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Hypocritical Woman Hating Republicans Boot Trump From Event Due To Megyn Kelly Comments

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:09 pm

After she raked him over the coals on live TV during Thursday evening’s Republican presidential primary debate, Donald Trump complained about Fox News’ Megyan Kelly to CNN’s Don Lemon Friday night, calling her a “lightweight” and saying, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”

Allegedly as a result of these words, Woman-hater Erick Erickson has disinvited Donald Trump from a RedState Gathering of Republican presidential hopefuls in Atlanta Saturday.

Erickson, noting that Trump was blaming her hormones for Kelly’s questioning, cited a “line of decency” that had been crossed as his reason, but even noted that Trump had not been included in the “final” list for the event just days before.

Line of decency is a pretty flimsy excuse for Erick Erickson or really any conservative these days. Erickson is the person who, when working for CNN, called the DNC the “Vagina monologues”. Erickson likes to call women who speak their minds “FemiNazis” and “ugly feminists”. Erickson stomped his feet about the Masters, saying they were a place for only men and he liked it that way. Erickson’s treatment of women has been so bad that Ultra Violet started a petition to get him fired from CNN.

“Blood coming out of her wherever” was the coup de grâce of Trump’s 24 hour post-debate pity fest. Trump also called Megyn Kelly “angry”, which most women recognize as being misogynist for “strong”, and a “bimbo.

Saturday morning Trump tried to explain away the blood comment, tweeting, “Re Megyn Kelly quote: “you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever” (NOSE). Just got on w/thought” This was accompanied by much whinging about political correctness, which is conservative for being held accountable for things they shouldn’t have said or done.

Republicans are looking for any way to destroy Trump with the base, and they found it by pitting their beloved Megyn Kelly against Trump during the “debate” on Thursday evening, during which Kelly confronted Trump about calling women “fat pigs” “disgusting animals” “dogs” and telling a woman she would look good on her knees.

Donald Trump wants to believe that hormones made Megyn Kelly ask him about his own words, but she was just doing her job as a moderator and as part of the Republican PR arm that is Fox News. Donald Trump is polling number one and the Republican Party can’t have that because Donald Trump is a disaster as a politician. Donald Trump can’t win the White House.

In reality, Trump’s crappy comments about women aren’t that far-fetched for the party that has repeatedly linked women to barnyard animals when discussing women’s health. Elected Republicans who have made these references have been defended by Republicans, so the “value” here is not that misogyny is wrong, but that being so blatant about their misogyny is an electoral loser, especially, the Fox panel noted, when running against a woman like former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

Perception is everything, and as the Fox panel pointed out, Republicans need to avoid making it easy for Democrats to call out their war on women. Republicans know they can’t win a national election with a loser like Donald Trump, whose contempt and disrespect for women telegraphs the Republican war on women to voters who don’t pay attention to politics and have no idea that the Republican party wants to force women to die in order to protect a fetus that they will later starve in order to feed the top 2%.

Republicans need seeming moderates to sell their economic policies for the 2%, people you want to have a beer with, people you like. No one but the “angry” (Erick Erickson’s word) Republican base likes Donald Trump. So it’s great for them that Trump is attacking favorite Megyn Kelly, because they need to get their base turned off to the Donald and fast.

Erick Erickson has no “line of decency” when it comes to women, so this move is suspect. It’s even more suspect because Trump wasn’t on the list when they sent out the agenda “the other day”. Then they added him and now he’s off again — the guy who is polling first in the Republican primary.

The Republicans are circling the wagons to get rid of Trump and they scored bonus points for putting on a very public show of caring about misogyny. Unfortunately, they only care about misogyny when it’s aimed at a Republican woman by a man they want to get rid of, which is to say they don’t care at all, because an actual value is something that is consistent. The cherry on top is the applause various journalists are giving the Fox panel for asking these questions…

Questions that help their party. The Fox News panel made no secret that the goal of Republicans was to defeat Hillary Clinton, so it’s hard to see how these questions, designed to get rid of a front-runner who can’t win, were anything other than political expediency. I’ve defended Megyn Kelly in the past from the misogyny of her own colleagues, including Erick Erickson. She’s a smart, tough woman and Trump’s comments about her are outrageous. But these questions were one big assist to the Republican Party.

Sarah Jones

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