Violent Extremists Are Trying To Wage Guerrilla War Against U.S. Over Jade Helm Exercises

Jade helm 15
Shots were fired for the second consecutive day on Wednesday, outside Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center in Southern Mississippi, where Jade Helm 15 training exercises were allegedly being conducted by National Guard and U.S. troops.  Authorities believe the suspect is a white male who fired the shots from a red or maroon pickup truck.

No injuries where reported, and since the shooter is still at large, no motive has been identified. However, the back to back shooting incidents in Mississippi are bound to fuel speculation that the troops were fired upon in retaliation against the Jade Helm 15 training exercises.

In late July, the FBI uncovered a plot by three North Carolina men to use lethal force to ambush U.S. troops. The three men, Walter Eugene Litteral, 50, Christopher James Barker, 42, and Christopher Todd Campbell, 30, believed that Jade Helm 15 was a secret operation to impose martial law. The trio was stockpiling weapons and formulating plans to ambush and kill government forces.

Conspiracy propagandists, like Infowars’ Alex Jones have issued dire warnings about Operation Jade Helm, giving extremists plenty of intellectual ammunition to nurture their delusional fantasies. Unfortunately, elected politicians like Texas Governor Greg Abbott have also stoked fears, by giving conspiracy theories more credence then they merit.

In light of the North Carolina arrests and the Mississippi shootings, the Jade Helm conspiracy theorists should not be simply dismissed as annoying crack pots. Instead, these paranoid fanatics who are stockpiling weapons and preparing to fight the U.S. government over their unwarranted fears, represent a clear and present danger to members of the U.S. military and the National Guard.

The self-styled “patriots” who are eager to initiate violence under the false assumption that they are fending off martial law, are too few in number to pull off anything close to the armed citizen insurrection they believe themselves to be a part of. However, they are numerous enough, so that if they aren’t stopped, somebody is going to be needlessly killed.

Elected politicians and media personalities have a responsibility not to continue to feed the paranoia of extremist zealots who will put American troops in harm’s way. Violent extremists and conspiracy nuts should not be labeled patriots, especially since they seem determined to wage a quixotic war on America.

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  1. White Privilege?


    Christian Privilege?


    Conservative Privilege?

    Without a Doubt!

  2. …don’t get the troops to take these bastids down…send FBI and US Marshals and treat ’em as the criminals they are…

  3. A bunch of paranoid chicken littles.
    Hope our military catches them and puts them on trial for treason against the government.

    Conservatism as a Mental Illness
    Republican polls have recently exhibited 10 telltale signs of mental illness:
    Denial, Delusion, Hallucination, Disordered Thinking, Anger, Anti-social Behavior, Sexual Preoccupation, Grandiosity, General Oddness, Paranoia

    Conservatives Big on Fear, Brain Study Finds

    ‘Red States’ Rank Low On U.S. Human Development Index

  4. They’re terrorists and should be treated as such.

    Republicans want Guantanamo kept open. Send them there.

  5. Media personalities had a responsibility not to feed into the Bundy paranoia and they fanned those fires. Lets wheel Greg Abbott, followed by Chuck Norris and Sean Hannity into these idiots crosshairs and see how they deal with it. No better use for these wastes of humanity.

  6. I didn’t know about the rattling loose screws. I thought the way you could hear them coming was their knuckles scraping on the ground…

  7. I don’t suppose any of them spent a day in the military,they let the troops defend the country and save their sorry asses.

  8. These men were co-conspirators plotting an attack and murder military personnel, as well as destroy government property.

    They were not only stock piling military grade weapons (which is not illegal as far as I know), but were making pipe bombs–very illegal–and, stated specifically to use the bombs in their plot…

    They were caught on tape talking to an FBI informant on how they intended to shoot soldiers and use bombs blow up military property in plot to disrupt “Jade Helm” training. They were very explicit as to their intent and were at one point complaining because they did not receive parts for their bomb making in a timely fashion!

    I would think they fit the definition of terrorist, if not a terrorist cell.

  9. Not only criminals but traitorous terrorists as well; prison as traitors for wanting to overthrow the government.

  10. Alex Jones is only one part of equation– when he appeared on Coast to Coast AM one night before the shooting at the movie house in Lafayette, Louisiana by a RW anti Obama / Anti Dems gun nut, Jones mostly spoke of Operation Jade Helm.

    Coast to Coast AM is broadcasted nightly on over 600 radio stations– reaching millions of listeners, even more than Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. It’s host knows the fragile mental condition of its RW audience and he pretends to be a Mr. Nice Guy. He is actually a far right wing Koch Brothers libertarian wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Please listen to this show tonight and see if they mention any of these shootings. I believe they will not. The RW crazies listen to this program and are pushed off the edge to do their “patriotic duty” against the innocent.

    Do you see a pattern here?

  11. Ok. When is the “New” Media going to start using the word “Crazy” or “Mental” when discussing this and other topics?

    Personally, I think a lot of the GOPer hard core base is doing to much Meth; Hitler had the same problems… mentally.

  12. If one American soldier is harmed by any to these bat crazy bastards, I hope sane people will stand up and point their fingers to the true guilty ones of the crime….. the GOP. After all, aren’t they guilty of fanning the flames of hatred?

  13. Goes to show you that America has their own home grown domestic terrorist. The past 2 days during a training operation in Texas [ paranoid people think the POTUS is taking over their state } called “Jade Helm 15” our men and women involved in this training were shot. So far they are charged with “charged with conspiring to arm themselves with illegal explosive devices to combat what they saw as a potential military takeover ” I really hope that the charges are upgraded to ” domestic terrorism ” with attempting to kill our soldiers and they receive life without parole.


  14. If these folks are so worried about protecting our freedoms, why don’t they volunteer for the armed services?

  15. AndyCA, that last line about childlike soldiers made me smile. Where I grew up there were woods, streams and an orange sand rock formation within 2min. walk at the south end of Lancaster. We fought many un-seen enemies of our own making and were of course victorious beyond measure. We were 6-8 years old and the world was our oyster, we were masters of our own little universe…then some thing happened…we GREW UP!. that is why it is so sad and dangerous for so many adults in this nation to still be fighting their childhood enemies…the ones they make up.

  16. These idiots are so worried about martial law, that they’re going to cause it to be declared. Alex Jones will then go on the air bragging about how he was right about it the whole time, and more people will jump on the bandwagon. Then they’ll be going on about how the U.S. government is taking over the states, and violating state’s rights.

    The problem with this is that these states are a part of this nation, and are claiming rights that they don’t actually have. They pretend that the states are supposed to have all the rights in this country, but can’t seem to understand that they aren’t independent nations, but are parts of this nation, and must follow the laws of this nation, including the ones that they don’t like, such as marriage equality, minority and women’s rights, and the treaties that prevent unnecessary wars.

    These conspiracy mongers spread their lies to keep the people divided, because united, the the people are more powerful than any corporations…

  17. Considering the state of Police in America currently…

    you may want to think about that a bit longer…

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