Bernie Sanders Drops A Truth Bomb On Republicans By Calling Out Sexist Attacks On Hillary Clinton

bernie sanders face the nation
While Republicans pretend to care about women in an attempt to get rid of Donald Trump, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called out the GOP’s sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton during an interview on Face The Nation.


During an interview on CBS’ Face The Nation, Sen. Sanders was asked if the people who are are connecting Clinton’s emails to honesty and trustworthiness are mistaken and giving in to gossip.

The Democratic presidential candidate answered, “I think for a variety of reasons Hillary Clinton has been under all kinds of attack for many many years. In fact, I can’t think of many personalities who have been attacked for more reasons than Hillary Clinton. And by the way, let me be frank, I’m running against her, some of it is sexist. I don’t know that a man would be treated the same than Hillary is. So all that I can say is that I have known Hillary Clinton for twenty-five years. I admire her. I respect her. I like her. She and I have very different points of view on a number of issues.”

Sen. Sanders went on to list the areas where the two candidates disagree.

Sanders’ answer demonstrated why Democrats are in a position to win in 2016. The Democratic candidates agree on the party’s values. At a time when Republicans are cynically trying to drum Donald Trump out of their party based on sexist remarks, Bernie Sanders is calling out the sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton.

A candidate with less integrity would be trying to use Hillary Clinton’s gender against her, but that is not who Bernie Sanders is as a person. It is important that members of the left call out sexist attacks against Clinton by the media and Republicans because she can’t do it herself. If Clinton were to call out the sexist attacks against her, she would be criticized for complaining, and the attacks would double or triple.

President Obama has been subjected to racist attacks since his first run for the White House, but Obama has never been able to address bluntly the racism directed at him. Because she is a woman, Hillary Clinton is facing similar attacks.

Bernie Sanders dropped a bomb on Republicans and their newfound concern about sexism and repeatedly has shown himself to be an honorable person who deserves respect whether one supports his candidacy or not.

75 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Drops A Truth Bomb On Republicans By Calling Out Sexist Attacks On Hillary Clinton”

  1. I’m glad he said this because I’ve been dismayed at the Republicans who attack Hillary Clinton by using the misdeeds of her husband against her.

    That’s not fair and it wouldn’t be done in reverse.

  2. Just as we needed a bi-racial President to be the political “trailblazer” (the current President), we need Hillary Clinton to be President so that we can get through the first administration of a female president.
    Don’t get me wrong: the GOP will continue to attack her and even more so should she win the White House. But, advantage Democrats as they’ve already given us the first bi-racial President and appear to be giving us our first female President.

  3. The GOPers have used racial/ethnic remarks constantly for the past 8 years against Barack then they simply deny it on camera.

    So OF COURSE GOPers will use Sexist remarks against Hillary then simply deny it on camera. The “media” has no spine to point this out.

  4. I agree it is long past time for a woman to be POTUS, but I feel that Hillary Clinton is the wrong woman for the job. If Elizabeth Warren had been running I would be supporting her. Hillary Clinton is the establishment/status quo candidate of big money donors, Wall Street, big energy, and the big banks. She refuses to give her opinion regarding the TPP, and Keystone XL pipeline. If she does end up as the nominee I will hold my nose and mark my ballot for her, but it will be a vote against the GOP.

  5. John. I believe you are confusing “establishment” with “experience.” Looking at Hillary’s entire life background and the causes she has championed over time may help.

  6. As far as the keystone pipeline is concern since that’s a done deal can you please tell me what candidate has come out about trains carrying the same tar sands oil that are blowing up that they will stop?

  7. Bernie has integrity! My view is that the attacks on Hillary are not based on her being female but rather fact that she cannot be trusted and is void of integrity.

  8. John, Elizabeth Warren is not seasoned enough…it would be like PBO’s difficult early struggle in the WH.

    Hillary has more experience under her belt for than ANY political Candidate ever in U.S.History! Plus a brilliant Right-Hand-Man with previous Presidential Experience.

    Honestly, I don’t think she will Feed The Rich! She wants to do good and she knows the way!

    Hillary Clinton could easily become another Franklin Roosevelt!

    CLINTON-SANDERS Is a Winning Ticket!

  9. I respect Bernie- because he extends it. It’s a breath of fresh air from a politician.

    Republicans LOATHE Obama.

    Republicans LOATHE Hillary.


  10. Thought experiment?

    What if the reason republicans Detest Hillary is because she exemplifies the kind of Competent Woman that makes their balls creep up into their abdominal cavity?
    Or would it be because she reminds them of their first wives- before they dumped them?

    Just thinking out loud.

  11. Young republican and Goldwater Girl in 1964. In bed with Wall Street, and Wall Street banks. On Walmarts board at one time. On Monsanto’s board at one time. She is status quo. She identifies too much with the wealthy elite more than the middle class.

  12. And she will use that experience to maintain and expand the status quo. I have had enough and the nation has had enough of the status quo. That is why Bernie Sanders is on fire where Hillary is either stagnant or losing ground. She is not the right person for the job.

  13. She was attacked from the GOP stage on Thursday 34 times because she is the frontrunner and to say otherwise IS sexist!

  14. This site posted a stupid error filled screed from Elizabeth Warren to Mary Jo White. It was instantly dismissed in its entirety by Obama, Mary Jo White and Politico among other news sources step by step.

    But Mary Jo didn’t give her rebuttal letter till July 10th and it was widely reported on but not here. It is a good read and not a hint of arm waving non-sense. Professional and grown up response to a childish ignorant and entirely wrong (FEC not SEC!) letter.

  15. Moongrim … I agree that the Republicans loathe Obama and also loathe Hillary. They haven’t gone on the attack against Bernie Sanders, yet, but you surely know that if Sanders is elected the Dem nominee, the attacks against him will be unlike anything you have ever seen or heard before. Right now, Bernie’s doing okay, but he’s campaigning in a fire-free zone. Hillary, on the other hand, has been under constant attack for years and especially since she announced she was running for President in 2016. So, I wouldn’t be too cocky if I were you. Whoever gets the Democratic nomination will need something like two billion dollars to fight back against the Republican attack machine; and that includes Bernie Sanders. Personally, I don’t believe he would be able to do it. You can’t bring a sling-shot to a gun fight. Citizens United will never be overturned unless there is a Democratic President, but to elect the next Democratic President will require tons of money. HC knows this…

  16. Grim, I’m telling you A CLINTON/SANDERS Ticket would Win Big!
    Sanders is getting NO National Coverage whatsoever…except for this latest.

    Only the Millennials are hearing his Message. It reminds me of Election 1972 when NIXON won every State! National News hardly spoke of McGovern’s ideas, People never heard what George McGovern was saying, except for we Boomers! And we watched NIXON Clean His Clock!

    But many/many Republican Women would vote for Hillary…her ideas are wonderful.
    (Wait until you hear them)
    And with Bernie by her side….
    2016 Would be an absolute Blow-Out!
    Leaving Republicans in the Dust…Again!

    Look at the 1972 Map:,_1972

    Keep an OPEN MIND! It’s so early!

  17. A properly run grassroots campaign can, has, and will beat out big money every time and Bernie Sanders is a master of grassroots campaigning. This is why the MSM, establishment/status quo is so terrified of him and why the MSM won’t cover him. When Bernie is inaugurated in 2017 teh political revolution he is spearheading will be in full force and the change our country needs will begin to happen.

  18. Bottom line is this, The Dems have men who are real gentlemen

    The GOP..well to quote the Donald…they are deviants…one thing I actually agree with that the Donald has ever said.

  19. Never happen.

    I like several women actually who are well suited to not only become POTUS but who are personable and would handle diplomacy well. Sheila Jackson Lee and Amy Klobuchar come to mind. Sherrod Brown – OHIO plus his qualities. Julian Castro – diplomacy, well educated and VP like statesman and Hispanic – will GOTV and bring life to the ticket.

    Sanders, eh. No charm. No humor. Not a dem.

  20. The GOP loathes Hillary because she is a strong, intelligent, accomplished woman. That is too much for a GOP male to endure.

  21. Mick, you say Hillary can’t be trusted?

    The clowns running for the GOP cannot be trusted…so what’s the big deal? Perry has been indicted. Walker let someone else take the fall for him, and the others are friends of pedophile, like Huckabee..

    I’d trust Hillary before I’d ever trust a GOP man. I would not even date a man who was GOP. The GOP are Koch puppets so none of them can be trusted.

  22. Why did BlackLivesMatter idiotically and retardedly attempt to sabotage Senator Sander’s speech?

    What better ally do they have?

    Good luck with that strategy.


  23. GOP is Scared To Death of HRC!
    They know she will Win-Big and with Bernie Sanders at her side…Katy Bar The Door!

  24. She was never on monsanto board.

    She was a teenager.

    blah, blah.

    All attacks against her are due to her power over you. And it just feels even better because it is a woman at the top so you have to lie and smear her to try to keep her down.

    Why? Does she strike a nerve in wealthy white men from the suburbs who are older who have always pretended to support feminists?

    This topic is sexism – Go Emily’s List. Go Now. Go League of Women Voters. Go Women’s Dem. Caucus. For all women. Everywhere.

    Salon doesn’t like Hillary much, never has. But even they can see writing on the freaking wall.

  25. So where was you during Act- up or code pink? Stop it with you white progressivism. You are the same fukers that denigrated the President because he didn’t give you your shiny unicorns. And you know what, your savoir will let you down too because you dumbasses like the teabaggers don’t understand how the government works

  26. Audrey, I agree with you. Right now the GOP has not attacked Bernie Sanders. But you wait…they will be vicious. First of all they will start with “he is a socialist…he is going to take and redistribute your hard earned money to lazy people who want stuff for free..etc.”

    Then, will come the age factor. Of course, the fact that he is Jewish will also enter into the mix.

    I think they have not attacked him yet, b/c they are kind of shell shocked that he has the amount of support that he has. But believe me, they will do the nasty to him as well.

  27. Regardless of who wins the presidency, it won’t amount to anything if we don’t make big changes in Congress. Otherwise,it will be four (maybe eight) more years of obstructionist, Tea Party nonsense. We can’t afford that.

  28. The GOP is more terrified of Bernie Sanders than they are of Hillary. he can do something Hillary can’t. he can turn their base against them.

  29. Hillary is a female Richard Nixon…She will say anything to get in office and do whatever she wants to do…She has a weak record of achievement as Sec of State and senator. I really believe if she was properly investigated that she would be in jail. Funny that in my life 2 presidents dealt with impeachment…Clinton & Nixon. I believed in Clinton when Bill ran but then reality set in…With them it is 1 thing after another. So far I view Kasich as best in GOP field and in Dem side Bernie…Sanders bit extreme so hope is that Biden enters.

  30. Hillary achieved little to nothing of benefit for the USA…She is good at flying all over the world to hustle money for Clinton Foundation and influence peddle. She held high positions then failed to deliver…

  31. …Audrey, may I submit that anybody who has paid attention for the last 8+ years would perhaps fail to see ’em go deeper in the sewage as they have thus far…I mean between Obama and Clinton{both} they’ve pretty well scraped the bottom o’ the septic tank thier “ideas” flow{seep}from…

    There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.
    Harry S Truman

  32. Because she takes large amounts of money from Wall Street, Wall Street banks, and corporate lobbies. What unions that have come out in support of her have uprisings amongst their members because they do not support Hillary. Hillary is going to listen to, and work for her donors before she works for the American people.

  33. Bernie has momentum and is going uphill. Hillary is going down hill. To be honest, I have been voting democratic for the last 20 years, I don’t trust her to do anything for the country besides raising her own net worth. The email server lies, the clinton foundation facade for money laundering and her evasiveness on issues adds to her disapproval. If Bernie does not win, I hope Johh Kaisich does on the republican side and I will vote for him.

  34. I generally agree with most of your post, and would have clicked like except for one huge point.

    Under no circumstances whatsoever can a republican be elected POTUS ever again. The GOP must be destroyed and disbanded. Even if that means (and this brings up a trace of vomit) electing Hillary.

  35. This is true Dj. I do know this though. Bernie Sanders will truly be on the side of the middle class and working poor, and because of his grassroots strategy will only be accountable to the people and not the super pac donors and lobbies. The same cannot be said for Hillary who is taking their money and will look out for their interests before the middle class and working poor. The old saying “you never bite the hand that feeds you” applies here.

  36. You hit the nail on the head…I am tired of this red-vs-blue thing…I am not republican or democrat…I am American and this constant infighting is a bulk of the problem…The red hates the blue and the blue hates the red…Skunds like Dr Seuss race fight…We need to breakout of this and take a new path.

  37. Truthfully, the rehtugs will attack any Dem running for office. It’s just the nature of the beast. we all know they do not play fair so why even suggest it will be any different now? Expect the worst from the thugs and plan on how to counter them.

  38. This is not a sports competition or American Idol. you don’t have to pick one and stick with it. It takes more than one person to run the government properly – 3 separate and equal branches. Congress and SCOTUS have roles.
    Time to hold Congress’ feet to the fire. And the States The root of the rot is State government making constitutional rights ‘optional.’

  39. Please don’t do that. A thug is always a thug, and never change their spots. Think of the last many years thugs have been in power, we have had one war after another, business is sent over seas, unions are made almost extent, education almost impossible for the working class student to afford, they will repeal medical, will sell off all public held property, will start another war or two, will create more home schooling, so the public becomes more and more uninformed. That’s what you want??

  40. Mick,

    Too many Bernie Sanders’ supporters take the same position as you do – and the GOP. You (and they) say Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted, Hillary Clinton should be in jail. But you don’t provide any, ANY, evidence that she has ever violated any law. Has she been indicted? NO. Has she been arrested? NO. Has she been convicted? OF COURSE NOT. It’s easy to make claims. I can make a baseless claim that you, Mick, are a crook. But without evidence my claim would be empty hot air and should be ignored by anyone with any sense of justice and fairness.

  41. AndyfromVA, I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. While I do not trust Hillary to be POTUS I do not call for her arrest, I believe her on Benghazi, don’t give a shit one way or another about her email server, and I certainly don’t want to see her in jail.

    The reason I do not trust Hillary is because I don’t trust any politician who accepts big money donations from corporations, Wall Street, Wall Street banks, big energy, big agriculture, billionaires, and super PACs. Hillary does and that is why I cannot trust her. She holds small private $2700 a plate fundraisers while Bernie Sanders packs stadiums and doesn’t charge a cent. All that big money will want something in return and that is where Hillary’s loyalties will lie which means the middle class and working poor will continue to lose big.

  42. If Sanders would win the nomination would he decline funds from the DNC? Would he only depend on his grassroots donors to propel him to the presidency? If he plans on shutting out the party he wants to represent then he would do better to run as an independent. If he wants to make change he would do better to take a page out of the Presidents playbook. Win the office, make the change. Otherwise we’ll repeat 1972 all over and give the presidency to the republicans. Sanders is a smart man, he understands whats at stake. His objective is to pull Hillary as far to the left as he can. Then he wins also. He gets his platform out there.

  43. Rin….In reference to the article as written in concise and succinct terms…One can only say “And The Truth Will Hopefully Set You Free(or Put a Light Bulb in One’s Head)to the Real Story..!!…I just continue to Simply Say…”YAWN/YAWNING….!!!!….GO HILLARY..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Francie, as you said Bernie is a very smart man and I’ll take that a step further and say he is a very wise man as well. If he wins the nomination I think he would take DNC money to win the election. That is if the DNC offers it to him. I think Debbie Wasserman Schultz might withhold money from the Sanders campaign out of spite and malice for defeating Hillary.

  45. Then he’ll be taking money from Wall Street. DWS wants a democrat in the White House. I doubt she will withold funds. When it comes down to it everyone, including Sanders has to play the game.

  46. Francie, Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants Hillary in the White House. She has set a debate schedule with 2 of those debates happening after the primaries have already started. WTF is up with that? I wouldn’t put it past her to throw the election if Hillary was to be defeated for the nomination. The DNC will be holding it’s annual convention in San Diego. I am a very active in my local Democratic party and none of us like DWS. There is a lot of distrust of DWS after 2014 beating and a lot of us nationwide want her to step down as DCN chair. We intend to demand it and if she refuses then force her out with a vote of no confidence. if Bernie wins the Democratic nomination he will be the effective Democratic leader. He would be in a position to order the DNC to return that Wall Street money. Like you said play the game. Bernie knows how to do that.

  47. John, DWS isn’t my favorite person either but throwing the election if Hillary doesn’t win the nomination, is a conspiracy theory worthy of a republican. Don’t buy that one and I’m taking drugs because I had a root canal. They’re kicking in now and I’ll leave it at that.

  48. What would the other side do if every time Jeb!’s name was mentioned, the fact of his wife’s trying to avoid customs on a trip back from France was brought up? Or his daughter’s rampant drug use? Or his son being caught vandalizing a house of an ex girlfriend? None of this is mentioned in regards to any other candidate. The gop get a free pass, when Hillary is supposed to apologize for the rest of her life for Bill’s wandering eye.

  49. John, I can’t reply to you down below, but you accused DWS of doing something wrong by scheduling two debates after the primaries have started. Did you pay attention in 2008 at all? There were plenty of debates after Iowa and NH in that race. Do you want the whole race decided by two small states? I don’t. I’d like my vote to count and one thing I have trouble with is letting the same two states having primary say-so in who our nominee is every single time. It’s not what the DP should stand for.

  50. Mick,

    You may not want to align yourself with either the Repubs or the Democrats but, in today’s political reality, only the two parties have the power. If you don’t support the Democrats you are supporting the Republicans. And if you do support the Republicans, you are sentencing America to years of misery. I hope you think about this.

  51. Bernie Sanders with Zephyr Teachout as vp. She could be the next president after Bernie and is young enough to last. Elizabeth Warren is needed elsewhere and would not make a good president. Her place is where she could do the best in a finance position.
    Go Bernie!

  52. The Democratic Party Convention, as announced long ago, will be in Philly not in San Diego as erroneously stated above.

    As for campaign finance information and all else said above as well – NOT close to how it works in reality.

  53. You can try to spin it anyway you want, but the bottom line: It’s all about the money! With the koch criminal enterprise ready to spend $$$ to further their facist agenda, it doesn’t matter whether we like it or not,the Democrat has to spend just as much to even have a fighting chance. Allowing the kochs to complete their takeover is just unthinkable! President Obama’s election has brought racism out from under the rock for all the world to see. Yes, it’s ugly but there it is. He has been attacked and vilified for the “sin” of being half black. What you are about to see is the same thing only with misogyny. It has to be brought to light for the ugliness it is. Hillary has been and will continued to be attacked and villified simply because she is threat to white males of privilege. Why do you think the gopee is obsessed with controlling women’s bodies? Preogressives have to stop attacking our own candidates. That’s exactly what the reich-wing wants. Grow up people!

  54. John, are you ever around any die hard republicans? I hate to admit it, but thats all I work with. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and sit through the bullshit. Where did you get the absurd notion republicans are afraid on Sanders? Sanders is who they WANT to get the nomination. I’m home based in Cincinnati, but my territory is the south. Believe me when I tell you, republicans want Sanders to get the democratic nomination, like democrats want Trump to be the republican nominee. Thats the least credible thing I’ve seen you post.

  55. Damn… one of the more clear headed fair and honest analysis of american politics I have heard in a long long time…

    This guy will clearly not stand a chance … on the dirty game of billionaire puppeteers controlling the US political class

  56. It’s got nothing to do with her idiot Husband. I bet you don’t watch the news. She has been doing all kinds of illegal things and should be in prison.

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