The Real Black Lives Matter Wants Activists To Publicly Apologize to Bernie Sanders

Sanders Rally shut down by self desribed black lives matter activists

Black Lives Matter wants the two women who shut down a Bernie Sanders event in Seattle on Saturday to publicly apologize to the Senator and Presidential Candidate.

Jason Easley wrote about Marissa Johnson and Mara Willaford shutting down Bernie Sanders’ rally in Seattle.

They led organizers and the media to believe they are part of Black Lives Matter.  It’s not hard to understand why.  BLM is succeeding in its efforts to raise awareness and get action on the multitude of issues that are a direct consequence of structural racism.  The Black Lives Matter movement is very loosely structured without a central organization.  That provides freedom to activists and supporters, but it means that BLM is also vulnerable to groups who may wish to co-opt their national reputation, as occurred on Saturday.  Adding to the confusion is the fact that there are many groups who use black lives matter as a rallying call.

This is explained in a tweet by Sean Jordon.

In other words, there is an organization called Black Lives Matter.  However, it’s also a rallying call for all sorts of groups who are seeking a variety of political objectives using a variety of approaches.  For example the real BLM wants to work within the political system.  Yes, they have demands and they want action.  The group that Johnson and Willaford associate with has a very different approach and agenda.

The group is called Outside Agitators 206.  Simply put, OA 206 wants to take the state apart and put it back together again as they want it.

These groups are not working together nor are they the same group even if individuals within them might support both groups.

OA is not on the list of endorsing organizations on the Black Lives Matter website.

In June, Outside Agitators 206 made its impression of the Black Lives Matter movement – and for that matter the Democratic Party when it reposted an article called Democrats Hope to Bury Black Lives Matter Under Election Blitz  from a site called The Black Agenda Report.

According to the site, Glen Ford is its executive editor. From the very beginning of the article, Ford makes his views about the Black Lives Matter organization and the Democratic Party crystal clear.

The Democrats hope the Black Lives Matter movement, like the Occupy Wall Street movement, will disappear amid the hype of the coming election season. “The Democrats have mounted a systematic cooption-repression response that will intensify as the election season – and Black cities – heat up.” The Democrats understand that, for the movement to succeed, their party’s power over Black America must be broken.

In short, OA anticipates the demise of BLM, It has declared war on the Democratic Party and, in Ford’s words, “the NAACP, the Urban League, most Black local churches and labor organizations, fraternities and sororities, not to mention Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow-Push Coalition and “King Rat” Al Sharpton’s National Action Network – are annexes of the Democratic Party.”

I leave it to you to draw whatever conclusions you wish about Ford and  OA 206’s silence when it come to the Republican Party, it’s policies and organizations.

On Sunday, the activists for Black Lives Matter made clear they do not support Johnson and Willaford’s actions in a petition on the site,

This petition, created by #BlackLivesMatter activists, demands that Marissa Johnson and Mara Willaford publicly apologize to Bernie Sanders.

Johnson and Willaford are the women who interrupted Bernie Sanders’ speech during a social security rally in Seattle and accused the audience of “white supremacist liberalism.”

#BlackLivesMatter activists believe that this type of behavior is inappropriate and counterproductive, and we will not support it.

It’s clear that contrary to Ford’s pronouncements about Black Lives Matter, it is succeeding. So much so that OA 206 activists tried to co-opt its name and national reputation to further its own agenda.

Johnson and Willaford owe Bernie Sanders a public apology, but they also owe one to Black Lives matter, its activists and supporters.

Image: Screen Grab from You-Tube Video

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  1. This can get out of hand, and make the “movement” suffer the backlash that will undoubtedly come…IF this type of behavior continues without rhyme or reason.
    This new group should take some advice from the NAACP on how to handle protests effectively without marginalizing the group, and how to prevent the hot heads from co-opting the message and the movement (whatever the real “movement” goal and aim is all about) at this time.

  2. Loosely organized groups like BLM are always vulnerable to outside influences coopting their message and means of delivery. BLM better get their collective shit together or they will suffer the fall into obscurity in record time.

  3. I’d observe that if OA206 is protesting Dems and Dem policy and fore going the Republican party then it isn’t a matter of an outside group ‘co-opting’ BLM…

    it’s called dirty tricks… remember Lee Atwater? this is the sort of crap he pulled a la Willie Horton…

    the Dems do it too…

    but co-opting a message, to me, implies that there are a lot of people involved in the movement… just sending a couple of ‘spokesmen’ to disrupt a speech seems more of a dirty trick style disruption…

  4. …I’m not gonna say it…
    …this should provide a valuable lesson: ANY event with a federal politician should have adequate security…these protesters were armed only with incredibly big loud mouths…someone who’s unhinged and steeped in the GOPs toxic brew might see how easy it is and show up with guns, explosives or both…
    …these days, we ALL gotta be careful…
    …and for the record; I don’t think anybody should ever walk in fear…

  5. The event organizers failed miserably, but
    there is space under the democratic tent even for OA 206. They owe all the people that would have heard Bernie speak an apology. But if they help organize, get voter registration efforts going, help fundraise and get people to the voting booths they are welcome. Another democratic president is just a start, getting the senate back and making inroads into the house are just as important.
    There are 4 very old people on the supreme court that will need to be replaced within the next 10 years. Those replacements will serve to 2050 or later. They will speed up or slow down reform their whole term. A repub pres and citizens united stands until 2050 or later. A Dem pres and maybe it falls in time for the 2020 pres election, the census and the redrawing of congressional districts. All those rigged districts could be fixed and everybody’s vote could count again. Support those Dems needing money and volunteers in the 2016 house/senate election.

  6. Yes, an apology in order to Bernie and to REAL #BLM.
    But now REAL #BLM needs to take the stage with Bernie and with declarations announcing solidarity.

    Brother, did I smell this one a thousand miles away. Not only anarchist disruptors, but Christo-fascist ones as well !

  7. “Bernie Sanders Is Taking His Populist Campaign into the Beating Heart of the Christian Right – Liberty University”

    Instead of going into more diverse areas or talking to a much more inclusive college, university, area or church, Sanders would rather talk to a brick wall than shoring up the Democratic base.

    Mr. Sanders can ask President Obama or Mrs. Clinton how well that will work out.

  8. GOOD , I was really hoping BLM wasn’t apart of this TRASH! my first thought should have been, LOOK at the situation, what’s wrong with this picture! two A.A.’s stormy the stage like two DRUG ADDICTS looking for a bump! this has WHITE POWER structure written all over it! I’m talking KOCK BOYS! that sweetheart alter boy SHELDON ADELSON!! hell, how about carl rove? that sleazy little weasel would sell her moms REALLY dirty panties for a nickel if he could! I’m channeling MY INNER TRUMP today, SORRY

  9. Why is it that loosely organized, grassroots groups such as Occupy and BLM are at such risk of obsolescence and implosion, but the Tea Party, no matter how ignorant, bombastic, rude and nasty, are going nowhere? Why does a smart, tactful, progressive candidate like Bernie Sanders have ‘no chance’ of winning the Dem nomination…yet Trump can lead the polls on the Rep side?

  10. This is not true. Go to the Black Lives Matter Facebook page-

    The ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ organization did not create any petitions demanding apology from Seattle based organizers. We have not issued a public apology, neither have we made any public statements demanding an apology.

  11. Paul Singer, who is operating with the Richard Mellon Scaife playbook.
    Check both out.

    Probably all of the above billionaires and other hidden ones.

  12. BLM is unorganized. It’s a circus and two of its clowns embarrassed themselves, their “club,” and Bernie Sanders.

    To say they owe Bernie Sanders an apology is quite obvious. To say they should apologize to the country is as obvious. To say they should apologize to every Black American should be the demand of every Black American who wants to improve their lot in the country.

    Side shows like this destroy your intent, your effort, your judgement, your respect, and the idea that anyone wants to hear any more from people like this. It was a senseless and tasteless display of ignorance, spite, disrespect to a man who has spent 50 years working you behalf of Civil and Human Rights, and those are, as much as anyone’s, YOUR Civil and Human Rights.

    The ignorance of these women is exceeded only by their stupidity and lack of refinement. They should be ashamed and so should any group who would honor them and what they did. They acted like trash. PERIOD!!!

  13. What the heck?? Is Bernie Sanders finally showing his true colors by going to Liberty University to speak to evangelicals in the hope to woo them or are his tone-deaf handlers and campaign managers really this _toopid?

    I’m just amazed that his followers aren’t criticizing him for this. You can be sure PoC will and are and have every right to.

    Jerry Falwell’s bigoted university is NOT the venue for Liberals. It’s for Cons. With the poor relationship Bernie Sanders already has with PoC, is this really a wise decision, Bernie?

  14. Thank you for writing this. I was appalled by this demonstration and it had considerably turned my thoughts regarding BLM. In fact, I had determined I was no longer going to support since this action clearly favored one candidate, one party over another. I was appalled at the choice of candidate they made a target. By choosing to disrupt the campaign of the member working in their favor, it was obvious that disruption, not action was the objective. This needs to be said again and again. These young ladies need to educate themselves as to who is disenfranchising them – and then go address those persons. This was a cowardly and ignorant act on their part.

  15. If OA 206 is a subversive, trouble-making outfit with an ulterior, hidden agenda …much less a contrary one then they DON’T belong.

  16. IMO he is going there to talk to the enemy, deliver his message on the issues and try to win a few over. I would need a shower after 5 minutes there, Bernie is going into the lions den not to sleep with him but to slay him. Peace

  17. Senator Sanders and his followers really do need to stop attacking #BlackLivesMatter and acknowledge the deadly inequality perpetrated on Black people in the United States.

    Why is it so hard for White folk to sympathize and empathize with the alarming murder of Blacks by police?

    People need to grow a thicker skin, see it from their p.o.v., and empathize so that Senator Sanders gets the message – or he will NOT win the Black and Latino vote, and therefore NOT win the Democratic nomination.

  18. One day we will all look at each other as PEOPLE rather than defining each other by race.

    Let this attitude come quickly.

  19. What are you talking about? Bernie has been working to help black people before you were born. Try to do just a little bit of reading on the topic before coming on here and spouting off with lies. He has not attacked any part of BLM but your group is attacking him and ignoring your real enemies in the GOP camp.

  20. I don’t care who you are, your race, your creed . . . everyone else should expect courtesy, consideration, decorum, just plain polite behavior no matter where you are or how you’re trying to get your message across. You will be heard much better than getting in someone’s face.

  21. IF is the operative word. A background check should tell one way or the other. If they are just very passionate people willing to redirect their passion in a more productive direction they should be very welcome.
    If they’re repub spies and stooges then obviously no. But if you think they’re the only spies in the dem I guarantee you are wrong. The repubs (planned parenthood, Andrew breitbart, acorn, etc) are well versed in dirty tricks and are unafraid to use any of them. It’s just one of the many pitfalls of running for elected office as a dem.

  22. I’d wager that OA 206 disruptor Marissa Johnson is a Pentecostal …but even a weirder strain: that of the “Third Wave” ( also Latter Rain ) movement.
    Remember that Pastor Muthee from Kenya that was a frequent visitor to Palin’s cult/church ? The guy that prayed away witches with gibberish ?

    These people are crazy, and have been specifically condemned by the General Council of Assemblies of God in 1949 and again in 2000.
    Becky Fischer’s ‘ministry’ featured in “Jesus Camp” is another one.

  23. So these protesters could have been in Ferguson or some other rally perhaps and the outburst might have been acceptable as a BLM action, later explained as a rational expression of the frustration and injustice experienced regularly by the black community. But… because it was in Seattle at a Sanders event, then it couldn’t have possibly been representative of a legitimate concern? Their black lives don’t matter there?… because it became an embarassing display for Sanders, even though the message is the same? And now here we want to explain it away, shame them, say their message is different and not appropriate… because, wow, no way they could be upset at one of our candidates events. I personally think they are upset with “the system,” like many of us are… not any particular candidate in general – wouldn’t have mattered who was speaking.

  24. Hello? Are there no adults left in the room? I can’t seriously, believe that ANYONE, no matter your race, who is concerned about equality, isn’t denouncing the boorish, stupid, egocentric act these idiots perpetrated at Sen. Sander’s event. #1- IT’S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU. Yes, black lives matter more than the majority of white folks know, or care to know. But there’s more at stake here, and the selfishness of these young women cannot be overstated. There ARE OTHER ISSUES- if you care, get your ass out and start organizing black voters (something Bernie has done for years, BTW) #2- Blacks, people of color- you’d better heed this warning. If the ugly disruptions caused by these two young “geniuses” continue, and are supported, and as a result, a Republican is elected president, voting rights for minorities will be restricted more than in the LAST 50 YEARS. Seriously- get your head out of the sand. Important issues are at stake, more important than the feelings of these 2 i…

  25. I as a Progressive was very upset that BLM would do such a thing to a man who has fought hard for all of us with little or no voice. I believe all lives matter. My heart aches every time another black person is killed. This has effected me since I was a teenager in the mid 60’s. I wanted to March with the King. My father white who lived in the North believed the lies the media put out that King was a trouble maker. As a teen I knew better than my parents. But my dad threaten to send me to Juvenile detention for bad girls. My dad and I went round and round. In his final years he realized how wrong he was about the people of color. Especially when many of them became his health care givers. He said they where the kindest people that took great care of him. BLM matter a lot to me. But that was a disgrace to see that done to Bernie. A Politician that cares. If he didn’t matter to them BLM wouldn’t matter to me.[wink]

  26. BLM NEEDS to apologize to Senator Sanders.

    What other politician supports Black people?


  27. Both of them should have been arrested. Where was security and where were the police. If it were a republican convention, they would have been tackled before they even hit the stage.

  28. Both of them should have been arrested. If they had attempted this at a Republication event, they would have been tackled before they even hit the stage. Bernie was way too kind.

  29. You really don’t get it do you .
    What these girls did was shoot themselves and BLM in the foot they did not help that cause !
    Negative attention only gets you negative results !
    The one candidate who could and would help BLM they treated like he were trash yelling and screaming at him ! Bernie is a good man he will not take it personally but if it were any other candidate they would have nothing to do with BLM after this !
    These girls aren’t Democrat’s the are right wing christian Republicans which is why they chose twice to protest a Democratic venue . They believe the Koch brothers do all kinds of good things in this country and the Democrat’s hate them for it .They are so twisted they believe all of the Republican propaganda ! That first venue Hillary was invited to speak but she backed out,so I can’t help but think she knew what was going to go down that night ! Both Parties don’t want to see Bernie elected because they like being on the lobbyists gravy train .

  30. From the Black Lives Matter Website & Facebook Page:

    Black Lives Matter

    The ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ organization did not create any petitions demanding apology from Seattle based organizers. We have not issued a public apology, neither have we made any public statements demanding an apology.

  31. Not any particular candidate in general ? Really ? They disrupted two of Bernie’s venues and have you seen their FB page they are proud, right wing christians, of what they did to Bernie ! They take issue with Democrat’s because they believe all the Republican propaganda they read and listen to . They think liberals are the villains and the Koch brothers are saviors ! Please, these are two twisted sisters who have no clue . Yelling and screaming in peoples faces is not the way to be heard anyway even if they really were from BLM ,which they are not ! They are using BLM to promote their own cause ,disrupting liberals !

  32. Nowhere on Black Lives Matter does it say they did not apologise for the two women’s behavior disrupting Bernie’s venues !
    I sent them an email asking them if these women were sent by BLM and told them what I thought of the way these girls acted so disrespectful to Bernie an elderly man ,screaming and yelling in his face like they did !
    When I get an answer I will post it !

    I do not believe these women are doing the work of BLM I believe as it says on the one girls FB page she is a Republican and she was targeting liberals, specifically Bernie ! She was so proud of her and her friends actions . They have no clue of the damage they caused to BLM by their actions !

  33. Or Hillary Clinton’s . Remember she was invited to that first venue that was disrupted and was a no show ! How convenient for her ! I think she knew what was going to go down even if she may not of orchestrated it !

  34. So it seems that these women are a cross between donald segretti (nixon’s lead dirty trickster) and Uncle Tom, doing their gop masters bidding.
    Shame on them on so many levels.

  35. No one should be concerned whether or not BLM posted a petition demanding an apology, BLM is an idea much ore than an organization. The critical fact here is the obvious put up job by a group that certainly knows that the gop is much more the purveyor of their discontent.

    Rather these two are either too cowardly to confront their true adversary (knowing they would likely be thrown in jail at the tender mercies of the republicans) or they are, in fact, their agents.

  36. I have to remind people that the OA206 girls did not break up a Bernie Sanders rally. He was a guest speaker at another persons rally to celebrate the anniversary of Medicare and Social Security. His rally was later that night and went off beautifully. The MSM keeps pushing this narrative.

  37. Ive been a strong supporter of black people for a long time but a few rabble rousers destroyed BLM for me. Never again will I help them.

  38. Liberty University offered speaking opportunities to people across the political spectrum for a fall lecture series. Bernie accepted, no more, no less. This isn’t campaign tactics, just a cordial acceptance of an opportunity to speak to people who will most likely disagree with him.

    I bet you he’d speak directly to the BLM folks if there was a venue. He spoke to the La Raza folks, and was warmly received. He really does mean well, and is learning to speak better to PoC.

  39. Why Black People Don’t Like White Liberals

    Republish Reprint

    I’m hoping to make this short and sweet…

    Once again, I’m going to stand up for Bernie Sanders. He’s a good man and he might make a good president, IF we can get him 70 Democratic seats in the Senate and 300-320 in the House. With the current makeup of Congress, he’s not doing anything he says he wants to do; he needs a whole bunch of Democrats to get any of his wish list to happen.

    Note: I said he needs DEMOCRATS.

    Let me say that even louder:

    Read More

  40. …I don’t think OA206 even CARES how much damage they do to Black Lives Matter…they just use the BLM image as cover to sabotage the Dems…they go mostly after Bernie because he is a soft target: no real security, doesn’t fight back…AND he gets huge crowds…

  41. I am a white liberal. We aren’t all a-holes.

    ICH said this great advice and sane statement and was attacked for making sense: “Senator Sanders and his followers really do need to stop attacking #BlackLivesMatter and acknowledge the deadly inequality perpetrated on Black people in the United States. Why is it so hard for White folk to sympathize and empathize with the alarming murder of Blacks by police? People need to grow a thicker skin, see it from their p.o.v., and empathize so that Senator Sanders gets the message – or he will NOT win the Black and Latino vote, and therefore NOT win the Democratic nomination.”

    I have said many times the far left wing is as bad as the far right wing.


    They are so blinded they cannot see the truth. Some of us told them it wasn’t cool at all to say those things. BLM tried to tell them too. They will not “cut the crap” they are clueless, they are an echo chamber.

    They think they can Occupy Dems…

  42. At this time, ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ does not endorse any presidential candidate. Moreover, we are not affiliated with a political party. Our work is not funded or driven by any political party nor is it influenced by local or national candidates.

    As stated in our mission, #BlackLivesMatter is an ideological and political intervention; we are not controlled by the same political machine we are attempting to hold accountable. In the year leading up to the elections, we are committed to holding all candidates for Office accountable to the needs and dreams of Black people. We embrace a diversity of tactics. We are a decentralized network aiming to build the leadership and power of black people. We do not endorse any political party and we are not supported by any political party. Our political aims we’ve stated clearly.

    Historically, all political parties have participated in the systematic disenfranchisement of Black people.

  43. Continued:

    Historically, all political parties have participated in the systematic disenfranchisement of Black people. Anti-black racism, especially that sanctioned by the state, has resulted in the loss of healthy and thriving Black life and well-being. Given that, we will continue to hold politicians and political parties accountable for their policies and platforms. We will also continue to demand the intentional dismantling of structural racism.

    For more information about #BlackLivesMatter nationally, please visit the official website at, follow @BlkLivesMatter on Twitter, or visit the Facebook page here.

  44. No need to apologize for the message that comes straight from the heart. Just remember that Bernie is on the correct side of this discussion. He has proven this throughout his life and career. He and his supporters (myself included) are friends, not enemies. Let’s all move forward to build a world we all can live in with mutual respect and prosperity!

  45. I think there are huge problems with the current two party system, and I think all politicians deserve to be criticized when they deserve it. I also personally think Bernie Sanders is by far the best option of people running at this time, but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect or that groups like BLM shouldn’t criticize him or ask him tough questions. That said, I really don’t see how this disruption was anything but unproductive at best and destructive to both Bernie Sanders an BLM at worst. They were given the option of speaking after Sanders, when they could have aired there grievances, and refused. This was disrespectful to all the people who had come to see Sanders speak, I think telling black people (or any other people for that matter) that they can’t criticize Sanders because republicans or Clinton are worse is dismissive and disrespectful, but asking them to do it in a way that isn’t completely disrespectful and destructive is reasonable.

  46. If the fake activists are too frightened to take on the Republican’s then they don’t have the decency or the balls to apologize to Bernie

  47. “Outside Agitators 206” are the GOP’s attempt to shut down Bernie just like “America Rising” are the GOP’s attempt to shut down Hillary.

    It’s all hype. Those jerks are on their last legs. The pseudo radical bunch are pathique. They are a joke. Almost feel sorry for them.

    Almost, but not quite, because they have been so vicous for so long. Just stick together and we will all come out fine.

  48. And well they should. “Black Lives Matters” need some mature leadership and learn how to pick their battles. The immature knee jerk response only defeats the cause.The real enemy of the minorities in this nation are the white supremist GOP sociopaths.So they must get with the program or loose out((

  49. That’s the plan. Two birds with one stone. Who knows those women may wind up as token Negros on Fox next month. Or at least they have been promised a place as respected “journalists”.

  50. I know a lot of people in “real life” who ask what I think/thought about some whatever event/occurrence.
    I often tell them, “I wasn’t there. I didn’t see it so, I don’t know.”

    Well, I did see what these two religiomatic thugettes did however, I do not know who put them up to it or why.

    There could be any of a multitude of “whoevers” behind it and, possibly they were just pawns in the deal which is how the religion bosses get power.
    After all:

    ” The GOP is well-aware of their base’s low intelligence and it is why they pander to their hatred to convince them to vote against their own best interests in every election cycle.”

    These studies also explain why they won’t understand the studies if they even are able to or will read the article.
    Remember, religion was invented when the first fool met the first …

  51. Occupy and BLM do poorly due to lack of funds, media exposure, and organization. The tea party, are an astroturf organization that were created by both Fox News and Americans For Prosperity, a Koch funded entity. They had to rebrand the republican base for ignoring how Bush ran up the deficit, with 2 wars and a tax cut, and blame Obama for it. Now the deficit is the black guys fault and “they want their country back”!

    See, there really is no tea party, they are just the crazy republican base.

  52. Obviously you haven’t read any of the statements Bernie made as to why he is going to Liberty University, or you wouldn’t be so ignorant and judgmental.

  53. I sometimes think I don’t give myself enough credit. Here I am a poor woman, southern at that. A hick that lives 10 miles from the nearest grocery store. I didn’t even finish school so why is it I could see that for exactly what it was meant to be? And the educated journalists that spends so much time trash talking southerners that have been gerrymandered and sold out of existence couldn’t see?
    I had a lot of real problems going on and didn’t have time to question my common sense or gut feelings like usual. I knew the score without even watching the video. I am gonna make a leap here. I am smarter than they think I am, I just don’t have a real voice. The only fictional one I ever had has is gone, openly stolen by carpetbaggers. All it took was a nurse with a Medicare clinic from Mich, a couple million dark money dollars, 8 counties cobbled together to make her a district. And she still had to have a runoff to give her the district with less than 1500 votes.

  54. Sincerity and passion deeply rooted in having experienced the effects of what one protests quite often does not well foundation a capacity to win the hearts and minds of others. Such is the problem of liberals and progressives effective promoting their true-believer causes in wider reach of acceptance by more and more—their empathy has far sucked them in.

    Meanwhile, insincere conservatives and reactionaries have no trouble at all in couching their propaganda in a manner to gain support from a lager disinterested and little involved public. Those in this case disrupting Bernie Sanders left acceptance of their cause little expanded and more so hurt and themselves totally rejected by anyone that was not with them in the first place. They are so deeply immersed that they are incapable of comprehending the fact—as McLuhan noted metaphorically: “Fish know nothing of water” for they too are up to their gills in it.

    If you were to try and explain this to them, these prote…

  55. I am like Bernie better every day. If the MSM didn’t hate a woman as much as a black man, Bernie would have been ignored, now it is too late. Just like it’s too late for them to really stop The Donald. The party and the media made a deal with the Devil and they will be shocked when he decides to quit playing games and do what he has done all his life.
    Deals aren’t binding for him.

  56. You are right, Knight. The “OA 206” are the GOP’s attempt to shut down Bernie just like “America Rising” are the GOP’s attempt to shut down Hillary.

    It’s all hype. Those jerks are on their last legs. The pseudo radical bunch are pathetic. They are a joke. I almost feel sorry for them.

    Almost, but not quite, because they have been so vicious for so long; 35 damn years of that worthless Reagan Revolution. We just have to stick together and we will all come out fine.

    Marissa Johnson & Mara Willaford = Colin Reed & Tim Miller; all fascist trash, part of the “dirty tricks” playbook of the GOP.

  57. I beg to differ. BLM has had ample opportunity to separate themselves from the actions of these women and has steadfastly refused to do so. By not speaking out against this group who claim to be acting on behalf of BLM they are supporting them and in essence giving their approval.

  58. Another thing this episode proves is the MSM blackout of Bernie Sanders. These ‘protesters’ would have been sought for interviews otherwise ….but NO, all of the supposed ‘news’ organizations would rather be conveniently lazy and not do any real journalism/investigation.
    They’ll show the fracas with headlines and labels. If a dog barked or a baby cried, they’d say, “See ! Dogs and babies are against Sanders. ” Pathetic !
    Only Free Speech TV ( mostly Thom Hartmann ) and truly independent internet are reporting anything factual.

  59. So….basically you’re saying that if this were a REPUBLICAN rally then these women would have been DENIED their first amendment right to speak.

    Except this WASN’T a republican rally.

    Bernie Sanders needs to learn to tailor his message to the agenda…and TODAY’S agenda is BLACK LIVES MATTER.

  60. Actually, TODAY’s agenda is income inequality so Bernie Sander’s messages is right where it’s supposed to be. BLM is losing…let me repeat that, LOSING…ground, ESPECIALLY when they act like this. Action from bullies will ONLY raise other’s anger, not their sympathy. And in this case, they were nothing but bullies. NOTHING but bullies. Their messages wasn’t broadcast. They had no supporters. And in acting disrespectful, they are only being hated.

  61. Well – there should be a petition requesting an apology from each of those individuals who viciously spewed untruths and insults up close at Bernie Sanders’ face. I was there. These women owe Bernie Sanders and all those attended to hear him speak an apology. Yes, there were some people in the audience that gave inappropriate responses, but most of us I could tell just wanted them to stop berating a man who has supported the equal right efforts for decades – long before these women were born. I’m pretty sure there were may of use who had started fighting for equal rights back in the 60s and still are. No – they owe at the very least an apology to Bernie Sanders – and the petition should come from BLM, because these women caused great harm to the reputation of BLM. You will not find the kind of support that progressives provide for the BLM cause in the Republican party! And you don’t want that to change – do you?

  62. It appears that BLM did not have anything to do with those women and their inappropriate behavior towards Bernie Sanders. If that is truly the case, then – no BLM does not owe anyone an apology, but they do need to be very active in making sure that this situation is taken care of. And one way to show that these women are and were not part of BLM is for BLM to start a petition that will be sent to these women to request their apologies to BLM, to Bernie Sanders, and to all those that came to support and hear Bernie Sanders speak.

  63. That was nothing but NARCISSISTIC CHEAP GLORY BULLSHIT. One issue no matter how crucial does not make a REVOLUTION. When and if life on earth becomes impossible your political ideology will not spare you.

  64. They should have been arrested. Damn fools. If you think rushing a stage and shouting at the audience will do anything more than making you look dumb, then there it is.

  65. When I first saw the Seattle story I went to a page that was linked to it where one of the protestors had posted a blog of sorts. Reading through it I saw some word usage that struck me as wrong. I opined at that time that these people were GOP operatives trying to derail the Sanders Campaign. Reading above the statements of the OA206 group leaders statement above simply confirms my suspicions. He never once points any finger at the anti-black, minority hating core that is the Republican Party. Never talks about the N.C., TX and most of the Old South laws that make it extremely difficult for minorities to vote. He simply screams his hatred of the Democratic Party. News for you fella, Bernie is an Independent and the only reason he is running as a Dem is to either to force the debate to the left and/or if he wins have the Dem. organization behind a Presidential run. This guy is a GOP operative and so are his two deluded fools that stormed the stage at Bernies event in Seattle.

  66. Admire Political USA may need to correct this story….no one is perfect and generally this site does a good job….BLM not affiliated with these clowns and no surprise conservative operatives are attempting to sabotage Sen. Sander’s campaign….However, it highlights the huge mistake of maintaining a monolithic staff who don’t have the connections that could have clarified this misrepresentation & exposed the fraud.

  67. This is a potential problem with decentralization. I’d guess that a large number of activists whom BLM /would/ be perfectly fine in recognizing are not affiliated directly with their organization or one of their sponsoring organizations.

    Were the women in question rude? Yes. Should Bernie have shut them down? I don’t think so.

    If they WERE plants from an organization attempting to sabotage Democrats, then shutting them down is exactly what they wanted. The MSM would have jumped on the story and Fox News would have been touting him as a hypocritical racist. Sure, BLM may have issued a statement disavowing the protesters, but the damage would have been done.

    If they were genuine protesters, then allowing them to speak gave Bernie the perfect catalyst to announce his plans to combat police violence and systemic racism (probably already in the works), along with exposure to the black community, something he sorely needs.

    Bernie handled this perfectly.

  68. POLITICS USA: Why has this not been retracted or updated to reflect the fact that it is not accurate? Is it time for me to scratch Politics USA off my list of Liberal news and information site that I know are credible? This kind of “spread anything” and leave it up even after it’s been debunked is more typical of right wing journalism. But, I am starting to realize that our side is almost as guilty. And that gives me the sads.

  69. They’re republicans, they are expected to act hateful, violent, and out of control. Haven’t you been paying attention to the Republican candidates.

  70. I want to say something. I’m a right-winger. (Please don’t attack me, I’m not a racist or whatever else.) I like Bernie Sanders. Don’t care for his economic stance, but he’s good on foreign affairs and civil liberties, and I think he’d make a better president than just about anybody, including all of the republicans other than rand paul (I’m a libertarian, not a conservative) I think he handled this situation exactly right. These people want attention. Kicking them out would be giving them exactly that. He took the higher road. It increases my respect for him even more.

  71. If you want to know what’s up with the #BlackLivesMovement ask a black activist… PoliticusUSA remembers Imani Gandy, yes?

    Imani Gandy: “Marissa Johnson, one of the women who led the Seattle protest, has been smeared in a blog post being circulated on Patheos as well as a fact-free blog post on PoliticusUSA (which is a website I formerly respected and read regularly) as a “Sarah Palin supporter” and a “radical Christian.” (She supported Palin when she was 17, and no longer does now that she is 24—not that it matters since Black Sarah Palin supporters have a right to protest being gunned down in the streets just as much as any other Black person; and she is an evangelical Christian, but not a right-wing evangelical Christian.)”

  72. Actually I was just read a CNN article about BLM funding titled “How to fund Black Lives Matter” and they write

    “Donations to many of these groups have come from far and wide including the hip hop moguls Jay Z and Beyonce, who quietly donated tens of thousands of dollars to a bail fund for the Baltimore chapter of #BlackLivesMatter to release protesters from jail.While activists praised the Carters for their contribution, less star-studded sources of funding have also begun to turn their attention to the cause, including the Ford Foundation and Resource Generation, an organization of wealthy people under 35 who support progressive movements.”

    Its not the lack of money its lack of structure, organization and leadership.

  73. First of all Sanders and his campaign have bent over backwards to accommodate these cacklers. Second I’m not white!

    These women brought shame to the name of their movement and their behaviour was so shady that I’m no longer sure what it is that BLM really stands for or what their intentions are. Which is a shame because I was damn proud of them in the beginning. The first time they disrupted Sanders I thought “Ok. They are attempting to hold these candidates accountable.” The second time their tactics came across as aggressive bullying that had no political intent. I also questioned why they only seem to turn hard on Sanders and not any other candidate. I will sit back and wait a long minute or two watching the movement at a distance until I understand better their motives.

  74. Wow. Thanks. Think I will be keeping some distance from this movement from now on. I’m so disappointed. These actions were sad, unproductive and worse of all alienating. I’m too black and old to waste my time with a movement that cannot tell the forest from the trees. Attacking Bernie doesn’t affect police brutality nor stop young men from being incarcerated. Bernie is only a candidate not the president. Why don’t they have a mass rally in front of the White House calling on Obama to do something. Why are they ignoring Republicans? Clinton? People are dying and they’re getting their rocks off at a Sanders event. Sad.

  75. You’re right! But the people who would attend his later event are filled with his supporters. What the BLM activists disrupted were people who were there hoping to HEAR the Sanders campaign message and they were denied that right. Its sad, pitiful actually. Four thousand people were denied the right to hear him speak because of two rude bullies.

  76. I want to know why PoliticsUSA has not retracted this article now that it is widely known that BLM did not start any petitions. I want to know why this inaccurate mess of an article that wasn’t based in fact in the first place, is still posted, and still being shared around the internet. I used to have a pretty strong trust of this site, but sadly, now I am not so sure.

  77. Bernie Sanders has not and is not attacking BLM. Some of his supporters felt that he’s been attacked. He answers questions of the people in events all the time and takes unscreened calls on Thom Hartmann’s Brunch with Bernie. He is accessible and listens to concerns. There was no need to shut him up twice. I’m glad he put out more of a plan to help change the things that are contributing to the need for BLM. The BLM movement is necessary, I don’t want it to go off the rails. I do understand the anger, and I hope it gets directed at those who deserve it.

  78. Wait a minute. While it’s true that some of Bernie’s supporters were attacking BLM, I’m certain that Sanders was not. Certainly his actions did not show it, as he did not try to stop the protesters from having their say and has recently met with BLM. I am sorry he did not do this sooner, but at least he has understood his mistake and is trying to rectify it.

    And please do not assume that white Liberals do not care about about police brutality against blacks. All the Liberals I know are very concerned and there are plenty of Bernie supporters who have joined BLM in marches.

    When Obama became President, lots of people thought it was a sign that America was no longer a racist country, but the white Liberals I know realize that is not true and have stated that racism has gotten worse in this country. So please, do not automatically assume that white Liberals don’t care about the plight of Black and Brown Americans because I know plenty who do.

  79. Just a comment to add: these actions were deplorable & disrespectful no matter who commits them and to whom. It is a fallacy in comments below that these disruptive ppl are Republicans and have not pulled this stunt w/ any Republicans. They did so at a Jeb Bush town hall meeting, and both Ben Carson and Marco Rubio have spoken out against these ppl. They are nothing more than agitators with a warped agenda, demanding to be heard wherever they can get away with it.

  80. Best way to stay. Unbought and Unbossed. Politicians both liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican are going to learn that nobody is buying what they’re selling anymore.

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