Bernie Sanders Skyrockets Past Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire To Lead 44%-37%


Bernie Sanders Portland, Maine

The Democratic primary contest just got real as a new poll of New Hampshire revealed that Bernie Sanders has taken a seven-point lead over Hillary Clinton.

A new Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald Poll found that Sanders has erased what was at one time 30+ point lead for Clinton in the state. The Senator from neighboring Vermont has led a 37 point net turnaround in the polling. In March, Clinton led the same poll 44%-8%, and voters have seen their enthusiasm dip for her campaign.


According to The Boston Herald, “Just 35 percent of likely primary voters say they are “excited” about Clinton’s campaign, according to the poll. And 51 percent of voters say that while they could support her, they aren’t enthusiastic about her White House bid.

And while 80 percent of likely Granite State Democrats view her favorably, just 38 percent of those say they have a “very” favorable impression.”

The record crowds that Sanders is drawing around the country are beginning to translate to success in the polls.

Former Sec. Clinton is intentionally running a low-key campaign that is focused on policy proposals while Sen. Sanders is barnstorming the country with a populist call for a political revolution. Within this context, it is understandable why voters would be more emotionally engaged with Sanders.

Bernie Sanders is running an insurgent grassroots campaign as Hillary Clinton is focusing on November 2016. The top Democrats are running two very different kinds of campaigns. The grassroots populist Sanders has been gaining for months, and he just claimed his first polling victory in New Hampshire.

Democrats have a real contested primary on their hands, as Bernie Sanders’ momentum has reached a new high.

61 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Skyrockets Past Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire To Lead 44%-37%”

  1. Do not trust this poll. This is very much a GOP poll which wants to see Sanders beat Clinton. They know they can’t beat Clinton but have a chance against Sanders. Of course I am not convinced they can beat Sanders either.

  2. Be careful about this poll. Guess who’s behind the poll that shows Bernie in the lead?
    Republican operatives – and I’m not just talking about the Boston Herald.
    1)Marlin Fitzwater. . Remember that name? Press Secretary to George Bush and Ronald Reagan. He’s the guy who conducted the poll for a firm called RKM Assocates.

    2) Andy Card. . He was George W. Bush’s Chief of Staff for 6 years and head of the White House Iraq Group. He is currently President of Franklin Pierce University, the group that conducted the poll.

    3) R. Kelly Myers. . Probably not a familiar name, but a fellow at the Marlin Fitzwater Center; long associated with right wing groups/funders.

    No putting on the tin foil hat on but just remember this is like quoting the RNC or fox talking points as fact

  3. Um, actually no. As always, this site is blind to the big picture. The right wing media and the left wing media wants a story.

    In fact, Seriously, I swear, it is good for Hillary. It might get some of her more laid back volunteers off their asses and out knocking on doors up there. ;-)

    Ohhhhh noeeeessss.

    The very fist thing the campaign told people many months ago: polls will go up and down.

    So most of us know to watch the trend not the poll. See which part is a forest and which part is one tree. And always pay attention to source, crosstabs, etc. of course too.

    I expect other NH polls in the near future will put this one in perspective. But well, the voters overwhelmingly think she will be the nominee and next president.

    And honestly, next door to VT and all white and they are also STRONG for Trump…

    Trump and Bernie – ok then.

  4. …we got waaaay to far to go to start takin’ much seriously…relax and enjoy the GOP ALL-CLOWNS-ALL-the-bloody-TIME CIRCUS!!!!
    {starts popcorn maker, starts mixing Mojito Barrel}

  5. It’s 5 months before Iowa and NH, and we’ve not had a Democratic debate yet.

    Let’s see what develops later in the year.

  6. “Bernie Sanders is running an insurgent grassroots campaign as Hillary Clinton is focusing on November 2016. The top Democrats are running two very different kinds of campaigns. The grassroots populist Sanders has been gaining for months, and he just claimed his first polling victory in New Hampshire.”

    This is entirely incorrect. I have been intimately involved in the grassroots efforts of the Hillary campaign for many months (years actually – Ready for Hillary, 08 etc)

    We have 5 states rolled out. The 4 early primary states and of course, for HDQTS we have office in NYC. So 5 states.

    The other 45 states have no staff. No offices. No supplies – not a piece of paper so far or a paperclip or bumper sticker or sign. ZIPPO – all on a volunteer grassroots organize our asses off – basis.

    45 states. We have tens of thousands of volunteers in some states. :-) None paid or supplied.

    That will change soon. We are due to get our first few stickers soon. Woo hoo.

  7. What does it matter six months out? Personally,I hardly think Iowa or New Hampshire is where the pulse of the electorate can be tested accurately. Some will get a feel good about this though. The true test will be in the south.

  8. NH is a significant as Iowa when it comes to polls, and the general election. Nothing. They are insignficant when it comes to the general election. The only reason they get all the “news” is that they are the first states to hold primaries. Remember Bachmann, Pawlenty. They polled well in Iowa, but dropped out after due to the fact after Iowa they had no traction.

  9. You’re not al all concerned about the latest developments in the news today regarding her emails? She is in BIG trouble and you can look the other way, plugging your ears like a toddler, but this issue is NOT going away. Hillary. Is. Toast. Your best bet is Bernie. He is at least truthful and authentic and he excites the base of the Demicratic Party. Best of Luck!

  10. Not a single voter has voted in a single primary (much less the general) election. It’s months before the first primaries and over a year before the general.
    I’m saying this, if Hillary doesn’t got out of the million dollar a plate fundraisers and start talking to real people it may become to late because Bernie is starting to draw 10,000 – 25,000 per rally. They’re hearing him, not her.
    No matter which Dem wins the primary battle we have to remember that in the next 10 years 4 justices will need replacement on the supreme court. A repub and citizens united stands until 2050 or later. A Dem and maybe it falls by 2020. A lifetime appointment and control of the court until 2050 or later is the real prize in 2016.
    Don’t forget to help those Dem candidates running for house/senate. A Pres can’t do much if his/her party doesn’t control the congress. Just ask Pres Obama about John Boner and his house!
    And it’s time to outlaw the filibuster! Democrats unite for victory in 2016!

  11. Her emails are a non story that the GOP keeps recirculating, trying to stir shit. And emotional Bernie supporters, are all too willing to demonize Hillary. She did nothing wrong. Bushes emails were far far more scandalous than anything Hillary has done.I have been hearing shit about HIllary for 30 years now. They didnt like the way she dressed in the 80’s. They didnt like that she kept the Rodham. They didnt like that she was involved in health care policy during her husband’s presidency. They have put her down, for 30 years and she has held her head up, kept working for women,children, health and education issues. She is beloved by the rest of the world. Republicans hate her, because they know she can beat any of them. The most charitable explanation for the way Bernie supporters demonize her, is that they are naive and quick to believe memes and lies and exaggerations about Hillary, because they want them to be true. It makes them feel better about supporting an angry old white m…

  12. Paul, just as an FYI, I want to correct part of your post, although I agree with most of it. Hillary is not holding million dollar a plate fundraisers. Hillary, like every other candidate including Sanders, can only collect a maximum of 2700 per person for donations in a primary. Hillary is attending events in which people donate the max…firstly to thank they for being her financial supporters, and secondly to give people who have been on the fence about donating , a chance to get to that level.

    Mr. Sanders has done the same thing, these past few weeks. Private events with donors. ONly his donors are not as plentiful, probably because most of them are low income working white people who are all happy cuz of a 15 dollar an hour wage, and free college. Bernie so far has not been able to cnnect with democrat or liberal voters who are not white, nor those with higher incomes. He also has no standing with centrist democrats. White libstates support him, but he has a tough road ahead…

  13. The only problem is that Clinton has baggage. She’s been able to deflect an incredible amount of lies and negativity towards her but my fear is that if she does get the nomination some R operative will find something just juicy enough to disuade left leaning independents which may be enough for her to lose. To me Bernie does not have any baggage and has been more than able to hold his own and speaking to incredible amounts of people.

  14. I tend to disagree slightly. Bernie will gather the middle of the road and moderate Republicans who are sick of the state of the Republican party and because many of Bernie’s ideas (used to be) somewhat Republican beliefs. Hillary will NOT pull in this voting block and many progressive liberals, such as myself, feel that Hillary has been too silent and is really not liberal enough. My 2 cents worth. In the end I will vote for whoever the D nominee is.

  15. There is no doubt that she has undergone an immense amount of scrutiny, more than any male candidate has, or ever will be, put under.

    However, I do take exception with your characterization of Bernie supporters. We are not naive – we tend to be well informed and do our research. Bernie himself has never taken a shot at Hillary, nor will he. He has never participated in a negative attack ad or negative politics. Some supporters may go overboard, just like some Clinton supporters and many of the opposing party supporters. Saying that Bernie supporters demonize her is like Trump saying that all illegals are criminals. The R’s demonize Clinton – there is no doubt about that.

  16. I haven’t heard one, actual, Bernie supporter ‘demonize’ Hillary. If you have, they’re more than likely Republican dirty trickster liars.
    Policy differences …yes. But all genuine Berniacs are taking our cues from Senator Sanders and not spreading lies or trash talking HRC.

  17. Kate:
    To a person making minimum wage $2,700 may as well be a million dollars. That’s a lot of money for a plate of rubber chicken. What $2,700 is buying future access to the president to get their issues on her/his plate.
    Hillary needs PEOPLE time, not more backroom time for rich people. I’d bet her war chest has a billion dollars in it already. She probably has enough to win even if she didn’t raise another dime! Even rich folk can only vote once.
    I’m going to vote and work for whoever wins the democratic convention and so will the rich, centrist Dems. No Dem wants to see Donny Trump in the white house.
    As for minority voters, he’s working hard to connect with them. The constant on this thread is that there is a lot of time before the first primary and over a year before the general. I agree he has a tough road ahead, but so does every dem!
    You brought this BS email stuff up, NOT ME! I know this is just everyday dirty politics and I give it no value.
    Vote/volunteer Dem in…

  18. 2,700 ? have you not heard about super pacs ? thats a preposterous statement and its down right offensive its so off base of the truth.

  19. Can’t trust this poll.

    Republican operatives – and I’m not just talking about the Boston Herald.

    You all know the Boston Herald is a right-wing propaganda rag. Some of you care, some of you don’t.

    But guess who else is behind it:

    1)Marlin Fitzwater. . Remember that name? Press Secretary to George Bush and Ronald Reagan. He’s the guy who conducted the poll for a firm called RKM Assocates.

    2) Andy Card. . He was George W. Bush’s Chief of Staff for 6 years and head of the White House Iraq Group. He is currently President of Franklin Pierce University, the group that conducted the poll.

    3) R. Kelly Myers. . Probably not a familiar name, but a fellow at the Marlin Fitzwater Center; long associated with right wing groups/funders.

  20. I don’t think the GOP would stand to gain anything by fiddling with this poll.
    There are LOTS of people that haven’t taken Bernie Sanders seriously, and may now take a second look. The more people that hear what Senator Sanders is saying, the more popular he will become. Pick and issue – any issue, and you’ll probably find that 60%-80% of Americans agree. Go back into his past speeches, appearances on Thom Hartmann, etc., and you’ll see he’s been consistent throughout – no waffling, no flip-flopping.
    If the GOP IS behind this poll, they’re even dumber than I thought.
    Let’s just wait and see what other polls say, shall we?

  21. Sanders can say mass if he wants, but euphoric rhetoric is not what will fix the problems of this country. People may run in stampede behind a candidate that irresponsibly promises radical changes, never knowing that every action causes a reaction, everything has consequences, the people need to stop and think, that you may patch a hole here, but at the same time open a chasm somewhere else.

  22. Bernie all the way! I will not vote for Clinton! Of the Republican party I will not vote for Trump or Bush. Haven’t decided on the rest, but my dollars and heart are with Bernie!

  23. Went to the Boston Herald article. 442 poll respondents with a margin of error at +/- 4.7 % . So a smaller sample with a swing that could be 10% points.
    A statistical outlier.

    I’ll wait for a poll that has over 1,000 before more solid conclusions.
    The only thing this one indicates is that the race is competitive.

  24. Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
    Fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way
    Kicking around on a piece of ground in your hometown (2,700 per plate fund raisers)
    Waiting for someone or something to show you the way

    You are young and life (2016 pres campaign) is long and there is time to kill today
    Then one day you find 10 years (months) have got behind you
    No one told you when to run
    you missed the starting gun

    And you run and you run to catch up with the sun (Bernie Sanders) but its sinking
    Racing around to come up behind you again

    with a few mods (text in parenthesis)that’s 2.5 verses of Pink Floyds “Time” and that’s what the Hillary campaign looks like to me. If she doesn’t get going, at some point Bernie is going to be so far ahead she can’t catch up!
    I’m not knocking Hillary, I’m sure she and her advisors have a brilliant plan to overcome any lead Bernie has. But to my feeble mind she needs to start talking to real people, and soon!

  25. Dave Honestly, No one on this board wants Dems to retain the WH more than I!

    I venture into enemy camps, I see what they’re filling heads with, I read WSJ and especially the comments!

    But nobody plays more dirty than The RightWing. Already they are Scaring the Hell out of voters!
    Now The big fear is:

    The Right has Built the finest PROPAGANDA MACHINE ever in world history…Hitler would be in awe of what they’ve created!

    Our only hope is changing those fellow Americans Brainwashed Hearts and Minds.

    The Brainwashing of My Dad:

    Forgive them…they know not what they do.

    This One Minute Video explains what the Money Funding the Right wants to return America to:

    Please check-out other *Claire Conner’s* videos on Right side of page.

    It’s The Koch’s John Birch Society Goals…
    vs. BERNIE SANDERS and the Democratic Goals.

  26. You mean like people who have blindly stampeded behind the misinformed who elected Bush and this republican controlled tea party congress?

  27. Humm. An old, white, grumpy, male, Socialist, Independent converts to Democrat… what could go wrong in a General Election?

    Voted for Hillary in 2008 and will again in 2016. Go Girl!

  28. Most of our problems in the USA are derived from social issues. The widening gap between the rich and the poor is a prime example. I want to vote for someone who actually represents the majority of Americans, not someone who is rich and caters to the rich. I like Hillary and I am all for a woman president, but due to the collapse of the middle class, I am voting for someone who recognizes the need to rebuild the middle class. Hillary is not middle class. The only politician out there that understands the middle class is Bernie. Our society is on course to becoming a two class society, which will only benefit those at the top. I understand Hillary’s platform, but at $2700 a plate, she definitely delivered a message to me. I might be able to afford it, but I would rather feed the poor than support the rich. There is nothing classy to me about the rich eating all of the pie. It is shameful.

  29. For people to come up with conspiracy theories about this poll is fine. I could probably come up with theories about why Ms. Clinton does so well in MSM polls. Ms. Clinton has been in the public eye for over 30 years, many voters have yet to hear about Sen. Sanders. I could point out that he is the one drawing record crowds, not Ms. Clinton and to me, this is a strong indication that people are getting to know him. The Clintons are Corporatists who have the backing of MSM, the DNC, Wall Street, wealth and 99% of the Democratic establishment. Bernie Sanders has the backing of the people and that is what this election is all about.

  30. 5 states have paid staff, offices and supplies.

    45 states have only grassroots no offices, no supplies and no paid staff.

  31. Hilary has women and minorities, while white men are going with Bernie. Plus the bogus email and Benghazi scandals don’t help. I still see Hilary as the best candidate.

  32. One doesn’t need to see a conspiracy theory behind the fact that Bernie still trails behind Hilary.

    So tell me. Why this Double Standard of your Great Scot? You’ve stated many times that you’ll vote for Republicans if Bernie doesn’t get the nod.
    And yet Republicans are Corporatists Personified.

  33. Ronald, you are the biggest idiot on here if you think there is nothing there regarding her emails. It gets worse each day including today. She will never be President and you know it. She has no personality, no fire under her belly and no moral compass. Stick with Bernie (who doesn’t pathologically lie) or hope Biden or even Warren gets in.

  34. I didn’t say it 3 I.G that’s inspector generals if you didn’t know said there is nothing there. The only one who had objections were the CIA who classified the 2 emails in question after the fact. Now you could believe it or you can shove it up your firebagging ass

    Myths And Facts On Hillary Clinton’s Email And Reports Of “Top Secret” Materials

  35. Hillary has been in “Big Trouble” with the Republicans and their latest Snipe Hunt Du Jour for years.

    And like Obama, they ain’t got shit on her.

    The email server is just another dog and pony show that is wasting time and money, and will invariably demonstrate nothing more than Republican Tomfoolery.

  36. As a critical thinker used to making my own decisions based on available information and my morals and ideals, for years I’ve been a “Democrat because there’s nothing better” (if I want my vote to count effectively). But, I find myself reacting negatively to political proselytizers just like I do to all those who show up at my door intending to tell me what the “truth” is.
    You guys aren’t doing yourself (or your candidate) any favors by being so dismissive. Bernie has shown that one can “speak your piece” without casting aspersions. Some Hillary followers could take a page from his book – and they might persuade more of us – instead of pushing us away.
    Obama was only the second Democratic Presidential candidate I’ve voted for without holding my nose. I’d love to vote for another the same way.

  37. Not taking sides but while Sen.Sanders is not throwing mud the same cannot be said about his supporters. But like they said politricks is not beanbag

  38. Emails, Behngazi, Rodham, Pantsuits, Stand by Your Man – non-stories in my book.

    Vote for the War in Iraq, TPP, Banning Black Lives Matter – issues

    Like a kid who has lied or stolen, she’ll have to work harder to earn my trust.

    If push comes to shove, I’ll hold my nose and vote for the Democratic nominee because of the ramifications. But, if I’m to happily vote for Hillary, she’s got a lot more to do to convince me that she isn’t another Wall Street fellow traveler masquerading as a populist.

  39. Please stop with the Lee Atwater attacks and look into Hillary’s background. She was raised in a middle class republican family but flipped to Democrat in 1968.

  40. Politicus used a ridiculous headline. “skyrocketing” isn’t even close. This is a repug poll from a repug college by repug administrators. This is why I don’t like to read much on Politicus. They are so FAR left they’re like Fux.

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