Black Lives Matter Protesters Shut Down Bernie Sanders Rally In Seattle

bernie sanders black lives matter seattle

Two Black Lives Matter protesters shut down a Bernie Sanders rally on Social Security and Medicare in Seattle. The Senator did not get to address the crowd after protesters stormed the stage after he began speaking and hijacked the event that was ended by the disruption.


Just after Sanders began to speak, a pair of protesters took the stage.

The Seattle Times described the scene that unfolded:

“If you do not listen… your event will be shut down,” one of the protesters told organizers, who at first argued that they could speak after Sanders, but relented and said they could go first.

Some in the mostly white audience booed and hissed as they urged protesters to let the senator talk. A few yelled for police to make arrests. The protesters demanded silence before they’d speak.

Marissa Johnson, one of the protesters, shot back at the crowd, “I was going to tell Bernie how racist this city is filled with progressives, but you did it for me,” accusing the audience of “white supremacist liberalism.”

The activists demanded 4 ½ minutes of silence in memory of Michael Brown, the black man shot to death by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri a year ago. While rally organizers stood and raised their hands in support, some in the crowd yelled profanities.

After the event was canceled the Democratic presidential candidate said in a statement, “I am disappointed that two people disrupted a rally attended by thousands at which I was invited to speak about fighting to protect Social Security and Medicare. I was especially disappointed because on criminal justice reform and the need to fight racism there is no other candidate for president who will fight harder than me.”

Black Lives Matter Seattle issued a press release explaining why they disrupted the Sanders event, “This city is filled with white progressives, which is why Bernie Sanders’ camp was obviously expecting a friendly and consenting audience for today’s campaign visit. The problem with Sanders’, and with white Seattle progressives, in general, is that they are utterly and totally useless (when not outright harmful) in terms of the fight for Black lives. While we are drowning in their liberal rhetoric, we have yet to see them support Black grassroots movements or take on any measure of risk and responsibility for ending the tyranny of white supremacy in our country and in our city. This willful passivity while claiming solidarity with the ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ movement in an effort to be relevant is over. White progressive Seattle and Bernie Sanders cannot call themselves liberals while they participate in the racist system that claims Black lives.”

No one should have yelled profanities or racial slurs at the protesters. While I agree with the Black Lives Matter message, the bigger issue is that two protesters were able to storm the stage. Why is this still happening? Bernie Sanders is a major presidential candidate. Everyone involved was lucky that the BLM protesters were looking for a platform, instead of someone who wanted to harm Sanders. It is way past time for better event security.

The protesters are angry at Sanders after the Netroots Nation fiasco, but disrupting and protesting his events isn’t going to accomplish anything. It is time for Black Lives Matter to protest John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, governors, and the Republican presidential candidates. The protesters need to go after the power people in Washington and state capitals if they want to bring about real change.

The exchanges between the white liberals and Black Lives Matter have gotten ugly on both sides. It is time for the groups to unite and for this to end.

Together, they could be a force, but protesting Bernie Sanders isn’t going to accomplish anything. Divison only helps to strengthen the racial injustice.

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  1. I guess that’s one way to get 10,000 supporters, disrupt an event that they all drove to, causing it to get canceled.

    While sympathetic to the cause, they are targeting the wrong candidate here. Their message seemed to be more addressed at those in town, yet their actions would cause a negative impact that would just harden or foster a dislike for their cause. The folks at that meeting were probably a lot of the decision makers and power brokers of Seattle.

  2. What’s there to say? Between the ridiculous Fox News Debate & this disruption of Bernie’s rally in Seattle I’m convinced our whole country is going to Hell in a hand-basket. Bernie is the only one speaking to whites/blacks & everybody in between. I don’t believe ordinary black people were involved. I’m sure something else is behind this.I’m so sad at the ugliness in our country.#feelthebern

  3. They hell they are! People of color depend on Democrats! We need to know that they are fully aware of what is happening to us.

    I’m sick and tired of all these white liberals telling us that we don’t know what we’re talking about!

    Fun fact, the majority of the Democratic primary are people of color. WE are the Democratic Party.

    Bernie Sanders needs to change his tone by recognizing that just giving us economic equality won’t change the inherent racism in the United States.

    Not everything can be solved by socialism.

  4. I go to the farmers market with my wife every weekend in Ferguson, MO. The heavy police presence makes me nervous when all that is happening is that people are buying produce from local farmers. Today the Ferguson Police Chief was there alone and he was chatting it up with the people. I got extremely nervous when we were shopping and he walked up to a guy that happened to be wearing his MC vest and was black. I was relieved to hear them greet one another as old friends.

    What happened today in Seattle had nothing to do with Ferguson. Bernie Sanders is the only person that actually fights for the rights of all people. He marched during the civil rights movement. He has spent his entire political career fighting for basic human rights for ALL people. If you want to protest, go at Trump or Bush who could give a damn about your civil rights. That would be news. This was just a few people making an ass of themselves.

  5. From Progressive Democrats of America:

    Bernie Sanders entered into politics through the civil rights movement, more than a half century ago. He organized with CORE (the Congress of Racial Equality) in Chicago, and led a sit-in against segregated housing as far back as 1962.

    *According to John Nichols of The Nation, Sanders is one of only 2 sitting U.S. Senators who actually attended the 1963 March on Washington, and saw Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., give his “I Have A Dream” speech in person. (The other is Mitch McConnell, believe it or not…) At the time, Sanders was an organizer for SNCC (the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee).

    *Bernie Sanders is one of the only elected White officeholders who endorsed Jesse Jackson for President (twice!). In 1984, he got slapped at a rally when he endorsed Jackson (though the slap was probably for remaining an Independent Socialist, rather than a Democrat). In 1988, Sanders and his organizers helped Jackson win a surprise…

  6. Are you kidding me? This is how BLM folks expect to win support?

    The 2 people who perpetrated this action are sad, pathetic, bullies. No better than those you condemn. Clearly, you really do not comprehend the reality of white supremacists. You just behaved like them.

    Frankly, I will no longer waste my time on your self righteous, pious nonsense. I see you have no real interest in change. Just behaving like playground bullies. Sad.

  7. “Black live Matter” has just lost by disrupting Bernie Sanders and taking over his forum.
    They throw the word “Fascist” around very loosely but are using Fascist tactics and strategies.
    If their strategies and tactics were right they would win, but their strategy and tactics were wrong, so they lost real quick.

  8. Do you not see that this plays right into the RW’s narrative about “ALL Blacks?” They already ENJOY seeing you as violent, which we know you are not. But I’ve been reading a lot of people saying MLK’s peaceful ways weren’t getting it, violence is needed. NO, it is not. It is the LAST thing needed. And to show out like this is only doing exactly what they want you to do. I will remain on the side of Blacklivesmatter, but you may have lost some squishy bigots on the Democrat side, and the Republicans are going to love it…. Just a terrible thing to do…

  9. They haven’t lost. Black Lives Matter has become important to many white people too, as they have watched “white privilege” in action. Patience, admittedly a very hard virtue when people you know are getting killed in the streets as you speak, is of utmost importance now. But this is not the way to handle it. Maybe President Obama will step up as leader when he’s out of office. But political tactics-wise, this was not a good move. I stand with BlackLivesMatter.

  10. I agree with almost everyone who’s already commented. Black Lives Matter is targeting the wrong person! Target a Republican candidate – none of them care one iota about the well-being of any person of color (except if he or she happens to be extremely wealthy). Going after Democrats makes no sense!

  11. I tink Black Lives along with all Lives matter.
    You are “WRONG TARGET” going after Bernie.
    Go after the Republicans if ya want to make a difference.

    FYI, Bernie is your best friend, but not going to make your cause the center piece.
    Get over your cause being the center piece.

  12. All Bernie Sanders had to do was to show support and compassion. The predominantly WHITE crowd should have cheered rather than jeered.

    The ONLY mistake I can see made here, are the so-called Liberals in the audience and Bernie Sanders himself. Don’t they know that without the Black vote their candidate can’t win? Surely, they’re not that ignorant?

    A simple acknowledgement goes a long way. Instead, Sanders and Sanders-supporters decided to go on the offensive. How incredibly sad and a lost opportunity to make things right.

  13. I wonder if the protesters appreciate the irony of demanding to be allowed to speak by depriving Senator Sanders hi right to free speech and the majority of the audience their right to hear what Senator Sanders had to say. Another irony was their racist characterization as “white supremacist liberals” I doubt it will ever be possible to fight racism with such language.

  14. BLM REALLY FU#KED up! trust me, anyone who has read any of my posts knows I’m a strong advocate for equal rights for everybody and I strongly support my people my brothers and sister, whether you agree or disagree with my points of view, you know I’m sincere and honest. If I thought Bernie Sanders was a racist, don’t you know I’d be talking about it 24/7 BLM in Seattle is just god damn embarrassing!, Bernie Sanders was fighting for civil rights before those A$SHOLES were born!! I’ll tell you WHY they’re full of $HIT! why didn’t those brainless morons protest Hillary Clinton?? I personally read the racist $HIT, her and Bill said about Obama during the 2007 campaign! I remember even caucasian democrats upset with Hillary’s and Bill’s comments! But am I holding it against Hillary in 2016? NOPE! because I’ll overlook that nonsense because I want a DEMOCRAT in 2016! I don’t care about 2007! BLM in Seattle made damn fools out of themselves PERIOD!

  15. Bernie Sanders is not going to stand down for anyone! He held a rally in Seattle for his largest crowd of supporters so far: 15,000 ecstatic fans; 12,000 inside the arena and to what police estimated to be an overflow of 3,000 people outside of it. He issued the following statement after being disrupted earlier in the day by Black Lives Matter:

    “I am disappointed that two people disrupted a rally attended by thousands at which I was invited to speak about fighting to protect Social Security and Medicare. I was especially disappointed because on criminal justice reform and the need to fight racism there is no other candidate for president who will fight harder than me.”

    Machiavellian tactics of divide and conquer will not stop Bernie Sanders march to the White House!

  16. Last rant, it really amazes, how “SOME” democrats really are! theres ONE individual that just keeps beating the same god damn drum over and over and OVER again! DUDE! WE get it! you’re not a Bernie Sanders supporter, ok you said that three days ago, you said it a week ago you said it 10 days ago, YOU said it 2 weeks ago, damn, WE get your point! how many times do YOU need to say the SAME ? @ich, we get it! and before you say something really stupid, if you were raging on Hillary on and on, I’d still address you about that too. This endless dribble about Bernie or ANY top democratic contender is boring! even if you’re right about Bernie, WHY keep up this nonsense? either Bernie or Hillary will be our next president, why can’t you just support YOUR candidate and chill out? I’m not a Hillary supporter but I’ll be damned, if I waste time trashing her, REPETIVELY, I’ll vote for Hillary, if I have to, WHY? because I’m a good democrat, why don’t you try it?

  17. 1970’s Berkeley Demonstrator routines no longer work. They have been outdated and ineffective for decades. These folks shot themselves in the foot. Why offend an ally? This makes no sense. Don’t insult me if you want my support or I will go the other way, no matter what the cause. I have been in too many marches and given too much money for the cause in my 69 years. These BLM folks have lost my sympathy and support. They have upstaged the message. Passion is practical in the bedroom but not in the streets.

  18. LMFAO you can smell a republican TROLL from a mile away! this @krueterman JOKER is pure republican TROLL, the democratic party is mostly colored? REALLY? I knew what the race percentage of the democratic party was back in 2007 and it wasn’t even close to 30% I think it was 12? ANYWAY @krueterman, you republicans are a JOKE! your WHITE PRIVILEGE and your smug attitude just highlights just how pathetic and ignorant you really are! You need to expose yourself to people who don’t look like you, who aren’t blinded by ignorance, why don’t YOU actually talk to a person of color and actually listen, you might learn something!

  19. Do you realize that blacks make up 12.9% of the population?! Do you also realize that Latinos make up 17% of the population plus anyone who’s undocumented, possibly nullifying your influence?!! – Bernie Sanders, if BLM alienate him further, might ditch y’all & instead board a plane for California and still win since he’ll lock up the Asian, white, and Latino vote while leaving blacks out in the cold. All those activists did was alienate lots of people who would’ve agreed w/ them by calling them racist pigs

    Bernie’s record is pretty gd solid regarding votes on the floor AGAINST police militarization. The big problem with the black lives matter movement that it wants the voting rights act and the cops brought to justice, but ignores the politicians voted in year after year who give the police their marching orders !!! leave Bernie alone – try listening for a change, & think in the long term.

  20. Actually, no, you don’t. Who do you think hires the police, who gives the chief of police his marching orders in every major American city – the mayor, an elected politician. and who controls the mayor? Anyone who wrote him a check. Anyone who wants a favor and has billions to spend.

    If you want to hear the awful truth, black lives don’t matter to men like these. They matter least because blacks won’t work for $2.15 an hour like some guy in China and are expendable – if you rip each other to shreds in the ghetto, less welfare for the mayor to worry about and one more area of the city that the rich guy who pays off the mayor can gentrify. And these two twins of the establishment will toast your death with the finest champagne. They get rich either way, since the only color they care about is green, not black, not white, GREEN.


  21. Oh, I get it, dude. You, just like your fellow Bernie Sanders supporters, just want me to sit down and STFU? Is that what Liberals demand from Democrats?

    Are you saying you have zero tolerance when it comes to criticism against your proud Independent/Socialist-running-for-the-Democratic-nom while, at the same time, showing zero understanding for the BlackLivesMatter movement because they have the unmitigated gall to make Bernie uncomfortable?

    Wow. Teabaggers and Bernie-supporters have the same m.o. Who would’ve thunk it?

  22. Lu:

    Sanders is the LAST candidate that should be disrupted. There are 17 GOP candidates that need to be protested. They are the ones that claim and perpetuate white privilege as their birthright. Of Course, BLM can’t get into the carefully controlled events of GOP candidates or Clinton, even. Bernie Sanders has, since the 1960’s always championed All Citizens equal rights. And while I support BLM, I won’t if they continue acting like thugs. MLK, like Ghandi, was a hero because he believed in non-violence. After the 1965 Watts Riot in L.A. MLK advised young rioters to learn rather than burn. Civil disobedience is a right in this country, but not thuggery.

  23. If Black Lives Matter wants to get a receptive, listening audience to support their agenda, they’re going to have to change their approach in communicating their message. Right now, all they’re doing is inciting division and anarchy. Do these two protesters really think that throwing a temper tantrum and acting like defiant two-year-olds is the way to gain respect and support? I find it rather ironic that the one candidate they’re choosing to target is also the one most likely to champion their cause. Why aren’t they shutting down the Republican candidates or Hillary Clinton? That would make more sense to me.

  24. Where were the people who were supposed to keep the peace? Where were the people to protect Bernie? Why were they even near the stage? Geeze people get some good security people like rock concerts have. Bernie is a rock star and no one is protecting him. What were the organizers thinking? Letting two people take over the whole event was wrong. Thousands of people were there to hear Bernie speak. If you want a BlackLivesMatter event organize one for yourselves. Quit stealing other people’s events.

  25. I can’t believe that you see nothing wrong with the way those two women behaved on the stage. They were completely disrespectful and rude to all of the other individuals who came to hear Bernie speak. Not only did they crash the party, but their complete lack of respect and dignity was disgusting. If you think people will listen to that type of message or support that kind of behavior, you’re not living in reality. All they can accomplish with that display of behavior is more racial division and animosity.

  26. what BLM wants is a restoration of the voting rights act, equal sentencing, and failsafes against police brutality. They will more likely get a bunch of politicians in 2017 Washington gladhanding each other over VRA restored and watered down table scrap concessions since none of them would dare defy their corporate masters because the movement is only thinking in the short-term and not the long game. Black lives are not going to matter worth a damn so long as they have zero economic worth and remain the most vulnerable population to the whims of the rich. BLM is shooting itself in the foot by not going after the structural corruption that causes their misery and alienating anyone else that would help them, since it benefits the rich to divide The public so they won’t rise up in anger.

    So go ahead and call me a racist white pig. I’d rather be racist than stupid.

  27. What about changing the tone of those two protesters, especially the one screaming like a brat and demanding to have her own way? Do you honestly see nothing wrong with her despicable behavior? She was acting like a defiant, spoiled child who deserved to be smacked in the face and pushed off the damn stage.

  28. I smell Citizens United Dirty Money!
    Some Group is Rabble-Rousing Black Community to disrupt Progressives.

    No political party fights harder with more Love for people of Color than do Democrats!

    We need to nip this in the bud!

  29. This is not the way to fight for the cause, but this is the way to lose support. An MO has now been established and I predict in the future these people will be led away and arrested.

  30. Those two made a terrible mistake?? and hurt the cause of BLM. My first reaction just reading the headlines, someone either paid them to do this or convinced them to do something this stupid because they want personal attention. And since it worked others will be manipulated to follow to the MSM utter delight. Each incident will be blown up to extremes.
    I didn’t watch the video. I didn’t want to let those two and something so transparent influence my feelings anymore than just reading the headline does. I believe ALL lives matter. I despise arrogance and bullying no matter who is doing it.
    What ever their real agenda this was not the way to go about it. They are too arrogant to know or care about the very real damage to the cause and to Bernie, a REAL champion. It reeks of The Donald.

  31. Sanders probably travels with those ‘protestors’ who are paid to rush the stage anytime he gets called out for his opposition to the Affordable Care Act or his mindless tribal defense of Jewish apartheid in Palestine.

  32. I agree with Always Curious — Bernie needs some good security people who would never let 2 people grab the mic and take over an event. I have never seen any hecklers able to do that at any candidates’ events anywhere. They are usually promptly removed by security. Bernie needs some new organizers.

    They also screwed up Bernie’s rally later at the UW. We waited in line for over an hour and with 3000 others could not get in. Bernie had the decency to come out and address us before he began inside. But there should have been a plan B for overflow because it happens at all his events. There should have at least been speakers and screens set up outside, or they should have opened up Husky Stadium next door. I hope Bernie gets some professional campaign organizers who can prevent all of these things.

    And if BLM would just let Bernie speak they might find that he is listening to them.

  33. It is very weird and suspicious that ” socialist ” Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders should be heckled on the issue of RACE.
    Socialists have recognized and confronted America’s race problem long before establishment liberalism.
    Many black activists were associated with socialist and communist political parties at the height of the Cold War.
    Socialists-especially Marxist socialists-offer a coherent rational explanation for racism : it has its roots in the inevitable economic inequality of the capitalist system
    Martin Luther King recognized this truth for which he was hounded by the FBI tyrant J.Edgar Hoover.
    In his last year Black Muslim leader Malcolm X made the connection between racism and capitalism and American imperialism.
    Just which political candidates does this mindless ” Black Lives Matter ” group trust ?
    Ayn Rand Republicans ? Hillary Clinton ? Donald Trump ?

  34. I support BLM and stand for everything they do, but please – Bernie Sanders will be the voice for justice equally, he is for everyone (unless you are a shady wealthy
    greedy corporations). Please do not stop people from hearing his message, you are destroying what you are fighting for.
    How about disrupting a republican candidate – see how far that gets you.

  35. It appears that two people made Bernie Squirm.

    I noticed that a lot of the naysayers now, had no problem with same when it was Fox News making their candidates do the same.

  36. Totally agree. Why couldn’t he give them 5 minutes? This was an opportunity to show everyone that he was capable of turning an awkward situation into a conversation that would have benefited all. I think he missed the boat on this.

  37. Is it just me or could BLM be influenced by the Clinton campaign? After all Hillary isn’t getting targeted.

    The day it does happen it will be staged (obviously staged she is a very poor actress, you’ve seen Colbert).

  38. Ich, I am replying to you to reply to the other posters who are angry that Bernie was disrupted.

    Yes, Bernie’s rally was disrupted; yes the two protesters were acting & speaking disrespectful; but, how the crowd & even Mr. Sanders himself handled the situation was poorly done.

    Bernie needed to disarm the two protesters by simply saying I hear what you saying & I agree Black Lives Matter. Let’s talk about BLM & what can be done locally, & nationally. To the crowd we are going to change up the rally a lit bit so we can address this issue of racial disparity before talking about SS & Medicare.

    Back to the protesters – we can have a million moments of silence over the lives already lost & it will not change a thing. Let’s talk about what will make a difference. What will make BLM; & I will tell you this if we don’t address the gutting of social programs then we will move to where no lives matter – no matter what color your skin is. Then Bernie could have directed the Qs.

  39. First of all, obviously since FLOTUS, Hillary has SS protection. We were always searched for weapons at all events. Giffords anyone?

    Second NY has 1.5 million black people and Vermont – 6,000. Who spoke for POC?

    Third – TONE DEAF. In SC Hillary said she disagrees with people who say economic inequality is a result of racism. She said it isn’t a result but a SYMPTOM of racism.

    4th – The OWS drum circle is making a lot of ugly noise. He walked away from two women – twice, and both times refused to address the issue head on.

    You think Hillary would have walked away? HELL NO. I know if I was in the audience I would have been yelling BLM at the top of my lungs till it was discussed.

    I find the Bernie supporters highly offensive and their newbie to political matters is obvious. They are missing obvious facts and making up absolutely ridiculous theories and act like a cult. After reading the comments over at Kos last night my jaw hurt from being open wide. DUMB chits.

  40. Ack, I garbled what she said. I don’t have the right order of what she actually said. I should go find the quote but this might suffice – from memory and not backwards this time…

    Some say racisim is the result of income inequality and she doesn’t believe that.

    She said income inequality is a symptom of racism.

  41. You’re sounding just like a bagger dude. I know you’re not from other posts, but you don’t seem to understand Democratic Socialism judging by that comment.

  42. All human beings are persons of color and the range of colors is generally from pink to brown. The only white-colored people of whom I am aware albinos. As a life member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People since the 60s and one who lived through the separatist and divisive “Black Power” movement in the late 60s and early 70s, I am totally sickened by this new emphasis by a small band of people on the color of their skin (as though the color of ANYBODY’S skin was a measurement of some kind). To me, this is just a new separatist and divisive movement that can serve no good in the continuing war on discrimination and mistreatment. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that he hoped to see the day when his children would be judged on the basis of the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. I would say that’s a very worthwhile goal. Yet we have this new group of separatists, who seem to want us all in to march behind them off a racist cli…

  43. @Saga, I agree, something just isn’t adding up with this juvenile nonsense BLM Seattle pulled! with all the god damn racism in america, BLM Seattle jumps up on stage like some brainless terrorist and confront a public figure?! SOMETHING STINKS! wheres the security? and with A.A. getting their faces blown off at what should be a routine traffic stop, but two people can just jump on stage at a political event and it’s no problem? I smell something funny! If BLM is so god damn concerned about RACISM, the GOP has given them 50 yrs worth of material to protest! BTW I still wouldn’t advise ANYONE to bum rush ANY politician like those A$SHOLES did! that’s NOT the way to address something this important! For ANY A.A. to support BLM Seattle , I wonder, how old are YOU?

  44. I agree with Mary Tracy’s and Suga’s comments about this being staged by the ANTI-America treasonous CU and their stooges.

    That is very likely because it was telling that there were so few of these tantrum throwing disrupters going against BLM’s actual needs/wants.

  45. Keep that ignorance up. See how far it gets you and your candidate.

    They have been yelling BLM for a year and you still do not hear them.

    It is the tone-deaf suburban wealthy independent white males who are going to lose this one. Big time.

  46. Hillary has SS protection and has for decades. The Sanders campaign might need to hire people to guard him till he needs SS protection. Obama needed it early in his run in 2007 due to credible death threats due to racism, due to hate crime threats that were beyond belief ugly. Hillary gets them too. She is the frontrunner and the target of hatred from the Rightwing nutjobs for decades.

    BLM – 2 women at Nutroots and 2 women at the first multiple speaker Seattle rally – from BLM (not CU or Soros or Hillary or a space ship) demanded answers from one candidate who pisses them off with his one subject monotonous drum beat.

    To keep saying it wasn’t actual Black People but those fake paid shills for whoever, is exactly why they should keep attacking your ignorant asses until you hear them.

    Were any of you ever at a rights march in your lives? Do you all live in lily-white fantasy land? WTF? Are any of you democratic party members? DEAF like your cult leader. BLM BLM BLM BLM…

  47. The only thing these black disrupters are achieving is driving away white supporters. They are black hooligans, acting like petulant children who simply are not getting their way. These hate groups (and, yes, they are HATE groups) are doing nothing more than driving a wedge between them and the many people who really care about civil rights. You are a disgrace to black America.

  48. Perhaps you should all take a deep breath before knocking BLM. There is a splinter group formed by Mellisa Johnson one of the two women who hijacked Bernie’s rally. She was also one of the women at Netroots who disrupted him. The group is called it’s main purpose is to disrupt all Democratic candidates because they think that the party has become irrelevant to their cause. If you go to this article on their website it reads..Let The Assault Begin…Under the headline is a picture of Hillary Clinton. Granted they may not be able to pull of what they did at Sander’s rally because as a former First Lady she does receive Secret Service protection. It would be wise for the Sander’s campaign to get on the ball and start finding a way to protect their candidate. They should have learned this lesson after the first disruption.

  49. One more thought: IF black lives matter so much to these raucous and rude disrupters, why are they not demonstrating in Detroit, Chicago, Philly, North Hartford, DC, Baltimore, South LA where black on black murders are rampant? If you really give a f**k about your bros and sisses you’d be doing something positive with your lives. You just want the attention, like some spoiled brat. And, for the record, ALL LIVES MATTER.

  50. knight 4X4: excellent post !

    These ‘protestors’ are simply trouble makers and attention getters ( in a bad way ), and clearly don’t have their “eyes on the prize”.

    I remember that phrase was a major theme when Jesse Jackson first ran for president in ’84. Bernie Sanders was one of the very few white elected officials that came out and endorsed Jesse Jackson in 1984.
    ( Coincidentally, I worked and voted for JJ too . )
    Attacking and disrupting your allies is just dumb …or it’s manufactured. I would like to know the background of these loudmouths.

  51. Thank you, Knight. Yours was one of the specific voicies I want to hear from on this. Thank you for sharing.

  52. Attacking Bernie Sanders shows how clueless BlackLivesMatter is.

    They have lost my support.


  53. Did you learn that on Fox? They agree with you completely. And it is apples and oranges.

    Obviously one is not going to eliminate the other. Your thought was not very deep. It shows you have given no thought to this subject in your life and are just a tool using republican talking points. And are too clueless to even see it is hurting your cause!

    FCS are all Sanders supporters dumb as dirt?

  54. Black people have a right to be angry. They should demand better policing and a better justice system that does not racially profile. But I agree they did not help their cause, especially with the “white supremacist liberals” statement. If the candidates have not already done so (I’m guessing not Bernie) they should sit down with the leaders of the BLM and have a serious discussion and seek their help in developing a policy statement. Make their cause an important part of their campaign because, IMO, white people really do care about the disparity in the treatment of black lives regarding law enforcement. Economic and education opportunities are also important in raising them (everyone) out of poverty. The two concepts are intertwined. BLM raises attention to its very just cause but I fear labeling a bunch of white liberals supremacists actually did their movement more harm than good and I hope the candidates will meet and listen to them.

  55. This is a tactic by ultra-right wing billionaire Paul Singer. He recruits and funds extremists …mostly from anarchist and other fringe outfits, in order to disrupt and cause dissension.
    He did this with OWS, of which I am personal witness.
    The legitimate BlackLivesMatter leaders need to step up and denounce these radicals…unless their movement has already been hijacked.

  56. …I’m REALLY getting sick o’ this splinter group distorting and putting a negative light on the REAL Black Lives Matter movement…which would you support…the main movement, who approach the problem with dignity, strength and FACTS…or a couple o’ kids screaming for attention who are turning more and more attention away from the actual BLM message…
    …the bigotry HAS to stop…but this goes both ways…

  57. *sighs* “Thugs”? “Hooligans”? Are you hearing yourselves?!? Some of you are saying things straight from the Fox couch. :(

    Imagine a world where everyone that has the same eye color as your child, or yourself, is systematically gunned down solely because of their eye color. Would you not be willing to do anything to stop that from happening? Can you not temper your judgement with compassion?

    I disagree with the method/target here but I think our time would be better spent fighting to get BLM the exposure it deserves on a national level, as opposed to ripping their members, and each other, apart.

  58. Two quick notes…..

    1 ~ I used eye color since some still can’t seem to grasp how irrelevant skin color is in determining the worth of a human being, hoping another example may stress the point.

    2 ~ I am white. No matter how much discrimination I have faced for being poor, female, disabled and fat, it is not comparable to the entire system of existence in this country being stacked against me based on my skin. It’s why I appreciated Knights input so much. I can’t know how it feels, but I can listen and learn.

  59. The issue they are bringing forth is at the wrong candidate, which makes them suspect as being paid protesters by the Koch’s or some other political contributor. They will not stop at anything, including war and terrorism to win an election. History has proven that!

  60. Obvious saboteurs- likely trained & paid for. Anybody who let’s them get on stage is either part of it or too stupid to be closely involved with Bernie’s campaign.

  61. Why do they have to be paid saboteurs? Are people who disrupt the President and Congressional hearings paid saboteurs? Was Sen. Sanders a paid saboteur when, as you people like to bring up, he marched against legalized discrimination in the 60’s?

  62. Considering Bernie is in Portland today, I hope that what happened in Seattle doesn’t happen today in Portland.

    Speaking of which: This is twice that members of the Black Lives Matter movement has interrupted Bernie. Um, I kind of hope that those within that movement are realizing that by doing what they are doing, they are basically making it easy for the right wing to use their giant paint brush. Hell, I’m seeing that paint brush being used here… by calling them ‘thugs’ and ‘hooligans’ we’re no better then they are.

    I’m pretty sure if they would let Bernie have a chance to speak about the issue of social injustice, he would speak about it. Give him a chance… I’m pretty sure he would have some great points.

  63. They are not paid. PERIOD.

    From Marissa Johnsons BLM website from APRIL a very angry protest over Freddie Grey in Baltimore. It has nothing to do with Bernie attacks – it has to do with BLACK PEOPLE being killed, dammit!

    His supporters are full of crap and stupid non-sense – just made up and entirely their idiotic imaginations – thinking it must be Trump and Trump works for Hillary and even Bernie’s manager must work for the Koch brothers.
    They just cannot understand that BLM.



    Get it yet?

  64. Unless the “Black Lives Matter” issues are not addressed by each presidential candidate, it will be easier for next president to sweep this important issue under the rug. Enough lives have been wasted and it is long past time for this country to change how our cops do business with the public.

  65. This will ironically give Conservatives evidence that Black people are as stupid as Conservatives think they are….

  66. Portland, Madison, Seattle, Vermont, New Hampshire and Iowa – white folks who lean liberal and talking to the choir.

    When is he going to speak in the South Bronx and Harlem and Jamacia Queens – places Hillary went to all the time to speak as Senator.

    If he gets a big crowd in a spanish or black town – west Philly for example, I will say I was wrong about him.

    He is preaching to his choir and sure has his base sewed up. Independent white progressives with money who live in suburbs and don’t want a woman president even if she is a liberal and has more experience and better plans.

    Screw that. It isn’t going to work. It is so freaking obvious to everyone but his cult.

  67. Racial violence and restorative justice

    As we read the news of yet another black person killed as a result of racist violence by police or private citizen supremacy, I’ve heard and read comments from people who shake their heads in disbelief, expressing thoughts about how “racism is getting worse.” From my perspective it isn’t worse, it is simply part of the hate stream flowing from the foundational font of racial dominance in this nation.
    What is different these days is that due to the advent of Twitter, internet video, cellphones, and almost instant dissemination of information, crimes against us are no longer tucked away from public view, and witnesses are not terrorized into silence.
    Read More

  68. Yes, could it be more obvious? Loud-mouthed, heavy people from Central Casting. This isn’t Straight Outta Compton–it’s Straight Outta Amos ‘N’ Andy.

  69. Sorry but your words lead to an incorrect conclusion.

    When the women approached, Bernie Sanders stepped aside after he explained to the two women that they should ask the organizer. He stepped off to the side to let the women have their say on the microphone. He waited patiently. When the organizer called him over again – the two women physically blocked him – so he returned to the side. The event organizer cancelled the program – not Bernie Sanders. You might also not know that Bernie Sanders raised his hand and made a fist – in support of the movement.

    Stop blaming Bernie Sanders. It’s misdirected.

  70. And the real rub is, they probably don’t live in Seattle or the state of Washington. These street thugs are just bitchin’ for a fight. Keep it up and they just might get one.

  71. You make a claim (no minorities support Bernie) then follow up the location is the issue — leading to an unprovable conclusion.

    Weeks ago, HRC fans were stating HRC fundraising was greater than Bernie’s small donors — because she stated it to the press and it was repeated. Next, the HRC supporters stated “just wait for FEC report.”

    Guess what? FEC report came out and HRC support was not from small donors, but large donors.

    It’s always the same political game – caught in a statement – “wait until …”

    No. Let’s look at reality. Bernie Sanders polling numbers are pretty much the same for PoC and non-PoC. Use the reuters interactive maps.

  72. Bernie is an example of what the Democrats used to be. The fact is that Bernie has always been big on civil rights, and marched with MLK and many others to protest inequality.

    Bernie is the only candidate that’s even trying to address the real problems of this nation. He’s been addressing the behavior of the police in this nation. He’s been addressing income equality in all it’s forms. He’s been addressing the problems with racism and how it’s been damaging this nation.

    These “protesters” should be addressing those who are increasing the problem rather than the one person who really wants to fix the problems…

  73. I wonder the same thing. The BLM people are only disrupting Bernie Sanders and not Hillary Clinton who by the way, was a young republican and Goldwater girl in 1964. Goldwater voted against civil rights. Also the BLM people do not disrupt republicans either. Who is putting them up to this? The Clinton campaign? The DNC? I doubt the RNC is smart enough to think of something like this, and the Clinton campaign and the DNC are both the establishment and status quo. They are scared to death of Bernie Sanders.

  74. How about #BrownLivesMatter; #YellowLivesMatter; #RedLivesMatter; #GayLivesMatter, #ArmenianLivesMatter; …..

    Let’s consciously disrupt the progressive wing of the democratic party, end up with Hillary as nominee, and have nobody to vote for again. We can even get another Clarence Thomas or Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.

    Hey BLM: you lose the most if republicans win in 2016. Going to shoot yourselves in the foot again?

    Time to think of the greater good.

  75. This campaign is not about you getting your “Bernie fan boy experience” uninterrupted at a campaign rally. And you don’t get to shout down protesters who want your candidate to lead more with their priorities. You don’t get to yell, as one Sanders supporter did in Seattle today, “Tase them!” You don’t get to say “Bernie marched with Martin Luther King” or “he has done more for your people than those hecklers ever did.”

    And you absolutely don’t get to do it when just months ago you cheered the LGBT heckler at Obama’s White House event, when you cheered every time the white ladies of Code Pink did it, when you whined and complained about Obama for six years not giving you your “hope and change” cookies as you define them.

    You know why you don’t get that cookie? Because nonwhite Americans saw your dreadful behavior toward Obama all these years. That’s a big reason why. Now you need their support, you gotta court it just like Obama once courted you.

    Instead too many of you are on Twitter right now whitesplaining and lecturing and talking down to black folks and people of all hues who happen to see this through the lens of the same team. Oh, yeah, that’s a real bright idea for winning this campaign. Let’s go on Twitter and troll the black people about how they don’t understand Bernie…

    …The reason your guy is having such a hard time is that many of you have alienated black, brown, yellow and red people all these years. Those of you who were in New York’s Occupy Wall Street ran the black and hispanic organizers out of there, calling them sell outs for the Democratic party, insisting that you could have “no leaders” to people who build leadership among young people, and through your overall desire to just be in a white college educated ghetto while you tell yourselves you’re “not racist.” So now Bernie is getting the payback for white progressive disrespect of people of color, including of Barack Obama.

  76. You obviously need to find a vending machine that provides clues, and you need a whole lot of quarters. Your statement was as untrue as it was insulting, which shows a lot about your character.

    Bernie Marched with MLK, and was present for his “I have a dream” speech. Bernie was arrested in civil rights protests. Bernie has stood up for civil rights since before it became a tool of political clout.

    Has Hillary done these things in support of equality in this nation? I doubt that she can even come close to the credentials of Bernie Sander as far as civil rights are concerned. On top of that, Hillary is a corporocrat, and is getting money from the corporations in order to run. This provides the pertinent question of, “will she work for the people, or for the corporations that are paying for her campaign?”

    I’ll vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination, But it’s Bernie that this nation really needs to have in the White House…

  77. Why does someone have to put them up to protest the wholesale killing of minorities by the police? Sometimes I wish I was white so that I can walk the streets without fear of being shot

  78. Bernie Sanders, I am sure, is amenable to meeting with the BLM organization to work on policy issues. He is the one person running at this point that would work hard to correct institutional racism because he believes in equality for all people. But I don’t think climbing on a stage, obstructing his rally, and calling the attendees white supremacists is a way of getting people to support the cause. Especially when Bernie is the only one being targeted. I urge BLM to meet with Bernie and discuss, not antagonize. Talk about solutions and come up with a plan. Work with him because the incident at NRN and now in Seattle ain’t working for you. And I believe in BLM – the time has come to speak up and speak out long and loud.

  79. This is a tactic by ultra-right wing billionaire Paul Singer.
    Look for the legerdemain, sequins and silk scarves in every direction.
    It’s primary season.

    BLM is Soros funded. Soros is also one of Hillary’s top donors.

  80. It’s my theory and I’m stickin’ to it until I see a Clinton event disrupted.
    So far I haven’t.

  81. I understand where you are coming from DJ. I have marched with BLM. I have organized with BLM. I support BLM, and I don’t think those 2 women who hijacked Bernie’s Seattle event are really with BLM. I was part of the Occupy movement and there were plenty of infiltrators who were only there to cause trouble and hijack our events and movement. I see no difference between those 2 women and the infiltrators who tried to destroy the occupy movement. Did you know Bernie’s new press secretary is with BLM?

  82. BLM will get nowhere fast by pulling stunts like that. They need to: 1) Show others the respect they want for themselves. 2) Partner with whatever democrat is nominated to get out their message, and 3) Work to get people to the polls.

    I don’t know who the “leaders” of BLM are, but they would be wise to publicly and sincerely apologize to Sanders and ask for a fresh start.

  83. That’s cool and she does get a paycheck but all I can say is really, do you think putting a blackface on all the perception is going to be wiped away?

  84. This is no way to win friends or keep them on your side. This is the way to gain enemies. I care but not with this kind of disruption. I grew up in the ’60s. I know what demonstrations are all about – been there and done that. This looks phony. This does nothing but get my “Irish”.

  85. why in the world would Bernie sanders allow things like this to happen. With all the millions he has raised didn’t he have security people to prevent this from happening.He scheduled this even. People took the time to show up and when two women disrupted the event he just walked away.He acted like a little whoosh. Do we want someone who walks away so easily as president.

  86. Dj, I get it, understand and agree with your anger about black people being gunned down. It hurts me, disgusts me, and angers me as much as it does you. Not because I’m white, or you’re black. It’s because they are people. Period. I will stand with you. I will march with you. I will fight along side you and have your back. Just because I disapprove of what those activists did in Seattle and feel that they hurt our cause more than helped doesn’t change how I feel about it. As you know, the image is 75% of it. Those 2 women hurt the image. Be pissed at them. They didn’t do the movement any favors and shined a negative light on the movement.

  87. There is currently ONE Race of Humans, although RightWingers seem to be made up of folks with a lot of Neanderthal DNA….the only other ‘race’ of human known, so far…& the purest for of modern human are Africans, that have no Neanderthal DNA.

  88. “UPDATE: A Statement by the Black Lives Matter Group of Washington State, was issued on Twitter on August 8, 2015 at 6:48 pm ET amounting to a public apology to Senator Bernie Sanders for the trolling of his event, by whoever the group “Outside Agitators” rather loosely associated with #BLM claims to represent.

    At this point, it is unknown if the “Outside Agitators” group has any association with Black Lives Matter – Washington or, just used the name #BlackLivesMatter to receive press coverage with trolling Senator Sanders Seattle Rally.

    There are two groups claiming the title of #BlackLivesMatter-WA according to investigative reporting compiled by a Twitter Search of @BLM_Seattle. The noted Twitter account issuing the statement at 6:48 pm ET August 8, has been deleted.”

    Read more:

  89. Those two protesters are rude, crude and ignorant. They are an embarrassment to their race. Whatever they had to say became meaningless the moment they interrupted the rally.

  90. I attended two events in my very southern red state – one for Scott Walker and another for Rand Paul. The only African-American person in each audience was the a member of the press from FOX. Where were the Black Lives Matter advocates?

  91. Kruezerman is simply a racist. Blacks are just as racist as whites, although no one is supposed to be impolite enough to mention this.

  92. I agree 100% with the goals of the BLM movement. But tactics like these are going to repel, not attract more support. The behavior of the two BLM activists was indefensible … no different than the worst offered up by the TEA Party! Regrettable …

  93. You’re a dumbass, MLK did think economics and socialism was the next phase of the civil rights movement, and he was far more intelligent than you

  94. To Quotes MLK:

    “Now our struggle is for genuine equality, which means economic equality. For we know now, that it isn’t enough to integrate lunch counters. What does it profit a man to be able to eat at an integrated lunch counter if he doesn’t have enough money to buy a hamburger? What does it profit a man to be able to eat at the swankest integrated restaurant when he doesn’t even earn enough money to take his wife out to dine? What does it profit one to have access to the hotels of our cities, and the hotels of our highways, when we don’t earn enough money to take our family on a vacation? What does it profit one to be able to attend an integrated school, when he doesn’t earn enough money to buy his children school clothes?”

  95. Poverty disproportionately affects people of color you dense moron. And don’t think for one second that upper class people of color are on the same side as the majority of blacks or latinos in this country, because they aren’t.

  96. I didn’t drive, I took a bus as did most. There’s very little parking in Seattle. I stood in the 90 degree sun for two hours to hear him and was sorely disappointed. But now that I have had time to think about it, I believe these two women did a good thing. BLM awareness has increased because of it. Bernie is making it a bigger part of his platform and has hired an African-American press secretary (who is VERY powerful) and the end result is, IMHO, positive.

  97. I’m not a white ‘liberal’ and I’ll tell you any day of the week that you don’t know what you’re talking about, because among ALL the candidates Sanders has the best understanding and longest involvement in social and racial justice issues, yet he’s the only candidate being targeted.

    Now that’s BS. And if you can’t see that I feel sorry for you.

  98. As I was told many times being reared in my youth… “It’s not WHAT you do or say, but more oftent HOW you do or say it”. Their passions and purpose are becoming very misguided. They need to realize that Bernie Sanders is an ally whose walked it like he’s talked it, NOT an enemy. What Black Lives Matter-Seattle did was disrespectful and disgraceful and in very poor taste.

  99. There were 41 million votes cast in democrat primaries in 2008. 6.7 million of those were cast by black people. When did 7 become the majority of 41? If that is the basis of your attitude then nothing else you say has merit.

  100. Why should he have Secret Service protection at this stage of the campaign?
    Has he receive any death threats? What I find interesting is your idiocy

  101. While what you say is true to a point, there is more to consider. First, POC have been told to use a pleasant tone while their lives don’t matter and are snuffed by lynch-cops. Who could blame any voiceless people for grabbing the nearest mic? Complacency is complicity, so Seattle had it coming, in a way, and though Bernie has always fought that fight, his message was honed in Vermont. He had it coming, but this is where I agree with you: It was unnecessarily deeply divisive, and she brags about it in her blog. Marissa believes in breaking up the system starting with the Black/Democratic Alliance. I’m not making this up, look at her links to Glen Ford, a good man with an unfortunate and divisive rhetoric. The #BowDownBernie action tag gives it away. Imagine MLK, whom she elevates, posting #BowDownLyndon? Nah, me neither. Sad, Bernie is smarter than both of them, graciously doing the right thing as usual. President Bernie! The irony of an old white male Dem and #BLM uniting instead..

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