Congress Pits its 14 Percent Approval Against Obama’s 46 Percent

Republican leaders Senator Mitch McConnell and John Boehner speak after a bipartisan meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House in Washington

It is on the order of an epic fail: not only are sixteen Republican presidential hopefuls living in a dreamworld, but so is the Republican “establishment” already in place.

While the much vilified President Obama is actually reasonably popular despite a nearly seven-year, nonstop smear campaign, Congress and its leaders are not.

And now is a good time – while they are out of the office – to let them know. It’s just a shame we can’t change the locks while they’re gone.

According to Gallup, based on a poll conducted Aug. 5-9:

Now on August recess, members of Congress returning to their districts may receive a skeptical reception from constituents, as 14% of U.S. adults approve of the job Congress is doing, down slightly from 17% in July.


Rasmussen, the poll of choice for Republicans, agrees, though it puts congressional approval even lower, at just 13 percent as of July 9.

It needs to be pointed out that Congress began to year in January with a 16 percent approval rating. You would have thought there was no place to go but up, when you’re just north of public approval of the Bubonic Plague, but no…

Gallup points out that even though,

Congressional leaders can point to a slightly more productive session than was true for the previous two Congresses, such as passing “fast-track authority” — which grants the president enhanced authority to negotiate free-trade agreements — as well as the USA Freedom Act, which significantly revised some provisions of the Patriot Act…Congress hasn’t gained in popularity among Americans.

Imagine that. Not a job created, 50+ attempts to repeal Obamacare, endless Benghazi hearings and fast-track authority and the USA Freedom Act weren’t enough to make Congress popular. Can you imagine that? And all Boehner is focused on now is his anti-Clinton witch hunt, insisting yesterday in a press release,

It’s about time. Secretary Clinton’s previous statements that she possessed no classified information were patently untrue. Her mishandling of classified information must be fully investigated.

You have to wonder at what point Congress will decide Bernie Sanders is the real threat, and begin investigating him. These men and women are supposed to be governing. The public, as their approval ratings demonstrate, isn’t being fooled. Yet all Boehner and McConnell can do is fiddle while Rome burns around them.

And, why just the other day, Boehner had photos from his Golf Channel interview put online at! That’s what this country needs. B-but wait…Isn’t it supposed to be – according to congressman Ted Cruz – the president who can’t be pulled away from his golf game to run the country?

“Moreover,” as Gallup says ominously, “the leaders of the two Republican-controlled chambers, House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, are suffering a similar public image problem…House Speaker Boehner and Senator Majority Leader McConnell — are not only unpopular figures with the public at large, they are also not particularly well-received even among Republicans.”

And they have graphs to prove it:



By contrast, President Obama, the guy they say is destroying the country – the guy who has been creating jobs for five straight years – held a 46.1 percent approval rating in July – over three times their own approval rating. According to a CNN/ORC poll in April, Obama’s approval was even higher, at 48 percent, and the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll had him at 49 percent when Netanyahu visited.

It isn’t the executive branch of our government that is a worldwide joke. It is the legislative branch. It is difficult to escape the conclusion that, scientifically speaking, Congress sucks.

And who controls Congress? The Republicans. Obviously, Republicans and Democrats have differing reasons as to why Congress sucks. Republicans are convinced, paradoxically, that their representatives have sold out to the very corporations for which the Republican Party works(!) while Democrats realize that, factually speaking, the Republican-controlled Congress just isn’t interested in accomplishing anything, that their sole purpose is to prevent President Obama from doing anything.

The only thing we agree on, apparently, is, as Rasmussen puts it, “Voters think most members of Congress do a lousy job and probably have sold their vote for cash or to a contributor.” Since most members of Congress are Republicans, this has the virtue of actually being true.

Surprise, surprise, Republicans. Ya’ll jumped for joy at Citizens United. What did you think the result would be? Your legislators laughing at corporations handing them fistfuls of cash? Those who haven’t reaped the financial benefits never will, but you’ve let yourself be convinced that making the rich richer and the poor poorer is a good economic plan. You’ll never figure out why it’s not, and the only surprise now is that you’re surprised at all, and can’t put 2 and 2 together.

But that’s okay. Your voucher programs will make sure your kids can’t either, and that’s just the way all those rich folks passing cash around want it.

Enjoy that Red State gulag – er, I mean paradise. You did build that. Apologies to President Obama, but that’s absolutely one thing you did on your own.

23 Replies to “Congress Pits its 14 Percent Approval Against Obama’s 46 Percent”

  1. Congress has been less popular than Brussels sprouts for some years, though it still outranks ebola.

  2. No, ebola is still more popular then Congress.. In fact, here’s a list of more popular things then Congress:

    -gay porn
    -fans of the New England Patriots
    -bottles of Asparagus water sold for $6 at Whole Foods
    -dancing zombies

  3. Oi! I like Brussel Sprouts! And Okra!

    Conservatives- apparently want to do things ‘the old way’.
    But if the old ways worked, then why did things change?

    Keep doing the same things over and over expecting different results?

  4. Young asparagus, taken fresh from the garden, is a delicate, nuanced pleasure to which no vegetable compares. Under no circumstance can this be said of a Republican Congress.

  5. Were it not for “gerrymandering” and redistricting their congressional districts, the GOP would not win ANY elections.

  6. Wonder what President Obama’s aproval ratings would look like without Republican smears and sabotage, and racism in the mix?

    Without the birthers, innuendo about his religion, and slurs on his patriotism.

    Must say, though, that POTUS has handled it with dignity and grace. He deserves better than 46.1%.

  7. “…but you’ve let yourself be convinced that making the rich richer and the poor poorer is a good economic plan. You’ll never figure out why it’s not, and the only surprise now is that you’re surprised at all, and can’t put 2 and 2 together”…

    You cannot put 2&2 together and come up with the correct answer if you’re trained to respond to a single “dog whistle”. If a brain has been trained like Palov’s dogs (read experiment) it will literally develops a “groove” within a neural path, sort of like a road rut; and that groove is created to control a given response on command.

    Those who have been “convinced” cannot think their way out of their “grooved” path. After a while, they stop responding altogether and just fall asleep when they hear/see/smell the “command”. This is, in simple terms, mind control.

    Brainwashing is used differently; in the case of the RW, brainwashing is “reserved” for elites, like Cruz, Franklin Graham (groomed by fathers as charismatics).

  8. President Obama’s approval rating is roughly the same as Reagan’s was at the same point ( 6.5 years ) in has admin.
    Obama’s would be considerably higher, were it not for Republican’s included that rate so low ( 14% ).
    Obama is almost as popular among Democrats as was Clinton.
    Obama is rated way better than gwbush ( 32% ) and that was before the financial meltdown.

    Republican’s are just stupid failures.

  9. …for so many people to say “I’d rather have the Clap than Congress” is really something…HEY!!! I know; let’s see which one goes away first after a quick shot!!!

  10. Why can’t McConnell and Boehner and the rest of the idiots in Congress just get over it. They are fixated on President Obama, its a sickness.

    The President is loved and Congress is a DB collectively.

    Get over it and do some work like passing bills that our country needs.

    This obsession is not healthy that they have for the President. SO SICK OF THESE PEOPLE. (Rant finished).

  11. Yes, the Republican Congress sucks…because:

    ———The Republican-controlled Congress just isn’t interested in accomplishing anything, that their sole purpose is to prevent President Obama from doing anything.———

  12. The world has to be laughing and shaking their head at the U.S. Congress. Wondering how in the hell can the US be leaders of the free world, when they can’t get pass the racial hatred in their government. I can’t even imagine what they think of the supporters of the GOP. It’s time for the Democratic voters to get off of their rear ends and get out and vote. It may not make a change right away, but it will be a start to show the world that just because Congress is worthless, doesn’t mean the American people are worthless.

  13. The Republican base has been trained by the “Religious” Right, The southern racists and the corporate bosses. The Republican politicians are laughing at them while they take their money and give it to the rich and large corporations.

  14. Robin, the world is laughing at us. I have relatives in other countries and friends, the USA is joke.

    Congress is the weak link, not the President.

  15. Things more popular with congressional Republicans:

    Anal cysts
    Dead pages/interns
    Hunting trips with Dick C.
    Airport men’s room stalls
    Their brand of socialism for the lower classes: Wars

  16. Thr graph of US Congress approval ratings seems low for a number of years now. Why didn’t this data show in the 2014 mid terms?

  17. This LOW-LOW approval % is going to be their legacy in comparison with Obama’s high approval ratings in the face of these spiteful, do nothing congressmen. The negative standouts will be Boehner and McConnell for sure.

  18. I love Brussels Sprouts…parboil em & snack on ’em while busting ass on the dishline for 9 hours…Mmmmm! Better still, with a little butter & salt!

    I took a dump a couple weeks ago, & I have more regard for that then I do the Greedy Opposition Party of Pseudo-Conservative Sociopathic Psychotics.

  19. Okra is the bane of Satan, Or Satan’s Bane, reminds me of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, …but I lack an enzyme discovered by the University of Wisconsin, using (gasp!) tax dollars! So I can’t eat woody, fibrous vegetables.

    Actually, I lack 2 enzymes…according to UW Madison…

  20. Boehner and McConnell can no longer lay blame for inaction at Reid’s desk. These multiple jobs and infrastructure bills were laden with poison pills and were never a serious attempt to help the electorate. Designed only to make the opposition look bad. It is up to Democratic voters to help this nation move forward. Imagine the people in countries that wish they had a chance to help their cause and likely never will. VOTE

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