The Media Tries To Write Trump’s Political Obituary, But He Refuses To Go Away

The mainstream media and the Beltway pundit class spent much of the weekend trying to write Donald Trump’s political obituary. Talking heads declared his campaign dead or dying, after his confrontational debate performance and his subsequent “blood feud” with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly over the weekend. Voices in the media establishment, on both the left and the right, speculated that Trump had finally crossed the line and that he would pay a serious political price for his misogyny towards Kelly and for picking a fight with Fox.

However, a weekend NBC News poll found that Trump remained resilient after the debate fallout, still holding a double digit advantage over his nearest competitors in the race for the GOP presidential nomination. His sexist remarks may have disqualified him from attending the RedState gathering in Atlanta, but they did nothing to diminish his support with Republican voters.

For his part, Trump hasn’t backed down and inch. On Sunday, he steadfastly insisted that he didn’t owe Megyn Kelly an apology. On Monday, he escalated their feud by mocking her for talking about her breasts in a 2010 interview with Howard Stern.

In their zeal to discredit Trump, the media has kept talking about him. Through relentlessly mentioning his name, they have inadvertently continued to make Donald Trump the dominant political news story each and every day. As long as he is grabbing headlines, he will not go away.

More importantly, when Trump says something shocking, he doesn’t suffer for it the way a conventional political candidate might. His very campaign is fueled by tapping into the real and imagined grievances of angry white voters who believe they are victims and that “political correctness” is the enemy.

In the toxic political environment that the Republican Party has so carefully cultivated during the Obama presidency, Donald Trump is the logical culmination of GOP ideology. The Republican Party’s anti-Obama crusade has been built on hurling insults and crying victim repeatedly. Therefore, it is little wonder that a candidate whose whole campaign is based on whining about mistreatment while he verbally abuses others, has risen to the top of the heap.

A political party that attacked Sandra Fluke by calling her a “slut” and derided Wendy Davis as “abortion Barbie”, can only feign outrage at Trump’s sexist remarks towards Megyn Kelly. Beltway conservatives and Fox pundits can continue to hope Donald Trump will disappear. However, at some point they will have to face the truth that Republican voters have already accepted. Donald Trump is one of them.

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  1. The media is now just covering for one of their own. You heard nothing but cheerleaders from them until he said something about Kelly.Damn hypocrites.

  2. Remember the Newman/Redford film “The Sting” ?
    How does one con a con-man ( or a whole network of them ) ?
    …With another Con-man !

    Either Trump is a modern P.T.Barnum laughing all the way to the bank, or he’s an adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Randall Flagg’.

  3. You can’t get into a pissing contest with a skunk; that is the predicament the GOP faces with Trump. They have become victims of their own nasty political games. As usual, Obama gets the last laugh.

  4. This bacterial infection, which openly speaks for The Party of No, needs unlimited media attention.

    The more the better.

    Let trump unveil the pre-modern views of the GOP.

  5. I believe everything happens for a reason, that ultimately will turn in something positive. trump is a LILY WHITE republican but he serves a purpose, yeah he’s a fool a bigot a misogynist but BUT! when he talks about bush, HE’S RIGHT! when he talks about perry, HE’S RIGHT! lindsey graham? HE’S RIGHT! your typical republican is a brainles IDIOT! if a LIBERAL talked about perry, bush, graham, christie, paul that way, they’d have a fit!! they’d argue with YOU till their grave BUT when TRUMP says it, they just LOVE him! he skyrockets in their polls. I have NO respect for republicans! they just aren’t capable of critical thinking! SORRY! BTW for the GOPer who actually graduated from college, congratulates! BUT knowledge without ANY COMMON SENSE, is only half an EDUCATION!

  6. I am not surprised at all by Trumps comments. As a matter for fact, it is par for the course with the current crop of GOPers as far as I am concerned.

    Therefore, I am really not surprised he is holding or gaining more ground with his base.

  7. …gotta give the bastid one credit: he hasn’t had to make even ONE ad…he gets all o’ his publicity free thanks to the media…

  8. …he engages in misogynistic sniping and HE thinks he deserves an apology???
    {{{Bugs Bunny voice}}}”What a MAROON.”

  9. knight: True that. Many Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, …generally all ‘non-liberals’; can be intelligent enough to be ‘successful’ in particular or multiple fields.
    But, they lack a conscience …any sense of empathy or compassion toward others.

    Thus, they are solipsists that fail as human beings.

  10. Staffers at conservative website claim Trump is paying them for good press

    Breitbart Staffers Believe Trump Has Given Money To Site For Favorable Coverage

    Inside the most pro-Trump news outlet on the right, some employees say the billionaire candidate has provided financial backing in exchange for fawning headlines — a charge management strongly denies.

  11. Blowfish pays for headlines, rally supporters. I would bet hes paying for favorable poll numbers(pays for independent pollsters). Does he also own voting machines like the Romneys?

  12. Well, the trumpster was on MSNBC “Morning Joe” show today and told him this: “She should really be apologizing to me, to tell the truth.”

    He also had a tweet at 10:35 am today:
    “Roger Ailes just called. He is a great guy & assures me that “Trump” will be treated fairly on @FoxNews. His word is always good!”

    And the beat goes on….

  13. Gotta’ love Uncle Don, I love this guy!! He’s not that nice, doesn’t care for his fellow embeciles & Teasnorters, women’s feelings. Just gotta’ love him, and why not? Democrats love him too & brother Bernie. So much love.[wink]

  14. My husband & I recently visited old friends in Louisiana. They are so excited at the prospect of President Donald Trump. One is a Vietnam Vet in a wheelchair, disabled due to “agent orange”. He thinks Donald Trump cares about vets & “tells it like it is”. As if Trump doesn’t view him as a speck of dirt. He wore a Trump for Pres. t-shirt!

    He believes Bill & Hillary Clinton had people murdered. Including their best friend Vince Foster. I grabbed his hand after I listened to various wingnut conspiracy theories.

    I asked him to show me proof. He mentioned WND. I laughed & shook my head. I said I want a woman in the WH. Hillary Clinton is that woman. He went on a tangent. I smiled & we left after 15 minutes.

    Typical wingnut Trump supporter. If he wasn’t lonely & disabled I would have fought with the guy.

  15. Deliver me….If the media wanted to really do anything about Trump that would be simple. Just stop mentioning his name. This whole Trump thing has been orchestrated by “The Media” in the first place mainly Fox, the entertainment news network from beginning to end. Why would they even want to kill that Golden Goose? Follow the money.

  16. My favorite King book…… I’d be lying if I said I haven’t seen the parallels. Of course, as an atheist I don’t see all this playing out quite the same, but the first time I hear BIC’s Don’t Fear the Reaper, I’m on my way to Colorado. [wink]

    Although, if anyone is the “Antichrist” it’s Cruz.

  17. hey republicans Trump is your Frankenstein’s monster and when he eventually crash and burn and I truly hope he takes your racist, misogynist,party with him! You richly deserve it!

  18. So true! Trump is showing the true face of the Republican Party and their base, and U.S. Media – an extension of the GOP since Reagan – is doing everything they can to propagate Trump’s premature demise.

    Now, however, those corporatist Republican candidates are trying obfuscation as a distraction from their true face by trying to propagandize the lie that Trump is a Democratic operative. So far, U.S. Media hasn’t taken the bait, though, but that’s just a matter of time.

    For the life of me…I can’t understand why the heck do people still vote Republican??

  19. His continued lead in polls – contrary to the predictions by U.S. Media and GOP candidates over the weekend – is a testament to the ugliness and depravity that’s the true Republican Party voter.

    Trump consistently rips off the moderate mask of the current GOP when they try distractions and smokescreens, and shows their hateful, spiteful, and xenophobic true faces, much to their consternation.

  20. As far as the good of our country is concerned, this is a very dangerous man. Because he is leading in the polls, it shows that there are way too many voters in this country who are stuck on stupid who will vote for him and possibly get him elected.

  21. Don’t get too excited. In 2012, in a multi-candidate field, just around 19 mil participated in the Repuke primaries. I don’t imagine many more will do so this time.
    Trump is by far the most visible …instant name recognition. Most stupid Repo’s probably can’t name but four or five others that are running now. Trump’s receiving what would amount to 5 mil net votes at 25%. Rmoney got 10 mil and Frothy got close to 4 mil last time.

    In the general, President Obama received 66 mil votes …Rmoney 61 mil.

    IF Trump is the GooP nominee, it will be one of the biggest landslides in history, probably even more so than LBJ in ’64 vs. Goldwater.
    I doubt that DT would even surpass Goldwater’s 38.5% or win many states. Today, 38.5% would translate to around 50 mil. Trump won’t get that many. The electoral map would look similar to ’64, where SC, ( not GA ), AL, MS, LA, ( not AZ ), but maybe WY, UT, ID . That would be only 45 electoral votes. Goldwater carried 59.

  22. Donald Trump is: UNBOUGHT, UNBOSSED, & IRRITATED WITH THE EXISTING SYSTEM; it is a deadly combination. Everything to gain and absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE. Stay tuned.

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