5 Reasons To Be Glad That You Didn’t Watch The Fox News Debate

fox news debate

From Donald Trump getting booed to Jeb Bush rewriting history to blame President Obama for his brother’s economic collapse, here are five reasons to be glad that you didn’t watch the first Republican debate.

1). Donald Trump Gets Booed For Refusing To Rule Out A Third Party Run – Fox began with a show of hands and asked if there is anyone who won’t make that pledge that if they won’t run an independent campaign. Trump raised his hand and said that if he is the nominee he won’t run as the third party. Rand Paul immediately attacked him and said that this is what’s wrong because Trump is hedging his bets because he buys and sells politicians.

2). Chris Christie and Rand Paul Feud Gets Personal – The constant attacks against each other continued as Christie said that Rand Paul can be blamed for the next terrorist attack because he opposes the bulk collection of data. Paul said he wanted to collect more records from terrorists and less from average Americans. Christie said Paul’s answer was ridiculous and accused him of sitting in a subcommittee blowing hot air. Paul said Christie misunderstood the Bill of Rights and said that he gave Obama a big hug. Christie came back by saying that the hugs he remembers are those he gave to 9/11 victims and accused him of using opposition to NSA data collection to raise money.

3). Rand Paul and Fox News Try and Fail To Bring Down Donald Trump – Fox News tried to trip Trump up by asking him about his former support a single-payer plan, and Trump said he wants to see a private system without the artificial lines between states. He said that the insurance companies are making a fortune. Paul tried to attack Trump again, and Trump said, “I think you’re having a hard time hearing me tonight.” Paul tried to attack Trump repeatedly, but the billionaire kept coasting as Rand’s attacks bounced right off of him. Donald Trump isn’t bound by facts and or reality, so Fox’s attempts to weaken his candidacy fell flat.

4). Jeb Bush Tries To Blame Obama For His Brother’s Recession – In Bushland, President Obama and Obamacare are to blame for the “bad economy.” The fact is that President Obama has created more net jobs than both of the previous Bush presidents combined. By August 2014, “More net jobs have been created under Obama — 5,142,000 as of the August jobs report — than under George H.W. Bush — 2,637,000 — and George W. Bush — 1,282,000 — combined, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.” According to Jeb Bush revisionist history, the economic collapse that happened under his brother is the responsibility of President Obama. Bush wiped out his family’s history of economic failure and blamed it all on President Obama.

5). The Debate Was Stunningly Dull – Republicans keep repeating the mantra that they have a deep bench, but it is easy to see why Trump is leading in the polls. The rest of the Republican field is a snoozefest. The Republicans all hold similar positions on the major issues. They all have the Bush foreign policy, except for Rand Paul. They want to strengthen the military and go back to the Bush administration.

On domestic policy, the Republicans hate immigrants, women, and gay marriage, and think that the country would be better off if regulations were repealed, taxes were cut for the wealthy, and raised on everyone else. It wasn’t that the stage was too crowded, or that the candidates were playing it safe. The vast majority of the Republican field had nothing to say and managed to do it in the most boring way possible.

None of these candidates sounded like a future president, but one of these stiffs will be the Republican nominee.

Winners and Losers:


1). Donald Trump: The big test for Trump was if he could make it through the debate without self-destructing. Trump’s strategy was to deflect any attacks against him and end with a crowd-pleasing line. Fox News asked about Trump’s flip-flops and bankruptcies, and it rolled off of his back. Rand Paul tried to attack Trump and went nowhere. It will not be a surprise if Trump’s poll numbers go up after this debate. Republican voters hate Trump, but they also love him. They booed him to start the debate but cheered him often during the rest of the debate.

2). John Kasich: It could have been the home field advantage of being in Cleveland, but it is easy to see why Kasich is the Republican establishment’s safety date in case Jeb Bush crashes and burns. Gov. Kasich was the only Republican on the stage who sounded remotely sane, which means that he has no chance of winning. His answer on gay marriage was sane and solid.


1). Jeb Bush: Wow, Bush was bad. If he wasn’t stumbling over answers, he was boring the audience to tears. Jeb Bush made Mitt Romney look like Mr. Excitement in 2012. It was like Bush was sleepwalking through this debate. The man has no spark, no energy, and zero charisma. He did not have a single memorable line or interaction. Bush did try to blame Obama for his brother’s economic failures, but he was completely forgettable in this debate.

2). Marco Rubio: Rubio was another establishment favorite who was dull. His answers were long-winded and didn’t bring much to the table. Marco Rubio is a much stronger candidate on paper than he is in reality.

3). Scott Walker: A really bad night for Walker. Gee, Toto, I don’t think we’re in Wisconsin anymore. Walker looked like a governor who was completely lost on the national debate stage. He didn’t have a memorable moment except for a line about Clinton’s email server. He was quite frankly dull, and not believable on foreign policy.

4). Rand Paul: Paul tried to get attention, and he failed at every turn. Rand Paul was lost in the shuffle, and the candidate who was supposed to stand out will most be remembered for his very public spat with Chris Christie.

5). Chris Christie: Speaking of Chris Christie, the audience didn’t like him. He couldn’t keep his bully side silent, and his dust-up with Rand Paul was ugly. Chris Christie is going nowhere fast.

6). Ted Cruz: Cruz said he is going to stop ISIS by calling them names. Cruz was out grandstanded by several others on the stage. He couldn’t get anything going, and it was easy to forget that he was there. Cruz only came to life during the last thirty seconds of the debate when he vowed to prosecute Planned Parenthood during his first day in office.

7). Ben Carson: Carson was in way over his head, and completely invisible.

8). Mike Huckabee: Huckabee sat on the corner of the stage and was forgotten. He might have been better served to not make this debate. He could have dominated the one at 5 PM.

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  1. I didn’t watch but was viewing various live blogs and from the sounds of it Marco Rubio gave a good accounting of himself, according to those bloggers.

  2. All ten kockroache mouthpieces seen to live in a parallel universe that’s 50 years behind ours!

  3. I watched the second, and in fine Fox fashion, most questions started with stuff like ” Hillary Clinton said”. The old “some people say” jargon basically, just giving them free range to blast her and the President. No talk of how they planned to pay for all the shit they generalized about.

  4. It is a bad year to be a democrat. All they have to offer is yesterday’s “has-beens” with no vision to save the US from a large host of problems including financial ruins. Most Americans are tired of blood sucking career politicians (no matter what party they are affiliated with). I have always said, “Career politicians give prostitution a Bad name”. Donald Trump is the only “Real Deal” in the race.

  5. I thought it was hilarious, and Trump is the only one that understands that to play to a dumbed-down Republican audience, it has to be entertaining.
    The others were ridiculous and stiff, or the typical whiny diaper babies.

    Except for Kasich. He’s just as extreme on most core Repuke issues, but came across as a semi competent that wouldn’t burn the whole place down. He kept repeating his main story, too.

    Trump won tonight by deflecting and not imploding, but Kasich had the best night.

    Walker looked like a lost dog. Carson’s dull and clueless. Christie cemented the image of the blowhard. Huckabee was ‘Me too + ‘. Cruz …just a bad used car salesman. Paul over-reached and looked silly. Bush an incomprehensible sleep aid.

  6. Huckabee might have been forgotten for most of the time but his line about the purpose of the military (“to kill people and break things”) is probably going to be the most memorable and requoted line from the debate, albeit with a negative effect on his candidacy.

  7. I thought Jeb Bush looked much better and Trump looked much worse. I’m not a fan of having another Bush in office, but he did come across well tonight.

  8. That is exactly why we are in the position we are now in. Bush gave huge tax cuts and then started 2 wars, Medicare Part D and no way to pay for them. These morons whining about President Obama seem to think he would just pull the money out of his butt to pay for everything. They are to blinded by hatred to understand there was going to be more debt. And I am sick of them blaming the $18 trillion on Obama.Now these morons are screaming for more war, build a wall, force people to work longer, repeal Obamacare. And NONE of them have said how anything will be paid for or what they would replace Obamacare with.

  9. The depth and quality of STUPID on that stage was remarkable! It was, collectively, Sarah Palin stupid!!

  10. From an overseas perspective, Trump is the only candidate with the gumption to put things where they belong. Jobs, the insane Obamacare, and especially immigration issues. Europe is going down under the weight of illegal immigration. USA is following the same ridiculous path. And yes, Trump knows MONEY, and he knows how to negotiate in OUR favor! The rest are full of boring hype. From overseas we have a much clearer picture of what most Americans fail to see, because they live in a giant bubble. American foreign policy is a joke, and it annoys me when they dont fully undetsand this; we all live in a MONEY world, the root of all evil, so we need someone astute and convincing. It´s 2015; come on people: WAKE UP

  11. Not a smart group to run this country. Instead of datante and Iran it was punish the Iranian people because of their leaders. Imagine if the party wants to starve Americans. Desperate people do desperate things.I see war, but there sons n daughters will be there. Trump won. Independent voter

  12. Cruz will not keep his word. Rand can’t hear Trump will win very serious stand on his leadership. Starting out with the pledge question was a cheep shot by fox news

  13. It doesn’t make any difference which one of these inept clowns becomes the final candidate. The MSM is going to have one hell of a time making the gopers look credible so that they have something to talk about 24/7.

    Just guessing, but I think most Americans will have made up their minds by the time we have the final candidates in both parties. The rest of the year until elections will be squabbling over 1 or 2% of the “undecided”.

  14. Nah. The vast majority of them know exactly who caused what. They just sure as hell aren’t going to own up to it. Especially in public.

  15. I remember well when the economy went down and George Bush was in a panic and called all the senators back to Washington to help him, Obama was running for president against McCain. Obama was the only one with
    any ideas and McCain sat meekly and could not utter a word!
    Suck that Jebbie

  16. I did not watch the debate, too busy watching the grass grow in my yard.

    I am angry at the fact that Schumer is going against the president and supporting Nutty Yahoo in the Iran deal, hundreds of comments online saying he should move to Israel and that he has been paid off, he is not my senator so I cannot email him, I encourage anyone who can to send him a note.
    He took an oath to serve the US not AIPAC,
    he should join the Knesset.
    What is his family connection with the Comcast deal?

  17. Faux helped create this monster and it is biting them in the ass.
    I like where the faux blimbo tried to attack trump and he attacked right back.
    *bronx cheer*
    Crump didn’t crumble and my guess is he will come out unscathed (25% or so) in the next rounds of polls.
    Hell, he might even go up to about 30%.
    If so then who drops to the <3% irrelevant level?
    Christ-ie and F*ckabee are my guesses.

  18. The candidates reflected themselves and their outdoor campaigns in the debate – quite succinctly.

    And my liver thanks the one who came up with the ‘drink every time one tells the truth’- game.

  19. I thought Trump self-destructed. I watched one of the Fox Republican focus groups after the debate, and the people in that group, all Republican voters, reacted very negatively to Trump. I believe his time in the political sun is done.

  20. “Democrats have nothing?” “Trump is the Real Deal?” I sincerely hope that you are a registered voter and vote for your “Real Deal” however far he makes it, it will benefit those of us who “have nothing”.

  21. I watched and knew within 2 seconds that this was the GOP Comedy of Errors hour. Also, the deflecting, non-answer answers, out-right lies & the Governor / former Gov answers of how they made the State’s economies better when they put them in the toilet was hilarious. And, they all were trickle-down advocates – lower taxes and cut programs.

    PP – defund PP, but have no program to help poor women and families. It is not about lower abortion rates or abortion. Its about making sure the poor stay poor & women stay subservient. Thus, we will get no contraceptive help for poor women who need & want it so they can control their family size and no help after all these babies are born to poor women. Its really a tough luck scenario.

    It really is ignore the poor attitude. Do we really want this kind of person as President?

  22. So was it another round of, if you don’t look, think, or act like us, you shouldn’t exist? I spent the time playing Guild Wars 2.

  23. My other thought on the debates. The panel of Moderators questions were so scripted and leading which basically never challenged these Candidates on their assumptions about women’s health, the economy or foreign policy.

    Talk about keeping things divisive. WOW. Every Question was how do you keep your base happy and deal with these issues. All three moderators were terrible challengers on the issues. Even when they tried to stir things up it was still about making the base happy.

    Note to Moderators – People who run for President are suppose to be President of all the people in the US – not just their base.

  24. I refuse to watch any of these pseudo debates among the GOP rabble wanting to cash in on the presidency of our country. This amounts to free air time and miles of news room footage and millions of reporters’ words to promote the major GOP themes: war is good, fetuses are more important than children, women are all brazen hussies, Christianity (of some bizarre form) is our official religion, every white person should be armed at all times, minorities are bad, no one who speaks with an accent can be trusted, corporations know best, and scientists are all secret traitors. It is all baloney but it impresses the base.

  25. -war is good> No it’s not. But it’s sometimes necessary to protect our freedom, soil and us.

    -fetuses are more important than children> No, one is equally as important as the other.

    -women are all brazen hussies> I don’t even know how to reply to that comment. SMH

    -Christianity (of some bizarre form) is our official religion> Who has ever said that? We have “freedom of religion”.

    -every white person should be armed at all times> Again, who’s ever said that?

    -minorities are bad, no one who speaks with an accent can be trusted> Another silly attempt at labeling republicans as racist. Carson, Cruze, Rubio, West and others would not agree.

    -corporations know best> Yes, they do know best…on how to run their business. The gov. should stay out of the way. I know what’s best for my corporation, not the gov.

    -scientists are all secret traitors> I don’t know what you mean by that. Are you referring to global warming?

  26. Sometimes you just have to let a idiot rant that way you know you are the sane one in a country full of fools

  27. You seem to not understand about the limited powers of a U.S. President. He/she does not “run” government like a CEO runs a business. A CEO’s word is the final word. A President, OTOH, needs to work with Congress to get things done.

    Trump doesn’t know how to get along with those who don’t agree with him — his behaviour ever since he entered the race has demonstrated that over and over again. He doesn’t seem to run his businesses terribly well either — how can anyone lose money on a casino, and how many successful businessmen do you know who have declared bankruptcy multiple times? And if he speaks about the people of other countries the way he’s denigrated Mexicans, then the U.S. will be left without an ally in the world.

    Trump would be, without doubt, THE WORST president of all time. Let’s hope enough Americans wake up and smell the roses before 2016 — but I’m not counting on it.

  28. If you were monitoring latino blogs, you should know, they have a tendency of lifting their own, even when they are shit.

    Any business where any of them are in supervisory positions they advance their kind first and all others behind.

    To learn how Rubio really did go to non-partisan sites to do your research.

  29. I’d love to agree with you except that it was a Frank Luntz focus group. That always makes me suspicious, especially since the Republicans desperately want him out of the race. It think the Megyn Fox exchange hurt him, but probably not enough to plummet him in the polls. His overall arrogance is enough to make me hate him, but I’m not a Republican and they seem to eat that up.

  30. What’s bringing Europe down isn’t immigrants. What’s bringing it down are the Austerity Programs initiated when we almost crashed under Bush. I believe President Obama’s the one that understood, the way out of our crash was through it and not by trying to save pennies when pounds were needed. Everybody predicted disaster. Yet, we are just about one of the only ones to survive our economic wobble.

    Stupid asses gave cuts to the wealthy and placed the economic engine on Austerity. Idiots.

  31. …Schumer betrayed this country when he said he preferred to back Nutty-yoyo over the President…we need to ask Harry Reid to pick another successor…facebook, twitter, etc.
    …as to debates; I sprained both middle fingers flying the eagle at all the Teatards on the stage…
    …this is playing hell with my typing…[wink]

  32. Will do. I’m on it. He’s my senior senator. I will nudge the junior senator to reach out to him to explain just how unhappy the people are. Thank you.

  33. America has a conscious foreign policy. NO WARS. No being maneuvered into wars on behalf of other countries; where we are left financing and leading the entire thing and creating new enemies. We’re keeping our money at home, where the republicans can find ways to give it to the rich after fleecing the poor.

    The foreigners have to stand on their own two feet. The President is full of ideas and shared a significant and beneficial few with the world when he was a senator. The Asian countries and a couple others jumped on his ideas and are doing well.

    The President is full of ideas, but he’s not sharing them or giving a heads up to others. Foreign countries should do like the republicans do; steal ideas from the DEMs.

  34. Sheesh. I was giving GOP talking points which the rest of us know are insane. No, I do not agree with any of these talking points but they work to rile up and further brainwash the GOP base. And because these horrible talking points will dominate the media for the next seventeen months that GOP base will only grow more insane. Maybe, AnalogKid, you should have read my remarks more carefully before losing it.

  35. And wasn’t it telling that Trump was the only one that said a health care system needs to take care of people that can’t. The only recognition that the poor even exist …and this from a billionaire.
    Then, ( although ambiguous ) he alluded that the US health care system is messed up BECAUSE of involving insurance companies that increase costs and skim off the top.

  36. Cruz is going to prosecute PP on day 1 in office. Wouldn’t he have to single-handedly overturn a long-standing Supreme Court decision first? But then again, day 1 will never happen, so we don’t have to worry about it, do we?

  37. Yo Kid, everyone knows what opinions are like…
    with comments such as “yes they know best”,
    there’s no difference in the smell of yours. Can’t
    believe I managed to respond without using
    expletives considering that my father was a
    victim of asbestosis. Romney said corporations
    are people, but he should’ve added one adjective…
    “MURDEROUS”! In greed you trust. Good luck

  38. Why would ANY organization promote NOT watching a debate for either party? This is insulting to the people of the United States who need to make an INFORMED decision when it comes to the MOST QUALIFIED candidate for the presidency. Is it your intention to keep people in the dark and not have them ask questions of leadership who makes decisions that directly affect their lives? Do you fell your opinion aptly represents ALL who vote and people should just take your word for it? I believe the American people are intelligent and very capable of coming to their own conclusion. THIS is abuse of the media. I think we should watch ALL of the debates and ALL of the candidates. Shame on you.

  39. Try being informed instead of just opinionated.
    But, after seeing you other posts on this site, I know that will never happen!!!

  40. Now that you’ve paused in your spazzing out, I suggest you ask why Fox would allow anyone except subscribers to their cable channel to access it. Hint: it’s not geared to an intelligent audience.

  41. So if the government gets out of the way, as you state, does that include an end to tax cuts/incentives to corporations? How about we (since WE are the government) get out of the way by eliminating police, fire, sanitation services? Need a new road to transport your goods? Then YOU pay for it. Only hire people who went to private schools, (although they get some form of government help).

    Your company wouldn’t be able to be as successful or efficient as it presumably is, (and kudos to you for that), without some form of public help.

  42. And I keep wondering if he’s not actually a Clinton supporter. Seriously, Trump has shut down the GOP primary, assuring a Democratic win in the general election. The only question is will it be Clinton or Sanders, and there are PLENTY of trolls trying to keep Clinton afloat, despite her sinking ship.

  43. Because the bloody Fox News “Debate” wasn’t a debate. It was just a freaking dog and pony show to demonstrate who thought his penis was biggest.

    We have learned NOTHING about who is the more qualified to be President.

    Because if it truly was to discover who was the more qualified- there’d have been 17 slots, not 10.

  44. Wow that’s a lot to reply to. And thanks everyone, for all the kind words:)

    Beaglemom, my point was that contrary to liberal belief, those are NOT talking points of the GOP. I knew exactly what you meant and that’s why I replied. Those so-called talking points are false, made up by the left and people actually believe it, as evidenced.

    I was not losing it, as you say. But merely replying and disagreeing with you.

  45. Yes it’s a lot to reply to. What’s the matter? Is doing so too much like real work?

    No, we don’t have to make shit up A.K. That’s the purview of the Conservative side of the house.

    Cause all your assertions ain’t worth shit.

  46. Rastalari, please accept my sincere condolences. I am sorry for your loss.

    Of course we and businesses have to follow laws. Asbestos was discovered to be harmful and deadly which of course, is why it’s been banned and why we have to remove it from our homes if found during a remodel.

    When I make the claim that corporations (whether it’s GE or a small business like mine) know what’s best, I stand by what I said. That doesn’t mean they are above the law. And it most certainly doesn’t mean that I would intentionally put someone’s health at risk in an asbestos filled environment. But too often, government regulations get in the way of businesses.

    Corporations are people? Yes. Yes they are. Without people there would be no corporations. Is Mrs. Smith’s 6th grade class people? Of course it is. I sense an anti-corporation tone in your comments. But who would hire people if there were no businesses?

  47. Yes Asbestos is bad.

    But you can bet your entire ill-gotten fortune on the notion that corporations were fighting tooth and nail against any kind of safety regulation of same.

    You are erroneous in your ‘thinking’. Corporations are NOT people. They are artificial organizations of collections of people- yes. But not actually people.

    I’ll believe that corporations are people when Texas executes one for murder.


    The only reason the right insists that corporations are people is another attempt to get them immunity from obeying the law.

  48. The greatest thing about the trump conspiracy is that there are so many morons on the extreme right that whether it was proved to be true or not, they’d still flock to this buffoon. It’s what they’ve been programmed to do!!

    fox “news” watchers… fox created this monster and ya’ll are surprised that he has this huge moronic following? He’s just parroting fox, like many of it’s idiot viewers do.

    fox has either been suggesting or coming right out and force feeding these same garbage lies to their viewers for years. Its no wonder trump has all these dopes duped.

    Congrats and sincere thanks to fox news and all of its gullible viewers.

    None of you will ever see another r president again in you lifetime…

  49. It seems as if you haven’t progressed enough in school to understand irony. Maybe in a few years….maybe never.

  50. I’ll believe that corporations are people when ExxonMobil gets a mammogram and GE gets a colonoscopy. [WINK]

  51. Paul, I just want the gov to not get in the way with more taxes, more regulation, dictating what they must pay employees, smoking bans etc.

    Lowering taxes is almost always a good idea because it leaves more money in the private sector(which is not what HC or BO want). But I’ve not had any tax cut for my corp. Have you ever wondered why our leaders are never afraid to ask us to do with less, but are too greedy to give themselves a cut in pay for the poor job they’ve been doing the last 20 years? And they’re still there collecting!!

    Tax incentives for new businesses are also great ideas because it gives an “incentive” for new businesses. Or tax incentives for additional employees hired by existing businesses.

    One more thing, there is not a revenue problem in DC. There is a spending problem and giving more money to those who can’t manage it is like giving more beer to an alcoholic.

  52. Moon, yes it’s too much work because that’s what I’ve been doing all day..working.

    “That’s the purview of the Conservative side of the house.”

    Well Moon, what leader/s of the GOP has said those things? You show me that and we can have a conversation about it.

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