Black Lives Matter Activists Differ On The Need To Apologize To Bernie Sanders



Since I last wrote regarding Black Lives Matter, the organization has released a few statements on the Bernie Sanders matter.  Most importantly, the organization was not behind the petition calling for an apology to Bernie Sanders.

From their Facebook page

The ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter organization did not create any petitions demanding apology from Seattle based organizers. We have not issued a public apology, neither have we made any public statements demanding an apology.


As I pointed out previously, the petition on was set up by people identifying themselves as Black Lives Matter activists.  This is not the same thing as the organization.

In a subsequent post, the organization said the following:

At this time, ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter does not endorse any presidential candidate. Moreover, we are not affiliated with a political party. Our work is not funded or driven by any political party nor is it influenced by local or national candidates.

As stated in our mission, #BlackLivesMatter is an ideological and political intervention; we are not controlled by the same political machine we are attempting to hold accountable. In the year leading up to the elections, we are committed to holding all candidates for Office accountable to the needs and dreams of Black people. We embrace a diversity of tactics. We are a decentralized network aiming to build the leadership and power of black people. We do not endorse any political party, and we are not supported by any political party. Our political aims we’ve stated clearly.


Historically, all political parties have participated in the systematic disenfranchisement of Black people. Anti-black racism, especially that sanctioned by the state, has resulted in the loss of healthy and thriving Black life and well-being. Given that, we will continue to hold politicians and political parties accountable for their policies and platforms. We will also continue to demand the intentional dismantling of structural racism.

For more information about #BlackLivesMatter nationally, please visit the official website at, follow @BlkLivesMatter on Twitter, or visit the Facebook page here.”

The same message is posted on the organization’s website, and again on the organization’s Twitter account.

Since I wrote, the petition on has been closed.

As mentioned previously, there is a difference between the national organization and people who work with, support, or are sympathetic to the organization.  There is also a difference in approaches and opinions by people in the movement Black Lives Matter.

It’s worth restating that the organization Black Lives Matter is not affiliated with any political party or candidate, but that also means they are not singling out one politician for accountability to the exclusion of others.

The fact also remains, they deserve more than accountability.  They deserve action.

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53 Replies to “Black Lives Matter Activists Differ On The Need To Apologize To Bernie Sanders”

  1. There is no issue here.
    An apology is called for.
    Only the uncivilized would dispute this.

    Case closed!

  2. Apologize or not, Like Bernie or Hillary. You all better vote Democratic. Or welcome to the Koch Empire. Social Security. Gone. Medicare. Gone. Medicaid. Gone. Minimum Wage. Gone. ACA. Gone. Paid Holidays . Gone. Weekends off. Gone. Women having ANY control of their OWN BODIES. Gone. God Almighty, I swear I wish I had been born in Australia.

  3. Good luck with getting action from THIS Congress. Actually, BLM is likely to get action, but not the kind they want. They will be investigated by this Congress, especially if the gopers in Congress think that they can tie BLM activists to Hillary Clinton.

  4. I’m going to be brutally honest, I’m a very vocal supporter of not only black civil rights but human rights. I’m a VERY outspoken black man but more importantly, I try to be a person of high character! Now what those two did was DEAD WRONG! anyone here who defends their acts are wrong too! That was not only juvenile but it clearly illustrates, they’re severely mentally unstable! with black americans getting shot down like dogs, these two BLACK females actually didn’t take in consideration, that maybe some security could have blown them away! I don’t care about them protesting but theres a right and wrong way to do anything! I would be upset if they bum rushed a KKK meeting in THAT manner. that’s NOT the way to get your message out. And how dedicated to BLM can those two FOOLS be? but telling the WORLD, sarah palin is MY HERO, WHAT? sarah palin is a god damn racist! where have YOU been? BLM I’m sure has done some great work but this is ONE A.A.supporter YOU just lost!

  5. If they don’t want to endorse – or appear to endorse – any candidate, why steal Bernie’s forum? It was classless.

    Yes indeed Black Lives Matter, and I support the cause, but they could have gotten a lot further with coordination than they did with stealing his thunder. People who thought they were jerks still think so and have a recent reference point now; and people who support them got a thrill. I don’t know whether they gained or lost numbers out of that stunt. I’m assuming that at best it was a wash.

  6. Why should they apologize? Since President Obama was elected so called white progressives have been full of shit

    I remember Jane Hamsher in cahoots with Grover Norquist tried to derail the ACA

    The same dudebros following the lead of the traitor Snowden tried to pin the worst of the NSA on Obama nevermind that he stopped the worst of the abuses

    I remember the unions going against him when the President stopped the keystone pipeline.

    But most of all I remember our so called allies from white liberals were silent when the police are gunning us down but they raise holy hell because they think the government are keeping records on them but are silent when corporations are doing it 10 fold.

    How dare you try to talk about us when you don’t have to be worried about being stop by the police and cancelling Christmas

  7. It’s always Black people who have to be quiet and not make a scene.

    I never hear Jewish people being told to stop talking about the Holocaust. Black people have watched for the past 6 years while everyone else has made their case and brought about change. The LGBT, the Latinos, the marijuana.


    Let that sink in. Even the opinions about smoking weed have changed dramatically.

    President Obama has had to deal with all kinds of shit from just about every key group and handled it. Since he’s been confronted by BLM Sanders has made changes to his campaign. He’s running for president and if he can’t handle the heat, he should get the hell out of Dodge.

    You guys can fall into the republican trap of letting democrats be divided. But, if you do, be ready for more Republican nominated SCOTUS’s, more poverty, less educated Americans, more votes being stolen or denied, more guns and mass shootings and sending more Americans to die in more republican engineered war.

  8. An adviser to Bernie Sanders has been quietly urging the candidate to
    hone in even more on getting big money out of politics. Now, he’s
    aggravated some in the Vermont senator’s inner circle by announcing he
    will explore his own White House bid.

    Larry Lessig, founder of Mayday PAC — a super PAC to end all super PACs, announced in a video on Tuesday he was exploring a presidential bid centered on campaign finance and voting rights reforms — a month after he wrote a detailed memo to the Sanders campaign, explaining how to more effectively talk about
    getting money out of politics and making his campaign more credible.

  9. Wrong is wrong! I don’t care about race, gender, religion! those two were wrong! And talking about A.A.’s not being able to talk is nonsense! those two idiots could have talked without having to charge the stage! talking about the holocaust or what president Obama has had to deal with doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with two people jumping on stage and hollering and screaming like two god damn FOOLS! Anyone who listens to the audio only, would have thought those two were being RAPED! they were frantic and CRAZY! they weren’t protesting, they were acting like they were CRAZY! I wonder if those two women were caucasian and broke up a BLACK event, would these POLITCUS apologist be defending their disgusting behavior? heres some food for thought, what would have happened if those two CIVIL RIGHTS phonies marched their DUMBA$SES to a Hillary event? YEP Hillary’s secret service team would have cleaned that mess up REAL quick! how about a glen beck event? they would have gotten SHOT!

  10. I’m sorry those uncivilized negroes aren’t groveling at the feet of the Great White Hope as they should.

  11. Knight4444,

    Protestors have hung from trees, strapped themselves to buildings or have thrown paint on expensive furs.

    You don’t stop supporting a cause or throw out the baby with the bath water just because one incident happen to piss you off and if you do, were you ever really a supporter to begin with?

    “By whatever means necessary.” I know I don’t have to tell you who said that cause you appear very smart and well read.

    Or, in other words…..We need to get ‘er done!

    I just pray that the next BLM hastag isn’t you or someone else you know, love or care about.

  12. They have met with Hillary. Her campaign sought them out and contacted them and they were in a room holding her feet to the fire today for things that didn’t go as she had planned regarding some old votes many in the Senate thought were right at the time.

    I don’t know the details but overall wasn’t it the very type of crowd at Seattle and the reaction they had there what escalated their behavior?

    Don’t shoot the messengers, they wanted to talk but after the boos from the crowd and someone yelling TASE THEM and ARREST THEM for SPEAKING, well come on.

    I was a bit of a radical when I was young. I had the mace experience before I was 13! I still am a bit of a rebel, eh?

    They have a message that must get out. It IS a matter of life and death.

    And the crap about Palin – she might have supported her on a whim – a teenager discovering her woman’s rights. I don’t hold that against her either. Dimwit that she was had a hell of a lot of stadiums filled.

  13. So your entire premise is TWO WRONGS make a RIGHT? lol wow I don’t know what universe you live in but in mine, what you said was almost as offensive and bigoted as that STORMFROM AS$SHOLE @kuezerman posted. I get @kuezerman, that’s a stick twisted little POS! but your post is misguided and sad! BTW since you have NO clue about me personally, how the hell do YOU know I haven’t been a victim of police brutality? because I was, it put my ASS in hospital with a broken ankle and swelling of my skull because the police officer PISTOL WHIPPED me. and I STILL wouldn’t want those two brainless IDIOTS saying ANYTHING on MY behalf. PEACE

  14. Soros wasn’t planning to do this for Hillary or anyone else in January 2015.

    The Sanders supporters should all be on a sedative or something. And they really need to get out an read more. Have some diversity in their world-view. Kos and DU are nutso lately.

  15. We know that black lives don’t matter – to the Republican party. Anyone who thinks any American who’s not in the upper 1% of income, which includes most people of color (as well as most Americans in general) is going to get anything but the back of the hand from the Rethugs is seriously out of touch.

  16. Not being discussed – it’s totally clear Sanders has no idea how to handle protesters/hecklers. For an old man in politics for decades – he’s learned nothing. If not for his age, I’d call it immaturity for walking off stage & closing it down. He’s not qualified. He has temper tantrums for not being able to speak. He could’ve instead taken a few moments & spoken with them. He looked like a deer in the headlights. If that rattles him – he is so not qualified as negotiations on issues or decisions about military, etc. are far more critical & don’t always go your way. What would he do – stomp out as the subject changed & he’s only willing to talk about what he wants. It’s not much different than at Netroots. It’s pretty much habitual for him. Think of all the hecklers & protestors that Obama has faced — Bernie can’t handle it.

    Referring to ‘he marched with MLK or he supported Jackson – BFD – that’s decades ago. Bernie should buy a rocker & park his butt

  17. The Black Panthers acted much in the same fashion. A militant faction cannot provide solace for what has and sadly still is occurring in our country. Misguided and obviously espousing their own agenda #BlackLivesMatter is doing themselves no justice. The hatemongers and proponents of perpetual war will continue to crush groups like this, sadly. Groups like this must be heard, and given credence. Unfortunately the choice was made to discard their biggest political champion, he will not turn his back on them, as many will. But their agenda will never be heard as loudly as it could have been.

  18. Apparently there are millions of uncivilized people in this country in that case. You can count me in as one of them!
    The BLM movement NEEDS to be heard and NOW! They are all talking about the HORRIBLE and SECOND CLASS treatment of Black Americans!
    They are going after the GOP next! That makes me HAPPY! #BlackLivesMatter

  19. Oh, wait none of that matters. The women screaming at Bernie (Marissa)is a privileged evangelical Christian who went to a private Bible College. Both her parents are teapartiers. Mom is white. So she really loves “white” people. Listen to her radio interview. And she wants to “burn it down.

  20. How do you talk to someone who is screaming at you and will not let you say anything? Did you watch the video? The two women wouldn’t let anyone talk! One of them kept banging her body into the event organizer in charge and she wouldn’t let him speak either. Bernie doesn’t have temper tantrums, there was no point to remain, they weren’t going to let him speak.

  21. Groups like this must be heard, and given credence. Unfortunately the choice was made to discard their biggest political champion,

    Please tell me you’re not referring to Bernie Sanders with the above. Please tell me that when you claim “biggest political champion” for civil rights, you mean Representative John Lewis.
    Otherwise, you’re really stretching it.

  22. Looks like the Dems showing many no different than the GOP. Dems have hidden it well for years but the banana is beeing peeled to reveal there are many racists within the Dems. They’re being exposed.

  23. Rin, couldn’t agree with you more. I’ll add to that, some who claim to be progressive (or liberal) on this blog, too, are pushing PoliticusUSA to become another DU and DKOS.

    It is because of Bernie Sanders’ lackluster position on issues for PoC that he’s lost my and my group’s support. It is because I understand political reality that I’m not swept up in “the Bern”. It’s because I don’t want a repeat of the Jimmy Carter stigma perpetrated by U.S. Media (i.e., Democratic Party weak and ineffective) that we won’t cast our vote for Sanders.

    Undoubtedly, he talks a good talk, but faced with an antagonistic Congress, I’d rather have someone in the White House who has some gravitas in that branch of our gov’t, and Sanders doesn’t.

  24. Nice going, black America, you’re only going to succeed in making white liberals stay home on election day out of disgust at the loud-mouthed, obnoxious tactics of BLM. And smearing the ordinary white person for any real or imagine injustices is not the way to help win an election, either. Blacks are just as prejudiced as whites, and where was your indignation when two unarmed white young men were shot by black cops? Or is it all right for blacks to kill whites? Getting sick of it myself.

  25. Hillary supporters had a conference call with Ambassador Andrew Young on the day of VRA 50 also the day, ironically, of the GOP debate.

    We heard what it means to fight for rights. Loud and clear – a fight for humanity itself.

    Hillary is long fond of saying we all go forward together or none of us do.

  26. @Lehunt, with all due respect, you’re wrong too, if WHITE LIBERALS stay at home because of what TWO individuals OR what BLM did, well they’re aren’t REAL LIBERALS in the first place, @Lehunt, I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt, YOU’RE not a bigot but your post sure sounded like one, do better.

  27. Deanne, I hope we are seeing R operatives swarming the internet and not supporters of a Dem candidate.

    I know the Bernie supporters are not mainstream dems and the party delegates are not backing him at all.

    They are from OWS, Run Warren, Wall Street!!!, 1%, bank busting, Cit United, No TPP, we want a revolution… focus people.

    Were some of these Bern supporters for Obama’s two campaigns? I have no idea.

    They are having their 15 minutes of fame.

    If it is Rs pretending to bash Hillary from the left – they are helping her so keep going. It just sets up people to defend her and Dems are turned away by that crap.

    The Rs love the drama of Trump. Dems do not.

    Big tent is Dem party 101. Who are these people and why are they trying to embarrass our party? Left fringe or Right operatives?

    …and the “protesters from BLM” are actually a part of an anti-Democratic group called OA-206…thier ‘job’ is to disrupt Democratic candidates…Why disrupt Bernie so much??? He’s the softest of targets…no real security, don’t fight back, backs off and lets ’em have the mic…
    …they ‘jacked BLMs message as cover…AND to damage BLM too; hey two birds with one stone, y’know???

  29. I am white.
    I have registered as a Democrat for the first time in 40 years in order to vote for Bernie Sanders. If he is not the nominee I will unregister as a Democrat immediately.
    I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. I would rather see REAL Republicans finish ruining our country so Elizabeth Warren can win next time around.

  30. lol. I was typing an answer then decided why the F should I point out the blatant stupid.

    Your answer is way better.


  31. I too am white. And I too am a Registered Democrat. And if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination-
    Then I’m going to put my Big Boy pants on, and vote for whomever gets the Primary Nod.

    Do us all a favor and tell us you never reproduced.

  32. Really, this should be a discussion between Bernie Sanders and the two women who hijacked his stump speech. They could all make it a win/win.

  33. The next POTUS might very well swing the SCOTUS, and it’s imperative we support the eventual nominee. This is my biggest issue in the campaign, and the best hope for overturning citizens united in the short term.

  34. I would suggest that Black Lives Matter protesters get political in a hurry. The Tea Party is electing/appointing white supremacists to public office in droves, so they’re fighting an uphill battle already.

  35. So, from the right they will yell back:

    “All Lives Matter!” and “White Lives Matter!”

    And from the left they will shout too:

    “Symone Sanders told the crowd to cheer “We Stand Together” over and over if a disruption came in Portland, signaling that the campaign is preparing strategies to prevent Black Lives Matter from shutting it down again.”

    So drown them out temporarily – then what?

    That will solve it. Not.

  36. It does seem white lives matter
    White man threatens to kill police, knocks one out, sends two to the hospital, injures 7 officers

    “The defendant rolled down the window and said ‘I know why you stopped me.’ The defendant then made reference to the events in Ferguson, Missouri,” according to the criminal complaint.
    Joseph Parker, 34, in a wild rant, threatened to kill police, then pounced, police said. He punched 57-year-old Lt. Jeremian Goodwin, knocking him out.

    From the overnight scene to lockup, Parker allegedly injured seven officers. The police chief says the man battled, nearly breaking the metal detector.
    In the meantime, be black and:
    Sell cigarettes, get killed
    Play at a park, get killed
    Shop at Walmart, get killed
    Walk with friends, get killed
    Go down the stairs, get killed
    Come home from work, get killed

    In all of those cases, and in hundreds more like them, unarmed African Americans who posed no physical threat to police were killed by law enforcement.

    Yet this man, Joseph Parker, injured seven police officers and sent two to the hospital?

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is your America.

  37. OMG.

    Clearly that picture shows a likeable friendly type – he even does a military salute. Proud american that he is. He is a good boy. Get him some help and give him a gun.

    41 shots for pulling out your wallet.

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