Rand Paul and Donald Trump Accuse Each Other of Being Brainless

Donald Trump says he doesn’t understand why everybody attacks him. All the while, he is relentlessly attacking everyone who disagrees with him. Not by challenging their policies, but by questioning their intelligence. The other day it was Carly Fiorina’s voice giving him a headache.

Yesterday, it was Rand Paul lacking a functioning brain:

From the description, it would almost seem Trump is projecting, since that’s how he comes across to many of us. And again, if Trump has so many great ideas, where are they? Why devote so much time to compiling insults?

Why, several days after the fact, did Trump decide Paul debated like he lacked a functioning brain? Why did he not notice this fact at the outset? Well, as it turns out…

Rand Paul has been running a Donald Trump is a fake conservative meme on Twitter, but there is a difference between challenging someone’s ideological bona fides and saying they lack a functioning brain.


In fact, Rand Paul has been tweeting links to an op-ed he wrote and posted on his website why he thinks Trump is not a real conservative, which is more than Trump has done by simply hurling insults. Trump could at least explain to us his reasoning in saying Paul lacks a functioning brain.

Turns out, Trump probably did not think this until Rand Paul spoke last night, when Paul appeared on the O’Reailly Factor Monday night and explained himself:

I got started in the Tea Party movement, which was largely a rebellion against fake conservatives – Republicans who grew the size of government and voted for the bank bailout. Donald Trump was for that bailout, he was for ObamaCare before he was against it, he was for gun control before he was against it, he has said Democrats were better for the economy. So we should be very careful before people consider voting for him. I think he’s a fake conservative, I don’t think he’s been consistent about anything except promoting himself. What is his philosophy? The people are going to eventually ask whether the emperor has any clothes or if the emperor has a brain!

At this point, Eric Bolling, standing in for O’Reilly, warned Paul, “Donald Trump is not afraid to take shots at anyone, and you may be his next target.”

Sure enough. First thing you know, as we saw above, it is Rand Paul who lacks a functioning brain. Like clockwork is Donald Trump.

This tit-for-tat could go on until the primaries, and likely will. With 16 candidates, Trump is unlikely to run out of targets, and the only Republican so far to be openly pro-Trump is Ted Cruz. Unsurprisingly, Trump has had nothing but compliments about Cruz, tweeting last night (just to contrast his with Rand Paul’s performance), that “@SenTedCruz had a very good debate, far better than Rand Paul.”

Eric Bolling was spot on, though it didn’t take a Nostradamus to predict Trump’s attack. And now that Roger Ailes has gone crawling on his hands and knees to Trump, criticizing him has just become much more difficult.

It is ironic that, if Ailes keeps his word, Fox News might actually – for the first time – approach “fair & balanced” with regards at least one topic: Donald Trump. Which doesn’t say much for the chances of one Rand Paul’s odds.

25 Replies to “Rand Paul and Donald Trump Accuse Each Other of Being Brainless”

  1. Do these guys realize they’re running for president of the United States, not 6th grade class president? Neither one could ever be trusted to interact with other world leaders in a mature, sensible way.

  2. They feel that it’s important to appeal to the voter who likes people who sound as if they are running for 6th grade president. Sadly, those are the people who will turn out to vote en masse.

  3. I DON’T even want to “imagine” either of them as POTUS.

    After having President Obama for 8 years..who is brilliant, compassionate, humorous, and just an overall great guy…to have any GOP would be slumming it.

  4. “Rand Paul and Donald Trump Accuse Each Other of Being Brainless”
    If you told me a week ago that I would agree with both Rand Paul and Donald Trump, I would have said you were full of it. I was wrong…

  5. Everything has already been said about Trump and the absurdity of his campaign. At this point, all you can do is shake your head and let it roll on. Paul on the other hand accusing Trump of flip-flopping is is truly laughable. Paul has changed his position so many times on immigration, I bet he forgets what his latest stance was. His tax plan was pulled from the depths of his ass. Trump may have a point, his brain couldn’t have been functioning when he came up with that. At the very least mathematically challenged!

  6. This from Hunter at Daily Kos today:

    “The thing is, income inequality is due to some people working harder and selling more things,” Paul told host Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.” “If people voluntarily buy more of your stuff, you’ll have more money.”

    Rand Paul thinks that if you aren’t rich it’s because you are lazy and all you have to do is work as hard as rich people.

    This is truly clueless and brainless and has nothing to do with any part of US society or the real world.

  7. Yup… HuffPost rightfully got DT in their Entertainment Section of their website. Otherwise, the remaining 16 Republican Presidential Candidates would had been super boring with their “out of touch” with reality talking points!?!


  8. When I read this- I have an image of Peewee Herman- Saying: “I know you are, but am I?”

    Anyone else?

  9. Sad commentary to politics today. Don’t need no brains to play. Like bullies on a play ground, the one that can out bully and is better at name calling wins the day. Sadly that is the mindsets of some of the american voters nowadays. Voting against their own interests, grabbing at pie in the sky promises that are locked in these political bullies minds. While all the time falling for crap kids know are lies. Maybe if we let the kids elect our president we probably would be better off. One thing have been proven time and time again, when it comes to color of skin and playing on play grounds, kids play and get alone very well together until adults are introduced….

  10. …not even ONE of the Republican Potty candidates is even in the real world…and when the Primaries are over, the whole pluckin’ lot o’ ’em will be telling the rest o’ us “I wanna “Do Over”…the shit I said before don’t count!!!” Question is…who o’ EITHER party would give ’em a break???

  11. The Republican WHO WANT’S TO BE PRESIDENT? “contestants” are pitiful, to say the least. Weak-kneed responses in their feeble attacks on Trump is laughable. This whole thing is turning into a laugh-fest, with the juvenile name calling going back and forth. None of them seems to be breaking out of the pack to outshine Trump with “grown up” actions and words in these crucial times. This thing is mired in he-say, she say. Yo’ mama so ugly she….(fill in the blanks) jokes. Insults galore. I see some of them Shaking in their boots because of Trump and timidly staying quiet. What’s going on! ;) Is this any way to run a: Who Want’s to be President Contest?

  12. Democratinny:

    Well said.

    I also say, it’s akin to the difference between top shelf well aged Name-brand Wine, to bottom shelf ROT GUT, Moonshine.

    The former makes you glow and feel excellent in your buzz, while drinking the latter will MAKE YOU SICK! Just saying.

  13. Not to mention, any republican would attempt to dismantle any of President Obama’s accomplishments “first day in the Oval Office” or before even looking at them and considering the consequences of such an action.

    As far as dealing with the rest of the world, allies and enemies alike, I cringe at the thought of Trump speaking to them. As well as Paul, Cruz, Fiorini, Santorum, Christie… pretty much all of them, I guess.

  14. Trump, Cruz & Walker work for Koch Industries.
    Along with a buncha other sociopaths NOT running for President.
    Rand Paul, like his father, is a snarky, lying weasel of a cretin opportunist.

    I’m guessing they are actually trying to end up overloading the Secret Service, which they hope will lead to their most cherished desire.

    Romney had better chance of winning than any one of these Clown-Car-Weak-Monkey’s!

  16. Now be careful there. I’ve had some pretty good ‘shine. And way back when – some rotgut whiskey. No more of that for me.

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