Bernie Sanders Sends A Message To The Kochs By Drawing 28,000 To Rally

bernie sanders record crowd portland oregon

The record breaking crowds are becoming part of the routine for the Bernie Sanders campaign, but it is the message that people are turning out by the tens of thousands to hear that is a warning to oligarchic billionaires like the Koch brothers.


The Sanders campaign announced that new 2016 record crowd came out in Portland, OR:

Shattering a day-old record, 28,000 backers of Bernie Sanders on Sunday filled all the seats and crowded into overflow areas outside the Moda Center sports arena where the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers play.

“Whoa. This is an unbelievable turnout,” Sanders said after he walked onto the stage. Consistently drawing bigger turnouts than any other presidential contender, Sanders told the packed Portland arena, “You’ve done it better than anyone else.” The arena seats were filled and thousands more listened to the speech on loudspeakers outside, according to Michael Lewellen, a Rose Quarter vice president. The total turnout far surpassed the 15,000 in Seattle just 24 hours earlier.

The big and boisterous crowds, Sanders said, are sending a message that it’s time to reverse the four-decade decline of the American middle class and launch a grassroots “political revolution” to take on the billionaire class. “Bringing people together,” Sanders added, is at the core of his campaign.

The Sanders message of a political revolution to take on the billionaires is mobilizing millions into action. Bernie Sanders has been talking about a grassroots revolution to stop the Citizens United enabled Koch brothers for years. His talk has been translated into action as the Senator from Vermont is leading an increasingly powerful movement of ordinary Americans who want their government back.

Bernie Sanders is accomplishing something that every candidate dreams of, but few accomplish. He is building a popular movement that could change the country. Popular grassroots movements sometimes win and take power, but most often their lasting legacy is changing the political discussion by forcing the establishment candidates to adopt their issues and positions.

It is already is happening in 2016 as the Sanders movement has moved Hillary Clinton left on a variety of issues. Bernie Sanders and his supporters can’t defeat the billionaires and the Koch brothers alone. They will need the Democratic Party behind them.

The size of the Sanders crowds is a warning to the Koch brothers that the once considered fringe idea of taking down the billionaires is going mainstream.

The billionaires may have the dollars, but Bernie Sanders is building up the numbers.

On Election Day, dollars don’t vote, but the people who are on a mission to defeat the Koch brothers will.

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  1. and not a peep from the liar oligarch owned media. all of them.
    watched on the feed on youtube. kudos, to the production staff in portland. tonight 17000 in los angeles, and you wont hear it on any channel. i doubt even the locals will carry it. but if its a police pursuit, then 5 local channels with their own choppers, will run the chase for hours commercial free. this is what we are today. bread, and circus’.

  2. The truth will out !
    Just heard on Stephanie Miller, so no confirmation link ….BUT
    the phony #BLM protester Melissa Johnson is a radical Christian, Sarah Palin supporter.

    Bernie deserves an apology !

  3. I am voting for whichever democrat gets the nomination. I’m voting for Bernie in my state’s primary. That said, you have to wonder what is going on on the Clinton side of this campaign. There doesn’t seem to be as much energy there. Bernie draws thousands at his rallies and Hillary seems content to be in the background. She better get moving or Bernie is going to steal the show from her.

  4. I’m going off subject, AGAIN but Thom Hartmann just played the audio of the Sanders Seattle rally and if YOU haven’t heard the audio, I strongly suggest you do! Those two supposedly BLM members were screaming and ranting! like they were on DRUGS!!Go listen to it for yourself! I can’t believe some of the post here saying, let them speak! NO, YOU can’t be serious! that was a terrorist act! I don’t give a DAMN whether they had a legitimate point or not! that isn’t the way to make it! BTW ANYONE suggesting Hillary had ANYTHING to do with it, is really reaching! that’s crazy! Those two female BLACK terrorist were tea party pawns! One of the women posted on her FB page that SHE LOVES her some sarah palin, now you do the math! LOVES sarah palin and then calls Sanders a WHITE LIBERAL SUPREMACIST! REALLY? why weren’t these two protesting at the FUX NEWS GOP debates? oh! because that’s YOUR employer! got it.

  5. LOL @Kranky you beat me to the punch! funny thing about the truth, it usually gets out eventually. BTW Oligachs!! nice try!! getting two black females to do YOUR dirty work! the ONLY americans you’re fooling are the STUPID ones! BLACK & WHITE ones!

  6. People that disrupt, threaten and do prevent others from speaking, and stifle debate …are CENSORS and DICTATORS; no matter what they claim to be, or their supposed cause is.

  7. One of the women posted on her FB page that SHE LOVES her some Sarah Palin———–The Roach Slaves. Wonder how much they got paid?

  8. I’m in it for the long haul and will vote for whichever Democratic candidate is left standing.

    By this time next year, who knows who will be the Democratic front runner. In the meantime, instead of attacking each other, there’s plenty of work to be done to make sure the candidates hear our voices instead of us just listening to them.

    So, pretty please.

    With boogers on top…

    Could everyone just pop a couple of chill pills.

  9. supposedly these 2 aren’t part of BLM…they belong
    to OA 206 and are claiming association with BLM
    GO BERNIE-2016

  10. @Cleannis05, my brother, YOU know how these HOUSE NEGROS get paid, they get to be LILY WHITE conservative little pet! yeah they get a paycheck but these sellouts look in the mirror and see Marsha Brady!, alan west? he looks in the mirror and sees BRUCE WLLIS!!, clarence thomas? he sees phyllis schlafly! because his WIFE dresses him up every morning.

  11. …read off of OA 206 website that they declared war on the DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!!
    …in other words they are de facto Teatards…

  12. The Portland Oregonian is leading with the Bernie Sanders’ rally. The Fox News tv station has it third on their webpage. Ordinarily you’re right, but this is Portland.

  13. Jeeze…Last I heard on the tv [WINK] Bernie Sanders is relatively unknown and is not a threat to any candidate.

  14. If the MSM unplug their cameras and plug their ears he’ll just go away? He’s like a freakin UFO hovering over major cities in the USA this summer. A mere 28,000 in Portland, Oregon, 15,000 in Seattle, 11,000 in Phoenix, 8,000 in Dallas, and 5,000 in Houston saw it. MUFON is getting inundated. The sad truth is, in the end, whether we want to or not, we’ll all fall in line lest we want another Thomas, Alito, or Scalia.

  15. Don’t you just wish there was a way to make news organizations cover the news.Another 27000 last night in LA + over 3000 online watching…being kept secret from millions of Americans. DNC delaying debates so people don’t get to see anyone but Hillary. This is NOT what democracy looks like.

  16. Since Ed Schulz was booted off MSNBC because of his political views, you can watch him online at

  17. Chris,
    You forgot Roberts.
    Think RATS to remember Roberts, Alito, Thomas and Scalia.
    The RATS are exactly what the doctor ordered to help the billionaires and millionaires get richer.
    We better elect a democrat for Prez in 2016. WHY? Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the best Associate Justice of all, is no spring chicken and won’t live forever. Do you want somebody riding in the clown car to appoint her replacement?

  18. Why isn’t he “liberal” (and I use that term loosely) making this news instead of the clowns in the Republican Circus? This is one of the reasons what is wrong with politic’s today. Ratings and nothing else.
    I guess people rather look at an idiot in a sideshow of a Republican circus.

  19. Is it just me or do any of you historians see somewhat of a correlation between the Powell Memorandum as implemented by today’s GOP and what happened in Europe following WWI?

  20. Billionaires can purchase almost anything.
    Maybe like Trump, those 3 BLM people are working for Koch Industries.

    Integrity is a grey area to Right-Wingers.
    And especially the Kochs, are the Wrong kind of Dutch.
    There are a disturbing number of the wrong kind of Irish on the right, as well.

    And then there is Walker, who is likely the wrong kind of German.

    I have the right kind of all 3, and many more.

  21. I am starting to think Hillary does not WANT the top job, & maybe ends up as VP with Sanders.


    GOP is toast.

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