Debate Backfires On Fox News As Crazies Trump, Cruz, and Carson Rise to Top 3 In New Poll


An NBC News poll taken after the Republican debate revealed some bad news for Fox News. All of their favorite establishment candidates lost support while the lunatic fringe led by Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson rose to the top three positions.


The new Republican top seven are:

Marco Rubio was the only Fox News favored candidate to remain in the top 5, and he had one-third the amount of support of Donald Trump. Fiorina wasn’t even invited to the main debate, but her performance in the early debate vaulted her into the top five.

What is most telling is that the top three slots are being occupied by candidates who have no chance in a general election. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson are the kind of candidates that Republican voters adore, but who would get crushed in November. Fox News was especially gentle with Rubio, Bush, and Walker. Rubio maintained his position of single-digit support among voters while Bush and Walker lost support.

The intention behind the Fox News debate was to build up the “electable” Republican candidates while getting rid of Donald Trump and ignoring the other fringe campaigns. Fox News failed on both counts. Instead of rallying their troops behind someone who could win, Fox gave momentum to the far right.

Donald Trump’s post debate support is about the same as it was before the Megyn Kelly fiasco. If the goal was to get rid of Trump, the numbers from NBC’s scientific Internet survey indicate that they didn’t get the job done. Bush and Walker were like oatmeal and cream of wheat on the debate stage. Dull doesn’t even begin to describe their lackluster performances, so it is no surprise they were not a hit with viewers.

Fox News might have helped the Republican Party lose the election by trying to pick the nominee for voters. Fox may guide the Republican Party, but the inmates are running the asylum.

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  1. Well, to quote a saying from one of my ancestral countries, they started this round dance, and now they can’t get out of it.

  2. trump, Cruz, and Carson (I hear trump hates when his name is not capitalized)?

    So much for Reason and Modernity.

    How is the GOP base different from ISIS?

  3. And Rand Paul is going to be sent down to the “Minor Leagues” for his shameful pathetic performance on Thursday night. Carly Fiorina will be brought up to the “Big Leagues” in his stead. (I don’t like her). But she will be in the loop now. Destined to fail, anyway in the long run.
    By the way? How did Ted Cruz and Carson move up? Ted should drop; and Carson, to me, was stagnant and lackluster…they showed me nothing much. (MY Democrat’s eyes tells me this). Kasich held his own. Rubio showed me he STUDIED his talking points for days, and parroted every line, without missing a beat…that’s why they say he looked soooo good. BS, he just crammed his talking points better and mouthed them out like a parrot. Plus, I can’t see him out front facing the BIG boys of the world representing the USA.

  4. Isn’t it fun watching the GOP fall to pieces?

    Trump is their tar baby. They have no way of controlling him, they can’t get rid of him, and the fringe keeps shredding off to follow him.

    Politics as farce.

  5. Calling Trump, Cruz, and Carson “crazy” is inherently disrespectful to crazy people.

  6. Whacko candidates or not, the GOP is NEVER going to win the White House next year because they’ve alienated the blacks, the Hispanics, the gays, women, and just about anybody under the age of 50.

    Half of their base have one foot in the grave as it is, so who the hell do they think is going to vote for them?

    At this point, it doesn’t matter who wins the GOP nomination. They are toast and it couldn’t be happening to a more deserving group of people. Bye, Felicia.

  7. The Fox Effect at work. Whatever Fox tries to do, exactly the opposite happens. The “Fair and Balanced” news network boasts the highest ratings, yet their viewership are the least informed in the country. Now they are trying to be the Kingmakers of the GOP, and their efforts to cut Trump down to size have backfired in spectacular fashion.

    In the end, all managed to do was show America just how crazy the GOP field really is.

  8. LMFAO, I gave up on the republican party years ago, these idiots just bought the farm, they’re too far gone! Trust me! my black republican parents were captured by the cult too. But what makes it really tragic was, they couldn’t use WHITE PRIVILEGE as an excuse, the LILY WHITE religious wing bewitched them! ANYWAY, can we stop with this GOP presidential nonsense? rafael cruz isn’t going to be president of $HIT! the GOP WHITE power structure is going to let a hispanic be their presidential candidate! and anybody truly believes uncle Ben carson is going anywhere within the GOP, is delusional, the GOP base just like cruz, is going to allow that! Heres the reality, Colin Powell was the only non caucasian that even HAD a snowballs chance in hell of going ANYWHERE! but the GOP WHITE power structure destroyed him with that phony 911 misinformation! LMFAO they USED Powell as their disposable FRONTMAN! lol

  9. I was a moderate Republican for most of my life then switched when Prop8 was supported by my local bigots. I wish I could still vote in the California Republican primary…I would so vote for Trump just to see the circus continue.

  10. Sorry to go off subject, but have you all read the letter which is in the NYT today, it is from the countries top 29 scientists
    in the nuclear field, it was written to pRES Obama about the deal with Iran, every
    person should read it. If and when you do –
    do not forget that the crazy republicans think they know more than these people (although they claim not to be scientists)
    It is a thorough critique of the deal.

  11. “Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson are the kind of candidates that Republican voters adore, but who would get crushed in November.”

    With your astute reasoning, you’d think that mushy moderates such as McCain and Romney would have won. Why on earth should Republicans follow that failed scenario again? Perhaps, a Cruz, who sounds very Reaganesque, would win in a landslide.

    I especially like how he won Medellin v Tx in the Supreme Court and saved our states sovereignty from UN rule.

  12. Somehow we’re suppose to believe this is all part of that deep bench strategy the msm has spent the last two days forcing down our throats? Seriously?

  13. FYI – Boy that Schumer, you need to read the pandering letter he wrote today to the Times of Israel telling them he would not vote for the Iran deal. They are literally drooling over him.

  14. …we got too many o’ our supposed lawmakers taking thier orders from Nutty-yoyo…we need to kick ’em all the way to Israel…I’m sure they’d be a hit in the Knesset…NOT…

  15. Learjet:

    AND the Asian votes too.
    Plus the silent majority of: Muslim-Americans (who WILL and CAN vote), the Iranian-Americans (Persians) who will and CAN vote; the myriad of people of European descent who don’t align themselves with the Republican Party, who seems to be AGAINST all foreigners (American continent, African continent, European continent, South American Continent, the Carribbean, the Middle-Eastern Americans, Russian-Americans (for obvious reasons), and EVERY immigrant from around the world who are now have voting privileges….WILL vote AGAINST the Republican party. The silent majority, y’all. They are NOT in the Republican’s calculations, these folks are ignored too. But, guess what? They don’t see them; and they are ALL over the United States—-And they VOTE!

  16. Yes, rubio had well-studied and well-rehearsed answers, even if they didn’t directly correspond to the questions he was asked.

    Moderators in future debates should ask follow-up questions and hold the candidate’s feet to the fire when they try to squirm out of answering the questions.

  17. Two Failed Business CEO’s. A failed Senator. A failed brain surgeon. And a failure of a perpetually thirsty Politico.

    Pox has chosen to denigrate Obama for years. And deep down many of the Pox-Watchers KNOW Obama got game.
    Conclusion- Pox Watchers naturally assume that anyone Pox denigrates- must be hot shit.

  18. knight4444:

    And don’t expect ANY minority candidate to be THE nominee of the Republican Party EVER (maybe in ten generations from now)…..
    No Hispanics, no Blacks, no Chinese, no Indian (see Bobby Jindal), no Jew, (although they would LOVE to have BIBI one day), and…lawd have mercy, no MUSLIM ever! you hear me. The earth would have had to be spinning from West to East other than East to West to make that a possibility. But we might see those racial and ethnic groups run AND win from the Democrat’s camp. One DAY. But NOT from the Republican’s side. So all the candidates with Hispanic names: CRUZ, RUBIO might as well pack up and go home (They are all show), then we have the “token” Black guy —AGAIN: Carson in there. Is he delussional? Is he kidding? He don’t smell the coffe? !!! WTF he doing there? ;)
    Anyway, I think we all concede that the Republican Party is NOT thinking of EVER putting a minority “In charge of their Party”—-Presidential at any time during the 21st C…

  19. I didn’t expect Schumer to go along with this deal.Do you want to know why? Remember he is Jewish (not that means anything) BUT! Iran is Israel’s “Enemy”, and EVEN if the deal is 100% PERFECT, Schumer will have to show that he is against it, to appease his Jewish brotha’s. Bibi said to him: You BETTER show solidarity with ME, or else. Don’t back your USA president, or else. Schummer said. Yessah, yessah,…master. And, as it was expected, voted, or came out against the DEAL. Guess what? He is going to live to regfret it politically. This Deal will be a master piece in the long run. And, of course…those who preferred to appease Israel, instead of the United States, will suffer the consequence. This deal is the deal that puts a STOP to Iran’s pipe dream of having Da Bomb. Why can’t they realize this? Oh, I see….It’s OBAMA. He brockered the deal, therefore it’s a No deal, deal in their warped, anti-Obama minds. Thank Bibi (the United States protegee, spokesperson). F …

  20. Ben Carson is brilliant, not crazy. He has bona fide intellectual credentials, with a medical degree from Yale and a history as chief of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins. And that kind of high pressure work also requires emotional stability. Maybe you disagree with his political views, but this does not make him intellectually or psychologically defective.

  21. Really? Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

  22. Fiorina will be another Palin-Type VP Candidate!
    Read-up on Fiorina, a horrible, horrible person!:
    EXCLUSIVE: White House hopeful Carly Fiorina’s claims of motherhood and ‘secretary to CEO’ rise to the top come under fire as ex-husband ridicules her as ‘calculating’ and tragic stepdaughter’s mom says: ‘Lori was MY daughter’

  23. As a New Yorker, Schumer will never get my vote. He has done it now, not supporting the President on the Iran deal, BS..Israel is obviously #1 rather than the USA.

    Sorry Chucky, voted for you twice before, but that’s it.

  24. I truly believe the GOP is now reaping what is has sowed. karma has finally taken aim at the despicable republicans and conservatives. the GOP circus will only get crazier as we approach November of next year.

  25. …perhaps Ben Carson IS all that in a cowboy hat…as a Neurosurgeon…perchance he figured the fact he was rich and well respected would erase the “AA” from his resume’…maybe…
    …then why does he say such STUPID pluckin’ lies???
    “Obamas administration like Gestapo.”…WTF???
    …such absurd totally idiotic lies do NOT sound like someone in the “Genius+” category…
    …I’m sorry…Carson sounds just as stupid as any other Teahadist…just as psychotic…
    Only he can change that…but will he???

  26. Thanks Joan .. I have continued to wonder & ask why so many Republican started running for president. Something just got more clear with your NYT article suggestion re: Letter to Obama from the countries top 29 scientist in the Nuclear field.

    It is not beyond those opposed to the Iran deal to work out a MAJOR distraction that pulls in the American public. Propaganda & advertising methods supreme. The large (ever before in the history of the US) number of republicans running, drew everyone’s attention away from the Nuke deal right before congress votes. Schumer’s announcement, inadvertantly is drawing the attention back, timed with the Letter from the scientists & NYT’s article.

    Think about it. Attempted diversion at it’s best.
    Refocus Americans. Don’t let Fox/Republicans/investors in war, get away with this.

  27. Ever heard the phrase, their so smart their stupid? Smart in a lot of areas, but a political box of rocks.

  28. Being supposedly brilliant doesn’t mean he has a clue how to govern. He makes statements that aren’t based in any reality. I would take Trump before Carson, although I can’t stand Trump.

  29. Ben Carson quotes:

    “Kids have what I call a built-in hypocrisy antenna that comes up and blocks out what you’re saying when you’re being a hypocrite”.

    “A lot of people who go into prison straight, and when they come out they’re gay”.

    “I think most people when they finish that course, they’d be ready to go sign up for ISIS.” (Ben Carson, claiming the AP history curriculum will cause students who learn about civil disobedience in this county to join a violent terrorist group.)

    “Anyone caught involved in voter fraud should be immediately deported and have his citizenship revoked.” (Ben Carson, advocating for stripping non-citizens of their non-existent American citizenship if they are caught voting.)

    He’s a moron!!!

  30. His high degree and job mean nothing in the area of politics, world view, and policy knowledge and development. I had a sister who was one of the most brilliant people in pharmacology in the country. High honors in both undergrad and grad. She was clueless about all of these kinds of things and in fact seemed to cling to old dogma from the ’50’s. She made the Tea Partiers look like high functioning geniuses. I also knew a head of a very well known college that specializes in business and technical education for working women. The woman had all kinds of letters after her name and yet was outspoken in her bigotry and made one commencement address famous for all time for taking the opportunity to display her “views” on what would make the world a better place. I knew male engineers who were top notch in their fields who were thick as a brick about anything else.

  31. At the beginning of the last 8 years:

    repubs promised during an inauguration dinner to do all they can to make sure President Obama gets none of his programs passed even if it hurts the country.

    Why don’t you see this as treason? repubs should be ashamed. Are you?

  32. I knew the debates weren’t going to Hurt Trump

    The people who he appeals to were going to view it as an “establishment hitjob” and go on supporting him

  33. I know what you mean chuck. My step daughters husband is a Senior Web Analyst for a major corporation. Smart as anyone I’ve ever known. But, you should have seen the day he tried to use a screwdriver. He look at it like it was a foreign object.

  34. Reynardine, ah come on, call what it really is — round dance is just a nice euphemism for a circle jerk.

  35. Thomas, I checked just to be sure — Schumer is one of the dual-citizens federal legislators — American and Israel.

    It seems this should be a conflict of interest. There needs to be a law that to be a federal legislator, you can only hold citizenship in the USA. No dual citizens allowed.

  36. Carly the ex CEO of HP, laid-off 30,000 employees and then shipped all those jobs overseas. Drove HP stock into the ground along with the company. Gets fired but still walks away with a $25 million severance package, nice job. Now she goes on the Sunday talk shows (and don’t call them news, cause they aren’t) and is saying that she was fired because she was standing up to the big guys. And Boxer whopped her ass good in a huge landslide in 2012.

  37. I’m half Asian, and I’m also under the age of 50 (31), and I’m even born and raised in California. I support Cruz and/or Carson. Whatever information you’re using to draw your faulty assumptions is inaccurate. I want the candidate who will tell us the TRUTH, not someone who will say the most pleasant things strictly for votes.

  38. Cruz is a pathological liar.

    You really should do some serious and I mean SERIOUS unbiased research on Ted Cruz.

    Don’t take my word for it… find out the truth for yourself. If you consider Cruz as one who tells the truth, then you have not done any viable, unbiased research.

    Research! I can’t emphasize that enough.

    You’ll find that the republican party is absolutely not your friend.

  39. Thanks for checking.
    See now we know why. His allegiance to his secondary “Mother Land”.

    Isn’t this the kind of thing that Republicans were afraid of when John F. Kennedy was elected? That he would, being a Catholic, be swayed or be beholden to the POPE? And govern based on 100% Catholic religious principles?
    Sounds like Schumer will go with Israel first, America second….to appease. ????
    Bibi rules.
    This is also the thinking when Obama showed up in the White House; that he would be aligned with AFRICA and the MUSLIMS, and the BLACKS. Yes this is what they were afraid of. But has Obama shown any particular favoritism there? Ruled overtly according to personal feelings towards his color and his father’s homeland? I don’t think so. If he did it was very diplomatic and with common sense and impartial.
    Like I said, when the Deal proves to be a Good deal, there will be pie in Schummers face and all the rest of them who are crying foul about this deal. (Read =It hurts Isr…

  40. Using the democratic process to democratically oppose the President is legal and constitutional. Not ‘treason’.

    The President is not an elected dictator, have you never heard of ‘checks and balances’?

  41. The difference?

    ISIS folks are actually willing to fight and die for their cause.

    GOP base are just too damned lazy to do the same.

  42. Thomas, you forgot female. The goopee will never put a female at the top of their ticket. They have Carly as their “token person with a vagina.” I think she is being groomed for the V.P. slot. The gopee tried that trick with $arah and it backfired. I still laugh because they thought Hillary supporters would vote for that digbat. But, you’re right about all the minorities. The gopee is the party of old, white, rich males. And, the fact is they are no longer the majority in this country. That’s why they are desparately fighting/hating everyone who’s NOT THEM!

  43. Sadly enough, that may be true. Our country is being taken over by deviates and socialists, who only want the government to take care of them. What they don’t seem to realize is that someone has to foot the bill. When it gets to the point that the producers get tired enough to give in, there is nothing left for takers to take.

  44. Did you realize that Ayn (rhymes with “behind”) Rand was a plagiarist? And that was only when she made sense at all.

  45. And, half the over 60 group who is sane and remembers well the how important Civil Rights are for everyone. We still support and advocate Civil & Equal Rights for all people.

  46. You obviously think that you know something about the south and Dr. Carson. Racism is the agenda of the left. Dr. Carson is a decent, brilliant man and I wouldn’t care if he was purple! I wouldn’t care if Obama was purple if he wasn’t a democrat. I’m sick of politicians and you should be as well. Shame on you for stating that we like Carson because of his skin color…you are the epitome of those striving to maintain division.

  47. I’m so very sorry that there are white people in the world, hopefully soon we will all just drop dead and then you will be a happy individual.
    Reading posts like yours reminds me why its hilarious that we are still labeled the racists! Enjoy you hatred.

  48. Wow what a little hypocrite. All you right wingers have done is accuse progressives of voting for Obama because he is black.Typical right wing childish nonsense, you can dish it out but you cannot take it. I take exception to your comment that Ben Carson is intelligent. Yes, he is/was a surgeon. Maybe he is an idiot savant or maybe he simply does not have any common sense. Face it, he is your token black person just like the pizza guy, Herman Cain.

  49. @dawn, nobody here hates white people, no one here is praying for white people to magically become extinct, I just want idiots like YOU to be extinct, that’s all and please PLEASE, don’t procreate! PLEASE!

  50. The same PNAC Gang who said we needed a New Pearl Harbor-Type incident for us to justify an attack to rebuild the Middle East in 2001.

    *Project For The New American Century*

    “Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force” became the subject of considerable controversy. The passage suggested that the transformation of American armed forces through “new technologies and operational concepts” was likely to be a long one, “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”

    “Absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor”!

    Bookmark It:
    Project for the New American Century

  51. For all you Cruz lovers, here’s a wee bit o’ news for your consideration as published on Bloomberg:

    “Heidi Cruz, 42, a Harvard Business School graduate who worked in President George W. Bush’s administration, joined Goldman Sachs in 2005 and was promoted to managing director, the firm’s second-highest rank, in 2012. She serves as regional head of the Houston office in the private wealth-management unit, which serves individuals and families who have on average more than $40 million with the firm.”

    Cruz is the same ole same ole!

    Carson is one who believes the founders created a “Christian” nation, instead of a nation of Christians. There is a huge difference. One opens the door for tyranny, the other intends to ensure against. One is about freedom, the other is about enslavement for non believers.

  52. Wow. I left some posts to encourage discourse and dialogue. Politicus decided such was not deemed appropriate for approval. Truly sad. Why can’t we engage one another with our different views. I am sure this won’t be posted either, shame on you you little person reviewing and declining to post these posts. You must be a little geek that has no place and you like your illusory power. Disfraceful.

  53. We use live moderation, and have only one full-time and one part-time moderator. I checked in at 4:30 AM to find a backup of twenty-four items. You’re not special.

  54. Did you read the masthead? Everything we print are the facts that has been presented not made up bullshit that your lizard brain is use to

  55. From your generalized whinging and pouting, I’d match your intellect with that of a spoiled 6th grader.

    Go sit at the kid’s table until you’ve learned manners.

    thank you.

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