Republican Voters Declare Rand Paul The Biggest Loser in Thursday’s Debate

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A Gravis Marketing post-debate poll released on August 7th found that according to registered Republican voters, Rand Paul was the biggest loser in Thursday’s GOP debate. 67 percent of Republicans said they had a less favorable opinion of Senator Paul after the debate, compared to a mere 14 percent who said their opinion of Rand Paul was more favorable after the debate.

Only 3 percent of Republicans felt Rand Paul won the debate, while 34 percent thought he gave the worst performance in the ten candidate field. Rand Paul emerged as the clear loser in the debate, while retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson came out as the winner of the debate, according to the Gravis Marketing poll.

Rand Paul engaged in contentious clashes with GOP front-runner Donald Trump and with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and Senator Paul ended up on the losing end of both testy exchanges. He came across as cranky and petty, and in so doing, he allowed more affable candidates like Ben Carson and Marco Rubio to present themselves as likable alternatives.

While the Fox debate moderators were clearly gunning to take down Donald Trump, it was Rand Paul who ended up stumbling out of the gate and damaging his political chances going forward. Part of Senator Paul’s failure was due to his demeanor, but he also fell victim to his libertarian philosophical positions.

Republican voters talk a good game about defending personal liberty, but when given the choice between security and liberty, GOP voters demonstrate time and again, that appeals to fear will win them over in greater number than appeals to personal liberty.

Chris Christie won his exchange with Rand Paul about surveillance and national security, because GOP voters are more frightened of terrorists than they are worried about turning over their phone records. Rand Paul may be learning the hard way that Republicans aren’t as libertarian in their thinking as he thought they were.

It takes some really poor political instincts to finish last in a ten person debate field, but Senator Rand Paul was up to the task. With his pathetic debate performance on Thursday there is a possibility that he will drop in the polls, and end up losing his place on the big stage to an upstart from the “children’s table” debate like former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.

Maybe Senator Paul should have taken a cue from Donald Trump by not ruling out running as a third party candidate. The post-debate poll shows that Republican voters were severely unimpressed with the Kentucky Senator. Maybe he would be better off running on the Libertarian Party line.

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  1. Remember when Paul said at the first of many Benghazi hearings that if he were President he would fire Hillary?


  2. Ben Carson won with these people? Really? He answered what..three questions, while looking totally disengaged. Whatever. I recall that Bachmann was ahead too, four years ago. I think the sniping about Hillary was uncalled for, and the sniping at he moderators too. Most of these guys come off as schoolyard bullies, ready to pull the trigger at the least provocation (imagined or otherwise.) I was astonished at the calls for outright war in Iran. what do they think war is…another Sunday football game? Have they learned nothing since Iraq? Do they hate America so much that they will risk our men, money, reputations to prove they are ‘brave and mean?’ I’ll take intelligent and measured thanks. Hillary and Bernie all the way.

  3. “…while retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson came out as the winner of the debate …”

    Lawlz. That alone calls into question this entire poll. What’d they do? Go to a fundie cult camp for the survey? Seriously, probably by far the least qualified candidate up there, if you can even call any of them qualified.

  4. One more time, rand paul is a JOKE! I’m amazed at the raw STUPIDITY of MANY americans, especially republicans! rand paul a libertarian? REALLY? that number one is BULL$HIT!!. I know politics! and rand paul isn’t a libertarian! But most americans don’t know the difference between a libertarian and conservative! ANY libertarian that goose steps with the GOP, isn’t a libertarian! NEWS FLASH, no REAL libertarian would be arguing against a woman’s rights! a libertarian wouldn’t care! a REAL libertarian wouldn’t be arguing about religion! they don’t care! The reality is, he’s just another racist WHITE republican male, he hired a KLAN member (JACK HUNTER) to write for him! he disrespects women! he’s a typical male republican, PERIOD! he fits the profile, PERIOD! oh, and his assine attempt to cover up his receding hairline with that god damn muskrat pelt is pure LILY WHITE republican male, PERIOD!

  5. “He came across as cranky and petty.”

    Your too kind. Rand Paul comes across as a whiny, petulant, spoiled, over indulged, brat! He has every since dumb ass voters in Kentucky voted him into the Senate.

    Surely they were high on meth mixed with Woodford Reserve when they went to the polls and voted for this piece of petty boy. A boy is what he is. He needs to grow up!

  6. He’s been seeing the writing on the wall for a while. Thats why he put some total unknown up to running against Ky state auditor Adam Edelan. Someone leaked to the Lexington Herald Leader that Paul needed a republican to dirty up Edelan, because he is thought to be the democratic choice to challenge Paul in “16”. Seems Paul doesn’t have too much faith that he could secure the republican nomination. I guess Ky will get the pleasure of watching this little turd running for the senate again.

  7. i believe everything i read online.

    every poll is true. i trust that the main stream media never lies.

    For those that are still with me – fox news lost the poll (was obviously pro-bush/rubio). Anti-trump, anti-paul.

    enough said.

    nobody won outright. actually, if trump were not a billionaire-i-dont-care-type, he would have lost just because of the question he got.

    Paul HAMMERED christie. the only problem with paul is that he doesnt wanna sponsor welfare for the military-industrial complex by fighting endless wars… and he says it. a smart man. pity teflon donald is getting all the adulation despite the 4 x bankruptcies. but the owners of this web site obviously want the bush/cheney (rubio’s advisor is cheney’s advisor) same old, same old…back in the game…

    oh, and we are @ least 10 republicans sitting here… hahaha

  8. A “mere 14%” liked Rand Paul more because of the debate? Add that to his 6% and he moves into second place. Mission accomplished.

  9. Absolutely JoC, My local CON declared Ben Carson The Finest Man For President!

    They’ve lost their minds.

  10. The Gov. of Ohio J.K. was the clear winner. If the repubs want to win in the General John would give Hillary a beating.. They don’t, they just want purity to the Tea Party. Like last time they will lose again.

  11. Bernie Sanders and Hillary are not an alternative when it comes to wars. They are also war mongers, especially when The “interest” of Israel are involved.

  12. What is obvious to you is pretty opaque to me, but then, I can’t seem to see Jesus in a piece of toast, either.

  13. Right with from the opening FOX News gotcha-question set to snare Donald Trump, Ron Paul and the entire pack of Republican political stooges stood smirking in self and party satisfaction of a willingness to be the kind of SS fanatic that strangles his dog in fanatical loyalty to a Nazi Party willing to do anything to anyone else—ZIEG HEIL TO DER PARTY TOTALLY LOYAL TO BROTHERS KOCH!

    Trump among all of them stood there alone reflecting he gets it: the American people are fed up with Republican politicians sacrificing all loyalty of the nation in favor of their party kowtowing to a wealth-hoarding few at the expense of public service via government of the people, by the people and for the people. So when asked to peldge his loyalty to more to the same, Trump raise his hand in a NO, and though he stood there alone, he stood with every loyal American who can eagerly look at our flag and say:

    “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic f…

  14. Ben Carson won the debate? Who in the hell thought that? The dude looked super nervous, and hardly said anything of relevance.Nevermind the fact that Rand Paul got only about 1/3 the talking time of Trump. The other candidates were trying to talk over him the whole time. Looks like they are trying to bury Rand like they did to his father. What a crock of shit.

  15. You keep telling yourself that Mr Jack Ass. The only thing I took away from that whole comedy caravan was, Randy was sporting a fresh new haircut. I know Bowling Green, and that looks like the work of the Bubba, Bubba, and Bubba barber shop on Main Street. I’ve taken my poodle Larry Joe there also, they do inovative work.

  16. It’s so sad that today’s republicans are so easily persuaded by what a Fox anchor preaches. Paul is the only hope for the GOP. We WILL NOT have a republican in office standing behind any of those other clowns. Reading the comments on this page alone shows just how screwed the GOP is. WE’RE DOOMED, just hand the Presidential chair over to Hilary already.

  17. Enough hating on Rand. Americans, wake up.

    Rand Paul is the most principled, intelligent, and capable person of the people to be the next POTUS.

    His voting record is impeccable in the Senate, and he’s the only one with a proper plan for the deficit and to uphold the Constitution in the way the Founders intended.

    He is also the only true conservative in the race. Let’s get on with it… and Stand with Rand.

  18. Please reserve your seat on that sinking ship. Randy won’t even be able to follow in daddys foot steps and be the perennial candidate. A laughingstock now, irrelevant in the future.

  19. Is this Jessie Benton? You should be be preparing for those indictments their getting ready to drop on you, not playing on your tablet!

  20. …as I’ve said before; the ONLY time I saw our little Libertarian prick in a positive light is when he took those trips to Central and South America to operate on poor peoples eyes gratis…if he quit politics and joined Doctors Without Borders; he would wind up with a positive legacy…if he tries to stay in politics, he might as well get “LOSER” tattooed across his forehead…

  21. Once again, it shows how freedom does not flow down from institutions, even if they are called a country, and even if the country is called America. In the end, all freedom flows from standing up to defend one’s own possessions. Nations try to create systems to do that, America succeeded longer than any before, but then in the early 20th century an unheard of “income tax” was introduced to begin driving a steak into the heart of individual freedom on Earth. The hell with nations that put themselves before any individual. Nations are a large-scale scam. In the end it’s just a planet with beings, and nations are its biggest blight. Nations are imaginary freedom armed with real weapons. All strength and civility that resides within a “national border” flows from people who work and voluntarily exchange their goods and services, locally and abroad. Nations do everything to undermine peace, civility, and freedom. Nations and its leaders should be taxed by every individual who works an…

  22. Here’s the difference: Taxes were viewed as EMERGENCY measures to afford self defense – not perpetually propagate socialism, communism, or entitlement. That is a FACT. America was not created to guarantee anything except DEFENDING individuals from getting plundered by neighbor, thief, foreign nation, OR government. Peace comes from people who trade voluntarily, and not paying extortion money to some entity that calls itself a nation. What a sham.

  23. I support Rand Paul 100%. I just love what he stands for; liberty, the Constitution, and the bill of rights. He is also very conservative. No one has a tax plan like Rand Paul. A 14% flat tax would keep trillions of dollars in American’s pockets. I have studied the tax plans of the other republicans running for president and they are surprisingly progressive. I’m not even sure why they’re running as a republican. I’m actually quite stunned that people don’t even realize it.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking what the media wants you to think. Do your own research. Fox gave him the least amount of time to talk..only 4 mins!

    It’s evident that the people hating on Rand Paul have never done research on him. If you read his book and you were truly for preserving our American values then I can guarantee he would have your vote in 2016.

  24. Wow. If Rand is a sinking ship, then who is the ship still afloat?

    I think I’d rather go down fighting for our country than be just another milquetoast fake neocon. Or any of the other candidates in the clown car.

    Seriously, I do not understand where the Rand Paul haters are coming from. He is speaking common sense.

    Alright naysayers, have another Bush.

  25. I wonder if Rand would accept a chicken to help fund his campaign? Join the 21st century idiot! How would Rand propose we run an entire country without taxes? What should we trade to, lets use the Saudis for example, oil? No, we don’t have the resources to only use what we produce. Your hero will turn the US into Kansas.

  26. I don’t believe the the republican/libertarians have a decent candidate. You can buy into his bull, but Rand Pauls positions change with the direction of the wind. This hater comes from the state he susposedly represents in the senate. Totally useless! Maybe he can self certify himself as president, thats the only way he’ll ever aquire that title. No to Bush. Go Hillary!!!!

  27. I hope you have a second option in mind you’ll need it. As for giving him the least ammount of time to speak, he would have put the audience in a brain numbed coma, same as reading his book. I happen to live in the state he represents and the thought of ever voting for him, is a definite no. I hope he’s a better eye doctor than he is a politician, because he needs to find something he can excel in. Politics isn’t it!

  28. Kick Rand Paul off the group of TEN…make way for Carly Fiorina; and I don’t EVEN LIKE her.

    Rand’s silly Obama bashing line when he so girlishly tried to debate Christie: ” Oh, when you hugged Obama…..etc.”

    Hey, Randy Paul—-SO WHAT If Christie hugged Obama during the Katrina chaos? It was just a non-partician show of appreciation for his visit to the devastated sites in New Jersey. This is what’s wrong with these narrow minded politicians. They ARE the one’s who are dividing the country by words and deeds, and actions. Send Rand Paul to the kiddie table. Right Away.

  29. You give no points and bash without knowledge. Go be a typical uneducated voter and believe the narrative that is being painted for you. Why do you think the liberal media is fighting against Paul other than fear that intellectual liberals might be swayed by his Libertarian views. Paul stands for what this country was founded for…and he made Christie look like a fear mongering nut job that was forced to result to 9/11 simpathy instead of his policy views.

  30. Learn Paul’s views before you act like you know what you are saying. He proposed a FLAT TAX, not NO TAX…

  31. Fighting for what this country was founded for, sounds more like he was around when the country was founded. Here’s the knowledge I’ve aquired about Randy, he is the senator from a state that he never had any intention of representing! He’s used us as a stepping stone and never did anything that could be considered as governing or trying to help the people of Kentucky! Now the republican party has rejected him, smartest move they ever made. Childish, petty little man.

  32. FYI: “The So-Called ‘Libertarian Moment’ Is Engineered By The Christian Right”

    News Flash: The Libertarian Party is not now nor has it ever been a separate from the religious right. History 101 – the short version:

    The long version:

    Libertarian Billionaires Fund the Religious Right:

  33. I think Rand needs a hug that was the biggest statement he made all night then rolled his eyes his feelings were hurt. Somebody give him a hug please looks like he was going to cry. Personally and realistically I think the republicans are really in trouble this time around all that was missing from the debate was some Benny Hill music

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