Conservative Attacks On Trump May Backfire By Encouraging Him To Run As A Spoiler In 2016

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There is no question that Republican establishment political leaders and prominent members of the right wing media are working hard to derail Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Fox News debate moderators on Thursday night took special aim at Trump, trying to knock him down in front of an audience of 24 million people.

While it is not clear that Fox’s efforts to dethrone Trump from his perch atop the GOP field was successful, the post-debate fallout has been ugly with Trump and Fox News waging war upon one another. That war took an especially nasty turn when Trump took an atrociously sexist swipe at Megyn Kelly, by stating:

You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.

That comment was so beyond the pale, that it prompted RedState’s Erick Erickson to pull Trump’s invitation from a Saturday evening RedState gathering at the College Football Hall of Fame. Even the guy who referred to Wendy Davis derisively as “abortion Barbie” thinks Donald Trump’s misogyny was a bridge too far. Of course, that may be because Trump had the temerity to turn his misogyny towards a conservative woman. For Erickson, sexism is apparently unacceptable only if it is directed at women on the right.

While much of the conservative media, led by Fox News and RedState, are working to take Trump down in the GOP primary race, they should be careful. Trump is a sensitive man with a monster-sized ego. If he perceives that Republicans are treating him unfairly, he might make good on his threat to run as an Independent or third-party spoiler candidate, should he fail to secure the GOP nomination.

A Trump third-party run would be a complete disaster for the GOP, basically handing the White House to the Democratic nominee. Polls show that in a three-way race between Clinton, Bush and Trump, Hillary Clinton would win by a double-digit margin.

Republican leaders and the conservative media are in quandary. They cannot afford to let Trump become the GOP nominee, because his toxic rhetoric is sure to sink the party. Yet, if they try too hard to push Trump out of the race, they can antagonize him to the point where he will run an independent campaign, just to exact revenge on those who attacked him. The Republican Party and Fox News helped feed Donald Trumps’ ego for the past several years. Now that they have created a monster, they must walk on egg shells. If they don’t, Trump may feel betrayed and decide to embark upon a GOP-crushing third-party presidential bid.

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  1. Good summary. Exactly what I was thinking.
    One thing I find irksome, though, is the two-faced behavior of the cons when it comes to deciding what is misogyny and what is not.

  2. The problem is not “Donald Trump is insane.” The problem is “The entire Republican Party is insane.” The even larger problem is that people keep voting for them, because there’s tens of millions of voters who are driven by getting revenge on the country for daring to elect Barack Obama. Right now Donald Trump looks like he’s the most willing to punish those who voted for our current President and so he’s ahead, but let’s be honest here. All the GOP candidates are willing to punish particular groups in order to win.

  3. Hehe…hope he runs as an independent!

    Payback is a b*tch. I hope Trump continues to hold the 3rd party threat over the GOP for as long as possible.

    Let them get a taste of what it is like being threatened, like they have done to Americans for the past 6-1/2 years.

  4. …can’t help but thinkin’ the Monster created by the Republican Potty SHOULD destroy its creators…or at least ride ’em all over a barrel…lol

  5. Good grief. All they have to do is let time take its course. Trump will flame out. Their attacks are making things worse for Repubs cause it highlights their platform outside their base (which most find repulsive).

    Trump will be vetted and lots will be found, and he’ll offend enough Republicans to flame out.

    Fox & RedState using this for ratings, that’s all. If not, then they’re idiots for being part of the problem.

  6. This was all written by Mary Shelley, 1823.
    I guess these GOP’ers were too busy divining ancient desert scrolls to have discoveredit.

  7. While a third party run would be “interesting”, the damage is already done. The extremists won’t vote for anyone but the donald. Whether he is the goper candidate or a third party candidate makes no difference. He has split the conservative movement into two (a dozen?) warring camps and they have already lost the elections in 2016.

    The extreme right will either vote for trump or refuse to vote in a “sham” election. Either way, a democratic president is guaranteed.

    The gopers are losing big time…

  8. I don’t think Trump will lead a 3rd Party, his will be the 2nd Party followed by the GOP in 3rd. I do think Trump COULD win the election if enough Republicans, Democrats, and Independants tired of the same, old same vote for Trump. Here is one(FEMALE I might add) Democrat who definitely WOULD. I am also beginning to wonder if wasn’t Fox behind the whole thing to MAKE Trump go on his own, but it’s backfiring on them.

  9. I want trump to stay strong in the repub polls, i want him to sieze as many angry repubs to his side as he can, i want him to divide and do as much damage to the repub brand as he can.

    Then i want him to to get pissed and run as an independent. But not too soon.

  10. This isn’t college calculus! it’s the GOP! you don’t have to theorize about who did this or WHY that happened! trump, ailes, murdoch, palin, huckabee, gingrich, the koch boys, sheldon aldelson the man in the god damn moon! it’s ALL about MONEY and POWER! it’s not about GAY people, it’s not about gun control! or ABORTION! that’s just the BULL$HIT the oligarchs throw at us to distract US! distract AMERICA! the oligarchs No. 1 mission isn’t to come up with news ways to SCREW the poor! NO! these BAST@RDS want it ALL! I have NO proof of this but something keeps telling me, these god damn oligarchs aren’t just AMERICAN terrorist!, since citizens united ushered in this destruction of democracy! I truly believe FOREIGN powers are in play! before you start laughing, think about it! China over the last 30 yrs have become a SUPER POWER! economically and militarily! C’mon! they’d be STUPID not to take advantage of citizens united! capture the usa, without firing a single shot!

  11. Thank you Mr. Drump, President Clinton will be fabulous.

    Watching a grown man throw a 2 year olds’ tantrum is now old and pathetic.

  12. The returbs are so afraid of the acid dripped tongue of donnie they don’t want him to turn on them. Cause he knows where the bodies are buried. They look like what they are weak, impotent and not ready for the big house. The winner will be the one who can stand up to the pursed lipped bully.

  13. the words of the Most Interesting Man on Earth to the least interesting man…

    ‘Stay thirsty my friend… Stay Thirsty’

  14. I agree is some ways, but I really hope that this could mean that he would be the first to win as an independent. You know what is weird….I know many democrats that are wanting to vote for him as well. He still has many issues of democrats. I feel that he is more in the middle and if he can get the “swing voters” he will be good.

  15. I know, some of you are laughing your asses of at my earlier post, but those of you who study history, do you see a parallel between ancient Egypt during it’s fall and todays AMERICA? remember how ANYONE with enough money could actually BUY their way into royalty in Egypt ? Alexander The Great was actually made a Pharaoh, this is the decline of a SUPER POWER, selling government for profit. our military escapades that profit NO ONE but the contractors and the BLOOD SUCKERS like cheney and rumsfeld! sounds like Egypt to me.

  16. John, I get your idea. The only thing I disagree with is that the Dems cannot rest on their laurels thinking they will win the election. Shhhh…don’t say it too loudly that we may be a shoe-in. Anything can happen closer to voting time, and Dems NEED TO GET OUT AND VOTE, period.

    Regardless of anything else, our team has to vote for the Dem who wins the primary, regardless of who wins it. I get skittish when I hear the Dems will win never know what the snakes in the GOP have up their sleeves.

  17. Knight, I agree. History is cyclical and I don’t think we have any cause to think that we are still #1 in the world. Far from it.

    History will repeat itself unless people are smart, and the GOP is certainly far from it. They are the downfall of our country. Our gov has and is being sold as we speak. I don’t think its funny, I think you are spot on.

  18. I want the right to keep pissing Trump off. They goaded him into running by saying he would never do it, he’s said the same thing before, he’ll never turn over his financials. Bet they thought he would make the others look better to their electorate. Push him a little more, he’ll be your worst nightmare as a 3rd party candidate.

  19. Historically, conservatives have always performed “dog on a bone” while us libruls have been like herding cats. But the pattern for 2016 is shaping up as a historical reversal.

    Democrats will show up at the polls in a united effort while the gopers will be strung out chasing after their cherished candidate.

    To be sure, getting people to the polls is critical, but presenting a united front will win the day no matter the voter turn out.

    Chaos has engulfed the GOP and they won’t recover – if ever.

  20. Thanks @Democratinny, I’m being serious, I’m not heavily into conspiracy theories but I do know something about world history and events if not studied, tend to repeat themselves. Look out for Germany, China because they’re both making huge strides with the BANKSTERS!! it’s NOT about missiles and guns! it’s about economics and technology! and the usa has spread itself too thin! a bloated empire!, fighting useless WARS and bankrupting OUR own economy! THANKS GOP!

  21. Good points, but who would really invade the US? We have nothing the rest of the world would want! [WINK]

  22. Someone needs to inform him that more than a few States (Including OHIO) have “Sore Loser Law’. They prevent anyone who signs in with a Party, or takes part in a Parties Debate from changing mind and party.

  23. Every Empire in Europe overreaches. America has fought its war for resources which are rapidly becoming obsolete. Which has no morphed into a religious war amongst the 3 dying Abrahamic religions.

    Monogod penis worship enforced by violence can’t survive in a two-way media world.

    Trump is doing it because he can. He’s shattered the GOP and beaten the Koch Bros. He has no interest in being President. He may demand a statue in his honor for his service to our country. Complete with hair.

  24. As an active member in the local Democrat Party- I’ve YET to encounter a single of my fellows who take Trump seriously.

  25. Grump the Attention Whore.

    If they encourage him- he runs.
    If they ignore him- he demands attention.
    If they discourage him- he runs independent.

    Laughing is good for depressive attitudes.

  26. Sad thing is that most ordinary people believe in the things that Democrats believe in, BUT the reason they get involved in voting Republican is because their racist hatreds and religious hatreds ate stoked by the Republicans and they can no longer think rationally about policies that would benefit their own situation in life. The Republicans stand for nothing logical or fair-minded, everything is about hysteria and riling up tribal feelings and fears of ‘those others’ – I hate what the Republicans ‘stand for’ – Give us sanity, please !!!

  27. I think that answer has been made clearer by this. It’s only sexism when it’s leveled against a “good, god fearing, pretty” republitea woman.

  28. *sings, badly* They’re just a shill. Yes, they’re only a shill. And they’re standing there on their bullshit hill…..”

  29. I’m reading you loud and clear, Knight.

    Money. Everything, and I mean literally EVERYTHING, boils down to greed. I don’t have enough money. I need your money too. Money. I win when I have all the money. How dare you think your better than me when I’ve got so much money. You’re just jealous of my money. I must protect my money. God must love me because look at all this money. Still need more money. Money.

  30. Knight, I agree with you completely. History always repeats itself because people don’t learn from their mistakes. They keep doing the same thing over and over again. A definition of insanity, which is certainly evident here. This whole “sideshow” is a distraction for the masses. Meanwhile, the koch criminal enterprise is quietly going about it’s agenda of destroying America. Their goal is a global empire, which they will have with the TPP. Whether other countries are involved, I don’t know. But, hardly anything surprises me anymore. With the reich-wing plan to strip all of our resources and sell them to the highest bidder, who wouldn’t take advantage of that. The hate group formerly known as the gop is no longer a viable political party and hasn’t been for a long time. They are a group of sociopaths who are being paid to take a wrecking ball to this country. They could care less what happens to the American people. Sadly, their base is too addicted to fox to notice…

  31. I think Donald should stay in the Repub party. There’s nobody like him in the Demo or Repubs that can win if he runs. I’m voting for Donald no matter who he decides to run with.

  32. k4X4 : You Got It ! These are the “Power Elite” ( C. Wright Mills ), that have NO political ideology or party loyalty. They’re not nationalists, and certainly not American.
    Their one criteria and motive is PERSONAL WEALTH an POWER …and they’ll do ANYTHIING to maintain it.

    It’s why they are war profiteers, and why they’ll crash the economy to buy at fire sale prices amidst the chaos.
    They’ll partner with or use anyone in their megalomaniacal pursuit and ego driven gain, and don’t care about the consequences for everyone else.
    They are true dictators.
    The Bush criminal syndicate is emblematic.

  33. Good reference . I read that book in college in the Late 70’s. Still have it in my library. It is so true even today.

  34. One thing this display by Trump seems to be doing is showing the power and arrogance of ultra wealthy persons over everything and everybody except for the brave. Trump just gets away with everything, seemingly. he is used to people kowtowing, nodding the heads and jumping when he says jump. On top of that, he tells you what he is doing while he is doing it and yet some people still fall in line, even cheer him on. Weird.

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