Bernie Sanders Breaks His Own Record By Drawing 15,000 Supporters To Seattle Rally

bernie sanders university of Washington

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders set a new 2016 attendance record as 15,000 supporters attended a rally for his campaign in Seattle, WA.


The Sanders campaign announced:

More than 15,000 boisterous supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders packed inside and outside the University of Washington’s Hec Edmunson Pavilion on Saturday.

“The momentum is unbelievable,” Sanders said. “We’ve got 12,000 people here,” he said to roar of the crowd inside the pavilion. “And a few minutes ago, I just talked to 3,000 people outside,” he added, citing a Seattle police estimate.

The big turnouts are sending a powerful message, Sanders said, in arenas and convention centers here and in other cities from Phoenix to Houston to New Orleans to Madison, Wisconsin. (The 11,300 turnout in Phoenix on July 18 was the biggest crowd for any presidential candidate before the rally here in Seattle.)

There is no one else in the 2016 field who is drawing these types of crowds. Hillary Clinton is the only other candidate capable of it, but she is rightly treating this campaign like a marathon. Clinton has intentionally not been holding big rallies.

A main goal of the Sanders campaign is to build a movement to take back the country from billionaires like the Koch brothers. Sanders wants to be the Democratic nominee, but he also has a larger long-term goal. Rallies like the one in Seattle won’t translate to support in Iowa or New Hampshire, but they help to take the candidate’s message national and build the movement.

Sanders is campaigning in the early states, but these rallies show the power and scope of his liberal economic message. Bernie Sanders is proving that ordinary people are fed up all across this country. He has drawn big crowds in every region of the United States. His movement is national, and his message is resonating.

While Hillary Clinton is trying to win an election, Bernie Sanders is out to change the country.

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  1. …pity his rally got disrupted by fake BLM protestors…there are enough pictures of these two nihilists…why is security not detaining them???

  2. I am reminded of the classic Robert Redford movie, “The Candidate”; where after winning the election, Redford’s ‘Bill McKay’ turns to campaign manager Marvin Lucas ( Peter Boyle ) and asks, “What do we do now ?”

    Bernie Sanders will never ask that question.

  3. Behave, Negroes, Behave!
    We’re seeing this question a lot today:

    Why aren’t they [Black Lives Matter] doing this at Hillary events too?
    My first thought is, who the hell is “they”?
    BLM is not a monolith. Some members are no doubt 100% supportive of both Sanders protests. Some will think the opposite and many will be unsure. There is a special kind of self-serving stupidity in acting as though there were a centralized organization directing protests, or that protests at candidate events are the point of BLM.

    The result of this thinking is paranoia.

    Clinton plot? Let’s be clear, I have no love at all for Hillary Clinton, her class, or her type. I despise what the establishment of the Democratic party stands for. Clinton losing the nomination to Sanders would suit me just fine. If Hillary Clinton were behind this, it would finish her as a force in the Democratic party.

    And Rove? Jesus, really? Have some of you gone that far off the deep end?

    Where is the evidence linking any BLM activist to any Republican, let alone Rove?

    Black Lives Matter activists have shown more bravery and commitment to their cause than anyone since the mid-20th Century Civil Rights Movement; this makes sense, since they are the continuation of this movement. Protesting at candidate appearances is hardly the sum of what they do. What kind of deliberate ignorance does it take to reduce BLM to two protests?

    Again, BLM is not a monolith; its activists and their supporters are a diverse group of people facing down a culture of mass murder against the Black community. Time will tell whether there is long-term wisdom in an early focus on Sanders, intentional or not, but BLM is a young organization, both in time and membership, and clearly has much, much more to do. Its activists are finding their way, just like ACT UP did. It’s inconvenient truths are not presented to make the establishment–or prospective establishment–feel comfortable.

    The notion that two protests against a single candidate by a non-centralized organization constitute a relevant statistical universe is absurd, but not as absurd as the hysteria that motivates jumping to the conclusion that BLM is a Clinton/Rove plot. It smacks of the same paranoid and patronizing bullshit handed out to ACT UP, all of it at bottom some version of “Behave, Fags, Behave”. I was there, and I remember it well.

    I pray Black Lives Matter will keep protesting, keep interrupting, keep standing up, and keep acting up. I stand with Black Lives Matter, inconveniences–to Bernie, Hillary, or anyone else–be damned.

  4. How did you get this post past the 1000 character limit ?

    I am interested to know the particular backgrounds of these individual, supposed #BLM reps. Where did they come from ? Any affiliation with ultra right wing billionaire Paul Singer that funds radicals and anarchists in purpose to rabble-rouse ?

  5. Membership has its privileges. Now who are they funded by I have no idea but in this day and age if they were funded by Reich wing org. or by anyone in the Democratic party I am quite sure they would have been outed.

  6. There are a few differences between LIBERALS & DEMOCRATS, I consider myself a liberal, I’m so liberal, that Carl Marx said “SOME” things I agree with! Bernie Sanders and I go back to 2005, I’ve listened to him EVERY friday on the Thom Hartmann show and if he said ANYTHING I perceived to be racist, trust and believe, I’d be here shouting about it! Bernie Sanders is senator of Vermont! theres probably 3 A.A.’s in the whole state! I’m JOKING! chill out, Bernie isn’t a loud mouth GRANDSTANDING politician, he isn’t just for equality for A.A.’s, he like JFK, want equality for the under privilege, BLM in Seattle obviously didn’t do their research! which tells me, it’s another STUPID A$S palor trick! the oligarchs are scared $HITLESS of Bernie! hell, Hillary is too, do ANY of you really think Hillary would be talking like a FDR, if Sanders wasn’t pushing her A$S? BTW where was this LIBERAL Hillary during the 2007 run? WALL STREET has a way of stripping away ones LIBERALISM, huh!

  7. BTW I would like add that this is just a bunch of bullshit like Trump. Myself I would like to read more on domestic and foreign policy than who I want to have a beer with type of fluff

  8. Proof Hillary Clinton is Behind BlackLivesMatter

    That Evil Hillary Clinton has done it again to that lovely Sanders. She had the means to fund BlackLivesMatter before they matter because of George Soros! This is horrible and Hillary Clinton has Explaining to do

    George Soros funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action

    Liberal billionaire gave at least $33 million in one year to groups that emboldened activists

  9. …DJ, you know GD well that “Behave Negro behave” is not the point I was {badly} attempting to make!!!
    …Black Lives Matter is something that needs to be addressed by ALL who would run for ANY public office…{And thanks for reminding me no organization is monolithic}…but they already jumped on Bernie before and he spoke directly to thier concerns…
    …so why disrupt him again??? Bernie is a “Soft” target…no real security, draws huge crowds, does not attack them back…the Law of Unintended Consequences would suggest that upon seeing how easily these 2 rushed Bernie, OTHERS might try…including those perhaps armed with more than a desire to hijack an audience…
    …THIS is what I’m trying to say: if they open a dialogue rather than scream like 6 year olds thier message would be better received…
    …but it seems like they’re saying “If you don’t talk all about US; we’ll make sure you can’t talk at all!!!”
    Is that gonna help the cause much???

  10. BLM whether it’s a splinter group or WHATEVER! the REAL leaders better get off their A$SES and denounce those idiots! because if they choose to sit silent, well in my eyes, they’ll be guilty of allowing them to use their name! I’ll say this again, I’m a very passionate VOCAL A.A. well LILY WHITE republican, on their BEST behavior would call me A ANGRY N-G-ER!, it’s all good! I enjoy the attention! Malcolm X was my hero, even more so than the honorable MLK, both men were giants! But I’m not just interested in A.A.’s RIGHTS, I’m passionate about HUMAN RIGHTS. WOMEN of ALL colors are fighting for human rights! the LGBT community the american indians, Asians, Latino’s! -My point is, WE ALL have a common enemy! it’s the oligarchs! it’s the WHITE POWER establishment! it’s the GOP who represents this bondage! I’m not interested in fighting with those two idiots at the Seattle rally! they’re just foolish PAWNS! I want the koch boys! I want sheldon adelson! that’s the enemy!

  11. @Kranky, @DJ is the monitor, he’s like that character in the Matrix, he’s ”THE SOURCE,” he holds all the keys lol I just wish Morpheus would stop going to the party store and dropping off his “BROWN BAG” of EVERCLEAR 190 proof, he’s graduated from Bacardi 151.

  12. Yes, the Washington Times caught the Soros plot back in January from his filings from the previous year.

    She is not only cunning, she made one of her millions of donors front the money and run guns to the enemy behind the border of area 51.

    Clear as mud. Carry on righteous lovely bern, you must rid the world of those agitating philanthropists on a mission to fund BLM.

    Everybody knows BLM formed to defeat Bernie.

    Damn Clinton triangulation.

    And getting the Koch bros, the aliens and Trump to all help too. Poor Bernie.

    Good thing he hired a black woman finally to help his “public face” and give him pointers on not doing what he has been doing…

  13. Hillary is just another run-of-the-mill politician.

    She won’t take stances on principal.

    She cowardly waits to read the “political climate” before she utters statements.


    I will still vote for her if she is primaried….because the GOP.

  14. It was his S.S., Medicare, and Medicaid speech at Westlake Park that was interrupted by the protesters (which were not representatives of BLM, as they claimed).

    I was at the Hec Ed. rally. It was a lot of fun.


  15. Once again @Shadowolf, YOU nailed it perfectly, THANKS for that post. BTW @DJ, I’m a fan of yours, whether you approve or disapprove of my rants. I appreciate you! now let me get a swig of some of that EVERCLEAR.

  16. tomorrow, in Los Angeles, there will be 17000 in the sports arena. the amount of press he will get? zero. same as last night 15000 in seattle, with 5000 who couldn’t get in, last week largest grass roots event ever, zero media. think there’s a reason? yep, the banksters, and corporate fascist media wont tell you. the only one who did ed schultz, got canned for it. comcast is nbc now kids, no more progressive messaging.

  17. you know there are black ops, and syops, going on in the dnc, and the rnc. bernie is growing with each event, and that one without security will have to change. where’s his secret service protection? i thought all serious candidates now get security help. good thing this was just a protest, next time it might be some nutjob.
    and yes, i wouldnt put it past hillarys backroom pulling crap.

  18. I will be at that event, and when I RSVPed for it I also volunteered to help with putting on the event. I’m stoked about being there, and helping in the event.

  19. It does stink of establishment/status quo/Clintonian dirty tricks. I also wouldn’t put something like this past Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC chair and Hillary backer. She needs to step down as DNC chair just for the 2014 asswhooping alone.

  20. i want to go. but have to work, and parking a car there is $25! bernie also needs help in his multimedia setups. last nights event on you tube and livestream was a technical bust, and they had to resort to a cellcam feed. thats amatuer hour crap. i know, i work in tv post production in crummywood. bernies org needs to up the social multimedia game. its cheap, and the kids are watching.

  21. I am taking the Metrolink in from Riverside, then the Red Line to get there. I have friends who work in Downton LA who will be going to the event and I’ll get a ride home from them. I have received a confirmation from the organizers that I will be a volunteer for the event. I’m stoked and excited to be a part of it. I’ll be there ready to work at 3:00pm. Have you been in contact with the campaign to offer your services for production and multimedia assistance? If not this link will help.

  22. Kranky, if you go to the About Us tab on this website, that would answer all your questions as to who, how, why and what a Djchefron is.

    That’s the problem with our world today.

    Too many are just interested in stating an opinion instead of asking questions or being curious enough to seek answers.

  23. Alex Jones has an interesting take on BLM.
    The Sanders Threat
    The establishment considers Bernie Sanders a threat to the campaign of one of their preferred candidates: Hillary Clinton.

    “Sanders — a self-described democratic socialist — has seen his crowds swell and is gaining ground in the polls on the formidable Democratic front-runner, Hillary Rodham Clinton. In New Hampshire, where Sanders was on yet another weekend swing, one survey last week showed him within 8 percentage points of Clinton,” The Washington Post reported in June.

    The fear is Sanders will win the crucial Iowa and New Hampshire primaries…

  24. The fear is Sanders will win the crucial Iowa and New Hampshire primaries…

    Really? When has those lily white states decide who win the nomination in either the Democratic or republican primaries. And infowars? Don’t insult us

  25. Many thanks, knight ! I did not know that one had to ask for transparency. Will keep that in mind.

    In that light, here’s some info on myself:
    I’ve met six persons that were or became president. ( JFK, RMN, LBJ, Carter, Clinton, Obama ). Shook hands with LBJ, Carter, Clinton, Obama.
    Was an underage volunteer for LBJ in ’64, then the same ‘clean for Gene’ McCarthy in ’68 and later for RFK. Was one of the first to volunteer for Carter when he was still ‘Jimmy Who ?’ in ’75. Helped Jesse Jackson in both ’84 and ’88. Volunteered w/ Clinton in ’92 and ’96. Was very influential in helping my excellent senator, Russ Feingold, win re-election in ’98 in a very close contest. Was a Deaniac in ’03/’04. Made over 1,000 calls for Obama both in ’08 and ’12, along with many other activities.

  26. @Kranky, your political experience is very much appreciated! I bet you’ve got some interested stories to tell about some of our democratic politicians. getting a chance to meet LBJ would have been one of the highlights of my life! I envy you.

  27. …anybody accusing a Democrat of Felony Conspiracy or any such better have evidence that would pass muster in a court of law…

  28. Attendance Sunday night at Portland’s Moda Center estimated 17,000+ …up to 19,000.

    No disruption as campaign spokesperson Simone Ssnders addresses the audience before the Senator speaks .

  29. Much appreciation here, knight. Shook hands with LBJ just before he gave his campaign speech in ’64 before a huge crowd at the airport. Got my picture in the paper as LBJ was quite an imposing figure and I was still rather small ( 9 years old ). I remember he had these enormous hands that felt like kid gloves.
    Also had the privilege to meet Dr. Ralph Abernathy and Charles Evers at the same event.

  30. I am sorry but Black Lives Matter is only one issue and should not be treated like the ONLY issue. It is important but no more important than the Iran deal, ISIS, Climate Change, Wars and the military budget, Gun Laws, TPP, Keystone XL, GMO’s, Social Security, et al. We all have our pet issues. We should become informed about all issues but when two people can disrupt an event by screaming and yelling and shoving a Presidential candidate, enough is enough. If two white people had attacked President Obama at a speech they would have been arrested. These protestors, could have read Bernie Sanders position papers and they would have found all the answers they were demanding. They could have called his office and made an appointment to sit down and talk to him. I was a supporter of BLM but they have turned me off .

  31. I agree with Charlotte. I am also sympathetic to the BLM movement. But the two women who disrupted Bernie Sanders don’t have a clue that they are shooting themselves in the foot. Find out where Bernie Sanders stands before you embarrass yourselves, BLM. Read about Bernie Sanders’ long history of support of the civil rights movement. You just shut down a person who is in your corner. Not smart at all. This kind of stupidity causes people to turn away, and you brought it on yourselves. But of course you’ll cry that you’re not receiving the respect you deserve. Try being respectful if you want respect.

  32. From what I have read those 2 idiots were not affiliated with BLM. One of them is a radical christian who supports Sarah Palin. The national BLM movement has demanded that those 2 idiots in Seattle apologize to Bernie Sanders and the people of Seattle. I also read that BLM Seattle does not exist and that website was put up a day or 2 before the incident. I hope those 2 idiots are being investigated.

  33. I’m not unsympathetic to the cause of BLM. I am, however, unsympathetic to their disrupting Democratic campaigning and their unprofessional way of gaining attention.

    I get that they’re frustrated and angry. But acting like uneducated, obnoxious loud-mouths will not gain them the legitimacy or attention they’re seeking, especially when they’re biting the hand that feeds them.

  34. B 905ernie is NOT on any corporation’s, Koch”s, or big bank donor list…SOOO, ifyou want a real change..
    1…Send your donation to Bernie POBox905.Burlington VT. 05492
    2 Vote ONLY for Democrats in the Congress & Senate
    3Make sure to vote in the Primary elections for Bernie!!!!!
    WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. The BLM has NOT disowned those two women. They say they are not going to apologize to Bernie and they are not going to ask the two women to apologize either.

    Apparently BLM is not a tight organization and anybody can start a local chapter. But they better think twice about these tactics if they want continued support.

  36. Whyare we trying to democratize every country,whe n our democracyis for the 1% and not the rest of us?????????????

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