Indicted Rick Perry Quits Paying His Staff Because His Campaign Is Going Broke

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Former Texas Governor Rick Perry is no longer paying his staff, according to an anonymous source close to the campaign. According to the source, Perry’s campaign manager, Jeff Miller, told staffers on Friday that they would no longer receive pay for their work, because the presidential candidate was running low on funds.

Most Perry staffers are soldiering on without pay, determined to keep the struggling candidate in the race. While the campaign’s funds have dried up, a pro-Perry super PAC is still flush with cash and can compensate for some of the campaign’s shortcomings. The super PAC however cannot coordinate efforts with the Perry campaign.

Rick Perry’s South Carolina campaign chair person, Katon Dawson, confirmed that he and the rest of Perry’s Palmetto State staff were working for free now. Dawson stated:

Money is extremely tight. We all moved to volunteer status.

Perry’s campaign is hoping for a major breakthrough in September, but its hard to imagine that such a breakthrough is forthcoming. Perry got schooled by Carly Fiorina in the “children’s table” debate of lower tier candidates on Thursday, and he is averaging less than two percent support in GOP primary polls. His presidential aspirations are evaporating as fast as his money is.

Working for the former Texas Governor and soon to be two time loser must be a thankless job. Not only must his staffers work tirelessly to sell a flawed candidate who has no chance of winning, but now they must do so without compensation. The Perry campaign doesn’t just fail to pay a living wage, they pay no wage at all.

Its pretty hard to promote a convincing case for Perry’s executive skills and his economic ideas, when he can’t even find a way to pay his staff minimum wage. Rick Perry is not a viable presidential candidate, and working for Rick Perry isn’t a real job.

Real jobs pay, after all.

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  1. a pro-Perry super PAC is still flush with cash and can compensate for some of the campaign’s shortcomings. The super PAC however cannot coordinate efforts with the Perry campaign.

    Since when have rules applied to Perry (or any Texas republican for that matter)? Isn’t facing a pending indictment for breaking the “rule of law” his biggest problem getting donations from his Texas billionaire buddies now?

  2. When you hang out in your Texas style bubble this is what happens. He is not alone. Every cycle you see this nonsense from the Gop. Hence clown jokes.

  3. Three reasons you’re not getting paid. 1. Your boss is cheap 2. He’s out of money and 3. I forgot the 3rd reason….oops.

  4. Why would ANYONE want to work for an indicted candidate that can’t pay? These people can’t be merely stupid; they must be mentally ill, too.

  5. So God wants Perry to run for President, but doesn’t supply him with funding.

    Hahaha hahaha (winky) ??????

  6. Who is more foolish?

    The Fool?

    Or those who follow the Fool?

    Enjoy your Conservative style “Right-to-Work” there Perry Fools!

  7. Imagine you’re looking to hire someone- and you find a “Worked for Perry’s Presidential Campaign” on a resume.

    What do you do?

  8. I’m beyond tired of the GOP the corporate america MEDIA the entire political system the completely DUMBING down of america!! only, I say ONLY in AMERICA, could a person under INDICTMENT actually have the BALLS to run for PRESIDENT!! I’m I CRAZY or what?? rick perry is under indictment!! HELLO! in a supposedly SANE country, WE don’t allow X felons to EVER vote again! but if you’re a RIGHT WING redneck DUMBA$S governor of TEXASISTAN, it’s totally acceptable to run for the POTUS and it’s no problem!??? WHAT?? BTW him not paying his staff??? AND? what’s the big deal?? carly fiorina did the same thing to her staff! it took her 4 YEARS to FINALLY pay hers, after Barbara Boxer beat her BOTOX kisser! republicans are low life CHEATING worthless LYING MONEY grubbing little BAST@RDS! they’ll shaft you any opportunity they get!! it’s in their DNA.

  9. Wonder if governor good hair stole $$$ from the stupid Texans who elected him governor???

    This was 2010:

    “AUSTIN — With the state facing a budget shortfall of at least $11 billion, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has spent almost $600,000 in public money during the past two years to live in a sprawling rental home in the hills above the capital, according to records obtained by The Associated Press.”

    This is 2015 and the Texas budger deficit has grown by 11 billion
    Texas – $27 billion deficit

    No wonder Texas is slashing school funding and all the highways have tolls.
    Who are they going to beg for $$$ when the next hurricane slams into Texas???

    What a hell hole of a state.

  10. considering his TEAxASS bubble is fading and the state budget is hemorrhaging BILLIONS.

    Rick Perry Hones His Image as ‘Texas Miracle’ Fades

    Texas: A State Destroyed by Rick Perry

    Texas – $27 billion deficit

  11. I would imagine that the Tex Gov at the time will be whining about the big bad black man in the White House not loosening up the disaster purse strings- like Perry did after cutting funds to firefighters and then having a big fire season.

  12. It amazes me, our media is so DAMNED corrupt and useless! you can turn on american news 24/7 and they’re constantly pushing this theme that Hillary can’t be trusted, she’s the DEVIL with a vagina! it’s GOP talking points after talking points! but isn’t it FUNNY? Hillary’s NEVER been indicted for ANYTHING! but the corporate media just keeps banging way. Now according to your average republican, The LIBERAL MEDIA dominates the news! This is just ONE of the billions of reasons why, republicans make me vomit! There is NO “LIBERAL” MEDIA! anyone with a television or radio and a functioning human brain knows that! you can LITERALLY drive from Maine to California and listen to conservative radio nonstop! but try looking for that “LIBERAL” MEDIA giant! it’s nowhere to be found! I live in michigan and the ONLY god damn way I can listen to “LIBERAL” talk is through ”Tune in radio” a progressive channel in NEW FU@KING MEXICO! LIBERAL MEDIA giant, my A$S! BRING BACK THE…

  13. I live in Houston Texas and Democrats have pretty much been in charge since I can remember.

    But, the evil forces of the republican party have been desperately trying to seize control of Houston.

    Don’t get me started on voting machines again, but does anyone remember how Perry was re-elected in 2010? We’re not all stupid in Texas. We just have to deal with bullshit like this.

    “HOUSTON — Arson investigators have been called in to scrutinize a fire that destroyed the warehouse where all of Harris County’s voting machines were stored. The blaze left county officials scrambling to find enough equipment to hold an election in the nation’s third-most-populous county.”

  14. Yup here’s your LIBERAL MEDIA [WINK]

    The media is owned by conservative companies, there is NO liberal media.
    MSNBC and NBC are owned by GE, a conservative company.
    ABC is owned by Disney, a conservative company.
    Fox is owned by Newscorp, a conservative company
    CBS is a conservative company

    CNN is owned by Viacom, a conservative company
    PBS is publicly/government funded is middle of the road
    NPR is publicly funded and is middle of the road
    ge, news corp, disney, viacom, CBS

  15. Didn’t Fiorina quit paying her staff, after her first bid for an office? Republicans are incredibly stupid!

  16. @Andy, what can I say? you’re spot on as usual, now how long did it take you to research that information? 3? 4? minutes? now do you see why I have ZERO respect for republicans? why couldn’t THEY take 5 minutes and do what you’ve done?

  17. Yes, I know. Ever since Bush won the Governorship over Anne Richards and the republicans gained control of Texas legislation, we’ve become last at just about everything.

    DJ, how are you doing today and are you comfortable my Darling?

  18. I have an ex who lives in Wassila AK, the town that spawn the half wit half term governess.
    The ex is a fan of hers and actually thinks the 1/2 wit is whole.

    She is one of those fools who follows the fool of whom you speak.
    I am sooo fortunate that she is an ex. lol

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