Scott Walker Trails Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders In Neighboring Minnesota

Scott Walker
A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on August 4th, found Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker losing to both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in Minnesota, Wisconsin’s next door neighbor to the West. The poll of 1,015 registered Minnesota voters, conducted from July 30 to August 2, 2015, showed Hillary Clinton defeating Walker 46-42 percent, while Bernie Sanders held a 41-40 edge over Walker.

Clinton led every other GOP presidential candidate as well. Sanders led every GOP candidate except Jeb Bush who edged the Vermont Sanders by a narrow 41-40 margin. In the Democratic primary, Clinton held a 50-32 advantage over Sanders.

Minnesota has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since Richard Nixon carried the state in 1972. Nevertheless, the state has still been regarded by political analysts as a competitive swing state in the 21st century. Al Gore only eked out a 48-46 victory in Minnesota in 2000, and John Kerry won the state by 51-48 percent in 2004. Barack Obama carried the state by more comfortable margins in 2008 (54-44) and 2012 (53-45).

Some Republican strategists have backed Scott Walker in the hopes that the Wisconsin Governor would not only carry his home state, but also that his Upper Midwest appeal would spill into neighboring swing states like Minnesota and Iowa. However, Walker isn’t regarded as a good neighbor by most Minnesotans.

Only 34 percent of Minnesota voters have a favorable opinion of Walker, compared to 45 percent who view him unfavorably. Minnesota Republicans adore him. Walker is liked by 68 percent of Minnesota Republicans, compared to just 16 percent who view him negatively. However, Independents and Democrats in Minnesota can’t stand the guy. There simply aren’t enough Republicans who like Walker to offset all the Independents and Democrats who do not like him.

If the Republican Party chooses Scott Walker as their nominee, they may have to accept defeat in the state of Minnesota for the 11th consecutive presidential election. Minnesotans have seen what their next door neighbor has done to Wisconsin, and they are not interested in letting him spread his blight to the rest of the nation.

9 Replies to “Scott Walker Trails Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders In Neighboring Minnesota”

  1. …Weasel Kochsucker will be a loser in a debate…he can’t dictate…and his minions on our State Supreme Court can’t try to declare shots at him unconstitutional…

  2. Normal operations in the republican bubble.Advice is slung at you(incorrectly) that you have national appeal.Fortunately the nation as a whole doesn’t buy into all the bull.Please welcome the new leader and GOP spokesman though, The Donald.

  3. Scott Walker forgot to mention that Bernie Sanders is a socialist!

    Democratic socialism, as practiced in Western Europe, is simply a mixed economy like our own with a greater emphasis on protecting society from the negative effects of free market capitalism. Protecting public interests from the exploitation of big business and reducing the strain on workers caused by globalization is a good thing. We should expect our government to intervene on behalf of the interests of American citizens and to create a safety net for the most vulnerable people such as the poor, elderly and disabled.

  4. We here in MN have seen the demise of the Wisconsin economy, education system, unions, and the wool that was pulled over the residents eyes by the Wanker and the Koch brothers.

    We want NOTHING to do with the type of stupidity that Scott the wanker represents. We are doing fine here with our economy and social services network.

    Wisconsin is spiraling down hill with no bottom in site. Unless the cheese heads wake up at some point, things will only get worse.

    Being a true Minnesotan, I will be nice and not say anymore about the idiots across the border.

  5. “Being a true Minnesotan, I will be nice and not say anymore about the idiots across the border.”

    You screwed that promise up before you even got through the sentence. Or is “idiot” a compliment on your side of the river?

    The real idiots over here are the lame-ass democrats who didn’t vote. The rest of us would appreciate it if you would just kindly STFU.

  6. Hillary Clinton is pushing student loan debt relief, a major point with many folks my age and younger, as well as making college more affordable with Preisdent Obama’s community college plan.

    Like all the Democratic plans on student debt relief higher education they all sound great but none of them will see the light of day as long as republicans control congress

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