Fox News Throws Megyn Kelly Under the Bus and Surrenders to Donald Trump

Game on? Fox News determined to crush Donald Trump? Game over.

Fox News loses. Because you don’t, as Trump has repeatedly said, challenge Donald Trump. You just don’t.

Yes, that quickly, Roger Ailes has called Donald Trump to kiss and make up. Why? Because sources speaking to New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman said Ailes was worried Trump could damage the network. According to these sources, “Roger was not happy. Most of the Fox viewers were taking Trump’s side.”

As a result, what you saw last night on Donald Trump’s twitter feed was this:

In a statement, Ailes said, according to CNNMOney,

Donald Trump and I spoke today. We discussed our concerns, and I again expressed my confidence in Megyn Kelly. She is a brilliant journalist and I support her 100 percent.

I assured him that we will continue to cover this campaign with fairness & balance. We had a blunt but cordial conversation and the air has been cleared.

A Fox News spokesperson promised Kelly would address the controversy at 9 pm.

So Ailes threw Megyn Kelly under the bus but said he didn’t throw Megyn Kelly under the bus, except that he did, because he caved into Donald Trump, the guy who has spent days relentlessly heaping abuse on her.

What Kelly said when 9 pm rolled around was “I certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism.” Many thought Trump should apologize to her. Trump demanded she apologize to him. Mostly, conservatives appeared to agree with Trump.

Like Eve, Kelly was suddenly to blame for all the sin in the world. Not Baier, not Wallace. They’re men. It was a woman challenging him that so enraged Trump. In fact, shortly before the Ailes call, Trump tweeted his latest sexual-innuendo Kelly smear:

According to Newsmax, describing the Stern interview, Megyn Kelly openly discussing sexuality means its okay for men to abuse her. Here we go again with the blame the victim approach that so epitomizes Republican thinking.

And now we know who is more important to Fox News, Donald Trump or Megyn Kelly. Surprise, surprise, it is not the woman.

Trump, for his part, will be appearing on not only Hannity today, but Fox & Friends, where stupidity always reigns supreme, as a sign that he is setting aside his threats of boycotting the network.

Trump will no doubt enjoy Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who is unlikely to ask him any difficult questions, and not only because she can’t think of any, but because her boss has just come to the realization that her guest is the real reason for the 2016 campaigning season.

51 Replies to “Fox News Throws Megyn Kelly Under the Bus and Surrenders to Donald Trump”

  1. I do think Megyn Kelly has some intelligence, and I hope she learns something from this. I don’t know what Trump has over these people to keep them so deferential to him.

  2. I know what he has over them $$$$$$$$$$. And to Fox, that’s all it’s ever about, isn’t it? If Megyn had any sense, she would quit Fox. But then, she’d lose her golden health care plan, her big salary, and her soapbox. She is no journalist. Most lawyers aren’t. But since I believe every word uttered by those three moderators on Thursday was pre-vetted by Fox, she is indeed being thrown under Trump’s campaign bus. If there were any doubt about the GOP’s position on women, this should seal that deal. GOP women? Are you watching and learning?

  3. So Ailes threw Megyn Kelly under the bus but said he didn’t throw Megyn Kelly under the bus, except that he did, because he caved into Donald Trump, the guy who has spent days relentlessly heaping abuse on her.

    Ailes didn’t throw her under the bus in any way. I have no idea where the “So” in the first sentence came from, other than a weak and vain attempt to legitimize the lie that follows.

  4. I wonder when Ailes will tell Kelly apologize or you’re fired.

    To Dennis I always love how some men never see racism, bigotry,& misogyny. You must be one who subscribes to the hear no evil, speak of no evil, see no evil when it comes to the privileged. News alert, the privileged don’t even no or care that you exist. As far as many of them are concerned & Trump is of that league; anyone who is not of the privilege are there to serve them & not to complain, or challenge them on anything.

    You see that is what happened with Megyn. Trump does not see her as one in his class (as far as he is concerned very few are) & certainly she is the wrong gender. Ailes, not wanting to lose Trump’s largesse – apologized & assured Trump that he would get Megyn under control. With a [wink] & a nod.

  5. Pre-vetted? Pfffft, I’d bet money Ailes wrote the questions himself! Or, at the very least, he told his writers what topics to go after Trump on and then they wrote the actual questions. They weren’t pre approved. They were drafted and assigned and distributed.

  6. If Kelly were as smart as she says, she’d tell fox to eff themselves and leave, then SHE would have the power of making them apologize to her. She seems to attract more viewers than billo, they need her. She needs to force her employer to stand up for her. Ailes probably told her to go give him a “handy”.

  7. I figured Trump told Roger to back the hell up off him or he would convince his base to stop watching Fox. And considering how Trumps approval is soaring after every horrific word he utters, it was not an empty threat. $$$$

    And I have jack-all sympathy for Megyn Kelly. She has known for a long, long time exactly what the party leaders/money havers think about women. If she’s surprised by this move or hurt by it, well suck it up, Buttercup! You’ve helped make this, Megyn. You, your boss, your fans and the GOP, are ALL beginning to reap what you sowed. Enjoy!

  8. Can’t help believing Bill Clinton and possibly James
    Carville enlisted The Donald to be a Trojan Horse in
    the repug camp. Trump knows he will get richer with
    a Democrat in the WH so he’s just posing as a sincere
    candidate to disrupt the clueless party. Yes, we are all
    getting tired of this media circus, but it’ll be worth the
    nausea once there’s another Dem in the oval office. He
    knows who makes America great and it sure as hell
    ain’t the bagger bastards! Fox is being outfoxed by a

  9. “I certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism.”

    Not like you’ll ever be put in that situation in the first place. So how does it feel, being on the other end of the sharp stick ?

  10. …this thin-skinned bastard will implode soon…sooner or later Grumpy-Trumpy will encounter real journalists that won’t let him slide…{He’s already had a couple o’ encounters with Jose’ Diaz-Ballart}
    …even the Chunky Toady is starting to go after him!!! Clumsily, yeah, but it’s a start…

  11. Megyn Kelly is a glorified bubble head. Did we all forget her now famous comment that “Pepper spray is essentially a food substance.”

  12. You assume that Ms Kelly is a subservient “little girl” who will go to her room when daddy says “bad girl”, and, she will do as she’s told…

    HA! Not even. Over-baring white privileged males with power love women like her because she IS a “mean girl”; they fantasize about being subservient to her! These kind of men are known to have a “fetish” for Dominatrix who humiliate them over and over…

    I say watch Ms Kelly crack her whip and make her demands known…she’s no fool; she controls “daddy’s handy”. She smart enough to make a deal with sugar daddy Ailes that he can’t refuse; Fox will once again tell Trump to “go dry hump yourself” (or, as Stephan Colbert says he’s, “dry Trumping” because his show doesn’t start until 9/4).

  13. I think since all of conservtive media wants to be in on the inevitable Trump downfall, Chuck Todd was only getting some pre-emptive stikes in.
    Once he figures out Trump is back in conservative good graces, he will fall in line like the rest of them.

    I mean it’s not like Chuck has one independent thought floating around in his turnip, right?

  14. Trump will be very comfortable on The Five. Hasslebeck was his biggest cheerleader all through the big Rosie/Trump feud on The View.

    However I do recall at that time, *before* Barbara Walters stepped in to smooth things over, he lashed out at the entire show and called Hasslebeck “The dumbest person on television.”

  15. GOP women may be watching, but they sure as hell aren’t learning. If they were capable of learning, they’d realize that the GOP is a hotbed of misogyny. Voting for any republican candidate is a vote against the rights and status of women–but GOP women are apparently too stupid to recognize that fact.

  16. Think Kelly is not a smart as she says. If she was, why does she stay with Fox, losing all credibility the longer she stays.

  17. Fox, Trump & Megyn…

    They are being talk about.
    They are the news…

    That is all they wanted.

    And they will stand in their heads and stick their tongues out & act stupid for the planet to continue to talk about them, as if it mattered.

    But it does not matter, it is melo-drama.

  18. They haven’t morphed into borg mode yet, blame Obama for their mindless drama. Shameless, peabrained soul assasins: See Republican/Quark/ profit from BS, ect,,ect..

  19. I think it’s cute the way Fox insists that what it does is journalism. Like playing “dress up” or “doctor” as children, you pretend to be grown ups until it’s time for your nap. Fox “News” has been in need of a nap for years now.

  20. FUX NEWS wins, this is first class liberal site and we’re still talking megyn and this phony made up soap opera, so guess what? FUX is laughing all the way to the bank! enough already.

  21. Knight. In order to defeat an enemy you must study and understand them. So. The real question is how to turn this Faux news drama into a Democratic advantage.

  22. Megyn has long been the princess of Fox News, in fact,too long. Now it is time for her to leave her ivory tower and fade away.

  23. Play with their heads until they explode?
    Why not? They continuously bombard our democratic process by waging “war” on everyone who isn’t within the confines of their privatized kingdom …by hurling back things that will really happen in reality is playing with their heads in real time–why not play on their obvious mental weaknesses?

  24. I am no fan of Megyn Kelly or Faux but dammit, she asked a legitimate question. That was no attack…it was, to me, an inquiry as to his lack of decorum and it’s place in the Oval Office. And/or how he expects to garner the votes of women with such a vile habit of downing them like that.

  25. The fact that Trump made Fox news say uncle is history in the making. No political figure that I can remember has ever done that. Its was not just Trump. It was Trump supporters and fair and open minded individuals who blitzed Fox with an email tsunami never before seen. It was clear to me that both parties and combined Media have been trying to take him out. I believe they are still on that plan but must find a more refined an more stealthy approach. The American people knew the fix was in. Obviously if you did not like Trump you did not mind it. His supporters obviously did.

  26. Five years ago, people on the left were worried about the influence Glenn Beck was having on the far right. Trump’s popularity with the people who listen(ed) to Beck shows that influence is virtually zero these days. Beck hates Trump so much that he won’t even mention his name on his morning show, The Three Stooges.

    We in Revolt Against Plutocracy hope Trump’s leverage actually works.

  27. Megyn said she’s not apoligizing. Ailes never said he’d get Megyn under control, he said he had 100% faith in her abilities. And Ailes didn’t apologize to Trump, he told he’d get fair treatment.

    Not one sentence of what you wrote is true.

  28. No, they are not stupid. They are brainwashed into believing that men rule supreme over women, most of it is religious ideology. They were raised that way and they live that way.
    It generally has nothing to do with submissive sexual behavior.
    We could discuss a litany of psychological implications, but lets just call it a duck, since it walks like one and quacks like one.
    These women feel a lack of self esteem. They have been conditioned for it since birth. These are the women that want to be stay at home Mom’s, while the Husband provides all. They “need” to be controlled. They feel completely out of place if they are not.
    I also believe there are many Republican Women that vote Democrat in the General Elections. Their Husbands will never know, so it’s a safe way for them to revolt. For the most part though, they wonder why any woman would choose a life outside the home, raising children and Kowtowing to their husbands every wish.

  29. hell it is beyond me as you, why they wont change their vote. Are they to dumb to realize that the next step for the republicans will be to take their voting rights away. I just don’t get it.

  30. …as long as the bus driver stops, backs up until he can see what he hit…and run over her again!!!

  31. I know this is a liberal site, but you folks should not be so down on Trump. I know Megyn Kelly is a women, and many will side with her no matter what because of that but… She still makes 9 million a year, and just look at who pays her salary. These are the Oligarchs that got us into the Iraq war people… Focus.

  32. -As if Brer-Fox ‘News’ doesn’t do enough to damage themselves…buncha inbred 1st generation idiots.

  33. Surely you jest. Do the women of Fox not watch Fox? The anti-women schtick has been a running theme with Fox “News” and the Tea Party. They were bound to throw the airheads under the Christofascist train. Seems to me the Fox ladies enjoy their second class status, otherwise they wouldn’t be on Fox assisting in the Tea Party massacre of women’s rights.

  34. Megyn Kelly’s The Kelly File is the #1 rated show across all of cable news in both the 25-54 demographic and total viewers. That’s hundreds of millions of dollars in ad revenue. She is worth far, far more to Fox than His Hairness could ever be.

  35. Kelly should apologize for the lie about Trump saying to an apprentice “you look better on your knees”.
    The woman said it never happened; it was a lie on a blog.

  36. Megyn Kelly did ask a legitimate question of Trump. The questions will get harder and then nasty as time goes on, I can hardly wait.

  37. I don’t really care what Megan Kelly is paid. Her question to Trump was fair and used his own words against him. There are many things that I disagree with Kelly about but she doesn’t deserve to be at the center of Trump’s anger.

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