Chaos In The GOP As 10,000+ Call For Fox’s Megyn Kelly To Be Banned From Debates


The Republican Party is falling apart at the seams as more than 10,000 people have signed a petition calling for Fox News’ Megyn Kelly to be banned from future Republican presidential debates.

The petition states:

Megyn Kelly finds the state of our union amusing and “fun”, whereas the viewers (our fellow citizens) deserve a much more serious moderator.

In addition, she had a clear agenda to attack Donald Trump, by tenaciously clinging to his past rather than his vision for the future. She focused on Trump personally, rather than politically. Ultimately, she did not live up to the “fair and balanced” slogan at Fox News and News Corporation.

While her disdain for Mr. Trump was evident, this petition is a call for truly fair and balanced coverage of ALL candidates. Thus, Megyn Kelly should be barred from hosting or moderating all future Republican Presidential Debates.

The problem with this petition is that it assumes that Fox News is fair and balanced. It isn’t. That isn’t Megyn Kelly’s fault because her questions about Trump’s sexism were completely valid. The issue is that none of the other candidates were asked about their controversial comments.

No one bothered to ask Mike Huckabee about his sexism. Nobody asked Jeb Bush how he could have hired a racist and sexist chief technology officer for his campaign, or the fact that Scott Walker got rid of Wisconsin’s equal pay law.

Trump was asked about his bankruptcies, but no one questioned Marco Rubio on the dozens of financial skeletons in his closet.

Megyn Kelly isn’t the issue. The issue is the blatant hypocrisy of a party that is at war with an entire gender trying to ostracize Donald Trump for saying out loud what the rest of the party is doing.

Fox News is not “fair and balanced” only an unbalanced partisan would believe that they are. Megyn Kelly asked the right question, but she need to ask it to all the Republican candidates instead of picking on just one.

The Republican Party is in chaos because one candidate is exposing and exploiting all of the divisions within their party. The RNC tried to rig the game to avoid a repeat of the 2012 primary debacle, but instead of a smooth process they have given birth to a bigger and more destructive sequel.

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  1. haHA! They want a much more “serious” moderator. I guess they’re okay with their rich celebrity presidential candidate making Rosie O’Donnell jokes during a presidential debate. That’s just fine.

  2. How much of a low-life scum do you have to be to want to punish HER for standing up for women and trying to make Trump answer for his disgusting misogynist attitude?
    I guess it’s perfectly clear now what kind of scum Republicans are.

  3. If she was really standing up for women, she wouldn’t be working for Fox News in the first place.

  4. The whole FOX thing is a dog and pony show ; she was scripted to take down Trump by the powers in charge; she told the truth for a change in addressing Trump; he became offended because after all the years of being on FOX no one ever told the truth ; why would they single him out . He knows why they singled him out because he knows how FOX works they have plot to get him out of the election to get down to propagandizing their script to get the Koch Alec Addelson candidates in.

  5. Seems like Fox is getting a dose of their own medicine. Fox has nobody to blame for this fiasco but themselves. Looks like the hen has come home to roost.

  6. The word came down from billionaire owner Rupert Murdoch — go after billionaire Donald Trump. Kelly went after Trump on women; Wallace went after Trump on bankruptcies.

  7. a bunch of pathological liars that typically support each other, now scrambling for the knife.

    Its amusing and tragic.
    History will condemn us all for not rising up and slaying them all

  8. Ha, trump says he fired roger stone last night because he was apparently coveting publicity for himself due to trumps campaign.

    Stone says he resigned.

    What is this the third firing of campaign staff in 2 weeks? My, my…..coming unglued at the seems isn’t he.

  9. Uh-uhh, nope and no way!

    Ms Kelly needs to double-down, kick it up a notch and, go all out “Britney” on Trump

    Britney Spears “Circus”, verse 2

    “There’s only two types of guys out there,
    Ones that can hang with me, and ones that are scared…
    So baby I hope that you came prepared
    I run a tight ship, so beware [as she cracks a whip].

    I’m like a ring leader,
    I call the shots (call the shots)
    I’m like a fire cracker,
    I make it hot
    When I put on a show.

    All the eyes on me in the center of the ring, Just like a circus
    When I crack that whip, everybody gonna trip, Just like a circus
    Don’t stand there watching me, follow me
    Show me what you can do…
    All the eyes on me in the center of the ring, Just like a circus”

  10. I thought a slogan ceased being one when it is made as a statement of fact. FOX saying “fair and balanced” is one thing, but when they say that they are the only fair and balanced network, it makes an assertion of claim. I recall that being done on multiple occassions.

  11. You need to provide the link to what you’re saying, otherwise the tea bag/repubs will call foul. But even if you do, they’ll scream LIBERAL MEDIA and not believe it anyway.

    Rupert Murdoch Wants to Stop Donald Trump

    The Billionaire Donald Trump Can’t Win Over: Rupert Murdoch
    “Murdoch holds the keys to some of the conservative media’s most powerful companies. He also hates The Donald.”

  12. This whole “debate” was RIGGED by Fixed Snooze – THE GOP LYING NETWORK
    No wonder the Faux Snooze viewers are so DAMN DUMB

    Rupert Murdoch Wants to Stop Donald Trump, But First He’s Got to Rein In Roger Ailes

    Murdoch holds the keys to some of the conservative media’s most powerful companies. He also hates The Donald.

  13. Fox is the “news” source for the terrified masses.

    The Republicans terrify their followers into believing if they don’t vote the Democrats will take their guns, turn them gay, etc. So Republican voter turnout is greater. The Republican cult is told their vote is life or death. The Democrats, the reality party have to vote to stop the insanity.

    “Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who don’t vote.”

    In a 2003 lawsuit Fox News admitted that they lie and distort the news:

    “…attorneys for Fox argued the First Amendment gives broadcasters the right to lie or deliberately distort news reports. . .” Fox News is not responsible for its own content.

  14. ” she did not live up to the “fair and balanced” slogan at Fox News and News Corporation.”

    What is the problem? FOX NEWS does not live up the same slogan every minute that is on air

  15. Have we all forgotten that Drump makes huge money parading half-naked women across a stage to be judged on their looks? That’s NOT presidential at all! I really expect no less from him. What next? Hefner?

  16. The GOP is coming apart at the seams, and I’m loving it. It’s a joy to watch these incompetent cretins stumbling over each other as they lie, prevaricate, bluster, pontificate, posture, and fearmonger in a feeble attempt to convince America that any of the republican “candidates” is worthy of being President. None of those clowns could carry water for either Hillary or Bernie. If there’s any justice in this world, the Democrats will turn out in force to vote in 2016 and make the election a landslide victory. For God’s sake, people, register and vote! We can’t afford more republican idiocy in our politics.

  17. Chaos indeed.

    Just had a friend from the U.K. ask me “Have you all gone mad?” Serious question.

    We’re a laughingstock.

  18. When Kelly is playing the debate moderator/journalist role, she should be asking tough questions. She had every right to bring up Trump’s past comments about women and ask him about it. He did what he always does in response – he attacked her and in doing so PROVED Kelly right in asking the question. He just doubled-down on it.

    But she’s part of the problem with the GOP. She and the network she works for are as responsible for Trump being up on that stage as Trump is himself.

    They are cheerleaders for the crazy wing of the GOP over there at Fox and Kelly is no different.

    Make no mistake, Trump is wrong here and Kelly was within her rights to ask the question and Trump was wrong to attack her.

    But before we put her up on a pedestal, let’s see if she actually fights for women and our rights 100% of the time – or if she’s still only going to do that when it suits HER.

  19. Love your passion! I’ll probably ‘borrow’ it, as I do with other terrific thoughts from folks here, to post on different sites.

  20. M. Kelly was only doing what her bosses told her to do. Fox wants to get Trump out of the way, because the GOP wants Trump out of the way. They, and the Koch bros., don’t want a candidate that isn’t beholden to them. And Trump, in case you haven’t heard, has enough of his own money, he doesn’t need theirs.

  21. This is the Matrix, RIGHT? this is the world pulled over eyes, RIGHT?!!! I’m beyond sick and tired of this nonsense!, The GOP has been taken over by the oligarchs!! it’s not just the koch boys! hell no, don’t be fooled! Theres quite a few SUPER WEALTHY individuals running the GOP! theres actually a war going on within the GOP, quiet as it’s kept, the oligarchs TOLD the establishment republicans to hand over one of their data base files and tensions FLARED! the GOP is in a civil war! this BULL$HIT FUX NEWS debate, is just another feud going on! the GOP has nobody to blame but themselves, did these A$SHOLES REALLY think making a deal with the DEVIL ”The oligarchs” was going to work? they’ve sold their SOULS and EL DIABLO plays for keeps!

  22. I don’t know about you guys, but this is freaking hilarious!

    Trump shows up and basically shows the entire world what kind of schism lives within the GOP. By attacking Kelly after the debate, those on the right are forced to decide: Do I support Fox News because it’s my trusted source for news or do I support Donald Trump despite his sexist comments.

    There’s already one person who has sided with Fox: Erick Erickson of RedState. We shall see if anyone else jumps to defend Fox News and attempt to throw the provoker under the bus.

  23. Megyn Kelly is loathsome. Fox is loathsome. Neither has anything to do with journalism, integrity, or “fair and balanced” reporting. Both should be banned from broadcasting ever again.

  24. As far as I’m concerned Megyn is the actor needing to be disinvited off Fox media. In my opinion Trump exercised a great deal of discipline with the setup, ambush and assassination attempt spear headed by Karl Rove and the RNC. Using Megyn and Chris as their thugs. I would have been much more colorful in my description of Megyn being on the rag. What the hell are these people so afraid of ? Typical conservative forum validating they’re validating everything the libs are saying. Well as my good friend and mentor Forest Gump is fond of saying Stupid is as stupid does.

  25. Actually, like any bad Shakespearean actor, Trump has his very own clap. We’ve seen gangs of his sTRUMPets appear right here.

  26. That’s it! That’s exactly what the dems want to have happen. Whether it’s beating up a moderator, or beating up another republican candidate, get them snarling and snapping at each other, and they’ll split up the votes so much, or not vote, and even Biden could win, let alone over-the-hillary.

    Let’s for once not act like useful idiots for the democratic party, look at the issues, and decide who the best person would be to resolve the problems. Not the funniest, not the loudest, not the cutest, not the right gender, or the right color. Vote for the person who can do the best job!!!

  27. Look at the questions, did you hear anything about the minimum wage, helping the poor or even the mention of global warming or citizens united?. Far and balanced my a——.

  28. The PUBs can be summed up in one-sentence:
    *GOP Out To Further Enrich The Already Rich*
    Should be a bumper-sticker!

  29. As much as I hate the very ground Trump walks on, one thing that’s true about him is that the Koch brothers and the other oligarchs won’t be able to buy him. Of course, that’s because he is an oligarch himself. I still wouldn’t vote for the bastard, though.

  30. ” Kelly , she had a clear agenda to attack Donald Trump, by tenaciously clinging to his past rather than his vision for the future. She focused on Trump personally, rather than politically ! ” Politicus usa quoted .
    Nothing wrong with that .
    The proceduce of any corps including CIA , FBI , Military , Police based on your past to hire you or trust you .
    Kelly did it right .

  31. …and V, not just for Hillary or Bernie but vote *straight ticket* Democratic: a blue Senate (to clean up the Supreme Court and reverse “Citizens United” & “Hobby Lobby”), a blue House (to write good spending laws), and state Governors (to end gerrymandering).

  32. The debate revealed all the candidates as clowns. I’m English & we are currently ruled by juvenile psychopaths. What happens in the USA influences what happens here & we don’t need our bunch getting any encouragement from your bunch.

  33. I have an interesting add to this story in that as a progressive I posted the apparent meltdown mode Trump and the GOP are experiencing, only for another progressive to “DEFEND TRUMP” because he “taps into that element of the electorate, much like himself, who are sick and tired of the real issues not being discussed due to political correctness distractions.

    I agree with the writer of this piece; ALL candidates should have been presented with those questions, and here I focus on Trump. I find more often than not, that being against PC is just another strategy utilized to justify one’s abhorrent behavior in public.

    Let’s face it: Trump has called females fat, and all those other derogatory comments. IF he plans to sit in the highest office in the land, we deserve to KNOW whether he still holds to that view, especially given the current war against women and their respective reproductive rights.

    My friend wants “deeper issues” discussed, but if a candidate has this view of…

  34. Blonde hair and implants don’t matter. What does matter is that Megyn is an antagonistic smart-ass and has no business hosting a presidential debate.

  35. “…he has his very own clap….” Don’t worry Donald. I’m sure it’s covered under Obamacare. [wink]

  36. My question to all of you progressives is – “who isn’t misogynistic?” Have you never heard a woman say – “I hate men?” Why is this forgiveable? Trump was joking around with Brande Roderick. The context was not brought up by Megyn…this was unforgiveable considering it was supposed to be a conservative forum for conservatives. I’m very pleased to hear that Fox News is receiving a lot of flack for ordering Megyn to do a take down of Trump. Women are not as monolithic as Megyn is picturing them to be. They are diverse enough to see thru this and give a little credit and space for the different perspectives of both sexes.

  37. We are all misogynistic sooner or later. The difference is- if someone points out our misogyny, we mature folks admit to it and try to change our ways.

    Yes I have heard many women say they hate men. It’s forgiveable because:
    1) My ego isn’t so fragile that one utterance from one woman isn’t going to shatter it beyond repair.
    2) My experience has shown that when someone says it, it’s usually because some dude did her dirt. And as such she’s expressing frustration and is feeling overwhelmed.
    As such- she needs some sympathy and at the very least someone to pay attention.

  38. neither does any other mainstream media. They’re all pushing a particular agenda. The only difference is, Fox hires liberal whack jobs like Geraldo to provide the lunatics view.

  39. FOX has inbred this political bias for more than a decade. When a “news” network — used loosely in Fox’s case — compromises its news ethics against conservatives, liberals, socialists, you name it, it fails to be a reliable news network. That happened to Fox decades ago. Megyn is just a parrot carrying out a self-serving agenda for whomever has already bought the election. Its admixture of entertainment in presenting “news” is also unprofessional and gets pretty disgusting to a former daily newspaper executive editor.

  40. First of all this is a petition? Second, the moderators’jobs that night was to bring down Trump. Fox got their big ratings and all of a sudden the misogynists in the Republican party can claim to be offended by Trump’s remarks. Kelly’s question to The Donald was valid and brought out his scorn and disdain for women. Too bad she wasn’t so brave to say “don’t bring Rosie O’Donnell into this”. Unfortunately, the rest of the field wasn’t asked anything about their scorn for women in regards to their abortion and Planned Parenthood stances. I am seriously wondering if this will brought up in any of the debates.

  41. I cant stand that nostril-flaring neocon, nor the horse she road in on (Faux Noise) but she had a valid question. My take was that Trumps attacks on women (and comments in general when he is on the attack, which seems….always) are just not Presidential behavior. Our leader needs to have tact and decorum. Trump has neither. I would like to see all of Faux disappear, along with all of their puppets, but I dont think this is a good reason.

  42. “Chaos In The GOP As 10,000+ Call For Fox’s Megyn Kelly To Be Banned From Debates”

    NOT a megyn kelly fan but i must admit THIS IS HILLARYOUS

  43. …wanna drive Trump completely insane, nutty enough to be driven to a High Class “rehab” facility??? Lock him into a gym with about 3 dozen lactating women pumping merrily away…
    …just a thought…

  44. I think Megyn was just a plant to make Trump squirm. I didn’t watch the debate, but I’m curious did she ask other candidates sensitive questions other than “you want fries with your burger.” This whole political process has become nothing but a circus and that includes the Democrats. It is a disgrace. This is how we elect a man/woman to a post to one of the most powerful countries in the world? But then I think the world is laughing at us or most likely dont’ give a damn.

  45. Here’s a question: Ted Cruz, You accused President Obama of being born in Kenya, and thus not qualified to be president. You were born in Canada…so under what Constitutional law do you believe you are considered a natural-born citizen, and do you believe that simply renouncing your Canadian citizenship changes that?

  46. Pontificating blowhards — every single one of them. Ted Cruz is grotesque. Walker is OWNED by the Koch Brothers, Jeb Bush is completely unethical, just like the rest of his family, Ben Carson? He compares America to Nazi Germany. Rubio? I can’t get past that response to the State of the Union when he was so stupid he didn’t realize the camera was capturing every drop of water he drank. I’d like to think they are simpletons and morons, but they are ALL incredibly dangerous, especially for women. It’s time for women to vote, en masse and wake the hell up. These men want women in the kitchen. They would let a mother DIE if she couldn’t carry her pregnancy to term. Seriously? LET HER DIE??????? oh hell no.

  47. She is a journalist that asked tough questions. If Trump can’t handle a simple question without exploding, then do you want him in the White House with his finger on the button? I know i don’t. By the way. If he’s not a plant for the Democratic party, then he will face a lot tougher question from them.

  48. Rethuglicans are the party of women-hate. Just because Trump doesn’t dress it up doesn’t mean he’s worse than the ones who rob women of their rights, take away their right to affordable healthcare, deny them family planning, and advocate less pay for women.

    Megyn Kelly is a whiny little biotch; I think she did what her producers asked her to do like a little puppet instead of thinking for herself. She’s not a newscaster; no intelligent, self-respecting woman would be caught dead on Faux News, let alone be their mouthpiece.

    Yes, Trump is a pig. It’s no different than going into the office every day. Kelly needs to grow up and get a backbone.

  49. Fox did their post election coverage. So did CNN and MSN and all the alphabets ABC CBS NBC. I now invite you to watch my coverage. I think you will agree that it is far more in depth coverage than all the aforementioned outlets. kindly watch this, please share it, and comments are always welcome! i appreciate all your support!

  50. she picked on Trump because the rest of the “gang” told her too… in hopes of setting him up for failure.. AND to take the focus off them. [wink]

  51. Megyn was grossly unprofessional in her repeated vicious gutter level attacks on the leading Republican candidate. Unlike her “news/entertainment” show, debates are REQUIRED to be fair and balanced not a “mean girls hair pulling food fight”

    The only questions that remain after that embarrassing display is when will Hannity get his prime time slot back and will Fox ever recover credibility? Doubtful that they could if they would let something like that go out over the open broadcast air. Holy Faceplant!

  52. I just signed the petition.

    Everyone here should go sign as well.

    Great way to chip away at FOX and create chaos and knock Kelly’s hubris down a notch or two.

    Who knows, with the conservative/bagger base all pissed off and screeching to boycott FOX, she may also lose her show…

    Hurry, go sign… o/ o/

  53. It was not a debate, it was a Fox News Q & A, with all the predictable Q & A right up to the Megyn Kelly god question, Trump was just the entertainment segment! With out DT’s buffoonery the ratings would have been half of what they were. Nobody but the regular Fox viewers would have tuned in to watch the other halfwits spout their same old tiresome talking points. Fox set the Trump up to be the wag in the show. Fox is all about entertainment and ratings All the Republicans pander to Fox

  54. Why is it that democrats/liberals/republicans want Trump to be the republican candidate? He is not qualified to lead our great nation. He is out of touch, egocentric, narcissistic and a bully. He views women as sex objects and truly showed how disrespectful he was to women by naming Rosie O’donell and speaking rudely to Megan. He shows no grace and does not like to be confronted in a negative matter. He is crude, rude and thinks he is the only one in the world that is right. He would be worst than Obama and would further destroy and divide our nation. He does not care about anyone but himself. He would leave our nation in despair and continue on with his lavish lifestyle without a care in the world like he did with his businesses that left thousands unemployed.
    Now do not get me wrong, he serves a purpose to bring up issues that no other politician wants to deal with democrat/republican alike. But he would be a dictator no doubt.

  55. Megyn Kelly always looks like she suffers from constipation, & wears enough makeup to spackle an outhouse…but I am convinced that Brer-Fox ‘News’ is gonna GET that rascal Brer-Rabbit….NEXT Time!

  56. What’s the matter El Trumpo, can’t stand the heat!

    waaaaa, waaaaa. You mean to say that Trump Grump is whining over a question he didn’t like. He wants it all HIS way. How the heck is this man every going to be presidential if he is going to whine about questions thrown at him. It’s all a big play. I’m glad that Miss Kelly asked Trump the question she did. We need to know all candidates backgrounds. We sure are learning more and more ea day re: Trump who isn’t used to being made fun of in front of an audience that size.
    Which reminds me when Barack Obama had to answer numerous questions for two years yet he didn’t balk. The press put Barack Obama though hell. Obama is intelligent where Trump is not. God, am I going to miss President Obama especially if we get some dumb Republican jerk in office.

  57. Roger Ailes/Fox is grooming Megyn Kelly for big time evening news hour and/or the likes of a Diane Sawyer.. He said she could also be the next Barbara Walters. This was her coming out party at the debate.

  58. exactly Rupert has told Roger Trump cannot allowed to be their candidate. People just need to follow his twitter a/c FFS. My worry is what does Greta Van S say to her colleague for going so easy on the right wing mysognist scum bag right wingers for years? let’s bring back Herman I miss him!! lol Australian are in disbelief at the quality of the candidates! seriously delusional and Huckabee?? The worse is reading the ultimate turncoat scumbag dick morris who would sel his soul or grandmother before he got out of bed in the morning. It looks like an old carton of a tasmanian devil eating itself, Let’s hope for President Bartlett!

  59. I want her OUT! She targeted Trump and it was obvious. Totally unfair and idiotic questions! The American people deserve more than a ridiculous questions being ask for the sake of her own agenda. Our country is in a mess and all she can do is act like an immature nut case towards Trump. Ask responsible questions and Trump will give responsible answers rather we like them or not. Then WE can decide if Trump needs to go!

  60. It is sweet music to hear the liberal poodles barking in their kennels because you know they got hit in the ass.

    The danger of Trump for the liberals is that he is saying things, which millions and millions of young heads full of mush never even thought of, such that young liberals are now waking up in anger after being lied to all of their lives.

    Cheers !

  61. Watching all this in the UK , we are of the mind that the Republicans have been infiltrated by insane aliens. What a laughing stock. This also goes for my friends in Spain, Netherlands and Norway.

  62. de·bate /dəˈbāt/ noun
    a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting in which opposing arguments are put forward. This looked more like a Koch Brothers requested, get rid of Trump, with loaded, misleading, out of context, no background setup, one sided, gotcha personal questions* . Still waiting for, debatable questioning that would be important to all. A FOX FAIL! So, how often do you respond poorly to a personal attack?

    How often do you beat your wife?

  63. Kelly is very smart and I used to watch her faithfully. she is now way to full of herself, does not represent FOX well and needs to step aside. Martha is many times more professional and better represents the FOX channel and is much more fair and balanced.

  64. Megyn could have been more tactful — ie. ‘you have made disparaging remarks about women……’ Certainly she is too bright to be a pawn for a news show.

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