The Winner of Tonight’s GOP Debate Will Be the Most Convincing Liar


Going into tonight’s debate, it is important to understand the context of the debate. That context is a country ruined by eight years of Republican governance, culminating in a crashed economy, an economic crisis that embraced the entire world, and two ongoing wars in the Middle East. A country that is, thanks to a GOP refusal to govern, even after almost seven years of effort, not yet fully recovered.

The context will be one of LIES. Lots and lots of lies. John Fugelsang tweeted two days ago about just how bad it will be:


Since 2008, President Obama has worked tirelessly to restore some semblance of order out of the chaos of the Bush years. He has ended both wars, and brought most of our troops home. He has restored our economy (including our credit rating), reduced unemployment, restored America’s reputation overseas, given healthcare 17 million Americans who did not have it before, embraced marriage equality, and championed a living wage for workers.

The list goes on. Those are just the highlights. And all these were accomplished against every sort of Republican obstruction imaginable.

What we hear from Republican candidates is a story completely at odds with this reality. We here about an America that apparently was never victimized by the Bush administration. Instead, America has been run into the ground by the Democrats.

Certainly, there is more work to do, as Obama acknowledges. But you wonder how much better things would be if the Republicans had not obstructed every idea Obama has had since 2008. The truth is, to the extent there is anything left to complain about, it is the fault of the GOP.

So the context is neatly captured in this tweet to Donald Trump, by an admiring, Fox News-duped ignoramus, and retweeted by Trump, who claims never to lie, as the truth:

If the premise is false, well…you know pretty much all you need to know about the arguments built from it.

Yes. The America the Republican candidates will be talking about tonight is a phantasm. It doesn’t exist. It hasn’t existed since 2008. And everything they say about it will be a lie. Because fantasy is fiction, the context of tonight’s debate is a fictional America.

Trump says he wants to “make America great again.” But gone unsaid is that he wants to accomplish that goal using the same policies that nearly destroyed America in the first place.

In fact, in order to set himself apart from what he calls the “Establishment” candidates (everybody except Trump, and including Hillary Clinton) and create an “otherness” about them, Trump insists he will bring a fresh approach to our problems:

That’s exactly what Obama said in 2008. The Republicans drove the car into the ditch. We will be damned if we give them the keys to try to get us out again.

Trump, however, is using the exact same thinking as before. While he was’t one of the Republicans who drove that car into the ditch in 2008, his thinking varies very little from that of his fellow Republicans. It is disingenuous of him at the very least, to claim to be bringing new thinking to the table.

It isn’t new thinking. He is just louder and more obnoxious. Bluster substitutes for content. His narrative is just as empty as the narratives of the men he claims are idiots. All of them are operating from a false premise. A rebellion against authority? You can’t revolution without change. It isn’t possible.

The Trump revolution isn’t revolution. It is a conservative counter-revolution. A counter-revolution to re-establish the status quo. To make America safe for the rich.

The only real difference is that Trump uses insults more. He calls names. There’s your anti-Establishment.

However, it takes more than a big personality to be a successful president. You do actually have to have some ideas. And if you are not cognizant of the facts of our shared reality – that is, reality’s well known “liberal bias” – you will not get far.

Because as Bush found out, what you don’t know can hurt you. It will wreck you. Cognitive dissonance may have saved Republicans from this painful lesson, but it was well-learned by the rest of us, and by the world.

Republicans love to invent new realities more amenable to their fact-starved ideology, and that is what they will be doing tonight on Fox News while they attack an America that no longer exists. Essentially, what tonight’s debate will decide is not who is right and who is wrong, but who has a better set of lies – and who can tell those lies more convincingly.

The truth is somewhere out there. But it won’t be at the #GOPDebate.

55 Replies to “The Winner of Tonight’s GOP Debate Will Be the Most Convincing Liar”

  1. “It is disingenuous of [Trump] at the very least, to claim to be bringing new thinking to the table.”

    That’s safe to say about any of the ten buffoons participating in tonight’s extravaganza. Conservatives are afraid of anything and everything that doesn’t fit their wizened little worldview, but nothing scares them quite as much as a new idea.

  2. Studies have shown the economy usually does better under Democratic administrations, as this article highlights.

    Let’s review some of the ‘accomplishments’ of past Republican administrations, shall we? Watergate and the first president to resign – Republican; Iran-Contra scandal and the bombing of the embassy in Beirut – Republican; the first Gulf war – Republican;
    9/11, two ensuing wars, the Great Recession, and millions of lost jobs – Republican. These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. And they want the keys back?? Too scary.

  3. The literal meaning of conservative is: to be afraid of new things, resistant to change, not trusting anything new.
    does this sound like the conservatives of today? I’d say a loud yes!!They prefer the same old same old, war and more war. If, the thugs win this election, who among you will say, we will not be in a war before six months pass….

  4. I keep asking myself, what person in their right mind takes the republican party seriously?? I mean DAMN!! they don’t even try to look REAL! this whole FUX “MEET THE REPUBLICANS” is a joke right there! imagine if MSNBC held the democratic debates, ALL hell would break loose! republicans would be crying foul and actually, I wouldn’t blame them! But WE all know MSNBC isn’t a liberal channel! RIGHT? Heres the deal, republicans OWN this god damn country! the different rules for both sides are laughable! republicans can do pretty much ANYTHING they damn well please and it’s all good! republicans can act like complete jackasses and it’s no problem! while democrats are walking around on eggshells!! It’s insane, how can anyone with even the slightest bit of sense, take this phony FUX NEWS cluster FU#K seriously??!! we’ve gotta have the DUMBEST oligarch’s, to EVER take over a nation! they’re tripping over their own feet!!

  5. …just slightly OT…just heard Nutty-yoyos spokesman on The Rundown, repeating that warmongering SOB repeating Nutty-yoyos talking points no matter how many times Jose’ tried to get something new outta him…yeah, Nutty-Yoyo is locked in on war with Iran…and so our local traitors are too…{spits}

  6. This will be like when ‘Not Sure’ is introduced to the president’s cabinet in ‘Idiocracy’.

    Here’s the drinking game: …”I agree with …”.

    Trumpster will say something incredibly stupid that none of the rest will challenge him on.

  7. It’s the ‘live’ version of “The Aristocrats”.

    Wish I could ask a question: ” How many of you have had your marriage destroyed because gay marriage is now the law of the land ? “.

  8. Thank dog for Canadian Football on ESPN2 tonight!

    Anything to avoid the eventual train wreck that is going to happen in Cleveland tonight is good.

  9. Today is the 50th anniversary of the Voting rights act. If this was a true debate everyone of the clowns should be ask 1. Do you support it and 2. What will you do to restore it and insure fair elections on the federal level?

    Who am I kidding

  10. If Trumpster keeps quoting Einstein or other intelligent people, he’ll see his support plummet into the single digits among Republicans.

  11. You’ll Never Guess Which President Jeb Bush Admires Most

    You might have expected Jebbie to say he most admired Ronald Reagan. Or he could maybe have even gotten away with Abraham Lincoln when asked which former president he admired most.

    But none of those choices popped into his mind, No, instead he chose…James K. Polk.

    Jeb Bush admires James K. Polk.

    If you just went, ‘Huh?’ bear with me a moment. Because this is the scariest thing he has said.
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  12. Trump fans are those republicans who supported bush, embarrassed they voted for bush, voted for McCain and Romney. Fooled by the tea party and are Disgusted by today’s republican’s party. These same dupes are praising trump not realizing they are being fooled again.

    They are the people who go by the adage “fool me once shame on you’ fool me again shame on me” or should I blame you again?

  13. I looking forward to the predebate show myself. The rednecks, wrapped in the confederate flag, sporting a Kentucky waterfall haircut, and they all look like they have a mouth full of a chewed up snickers bar…….. and then you realize, that’s their teeth! Republican reality shows are the BEST!

  14. Ponnuru: GOP Has Earned Their Trump
    It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that Ramesh Ponnuru is feeling a little bitter that his advice was not taken prior to the midterm elections and that now the Republican Party finds itself in a pickle with nothing to show in Congress and an electorate that seems hellbent on nominating a reality-show star.

    You probably won’t be surprised to learn that Ponnuru rejects the claim that the Republicans’ only two options were “trying to prove they could govern with Obama or engaging in an endless series of showdowns with him.” They had a third option, which was to listen to the Reformicons.
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  15. You’re expecting a REAL debate from FAKE nooze?????
    It’s going to be a BITCHFEST, all about president Obama, Hillary and the democrats.

  16. The Republicans, should not be in public service positions. We’ve got way too many OBGYN’s in congress already. Look at the “Bassboatheaded” guy from Texass” (Louis Gomert), a prime example of assholiness. In church every Sunday, lying to his silly co-jackkass congregants. Heard Mr. Bill phoned him up (Donut Trump) to encourage stupidity based participation in the twisted Republican BS cirle, Rancid Penis’s gang. Conservative? Nah, just more Roach droppings on America.

  17. Paul Krugman nails it
    The Donald and the Delusional
    Pundit centrism in modern America is a strange thing. It’s not about policy, as you can see from the many occasions when members of the cult have demanded that Barack Obama change his ways and advocate things that … he was already advocating. What defines the cult is, instead, the insistence that the parties are symmetric, that they are equally extreme, and that the responsible, virtuous position is always somewhere in between.

    The trouble is that this isn’t remotely true. Democrats constitute a normal political party, with some spread between its left and right wings, but in general espousing moderate positions. The GOP, on the other hand, is a deeply radical faction; even its supposed moderates are moderate only in tone, not in policy positions, and its base is motivated by anger against Others.
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  18. Just a sobering reminder that folks are pretty upset with Democrats. They no longer control the US Senate nor the house. Many states have Republican governors and are controlled by conservative legislatures. The tide has turned dramatically since Mr Obama came to power and that is despite owning most of the media.
    There are very good reasons for that change.

  19. The Question That Should Be Asked Tonight

    There’s one very obvious question that anyone watching the news would ask, but it’s one sure to give Reince Priebus heartburn:

    Donald Trump has said he would deport all 11 million undocumented Americans, sending a bill to Mexico for part of the cost. What, very specifically, would you do about the 11 million—not later, right now—and if deportation is the answer, how would you pay for it and how would you preserve civil liberties during a national manhunt and explusion campaign?

    If the Foxies somehow avoid this question, we’ll know they’re following higher orders for real.

  20. as an outsider I’ll be watching the debate from Abu Dhabi (Friday morning) with a smile on my face, pop corn in my tummy and my wife at work (I’m on dayoff by the way)…..oh happy days.

  21. The Price of the Republican Platform

    1. War with Iran. Let’s say 25 trillion dollars.

    2. Deporting all illegal immigrants. Donald’s favorite! If you check out this Business Insider article you see that their estimate is about 285 billion dollars. That is based on 2012 numbers so it may have gone up, but it is a rough ballpark number. It is actually only the cost for the actual deportation and does not include the huge impact on the economy. All that labor and all that spending. Not to mention the lack of tourisim (AZ lost a lot of business after its papers please).

    3. Repealing Obamacare.
    According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office- Repealing Obamacare would add as much as $353 billion to the U.S. budget deficit through 2025,

    Fiscal conservatives my ass

  22. Here is an idea for those who don’t want to contract Alcohol poisoning. Take a drink when the clowns tell the truth
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  23. NBC has a very successful show called “The Biggest Loser”. Tonight FOX, always trying to top NBC, comes out with its own version called, “The 10 Biggest Losers….Ever”!

  24. This write up is so one sided. I am a conservative. I love change! I love when my taxes go down! Now that would be a change for ya! I love less laws! I love people taking responsibility for them selves! I do not like paying for others with out my permission! Trump may not be a guy you wanna hug. I get that. But this is a country that runs off business. Every thing we have comes from business. Our army is payed for by taxes that come from business. So that being said. You cant be president if you dont know business. That makes trump the only person eligible to be president. There are 1000 millions in a billion. Trump has 10 billion dollars! Thats 10,000 millions. And as we all know he is very blunt. Which means we never have to guess what he is thinking! Trump for president is by far your best bet at getting this country back on the capitalist track is was meant to be on!

  25. The debate is going to be centered on: How do we make Obama and his Administration look B-A-D, so that WE look Good and Win the White House keys in door number one. And there will be some Benghazi talk…thrown at Hillary.
    A stomping of feet regarding the “Deal”, Deal or no Deal.
    It’s bad, bad I tell you–Republicans.
    Look for some of this in the debate tonite. Guaranteed? Hmmmmm, maybe.

  26. I take it the Ky stands for Kentucky? I live there also, and your the the kind of backwoods idiot that makes me ashamed of my state! I hope your dumb ass is traveling across the next bridge that collapses when our two retard senators refuse to fund the government over Planned Parenthhood. Better yet, please sign up to be the first moron to go to Iran so you can see your tax dollars at work. Donnie may let you kiss his ring before you go (or something).

  27. Nice come back. An insult always shows intelligence. I hate to be the one to tell you this but only hillary and trump can be president. Trump is the only one that can beat hillary. If he gets the nomination he most likely will beat her. So if it is trump your afraid of id be scared if i were you.

  28. I do not know anything about kentucky sorry bud. I do however know about how money works. Hillary only knows how to make money from tax payer dollars. She knows nothing of the real world. Someone like her will only hurt business.

  29. usaelk, many of today’s legislatures are Republican because of the questionably legal practice of gerrymandering — redrawing district lines to skew the vote. A popular Republican tactic. Furthermore, more people identify as Democratic today than Republican and the D party has already improved their favorability rating among voters since the 2014 midterms, while the R’s rating has gone down.

  30. The best thing for america is a leader that actually has experience with money. Bill clinton killed the middle class and ended the industrial revolution by sending our jobs to china. People hail him as if he did something good. The fact is we have been losing jobs by the thousands every year since. GM used to be the largest employer in america. Gm paid 35 an hr starting out. Now walmart is the largest employer in american and they pay minimum wage. See the problem. Gm no longer operates in american anymore. So we need someone that can make better deals for americans. Trump is the only one that fits that bill.

  31. So your dumbass think that a ratfuker who has filed for bankruptcy 4 times is the answer to money? You are an fuking idiot

  32. Your still a flucking idiot, BUD. You have no idea how money works or how to run a successful business. I bet all of Trumps shiney things mesmerize you though.

  33. There is only ONE reason for the change Elk, and that is the voting machines owned by republicans (Mitt Romney’s son included) that have installed man in the middle software.

  34. Trump and Carson killed it last night! Trump got hit with some unfair questions but did well in his response. Carson is picking up fans like crazy! He is very steady! But i think he lacks experience and thats what scares me about him. I also do not think he can beat hillary. If i were trump id ask him to be my vp. That would be a great good cop bad cop combo! I think they would do very good for this country!

  35. Trump works for the Kochs…I notice the Dodge Durango is fuel-efficient & the most powerful Durango ever….

    Wasn’t ‘Durango’ a tv show?

    Hey! We get Mannix now! He drives a Mustang!

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