

Of course, at this point, it is difficult to tell if all this is not a case of the tale wagging the dog, or if, at least, the Republican Party’s extremism is not self-sustaining, with people like Perkins serving more as cheerleaders. Or perhaps one feeds off the other, in an endless cycle of extremism.

Certainly, the anomaly of Jon Huntsman shows what happens to those who lean toward moderate stances in the GOP, and it is certainly significant that there are none like him as we head into 2016, while there are plenty who sound just like Tony Perkins.

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  1. I assume your Perk-o-zettes is a pun on percocet, for which you will be severely punished, but, unlike Perk-o-zettes, percocets have a useful and fun function…

    or so I’ve been told… o:-)

  2. The real reason Perkins hates Muslim immigrants is that sharia law gives his legislative agenda competition. (Of course, many Muslims emigrate to the US to *escape* sharia law, but that fine distinction gets ignored, just like the fact that most US Christians don’t support Perkins’ ideas or organization.)

  3. Maybe I was unclear, “Perk-o-zettes” are his female supporters, “Perk-o-dans” are the male ones.


  4. Illegal Immigrants- Bad Bad Bad!
    Legal Immigrants- Bad Bad Bad!

    Our Religious Laws that impose our beliefs onto others- Good.
    Their Religious Laws that impose their beliefs onto others- Bad.

    Mr. Perkins, from where I’m standing I see no difference between those you decry and you.

  5. ah so… now its clear… percocdans have aspirin and eat one’s stomach… percocets are formulated with tylenol which is essentially useless for pain…

    very apt..

  6. Perkins overlooked the Tea Party which has terrorized
    American government from the first day if it’s inception.
    The harm done by Norquist’s disciples since they set to
    work undermining progress here from within would
    surely please Bin Laden. And these moronic maggots
    actually regard themselves as “patriots”?

  7. Reminds me of the Simpson episode where they simply scapegoat immigrants to hide their own screw ups.

  8. Maybe we should make right-wing maniacs’ nightmares come true and intern them to save the country from impending tyranny.
    White supremacists, the so-called “Christian right” — especially Tony Perkins and his ilk, the Tea Party, and the selfish billionaires are the real threat to the nation, not Muslims living in America.

  9. …ain’t it a pity we DON’T have the FEMA camps that the Teahadists/NeoConArtists/Teatards keep screamin’ about???

  10. Actually, no.

    For if we had such, when the inevitable Republican Overthrow of the U.S. Government will be attempted- guess which of us will be sent to such?

  11. …the ONLY “Clear and Present Danger” here IS the self-righteous Anti-Christian Anti-American Teahadist bastids like Perkins and Huckabee…

  12. Boscoe,…”So full of artless jealousy is guilt that it spills it’s self in fearing to be spilt”..

  13. A couple of things. DoD isn’t having a problem recruiting. Perkins, as usual, just makes shit up.

    That said, Hrafnell, the military doesn’t protect us from threats within our borders. The Posse Comitatus Act (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152)limits the powers of the federal government in using its military personnel to act as domestic law enforcement personnel. Once someone has gotten past our borders their the job of the FBI, INS, Homeland Security. Given 3 million Muslims living in the US and 150,000 immigrants a year, and only 69 plots since 9/11, many of which you can argue the FBI’s own fake terror network created, we’ve more to fear from White Supremacists. But we still need to key an eye out.

  14. Perhaps even the far right moral majority
    would have recognized the traditional relationship US has had with Muslims who still live with Christiens together where ever they are. If Perkins has bothered to read the suffering inflicted upon themselves in recent history, he would still know that there were no Muslims in WW1 and WW2, but christiens up against the other with Jews the denominator. So this all adds up when have likes of Perkin now suddenly becoming the champion to American cause, let alone humanity. I don’t think he can count on this for any ambitions and will be rejected by the majority of sick and tired Americans who heard it all and seen without a third eye…..

  15. “Surprise, surprise. They’ve destroyed religious freedom in our military, they’ve turned it into a parade that looks like the bar scene in Star Wars and they are wondering why they can’t recruit people. It’s beyond words.”

    Well, tony baloney, if it’s beyond words, then it IS time for you to STFU!!

  16. The reason people are not joining the military is because under President Obama there are jobs. Plain and simple

  17. The black unemployment rate is nearly double that of whites. In the inner cities it is much higher. These so called jobs you talk about are many many part time jobs that pay very little. The reason the army is not meeting its numbers has nothing to do with the so called great job numbers. Why aren’t the recruitment numbers climbing in the black community. Think about it and you will have your answer.

  18. The same type of people said that about the Irish Catholic Immigrants in the 19th century. History does repeat itself only this century it is Muslims instead of Catholics. Ignorance and prejudice seems to remain in this country and that is the threat that remains within NOT what religion you are.

  19. Education…Education…and Education. The Military today compared to when I was in back in the early 60’s is more Specialized..they want the brightest, the strongest, and the best. I am most sure that if they Needed A lot of people for the military they would re-open the Draft. However, Our weaponry is more sophisticated and it takes people with special talent to operate and more importantly Understand what they are doing. Certainly do not need people who cannot communicate and do not know what they are talking about. Specialized forces such as the ones that went in and killed Laden..comparing one move of one president and another.. we knew GWB was a stupid arse killing thousands of our men and women and 100’s of thousands civilians and all he did was play hide and seek and Mission Accomplish..One Educated Prez,and one not so educated..anyone notice a difference?

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