Donald Trump Goes On MSNBC And Declares War On Fox News

donald trump
Donald Trump is taking his feud with Fox News to a new level as he went on MSNBC and blasted the network’s lack of professionalism in what can be best be described as a declaration of war.


Trump was asked if he is going to get into a “slugfest” with Megyn Kelly.

He answered:

You know, I don’t care. It’s not that important to me to be honest with you. You know, I have a life. I have a good life. It’s ok. If she feels that she wants to do it that way, that’s ok with me, but I just don’t think it’s very professional. I do say this, I was listening to you folks, and Joe before if you’re going to do that to me, I think its great but you have to do it to everyone else, or ease it up. But you can’t to it to Trump. I walked out of that room and people were saying that was really unfair. And if you look at Twitter, I mean Twitter, it’s all over the place. It’s the number one story on Twitter now about the unfair treatment, so it wasn’t just Joe and a couple of the folks I’m talking to right now that saw it. People thought it was very unfair.

Now, can I live with that? Yes. I’m very surprised at Fox News that they would do that because, you know, I would say it’s pretty unprofessional.

By repeatedly calling out Fox News for unprofessional behavior, Trump was declaring war on Fox. Even as he said that he can live it, Trump couldn’t resist taking shots at Fox. The ratings demonstrated that Fox News needs Donald Trump a lot more than the reality television star needs Fox News.

The Fox News debate set a cable record with 24 million viewers, but how many of those 24 million tuned in for Trump? The fact of the matter is that the debate would have drawn a much smaller audience without Trump. The lesson that cable news is likely to have learned from the debate is that Donald Trump brings ratings.

Everybody saw the Fox News was trying to take out Trump, and the only way that what FNC did could be viewed as unprofessional behavior is if one believes that Fox is a real news network. Fox News isn’t a real news network. Their mission is to get a Republican elected to be the next president.

After Trump’s Twitter rampage, and this interview on MSNBC, there is no denying that Donald Trump is at war with Fox News.

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  1. Oopsy!

    Megyn Kelley didn’t kiss Frump’s Ass. (So much to!)

    And now Frump is having a full blown temper tantrum!

    Oh what is the poor Conservative supposed to think (Ha!) now?

    Defend Frump the Idol?

    Or Defend the Holy Pox?

    Goodness Gracious Me.

  2. He is running for President of the United States.

    Did he think it was going to be a cakewalk?

    Is this bad reality television show ever going to end? He is an utter embarrassment and has NO business whatsoever in politics. None. He is not presidential in any way, shape or form and he has no policies that can actually be implemented. He wants to jab at people like he’s a sixth grader.

    There’s too much at stake for this nonsense to continue. And I blame this on John McCain. He chose Palin and damn it all to hell if that didn’t open the floodgates for every nincompoop in the country to try to get into government, not so they can govern but so they can become “stars” and sell books and get on TV.

    This is what happens when you let the extremists in your Party set the stage. Unfortunately, ALL of us have to pay for this, not just Republicans.

  3. Q: If the Trumpamaniacs and BernBots were locked in a cage match to the death, who would win?

    A: Everyone else.

  4. …I CANNOT stop laughing…Faux Spews CREATED the monster that Trump took over…now they can’t even slow him down…Trump makes Ailes look like Wile E. Coyote,{Genius}…with Trump as the Road Runner…{Beep-Beep!!!!}

  5. Look at you, doubling down our your constant attempts to de-legitimize the political beliefs of those who think centrism is selling out. You’re so tiresome.

    You are like Karl Rove, writ very very small.

  6. Yeah, couple of weeks ago Rupert Murdoch wanted Ailes to back off Trump. But Ailes would not. And now Trump breaks up with both of them. Gotta luv it!

  7. is Donnie Dipstick’s ‘war’ on Fox going to last as long as his temper tantrum against NBC for dumping his beauty pageants?

    how are those lawsuits going?

  8. My first thought was “now Trump thinks MSNBC is useful?” and figured it was a Chuck Todd interview, who can be a useful tool for the Republicans. Alas, I see it was Morning Joe so it might as well be Fox.

  9. Bwaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Trump must be frustrated that he can’t buy his way into the political area and the presidency.

  10. i have been laughing so hard at this for hours! what a lovely, lovely day! it only seems right that the monster fox news helped to create will now destroy them too. seriously- textbook definition of reaping what you sow righties! I am having a very hard time being mature about this.

  11. So first of all your dumbass cant take a joke. Now you tell me why I should support a right wing blowhard who cant get elected or a Democratic socialist who cant win and even if he does wont have any support to get his pie in the sky ideas to pass congress?

    Look my only concern is the SCOTUS and federal judges and who would be in the best position to maintain and advance President Obamas legacy? So you can take your Reich wing or emo prog rant and shove it where the sun dont shine

  12. I’m genuinely torn between HRC and Sanders but one thing’s for sure, those Bernie die hards are way too obnoxious for my taste. They’re like the Liberal Tea Baggers.

  13. by the Sunday News Shows he’ll be bad mouthing MSNBC too. Trump will burn through every news agency before the Primaries. Who knows, maybe he’ll stroke out by then.

  14. A Few Thoughts on the GOP Nude Oil Wrestling Last Night 1. There was one absolutely amazing moment at the first (well, unless you count the asterisk debate before) GOP presidential debate last night. Governor Chris Christie and Senator Rand Paul were getting into a real rasslin’ match over mass surveillance of American citizens. You can see what that looked like here: – See more at:

  15. I dont know why they dontsee that. See I know his positions and I know Hillary’s but for the average person that come on to learn they will read his supporters comments and form an opinion of what a bunch of whiners do I need to vote for that?

    They dont think Sen. Sanders shit dont stink but if they are flaming me for pointing out his record what will they do when the show moves to Broadway?

  16. The Donald is going to disintegrate the GOP. Thank God! Hillary will be in the WH After all, Donald thinks she’s a great person.

  17. Sooo much popcorn behind the Donald Show last evening. Being diabetic, I should know better. But the entertaining Rebar-Brainiacs are killing me. Not the popcorn.[wink]

  18. You can’t govern from the extremes.

    Like it or not, that’s the way it is.

    Now, is the country moving left? Yes, but it isn’t quite all the way there and if you try to jump on that too soon, you end up losing the White House.

    I’d rather the country were already there, but it isn’t and the way to get there doesn’t need to involve shooting yourself in the foot.

    So…if Bernie Sanders does not win the nomination, and I’m not saying he will or he won’t, he will put his support behind the nominee, even if it’s Hillary Clinton.

    I suggest you do the same or you’re going to end up with a Republican in the White House and THAT is a disaster waiting to happen and you know it.

    Like I said, extreme left isn’t bad…unless you’re trying to win the presidency while the country is still crossing the middle of the road.

  19. Rumor has it Mr. Bill phoned ol’ Trumpdaddy, looks like it was successful. Trumpdaddy’s head has swollen to the size of a bassboat destined to be the size of a yacht. Dammit I’m almost out of popcorn. Stay tuned folks, the oneman Federation has taken over the FOXHole, he and his dumbassed supporters. He’s become a made man, by FOX.


    What are the tea baggers going to do, their I’M RICHER THAN ANYONE performance artist won’t be on their beloved LYING channel?

    Since Faux is the the GOP propaganda channel, does this mean he’ll be going 3rd party???

    GO DONALD, you’re the democrats best friend!!!

  21. Trump thinks Kelly is unprofessional. What about him? He is allegedly running for the Presidency, yet he comes across as a Yankee version of Christ Christie.

    None of those who participated in the debate are Presidential material
    Carly was fired from her position as CEO. If she can’t run a Fortune 100 Company such as HP, she can’t deal with the finances of whole country.

    Same with Trump. His casino’s are floundering, and has relaunched his brand three or four times. Seriously, how many of us in this forum can continue asking banks toons us money after we’ve had three or four business deals?

  22. …seriously??? Trump better hire someone to kick his ass into THIS century…if he tries to tell a bureaucrat “YOU’RE FIRED!!!” they’ll just laugh at him…

  23. Republicans created this egotist bloviated clown with money. After he didn’t like the way faux was questioning him he jump to NBC. So what NBC going to do kiss his ____?

  24. At the very least, he’s more competent than all of them put together. But, given what we’re working with, like the Butchers of Wisconsin and Hewlett Packard, and Pharaoh Cruz, we’re not working with much.

  25. True, Senator McCain does deserve blame for this. On the other paw, though, do remember that he chose Sara “Alaska’s Crooked Village Idiot” Palin because he was sickened and horrified by what he saw in Mitt “Saturday Morning Cartoon Plutocrat” Romney’s portfolio.

  26. I’m sorry but I’m not buying this. This is all political theater. Turning the election of POTUS into a twitter war? It’s all a distraction from the true evil behind the Teapublican agenda. Great way to deflect attention from actual positions and proposed policies (of which are lacking but who notices? Did you hear what happened next?!)

  27. These debates just re-enforces the hundreds of opinions I’ve posted here, the GOP is NOTHING but a LILY WHITE republican MALE party! meygen kelly asked trump about him calling women he doesn’t approve of, FAT- UGLY- DOGS, trump acted par for the course for the LILY WHITE republican male! he basically told her, get in my way BIT@H and you’re next! did you listen to the audience? they were applauding trumps misogny! I heard PLENTY of women just laughing their asses off! trump resonates with republicans because? he’s the perfect LILY WHITE republican, he’s arrogant, he doesn’t give a FU@K about ANYONES feelings! because that’s whats WRONG with america! we’re too god damn politically correct! RIGHT trump? he resonates with republicans because he’s a RACIST- BIGOT- MISOGNIST! just look at the debate, 8 WHITE republicans MALES and 1 HOUSE NEGRO, debating womens reproductive rights! and republican women just ate it up! DAMN! republican women make Stepford wives look militant!

  28. I was surprised and disappointed by Fox news. The first question about who would blindly back any republican candidate, was an obvious ambush of trump. We don’t know who that candidate is, so how can we/he promise to back them? One of the problems of our democracy is that people vote just by party not necessarily for the best candidate. In America it’s impossible to run for president if you are not blessed by some party.

    In the end, the first question was actually two questions. The first was about support for a Republican candidate (above) and the second was if any person on the stage was not the Republican party’s picked candidate, would he consider running as an independent? Trump has already said he might consider doing this. This part of the question was designed to divide Trump from the rest and make him look bad. Of all candidates on stage, Trump is the only one able to run as an independent, because all the rest need the Republican Party’s financial backing. Boo…

  29. I’ve been saying the same thing for two months and you’d think I was trying to kill someones mother. Sanders is a great guy with some great ideas. I would support him if he were the nominee but I feel he is too far to the left. I could live with it, but the true middle of the road independents or dissatisfied republicans won’t. IMO, he’s throwing things out at the wall to see what sticks and to see how far left he can get Hillary to tilt.

  30. I applaud your comment, we as democrats need to be concerned about winning this election and getting back congress to pass must needed legislation. I like some of bernie sanders ideas, but gallup stated that 50 % of Americans wouldn’t vote for a socialist. I do have issue with some bernbots, since I was once harassed here in this website by them telling me stuff, just because a few months ago I didn’t know who he was. He might be popular in the northern states, but most in my communities aren’t aware who he is. Clinton/Castro 2016

  31. They were the Reagan-Bush years and then the Bush-Quayle years – a long haul.

    What about the “nattering nabobs” of Spiro Agnew?

  32. by being unfair to Trump, FNC galvanized the GOP against him. As for Fox not being real news…. No one is. There is no objective reporting anymore. Follow money and influence and realize that there is always an agenda. What Fox is to the wacko religious right, MSNBC and CNN are to the enviro-cultists.

  33. Why does the headline say, Declares War On Fox News when he says, “I can live with it, it’s fine”. There was no Declares War On Fox News that I can find in the least.

  34. There is less than 10% difference between Senator and SOS Clinton’s voting record and stated policies and those of Rep. and Senator Sanders.
    STOP trying to divide and conquer.
    That is what Republicans do, or their spies. Why I question the Bernie bashers sincerity and legitimacy here.

    If Clinton wins, Sanders will endorse her. If Sanders wins, Hillary will endorse him.
    And I can fully anticipate either a Clinton/Sanders or a Sanders/Clinton ticket.
    So stop trying to sow dissension.

    REPUBLICANS are the enemy !

  35. I’m endorsing Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog in the Republican primaries.

    That’s all this is, people … a show ! A magic show with blue smoke and mirrors.
    Trump will make the elephant disappear.

    BECAUSE HE MAKES MORE $$$ with a DEMOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION and divided government. He plays both sides, and wins …and he admits it.

  36. We all hear about the “war on women”… what about the war on men & fatherhood in America? What is Mr. Trumps (or any of the candidates) stance on family law reform to ensure equal parental rights and shared parenting? Who is brave enough and politically incorrect enough to take on this massive issue?
    No topic could more more important to this country and support in favor would mean an awful lot of votes. – Contact me for information on just how massive it is. ~ Mike Whitney

  37. Brilliant Comment Paws!
    Everyone read it:

    “You can’t govern from the extremes.
    Like it or not, that’s the way it is.

    Now, is the country moving left? Yes, but it isn’t quite all the way there and if you try to jump on that too soon, you end up losing the White House.

    I’d rather the country were already there, but it isn’t and the way to get there doesn’t need to involve shooting yourself in the foot.

    So…if Bernie Sanders does not win the nomination, and I’m not saying he will or he won’t, he will put his support behind the nominee, even if it’s Hillary Clinton.

    I suggest you do the same or you’re going to end up with a Republican in the White House and THAT is a disaster waiting to happen and you know it.

    Like I said, extreme left isn’t bad…unless you’re trying to win the presidency while the country is still crossing the middle of the road”.

    To Centrists Americans:
    Bernie Sanders looks extremely dangerous.
    And we need those Centri…

  38. Never was, never will be. I too love seeing Faux Noos and Trumpet fight about nonsense. More and More I think Trumpet is a plant by the Dems to screw up the Repubs. I thought only the repubs would stoop so low. I guess we should never underestimate the Clintons. Will it work. Most likely.

  39. Apropos 42inblue.

    Frump chose to go on the attack, he got some of his own medicine.

    Someone calls a lady fat- he gets attacked.

    Wassmatta? don’t like it when a bloviator gets some what for? Too close to home?

  40. Mr. Whiney, we don’t need anymore “Meninists” in America- there are plenty of REAL guys who know how to take care of their families without having to wave their dicks around in a futile attempt to get folks to feel sorry for them.

    There is no war on men. I pity you.

  41. Will you run third party and will you support the eventual nominee is SOP. When you join a Democratic club in your neighborhood you sign a pledge to the party. At each stage of running for office from the bottom on up to POTUS of a party a candidate pledges loyalty.

    A candidate who refuses to answer does not support the party that help will fund their run in the General election and support them throughout with tools, ads, and very expensive debate platforms and conventions.

    Fox wants partisans, of course the GOP does too. Trump is more independent than any candidate running for either party in reality.

    He supports democrats and republicans. NO candidate is truly independent besides Trump.

    Only a tiny percentage of Independents are actually swing voters. Donald has been in both parties and gives to both. He is the one who cannot promise to blindly support but the rest have no problem – they are all RED.

    Donald is purple and a thorn in their sides.


  42. I will be voting for whoever wins the Democratic Primary in the General Election.

    After listening to this 1st GOP debate I will definitely be voting for the Democratic Candidate. No way do I want any of these “I Found JESUS” candidates anywhere near the WH or being President. They have 0 diplomatic skills, 0 negotiating skills, 0 understanding of economics, 0 knowledge about healthcare for women or for anyone but themselves.

    They have 0 ability to be President of anything let lone the USA.

  43. trump is the only republican candidate who did not kiss the rings of the Koch brothers. they want him whacked at all cost to make way for more establishment republicans such as Jeb Bush ,Scott Walker, etc.

  44. @Moongrim,

    Make no mistake. Chris wants a Republican in the White House/. That’s why he’s claiming and showboating his support for Bernie Sanders.

  45. This past GOP event and continuing saga highlights why you don’t let extremists take over your party. This happens anywhere else in the world and we are the first people to bash and make fun of.We have a good deal of embarrassment to endure before elections due to this and the rest of the world is watching.

  46. How wrong you are.

    Fox won the right to LIE

    Many studies from different sources have proven this
    “Fox News is its ministry of misinformation, the fake jewel of the News Corp. crown, a 24/7 purveyor of flimflam and the occasional selective truth.”
    How Stupid Happens
    “Over Half of ALL Statements Made On Fox News Are False,” “Fox News wins battle for most-false cable network.”!
    9% of statements made on FOX are true
    Fox Admits to CNN That It Traffics in Opinion Not News

    369 examples of Fox News malaise

  47. I was waiting, full of anticipation, that Donald Trump would conclude his response to Megyn Kelly’s question about his sexist treatment of women with something along the lines of “… by the way Megyn is your fifi coif as long and dark as those fake, slutty whorehouse eyelashes you’re sporting tonight?!”

  48. Donald Trump has that go to hell attitude and that what I like about him.he speaks his mind and he speaks the truth. Something that people don’t want to hear.

  49. Donald Trump has a problem with women especially beautiful women. If he can’t control them he trashes them. Just check out the interviews he’s done of late with women, very telling. If you want to (Dump-Trump) keep putting women of authority in his face. It eats him up. He doesn’t know how to respect them.

  50. Trump could be the best candidate but Koch Bros. are not backing him. Thats why FOX is giving him a hard time. [WINK]

  51. Playing the out-of-context distortion game here’s a direct quote from the Donald: “You know, I don’t care. It’s not that important to me to be honest with you.”

    ’nuff said

  52. The gravity is pulling FOX rating down because of bimbo Kelly. She should apologize of her unprofessional and personal question or be fired to pull the ratings back.

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