Hillary Clinton’s Game-changing Plan To Kill College Debt Hits Republicans Where It Hurts



Hillary Clinton doesn’t just want to make college free. The Democratic presidential candidate wants to kill college debt, and by doing so she is striking at the heart of the Republican plan to make the richer wealthier and everyone else poor.

In a post on Medium, Clinton laid out the basics of her New College Compact:


– Under the New College Compact, no student should have to borrow to pay tuition at a public college.

– Schools will have to control their costs and show more accountability to their students.

– States will have to meet their obligation to invest in higher education.

– The federal government will increase its investment in education, and won’t profit off student loans.

– And millions with student debt will be able to refinance it at lower rates.

That’s my plan. It’s ambitious — and we should be ambitious. But it’s also achievable. And it would make a big difference in people’s lives.

Clinton’s plan adds the Elizabeth Warren inspired wrinkle of allowing students to refinance their loans. A vital component of every Republican economic plan involves the government profiting off of student loan debt to pay for tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans. Former Sec. of State Clinton’s proposal ends this practice by changing the way the federal government encourages higher education.

Under Clinton, the government would take steps to incentivize states to increase funding for higher education while working with colleges and universities to lower the cost of attendance. The plan would be paid for by limiting tax deductions for the wealthy.

Like all good policy proposals, the Clinton plan takes a little from the left and a little from the right and adds some twists that are unique to the candidate. Republicans are opposed to any plan that lowers student debt and makes college more affordable. Increasing economic opportunity is a concept that runs counter to the values of the right.

The idea that economic opportunity can be increased by forcing the wealthiest Americans to pay more pushes Republicans over the edge. The national discussion on higher education is rapidly changing. The debate has shifted beyond expanding Pell Grants and into fundamentally changing an education system that is causing crippling debt more often than it aids economic advancement.

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  1. My Bernie-Crazy-Vermont-Sister says:
    See…Hillary’s not coming out with Positive Ideas!

    I honestly believe we must turn this Great Ship’s direction…very/very slowly.

  2. An excellent plan indeed.

    But as it won’t make Rich folks richer- and helps to invest in America- Republicans will fight it tooth and nail.

  3. The ‘Great Ship’, as you put it, is sinking. Too far gone.
    As Gore Vidal predicted, democracy and empire are incompatible …and empire always wins. Then, massive failure and collapse.

    We’re now just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
    If you got the money and means, NOW is the time to leave.
    I don’t, so I have to hope and fight …with not much faith in ‘hope’.

  4. When I returned to university to receive my LPN degree in nursing, I was surprised to see the mannequins that was in use for CNA classes were still being used! They were falling apart!

    Tuition increases, but where does it go? Not on equipment, that’s for sure. Not to give educators raises, that’s for sure.

    When I returned to obtain my RN degree, those same mannequins were in use! For about 20-30 years, the nursing program has not updated many of its equipment, which is disgusting!

  5. Good for you Hillary , I LOVE ya! but why are my spidey senses telling me, if it wasn’t for Bernie Sanders, you wouldn’t be thinking about college student debt at all. I’m not putting Hillary down, so chill out HONEY BUNNY! I just don’t remember her talking about college debt in 2007, thats all. But heres a more important question? “Here comes my inner TRUMP” What are those LOSER republicans doing about college debt? for that fact, what has the GOP done for ANYBODY who doesn’t make OVER 500k per YEAR?? C’MON, enlighten me, what has the GOP done to help the middle class?? the lower middle class? the down and OUT class? that would be ME BTW! I know these simple minded romper room republican TROLLS can surely tell me. What have they done since 1956???!! C’MON, and don’t give me that EPA stuff that NIXON created! you realize that was 1972, RIGHT? and he didn’t really want the EPA anyway, so try again.

  6. The right wing rank and file will, of course, be against this plan because it’s something that could help THEM.

  7. And the empire falls. It always falls.

    Think of this as an opportunity to begin again? There is no law that says we have to swallow what our elected officials feed us. They are our property managers.

    The same with Congress. We need them to defund the DEA as destructive and unconstitutional. And no longer needed. Transfer those funds to infrastructure. There is not a single reason why this is not possible. They were going to defund Planned Parenthood. Think of how much Defunding DEA would save!

  8. My daughter went to college in 1996 and graduated class of 2000. I was able for the very first time in history to write her tuition off taxes. Do you know why? BILL CLINTON passed that act right before I paid her first semester.

    I saved thousands over the 4 years. Thanking a Clinton ever since, and not just for that.

    And check her 2008 platform. Her Senate years. Her FLOTUS years. Her whole life….

  9. The other candidates are having a problem of their own. She beats her next closest opponent by three times in polls nationally.

    And you think this is her being pushed or forced left? She is the one who has the power, boys. She should be pushing the “also rans” to adopt her plans – they aren’t making her do anything.

    Her ideas are hers and always have been.

    I know my champion – she has been there and done that before any of the others.

    And will be the next president of the US too if the majority has their way!

  10. While Trump and Fox are quibbling, and Trump is running around insulting people, and Fox is keeping the schoolyard discourse going, because of course it is ratings for them…

    Here we have Hillary Clinton, actually thinking out and outlining for us what her plans are to fix the college debt situation.

    Class Clown vs Hillary the serious student.

  11. Yes. ‘Jesusland’ Dumbistan and everywhere else.
    Let them sink or swim ….well, sink and Darwinify their stupid asses.

    I’ll take up bayonet to drive the A-h’s into the sea.
    Will you ?
    That’s what it will take.
    I’m old enough to have no fear.
    That’s what the fascists depend on: Fear.

  12. @Rin, you can stop hitting the THUMBS DOWN button on my post lol I wasn’t picking on Hillary , I said I’d vote for her if Bernie doesn’t make, so chill out HONEY BUNNY! LOL

  13. Rin is Republican In Name : RIN .

    Get used to the trolls . They infect EVERY liberal / Dem site.

    I’ve been banned at so many websites for being anti-fascist…Politico, Slate, even Democratic Underground.

    They all hate me because I state the truth.

  14. Only one was from me so somebody else thinks you were jumping to knock her for nothing.

    You said she is following what Bernie does like she is some kind of idiot zombie with no thoughts of her own. And insinuated she never would have brought it up and you thought she didn’t in 08.

    If you want to attack – check facts.

  15. Republicans for Hillary. What the hell is this guy smoking?

    See the kitties in my moniker? I rescue animals. I was knick-named after Rin-Tin-Tin a dog I still love till this day from my childhood.

    I have been called a R troll here many times for knocking Rs and promoting the Dem front runner. Every single person who called me a R troll was an R troll trying to silence me.

    Hillary/Brown, Hillary/Castro, Hillary/Kaine, Hillary 2016.

    Trolls do not support the front runner… but they sure do support the person in 2nd place to create chaos… just like Limbaugh tells you to.

  16. Rin is a strong Hillary supporter. Every time she makes a positive statement about Hillary or provides a link to point out her long term commitment to Democratic causes you call her a republican troll. Why? What are you afraid of? Quit picking on fellow Democrats… it doesn’t make sense.

  17. @Kranky, I’m crazy about @Rin, she’s great, I’m so proud of her, she LOVES her some Hillary! I enjoy reading 99% of the people here, even the TROLLS are somewhat entertaining, pathetic but entertaining.

  18. Government grants and student loans are what hiked tuition rates in the first place.

    This will go as well as her leadership of health care reform in 1993.

  19. Knight, HRC was brought such Creative New Ideas many years ago:

    She also spoke of Free College Years Ago!

    Clinton Heralds Plan To Expand Paid Family Leave 2007

    Speaking in New Hampshire, Senator Clinton yesterday announced a plan to expand paid family leave laws on the state and national level.

    “Too many Americans feel trapped between being a good parent and being a good worker,” Mrs. Clinton said. “It’s about time we stopped just talking about family values and started pursuing policies that truly value families.”

    “With sound policies and sensible investments, we can give parents more choices to make the decisions that are best for them,” Mrs. Clinton said of the plan. “We can make life a little easier for everyone — for mothers and for fathers — to do the most important job there is in any society: raising and nurturing the next generation.”

    Knight…You have not heard the many brilliant IDEAS she has up her sleeve.

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