Bernie Sanders Was The Most Retweeted Candidate During The Republican Debate


The most retweeted presidential candidate during the Fox News debate was not a Republican. It was Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

According to Twitter:

Bernie Sanders was live tweeting the Republican debate by dropping bombs and delivering zingers:

Sanders on Jeb Bush:

Sanders on Donald Trump:

Sanders on the debate itself:

The media has spent the day spinning the snoozefest of a debate as evidence of the deep Republican bench, but outside of Donald Trump, none of these candidates generated a whiff of excitement in the real world.

Bernie Sanders is a more popular candidate than all of those who Fox News featured in their debate. It is unfortunate that the American people are going to have wait until October to see him on the debate stage.

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  1. Well most of the candidates were on stage.

    Hillary did a talk with SEIU then was on the road and sent her supporters this:

    Subject: I’m not watching tonight’s debate

    I don’t need to.

    Right this minute, ten Republican men are on national TV, arguing over which one will do the best job of dragging our country backwards.

    I’m not watching, and I don’t need to be.

    Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio — they all have the same agenda. They are out of step with the kind of country Americans want for themselves and their children.

    I’m on the road tonight, but I wanted to take a moment to ask you to chip in $1 or more right now to fight for the vision you and I share:


  2. But woooooohooooo to Bernie’s tweeting. He is President of tweeting compared to O’Malley and Webb and Chaffee.

    Can we have more articles about how he feels about potato chips or cats and other important stuff?

    I am sure Hillary isn’t doing anything worthy of being mentioned 34 times from the GOP stage… or anything like that.

    TWEET KING. Wow.

  3. I said over 2 months ago, I’m a huge Bernie Sanders supporter and if he’s not the democratic nominee, I’ll vote for Hillary! but reading some of the ridiculous comments about Sanders on this site blows my mind. One Bacardi 151 connoisseur said, ”some of you don’t think Bernies $HIT doesn’t stink”, I expect that kind of lowbrow nonsense to be posted on a conservative site, not here! No candidate is perfect! it’s politics! But “SOME” liberals need to stop acting foolish, I’m not going to trash Hillary, because the RIGHT WINGERS OWN the media! and their going to flood the airwaves with lies! and their minions are hopelessly ignorant and loyal, so can we get passed this DUMB $HIT trashing other dems?? vote Bernie, vote Hillary! just get your AS$ES and vote! and THEN go back to the 151.

  4. Yeah I said it because of this nonsense about him. He supports drone strikes. He voted against the closing of GITMO. He is against the export/import bank even though it protects jobs and returned over 600 million in profits to the United States. So yes lets have a policy debate instead of who won some bullshit twitter wars

  5. You have to keep up with technology, DJ.

    Before there was tweeter,idiots were happy to be able to just have a beer with their candidate of choice.

  6. I have a twitter account but I don’t use it. I guess I am just too stupid to put my thoughts in 140 characters or less

  7. If you’re stupid, I’m a bucket of rocks!

    Cause I don’t even have a twitter account and my face is not on a book.

  8. Yeah, I noticed that. I think the last character should be a zero instead of 1. Just search “The Agency NYT” and it is usually right at the top. Sorry about that.

  9. Oh really, can you expound on that?

    Are her hundreds of awards all fake?

    Do they deserve mention or is most tweeted more important?

    The lack of HRC content here is evident. Just adding a little meat to the bare bones coverage.

  10. This “tweeting” article is what is bullchit, not what I wrote. Get it straight.

    This site will surely have an article on Bernie’s favorite breed of cat or brand of potato chip before they run her impressive and unique and vast history of accomplishment and discuss her honorifics.

    They only discuss Hillary, (look at the last article to all the way back) in regard to WOMENs issues. She is a gurrrrrrrlllll.

    She is also most qualified by all accounts.

    You are often ad hominem, Moon. That is why I normally avoid you. I don’t cater to anti-Hillary sites and puff their pillow.

  11. So Childish/Laughable Beyond Words….this site should go ahead and be RENAMED:”bernie sanders Walks the Waters” and it would probably get zillion tweets of joy and THAT would STILL not be enough…!!!!!!…Pa’LEESE…I will Stick with Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton….!!!!!…GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Billy,

    I agree. It looks like certain people are desperate to find something good to write about Bernie Sanders. You’d think Sanders was some sort of cult figure.

  13. Bernie Sanders Interrupted by Black Lives Matter – Again
    This is getting out of hand. How dare those others interrupt Sanders when he has something important to say

    Bernie’s response? He stood by and let them take the microphone. He waited patiently while activists demanded a four and a half minute moment of silence for Michael Brown. Bernie gives them their four and a half minutes, but the activists continued to refuse to relinquish the microphone. One memorable quote was the activists claiming the entire crowd were “white supremacist liberals”. Activists also demanded that Bernie apologize for the fiasco at Netroots Nation some weeks back.

    In the end, Bernie Sanders was unable to make his remarks, and he left the stage after negotiations with the activists failed.

  14. Black Lives Matter Seattle
    48 mins · Edited ·
    PRESS RELEASE: Black Lives Matter Seattle ‪#‎BowDownBernie‬ Action

    MEDIA CONTACTS: Marissa Johnson

    Black Lives Matter Seattle organizers and supporters take over Bernie Sanders’ rally at Westlake on Saturday, August 8, 2015.

    Today BLM Seattle, with the support of other Black organizers and non-Black allies and accomplices, held Bernie Sanders publicly accountable for his lack of support for the Black Lives Matter movement and his blatantly silencing response to the ‪#‎SayHerName‬ ‪#‎IfIDieInPoliceCustody‬ action that took place at Netroots this year.

    Bernie’s arrival in Seattle is largely significant in the context of the state of emergency Black lives are in locally as well as across America. The Seattle Police Department has been under federal consent decree for the last three years and has been continually plagued by use-of-force violations and racist scandals amongst their rank and file. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has refused to push any reform measures for police accountability, not even the numerous recommendations of his self-appointed Community Police Commission. The Seattle School District suspends Black students at a rate six times higher than their white counterparts, feeding Black children into the school-to-prison pipeline. King County has fought hard to push through a plan to build a $210 million new youth jail to imprison these children, amid intense community criticism and dissent. The Central District, a historically Black neighborhood in Seattle, has undergone rapid gentrification over the past few decades, with Black people being displaced from the only neighborhood that we could legally live in until just years ago. While white men profit off of the legalization of marijuana, our prisons are still filled with Black people who are over-incarcerated for drug offenses.

    This city is filled with white progressives, which is why Bernie Sanders’ camp was obviously expecting a friendly and consenting audience for today’s campaign visit. The problem with Sanders’, and with white Seattle progressives in general, is that they are utterly and totally useless (when not outright harmful) in terms of the fight for Black lives. While we are drowning in their liberal rhetoric, we have yet to see them support Black grassroots movements or take on any measure of risk and responsibility for ending the tyranny of white supremacy in our country and in our city. This willful passivity while claiming solidarity with the ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ movement in an effort to be relevant is over. White progressive Seattle and Bernie Sanders cannot call themselves liberals while they participate in the racist system that claims Black lives. Bernie Sanders will not continue to call himself a man of the people, while ignoring the plight of Black people. Presidential candidates will not win Black votes without putting out an explicit criminal justice reform package. As was said at the Netroots action, presidential candidates should expect to be shut down and confronted every step along the way of this presidential campaign. Black people are in a state of emergency. Lines have been drawn in the sand. You are either fighting continuously and measurably to protect Black life in America, or you are a part of the white supremacist system that we will tear down in the liberation of our people.

    On this, nearly the one year anniversary of the ruthless murder of Mike Brown, we honor Black lives lost by doing the unthinkable, the unapologetic, and the unrespectable. Out of radical love for our Black brothers and sisters, we put our lives and our bodies on the line to testify to their persecution and resilience. We join together in Black love to #SayHerName and declare that #BlackLivesMatter, understanding that our love will disrupt the complicity and corruption of our anti-Black society; GOP, Democrat, and otherwise.

    There is no business as usual while Black lives are lost. We will ensure this by any means necessary.

    With the strength of our ancestors and for the future of our children,

    Black Lives Matter Seattle Co-Founders

    Marissa Johnson and Mara Willaford


  15. Now, now, Moongrim. We know you’re a Sanders supporter, but what Rin wrote about Hillary Clinton is true (she even provided a link). No need to toss steer excrement at the post.

  16. It’s so odd that you rarely, if ever, get a response from Bernie Sanders supporters about these policy positions by their candidate. Hm.

    I wonder if those same people would be so charitable had it been Senator Obama rather than Senator Sanders.

    I’m gettin’ the feeling they wouldn’t be, based on the constant attacks of PBO by the same who now want to sweep Bernie Sanders’ conservative creds under the rug as quickly as possible.

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