Obama Leaves Republicans Reeling After Standing Firm On GOP Death To America Comparison

President Obama hit Republicans hard on CNN when he explained why his comparison to the GOP Iran deal opposition to the extremists who shout death to America is factually correct.


Transcript via CNN:

ZAKARIA: In your speech at American University you made a comparison. You said that Iran’s hard-liners were making common cause with Republicans. It’s come under a lot of criticism. Mitch McConnell says even Democrats who oppose the deal should be insulted. The “Wall Street Journal” says this rhetoric shows that you’ve abandoned the hope of getting any Republicans or even moderate Democrats, and you are targeting this message to the hard core of House Democrats who are going to sustain your veto.

OBAMA: Fareed, your question is about politics. Let me talk about substance. What I said is absolutely true factually. The truth of the matter is inside of Iran, the people most opposed to the deal are the Revolutionary Guard, the Quds Force, hard liners who are implacably opposed to any cooperation with the international community, and there is a reason for that because they recognize that if in fact this deal gets done, that rather than them being in the driver’s seat with respect to the Iranian economy, they are in a weaker position.


And the point I was simply making is that, if you look at the facts, the merits of this deal, then you will conclude that, not only does it cut off a pathway for Iran getting a nuclear weapon, but it also establishes the most effective verification and inspection regime that’s ever been put in place. It also ensures that we are able to monitor what they do with respect to stockpiles, plutonium, their underground facility, and that it does not ask us to relinquish any of the options that we might need to exercise if in fact Iran cheated or if, at some point, they decided to try to break up.

And so the reason that Mitch McConnell and the rest of the folks in his caucus who oppose this jumped out and opposed it before they even read it, before it was even posted, is reflective of an ideological commitment not to get a deal done.


ZAKARIA: You don’t —

OBAMA: And in that sense they do have a lot in common with hard- liners who are much more satisfied with the status quo.

ZAKARIA: You don’t think you’re going to get any Republican support?

OBAMA: Well, I didn’t say that. What I said was that there are those who, if they did not read the bill before they announced their opposition, if they are not able to offer plausible reasons why they wouldn’t support the bill or plausible alternatives in preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon other than potential military strikes, then that would indicate that they’re not interested in the substance of the issue, they’re interested in the politics of the issue.

The President isn’t backing off of his comments because the Iran deal is a matter of war and peace. Republicans are trying to sink the deal without bothering to read it because they support more war in the Middle East.


The Republican behavior in response to the Iran deal has been the definition of extremism.

President Obama has put up with this behavior from Republicans all through his presidency. The President already knows that he is going to get zero Republican support, so he has nothing to lose by telling the truth about the motives behind their opposition.


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  • Glad to see President Obama not hold back. It needed to be said and it is true.

    The GOP are the biggest threat to this country at this time.

    • Republicans are terrorists within.

      The entire network: Congressional stooges and their state counterparts, the massive propaganda machine, and their puppet-master oligarchs ....are all domestic enemies and traitors.

  • Thank you. Its about time we can debate something other than trump.

    I just wish we would have a discussion on how AIPAC and Sen. Schumer is in cahoots in undermining our country in the interest of Israel.

    This whole weekend we had to talk about the bullshit of trump, is Hillary funding BLM and not one thread of the supposed leader of the Senate stabbing the President in his back.

    What is wrong with you people? I guess he just the nigger in office and who cares we need to feel the bern

  • Chuck Schumer skipped the briefing that was given by the ambassadors on the day before he came out against the deal.
    Today, the NYT has a letter from 29 top nuclear scientists endorsing the deal as a very very good deal. Read it online.
    Today Schumer had a long letter in the Times of Israel, sucking up to them and saying he will not support the deal. you can read that on the Times of Israel online.
    I think Schumer has pledged his loyalty to Israel, not the USA.

    • Schumer's allegiance, not to the Constitution of the United States but to Israel, is as crystal clear as it can get.

      So why is U.S. Media all mum about it and, instead, continue to give a bloviating billionaire more free publicity than he can handle?

      U.S. News Media = Tabloid fluff and pro-corporate propaganda.

  • With nothing to lose, and a legacy to gain,
    Obama is finally on his game

    i am tempted to ask "What took so long",
    but I'll be gracious and merely say "Thank you".

    • @Derrick et al, expressing belief of any "about time" perspective: While a somewhat begrudging/"left-handed compliment" is still better than the usual "Red Neck" negativity, it seems that too many even of our D/democrats are either bereft &/or lost sight of a PoliSci 101 axiom: "Politics is the 'Art of the Possible'"! Given the "knuckle-dragging" opposition of the extreme Right-Wingers & their legions of "aginners" that are in opposition NOT because of WHAT OUR POTUS DOES/SAYS, but BECAUSE OF WHO/WHAT COLOR HE IS; it's an f-ing MIRACLE he's been able to accomplish as much as he has! But now we come to that "moment of truth", where formerly fairly consistent supporters of his own party HAVE - in at least 1 MAJOR instance (Schumer), but MAY ALSO in at least several others - as well "abandon ship"; BUT SOLELY DUE TO PRESSURE FROM WHAT AMOUNTS TO A FOREIGN NATION-CONTROLLED & POLICY DICTATED ORGANIZATION! I.e. , the "American(?) Zionist" lobby! THIS CAN'T STAND.

  • Thanks Politicususa!

    If this Issue doesn't create another World War, I fear it will bring another Civil War.

    It's that serious!

  • I truly like Chuck Shumer. But I don't understand this stupid position on the deal President Obama and Kerry worked so hard to accomplish. It has to be about money- It always comes down to money. Re-Election money. That's the only logical conclusion I can make.

  • Let me also say, I wake each morning "And That Ain't a Given, I'm 62 Years Old" Thankful we have President Obama. This man saved the country, Hell the world from a complete economic collapse created by Bush and his BAND OF IDIOTS!

    • It feels so odd to agree with someone named John Boner. Never would have happened until you showed up because the original is a tool. wink]

    • Good Show, John: So glad to read you DON'T THINK (& use that term rather loosely, in the case of the other party I'll be referring to!) anything like that Faux Tanned/seemingly totally "out of it" House "Leader" (?); with a name sounding - even if not spelled - amazingly like yours! But the simple fact of the matter is, that so much - possibly even a majority! - of US' Jewish population is caught up on horns of that dilemma: "Support Zionist/Homeland philosophy, or you can't be considered "orthodox" enough! I'm just terribly disappointed that Schumer could not find a way to "finesse" that abusive cornering: I strongly see "The Bibb's'" filthy hands hands in that manipulation!

  • When he's leaning forward like that makes me more than confident he's got this.

    Roll on, Mr President. Destiny awaits.

  • Or maybe Schumer is showing his true colors and demonstrating his DINO status in upholding his War Monger supporters?

    President Obama is no longer running for office. An apt comparison sir.

    Those who are against the Iran Deal- are the one least likely to bleed if we go to war with Iran.

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