Scientific Studies and Fox Presidential Debate Prove Republican Voters Are Stupid


For several years liberals have wondered why any American would purposely support Republican policies when they are contrary to their own best interests. It cannot possibly be due to their racial animosity toward an African  American President, or because they enjoy being an integral part of their own pain and suffering. What also flummoxes many Americans is why in dog’s name Republican politicians make absurd, hateful, and blatantly mendacious statements that their base accepts as gospel truth. One would think that even a half-wit would use a semblance of intelligence to determine the lack of veracity and logic of Republican pronouncements, but that never happens and science explains why.

If the mountain of lies, hate and fear-mongering at the Fox News Republican presidential debate did not convince any American that Republicans are confident their base is stupid enough to believe any ridiculous statement, there are several scientific, peer-reviewed studies that were compiled by Curtis Fease in his article 5 Scientific Studies That Prove Republicans Are Plain Stupid that reinforce the belief that Republicans are inherently stupid. It is not to say that liberals are incredibly smarter than conservatives, but it is a fact that Democratic states have higher graduation rates that Republican-controlled states, and that Americans seeking higher education definitely embrace liberal ideologies. But those facts alone do not tell the whole story; that is the purview of scientific research.

If one wonders why Republicans succeed in openly supporting and perpetuating white privilege, a study conducted at Brock University reveals that low IQ, conservatism, and racism are intricately linked. According to the study titled “Bright Minds and Dark Attitudes,” researchers discovered that having lower intelligence as a child is a reliable predictor of conservative and racist ideas as an adult. That low IQ also predicts the conservative hatred of immigrants, non-Christians, non-conservatives, and the researchers stated categorically that coupled with religious authoritarianism, low intellect driving Republicans’ unwarranted hatred of “the other” is expressed through conservative ideology. The GOP is well-aware of their base’s low intelligence and it is why they pander to their hatred to convince them to vote against their own best interests in every election cycle.

In another study by researchers at the University of Arkansas, “Low-Effort Thought Promotes Political Conservatism,” researchers found that the reason Republicans easily convince their base that all people of color are terrorists, and that all non-European immigrants should be deported is due to what is called “low effort thought;” something the scientists concluded leads to “conservative simplistic thought.”

The researchers actually performed four different tests to “reduce subjects’ ability to use effortful, deliberate thought” and they discovered that situations causing low-effort thought resulted in more conservative beliefs. In one of the studies, researchers even found that the more intoxicated on alcohol an individual becomes the more their belief in conservative ideology increases. It is why normal human beings believe Republican voters have to be hammered to accept and support conservative policies that adversely affect them and their families personally; or they watch too much Fox News.

It is not a revelation by any means, but there are several studies proving that watching Fox News makes people stupid. In fact many studies “suggest that excessive exposure to false news coverage is every bit as toxic and avoiding open-minded attitudes, abstract reasoning skills, and non-conservative ideals.” It is why Fox is so successful feeding closed-minded conservatives who lack cognitive ability to grasp the complexities of the world gravitate toward right wing, simplistic, and concrete ideologies. Dr. Brian Nosek explained that like evangelical Christianity, “right-wing ideologies get rid of the messiness of having to think critically and impose a simple conservative solution. It is not surprising that people with less cognitive capacity are attracted to simplistic ideologies.” It is why evangelical Christianity and Republican neo-conservatism go hand-in-hand and appeal to frightened and simple-minded people who support Republicans.

In another study, researchers connected overwhelming animus toward the LGBT community with “low abstract reasoning skills” that is yet another affliction rampant among conservatives and Republican voters; particularly religious Republican voters. Homophobia is primarily a religious conservative disease and although anti-gay sentiment is not reserved to “social conservatives,” it is incontrovertible that bible-conservative Republicans express the most violent homophobic attitudes as evidenced by their never-ending fight against marriage equality. In a Kent State University study researchers titled, “Abstract Reasoning as a Predictor of Attitudes Toward Gay Men,” the report revealed that people with lower abstract reasoning skills experience and express higher levels of anti-gay prejudice.

Abstract reasoning involves flexible thinking, creativity, judgment, and logical problem solving. It is why “right-wing religious and authoritarian concepts related to concrete, black-and-white, religious-like edicts” sate the simple-minded religious Republican voter. Those voters intrinsic inability to think abstractly, coupled with their deeply entrenched right-wing ideology, only serves to increase their bigotry and hatred against gays. Typically, lower abstract reasoning skills are indicative of very young children who are developmentally unable to problem solve, think creatively, or solve problems using simple logic.

All of the aforementioned scientific research proves Republican voters are severely cognitively challenged, but there is definitive pathological proof that conservatives are innately stupid, and frightened, which is why Republicans are confident their absurd and blatantly mendacious statements will resonate with their base. According to researchers investigating why being stupid makes one likely to be a conservative, and why watching Fox News is a path to being dumber than dirt, one scientific study’s results cannot be attributed to professional interpretation or liberal bias. The study, “Political Orientations Are Correlated With Brain Structure in Young Adults,” was based on the results of MRI scans on participants and it is noteworthy that the results of an MRI cannot possibly be biased, but they can reveal pathological anomalies in the human brain.

The results of the MRI studies show that “conservative students had a larger amygdala than liberals. Conversely, the anterior cingulate cortex of liberal students had more gray matter than conservatives.” According to biological facts, “The amygdala is active during states of fear and anxiety, and the anterior cingulate cortex is the region of the brain that helps humans cope with complexity and use abstract reasoning.” What that means is that specifically speaking, “Liberals’ brains are biologically more able to handle complex thought, and conservatives base their beliefs on fear.” It is why Republicans are so successful stoking conservatives’ fear of immigrants, Muslims, minorities and anything feeding into their hate and bigotry.

The study’s authors noted that  the neuroscience clearly demonstrates there are pathological brain deformities in conservatives that clarifies why they willingly accept bizarre and self-defeating conservative agendas, and why Republicans lie, fear-monger, and stoke their base’s hatred and bigotry. The researchers also said the pathology proves why conservatives are typically terrified of change and embrace anti-intellectualism, and why Democrats embrace changing the status quo to advance the well-being of all Americans. That “larger amygdala” in conservative’s brains, that larger center of fear of everything, is why Republicans are successful calling for more taxpayer dollars for the war to combat imagined threats and aggressors, and why the Republican base naturally fears and hates immigrants, Americans with healthcare, gays marrying, environmental protections, women using contraceptives and an African American President; all things Republicans claim make America an extremely scary place that only they can combat.

It is depressing to learn that there are scientific studies and mounds of empirical data proving why Republican voters are so incredibly stupid if for no other reason than there is no apparent remedy. It is as impossible to debate, or have reasonable discourse, with conservative adults suffering from intrinsic low intellect, inability to reason abstractly, and pathology (brain anomalies) as it is a newborn infant. Republican politicians are smart enough to take advantage of that simple fact with every lie and absurd statement they make whether they are speaking in Congress, on political talk shows, or during Republicans presidential debates on Fox News. They know their base is too stupid to ever realize they are being manipulated; something any normal eight-year-old comprehends unless their low intellect dooms them to be a conservative.

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  1. This goes without saying, because only a stupid person would vote for those who hate them. Our shop dog Dusty a Daschund barks and growls like crazy at Conservatives and crazy Republicans.

  2. Conservatives do not have the ability to extend thought. Call it ‘low effort’, simplistic, zero sum -black/white.
    The formula for ‘reaching’ a conservative is X = Y …binary. Or it is circular: x = Y = Z = X. It’s never X + Y = Z.
    Their process does not allow for complication.

  3. Great column rmuse! I am going to keep it to bring out when my ultra conservative sibling gets on a roll. My brother is one of the nicest guys in the world and we always end up agreeing to disagree. Even though when I announced I was volunteering for Hillary, he about had a coronary. We were in a restaurant and had other patrons laughing.

    On second thought, because I love him, it would probably be mean to give him proof that he is deficient in his thought processes.

    I just retired from a top 50 company and was surrounded by a whole lot of doctorates and masters who were just as conservative and hate filled as my brother. Wonder what causes that in successful, well educated people. I wonder?
    Then I look at Ben Carson.

  4. JPU, we have two doxies, Harvey & Herbie, and they are
    both lovable and sneaky at the same time. At least when
    our dogs misbehave, the cleanup is much less of a
    problem than repug fubars. And a wag of the tail to all
    my fellow FSM believers. Jah bless.

  5. Maybe success isn’t as tied to intellect as folks would like to believe. But more likely they just believe themselves to be if not today at least in the future the beneficiaries of the politics of inequality.

  6. Wow I’m seeing a lot of commenters I once respected hurling the insults at Bernie supporters. I’m not the cult fanatics. It belongs to GOP’s base supporters. I’m feeling Bernie because he represent the real leadership, connected to people that they’re looking for a leader that doesn’t have ties to the elites. For the record, Bernie does NOT support te drone strikes or wars of any forms. Some commenters here are literally actively slandering Bernie in order to ‘glorify’ Hillary Clinton.

    For the very first time, I don’t have to vote for lesser of two evils and Bernie is that guy. Clinton will only be another herald of ever-power hungry elites in the Washington.

  7. Funny. I’ve seen both.

    Both the Demonization of Sanders by the Clinton Followers & the Demonization of Clinton by the Sanders Followers.

    It’s like another Holy War.

  8. For all you naysayers- I will still vote for whomever gets the Primary Nod.

    So what if Hillary gets it?

    The fact that the Republicans are scared shitless of her should give you a much needed clue.

  9. My guess? A lack of self-introspection. All too often those with Ivory Tower degrees have convinced themselves that they’re right- facts be damned!

    They’re a success Damn it! (never mind the fact that success of any sort- is temporary).

  10. I disagree. The Repukes are not ‘scared’ of Hillary. They’re just feeding into the ‘inevitable’ meme in order to select the Dem nominee. They have their playbook set, with years of opposition research and millions of $$$ invested, and the bags of lies to attack her.
    They may have tipped their hand, though, as all of them are now trying to out anti-Hillary one another. They’re so clever.

    That being said, I am 84% HRC and 93% Bernie, but 100% Democratic.
    The ultimate goal is a Democratic president and a workable Democratic Congress.
    So I will say right now: “Go Bernie ! Go Hillary ! “

  11. Hillary was regularly denounced as the Anti-christ until Obama got the Primary Nod.

    Then suddenly it was Obama the Anti-christ almost constantly since.

    Now, it’s starting to be Hillary again. Only with a slightly higher pitch.

  12. Ignorant Republicans and their buffoon brigade ‘leaders’ are proof why we need a heightened presence of Planned Parenthood.

  13. Republicans, specifically insiders of the D.C., aren’t even scared shitless of Hillary Clinton. They would be more than absolute delighted if she is elected to the White House. Its because she is one of them, eagerly to give more money to “defense” companies, export more jobs to overseas, and Hillary always caucus with Republicans in most of bill of rights. She speak for push out citizen united yet its no secret she is one of the supporters of citizen united.

    Hillary is just another corporationist elite who would be doing anything for her friends in ‘high places’.

  14. How is she a supporter of Citizens United? Is it because she is raising money to counter the billions that the Reich Wing have? Sometimes you people who want to be pure as the driven snow are so gullible and you can be quite sure if Sanders win he will be calling the same people for money to compete or he will lose

  15. Articles like this do absolutely nothing to address the need for genuine political dialogue in this country. I consider myself a bright blue liberal and a flaming green progressive all at the same time, and frankly it is embarrassing when other “liberals” flood out of the woodwork only to hurl cheap, pseudo-intellectual insults at those who self-identify as conservatives. It’s a glaring oversight to charge those in opposition with being stupid, and it does real damage to the fabric of our democracy. Perhaps if liberals fancy themselves so intellectually superior, they’ll develop a smarter tactic for eliminating stupidity from discourse. Step one would be to stop writing articles like this.

  16. “Citizens United” is the rules of engagement at present. It shouldn’t be, but it is.
    So, Hillary has her SuperPacs, both authorized and supposedly independent. It is what it is.

    Should Bernie win the primaries, or even be seriously competitive, there will be SuperPacs established for his benefit. He’s stated categorically that this will happen, but there’s nothing he can do about it. He’s also said that he won’t be making the calls. It’ll be the DNC …and if Trump is still in it, or the presumptive nominee, OR goes Indy; the RNC will have SuperPacs for Bernie, too.

  17. Research by Dr. Robert Altemeyer reports that, though authoritarian leaders are often quite intelligent (and cunning), authoritarian followers tend to be simple and credulous. Go to his website at the University of Manitoba and download the free PDF.

  18. Somehow on our journey to make sure Koch & the Republicans don’t get the keys to the White House some Dems are bashing Dems & this is not right bc I am measuring both of my Dems and will decide later who I think deserves my vote, so,in the meantime & in between times,Dems should not bash Dems & we should leave that to RethugliKKKans because that is their only weapon is lying because they are incapable of telling the truth.[WINK]

  19. Damien,…”Step one would be to stop writing articles like this”…Really!? So Damien you think that just letting these crazy asswipes rant and rave and damage this nation with their heinous ignorance and NOT SAYING A WORD is better than fighting them!? THAT is exactly the kind of STUPID that this article is about! I hear from a lot of people that the left never does anything about the crazy going on every day and YOU think that it’s ok to continue cowering to insanity, NO SORRY! that is not going to happen! We SANE people on the left must fight them tooth and nail until they are completely GONE! If YOU want to be a coward go right ahead!

  20. Sorry …’conservatives’ need to be confronted with their stupidity. Being polite only feeds into false equivalency memes, or supports their notion that liberals/progressives/Democrats are ‘weak’.

    Now, name-calling, as such, has it’s sometimes has its place in broad for a …but the downside is that it hardly ever convinces the dumb conservative to be introspective or change their ‘mind’.

    I have found an effective method: When a Repo tells me something that is profoundly stupid as fact ( Iraq was behind 9/11 e.g. ), I say, “Well, you what that means ?” …”Uh, what ?”.
    “It means that whoever told you that thinks that you’re an idiot.”
    It switches the context, and one can practically hear the gears grinding. Works at least 50% of the time.

  21. Conservatives are mulish. And if you’ve ever had the opportunity to work with a Mule- then you’d understand what it’s appropriate to refer to them as such.

    Remember- we still, right now, have to deal with “birthers’.

    So, if you don’t like the way us liberals give some what for BACK to the vidiots of Fox News I’d say: Tough Shit.

  22. This is why Conservatives are impervious to logic or reason. You can show them scientific data until you’re blue in the face, but they’ll always find a way to discount that data, citing it to be “liberal bias” or some such BS. They cannot think, they can only “feel” what is right. That is why it was so easy for Bush to convince the nation that attacking Iraq was the right course of action, and why so many of them oppose any deals with Iran.

    The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

  23. Are conservatives stupid people? Some are but most aren’t. However while conservatives may not be stupid people they frequently take stupid positions and do stupid things. Why? I believe it comes down to fear. Conservatives fear anything that’s different than what they’re used to. And that often leads to very stupid behavior (such as their illogical opposition to Obamacare).

  24. Everybody does stupid things.

    BUT Conservatives are the least likely to admit to doing something stupid. Laboring under the notion that admitting to such means that they’re weak somehow.

    And as such- they keep doing the same stupid thing again and again- thus demonstrating that they are in fact stupid.

  25. This is the stupidest thing I have ever read.
    You assume, and you know what happens when you assume, that I support a rupub agenda because of hatred. I don’t hate LGBT, blacks, Mexicans, or anybody.
    I don’t support gay marriage because marriage is a sacrament to god, you can have your rights just don’t call it marriage. Blacks, because I believe in justice and personal responsibility you call racist. Mexicans, you want to come to my country do so legally.
    You people have successfully insulted half of the nation. Your country men.
    Screw you people.
    You call me a hater but then proceed to call me stupid, abnormal, what have you. Take a long look in the mirror at how you talk about republicans. YOU are the hater and you can all go screw your selves.

  26. Conservatives want to give the people the kind of government they deserve. Liberals want to PROTECT the people from the kind of government they deserve.

  27. What’s so sad is that some of these people were once good people. I lost a much loved friend to Fox News. She became a teaparty evangelist and moved away to live among her like minded folk. I’ve known her since 1979. Great person, good friend and so much fun. Then she was gone.

    What Fox is doing to people should be criminal.

  28. Interesting article and posts. My opinion for what it’s worth. Most voters and politicians are stupid. But the people in the shadows that manipulates us all certainly aren’t. That’s how and why they are in control. They prey on people because they know exactly what makes our knees jerk.

  29. I sent this article around to certain people I know, some who are relatives and some who are jhappily(my happiness) ex-relatives as in ex-wife.
    She is of the rigidly incapable mind and is one of those to whom my following statement which I included in the forwarding is applicable~~

    “These studies also explain why they won’t understand the studies if they even are able to or will read the article.”

    It is at once sad and disgusting to me so much so that, while I sometimes forward these things, I realize that it’s a wasted effort due to the facts of the studies.

  30. Obviously you’ve not read your bible yet 655321.

    No. Your kind of marriage may be a sacrament to your god. But marriage transcends all religions.

    Don’t like gay marriage- then don’t get one. Simple really.

    You demonstrate your lack of responsibility and wonder why we detest folks like you?

    I have taken a long look in the mirror and my conclusion: We’re simply applying the Golden Rule BACK onto the Christian Haters, and they don’t like it one bit.

    See to the beam in thine own eye- Hypocrite!

  31. Yes/No XaurreauX.

    Republicans want the kind of Government they feel that Republicans deserve- a government where they can channel all of the tax dollars into their own pockets.

    Democrats want the kind of Government that protects folks from the Republicans.

  32. I have conducted my own personal scientific study on the rethuglican/conservative/tea-partier brain and can verify they all have IQs in the single digits.

  33. My friend came up with RepubliCan’ts! And I think it suits them nicely because they CAN’T do anything right and they certainly CAN’T have the people’s best interest in mind…..

  34. Repeal Safety Laws: Help end the scourge of stupid people!

    Great Bumper Sticker/T-shirt/Picket Sign.

  35. Pseudo-Conservatives, ala Barry Goldwater. DNA studies show that everyone on the planet has 3-5% Neanderthal DNA…RightWingers likely have 30-50% Neanderthal DNA…They are addicted to their own fear-adrenaline, & anger-adrenaline.

    Freaks, is what they are.

  36. I hesitate to endorse this column for fear of insulting the low-info segment of the electorate. This type of analysis causes them to draw the wagons in yet tighter. The tighter the circle, the more they derive comfort from each other.

    Put more simplistically than the article (which I read in its entirety; low-info readers would have stopped after a few sentences — not only because it annoys or insults them, but it uses big words) —

    There are many things out there to fear: nuclear meltdown (war or otherwise); losing one’s job; government interference; sickness and disease; and, after a bunch more, at the last — “foreigners” who are automatons seeking to deprive one of one’s home and security.

    A pack mentality. Those who don’t look like us must be inherently “different” in all respects. Those who don’t think as we do must be evil, and intent upon supplanting us in our world (religion reinforces this one). The wagons draw tighter. And Fox “News” paints the pictures f…

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