Heavily-Armed White Oath Keepers Roam Ferguson Streets As Police Order Protesters To Disperse


With a fair amount of attention being given to the Black Lives Matter movement, it was prescient to their cause that what really matters to law enforcement in America is being white and heavily armed. Whether it is called white privilege, or racial animus targeting people of color, it was on display in Ferguson Missouri this week. While decent human beings who believe that Black lives do matter are rightfully pleading for attention to their cause, law enforcement in Ferguson gave the BLM movement another example of why black lives hardly matter and exactly what white privilege means.

As if the anniversary of the murder of unarmed African American teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson was not tense enough after a standoff between law enforcement and peaceful protesters, as well as the police shooting of an alleged armed teenager, a group of heavily armed white militiamen paraded around playing army, likely looking for trouble. The so-called patriots, Oath Keepers, made their presence felt in Ferguson, replete with army garb and assault rifles, while police ordered African Americans off the streets due to what officials declared was a “state of emergency” (African Americans gathering to demonstrate). Of course a gathering of unarmed African Americans is considered a state of emergency in and around Ferguson Missouri, and of course armed white men were coddled by police because they were armed white men keeping their “oath” to defend the Constitution. However, it is unclear how armed white militiamen were defending the Constitution, or themselves for that matter, by showing up and “inflaming” an already tense situation.

After St. Louis officials declared a state of emergency because a crowd of African Americans were demonstrating, and riot gear clad  police ordered protesters to disperse, police ignored the heavily armed white Oath Keepers. The armed “em>patriots“  were not included in the “get the Hell off your own streets” order because they were heavily armed and they were white males dressed in combat gear. Any peaceable protester ordered to disperse and failed to comply with lawful police orders was arrested; the white militiamen carrying assault weapons were exempt from disperse orders because they were white militiamen carrying assault rifles. Some demonstrators asked the militiamen to leave the area, but since they were heavily-armed white guys posing as patriots, they refused according to their 2nd Amendment rights.

What one hardly has to wonder very long is what the St. Louis law enforcement response would have been if a group of heavily-armed African Americans clad in bullet-proof vests showed up and refused to leave after law enforcement declared a state of emergency and ordered demonstrators to vacate the area. That was a question posed by  Ferguson Committeewoman Patricia Bynes who noted that the Oath Keepers presence put a spotlight on the hypocrisy of Missouri’s open carry law. Bynes said, “If there were black and brown people in this country who showed up in the streets open carrying assault rifles in paramilitary garb would they still be received the same way? It seems to be that especially when it comes to the Second Amendment there seems to be a different way that it is enforced.”

Bynes’ remarks are not particularly astute, but they are apropos because the Second Amendment exists solely for white militiamen and her point is well taken. As the past years’ events around the country, but especially in and around Ferguson, have revealed, African Americans are always “received” very differently whether they are walking on the streets unarmed or engage in peaceful protests and demonstrations. In America, it is good to be white and armed, and the police certainly reward white armed “patriots” by giving them special treatment; especially during a “state of emergency.” It is not that while police were herding protesters either off to jail or off the streets they missed the roving militiamen; Bynes and several demonstrators said that “There were two blocks of police. They saw them. If anybody out here tried that they’d be met with a different greeting from police.”

The St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar described the Oath Keepers presence as “both unnecessary and inflammatory,” but none of the armed white guys were asked, or ordered to leave the “state of emergency.” One Oath Keeper explained that the Oath Keepers carrying assault rifles, wearing bulletproof vests and camouflage gear were on the streets of Ferguson to show that they were “happy that we’re able to defend ourselves. It’s been our right for a long time.” It is also their right to call for ‘patriots’ to “Go armed, at all time, as free men and women, and be ready to do sudden battle, anywhere, anytime, and with utter recklessness.” It is more than likely that Ferguson and St. Louis police are well-aware that the Oath Keepers who descended on Ferguson to inflame tensions were more than “ready to do sudden battle…with utter recklessness” and decided that, because they were not unarmed African American protesters, white armed Oath Keepers deserved the latitude they were given during a state of emergency.

According to the St. Louis County Police Department, they were going to consult with the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office about the legalities of the armed Oath Keepers being given carte blanc by police to roam the streets  while protesters were being told to disperse. As is typical in America, a spokesman for St. Louis County Police, Shawn McGuire, said he did not believe officers had confronted the Oath Keepers or told them to leave. It is true Missouri law allows individuals with concealed weapons permits to “openly display” firearms unless it is done in an “angry or threatening manner.” However, assault rifles are not concealed weapons, but one might believe that heavily-armed white guys in pretend military garb intimidating unarmed African American protesters would be considered “threatening;” but only if black lives mattered and white privilege was not the order of the day.

The likelihood of St. Louis County Prosecutors doing any more that “consulting with police” about the legalities of armed militiamen roaming around the streets of Ferguson during a state of emergency is zero. Remember, it has been over a year since the same Oath  Keepers descended on Nevada to provide the racist anti-government rancher Cliven Bundy with additional firepower and the local sheriff, state police, and federal law enforcement have done absolutely nothing. In fact it is highly likely they have not even ‘consulted‘ with local or federal prosecutors because white privilege and the Second Amendment. As many commenters,  including this column noted during the Bundy Ranch sedition, if Bundy or his “patriot” army were made up of people of color, Republicans would have called for federal troops to invade and there would have been a bloodbath. Instead, white privilege garnered the highest praise from Republicans and conservative media; the same media that labeled Ferguson peaceful protesters thugs and criminals in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s murder by an armed white guy in a police uniform.

There is damn good reason the Black Lives Matter group, whether ‘official members’ or ‘activists,’ are desperate to get their message heard in every possible forum; in America their lives do not matter compared to white lives according to white privilege. It is particularly telling that while officials declared a state of emergency in Ferguson, and ordered unarmed African American demonstrators off the streets, they allowed a group of heavily-armed white Oath Keepers in paramilitary garb to roam the streets unimpeded, or even acknowledged, by law enforcement; if that does not epitomize white privilege in America, it certainly reveals that Black lives do not matter.

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  1. They (Oath Breakers) are looking for a confrontation.

    It seems that the KKK has taken their hoods off.

    So what the hell can be done when the Oats and the Cops are palling around?

    More blood draining into the streets I’m afraid.

  2. Only in America. Protesters addressing their government are arrested. A black reporter was charged with not leaving the scene from LAST year. But white men with assault weapons are free to walk around after Ferguson was declared a state of emergency.

    And people are mad because WE as Blacks want to say our lives and rights matter?

  3. I prefer to call these knuckle draggers the Oaf Kreepers!. The really sad disgusting thing with these so-called “patriots” is that a great deal of them are ex-military and have completely forgotten that as American soldiers they took an oath to protect and defend this country and ALL!!….ALL! of it’s people! Not just White Christian Conservative Good’Ol BOYS and their lily white concubines and baby factories. They have disgraced ALL of the military from now to the very first American to fight for this nation.

  4. This is disheartening. Do we not have a right to protest this country? Isn’t that guaranteed by the First Amendment.I guess only white males with guns are allowed to protest.

  5. Where were those two black females from BLM??? why weren’t they psycho A$SES out there screaming like god damn maniacs? oh I guess when REAL racist show up those two A$SHOLES are too busy writing love notes to their hero, SARAH PALIN!! the oath keepers aren’t ANYTHING but the KKK!! try researching their history!! BTW it’s nice to see the TROLLS who rolled in here defending those supposedly BLM girls!, BIGOTRY and STUPIDTY isn’t just a LILY WHITE republican trait, ‘some’ A.A. are almost as pathetic! RIGHT @ich? RIGHT @deanna ?? I’ll leave out @yvonne, because that seems to be @DJ’s friend!

  6. Do you know that they were officials of Black lives matter? It reminds me when people try to say the New Black Panthers are the same as the original Black Panthers

  7. WHERE IS THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE? according to LILY WHITE republicans, Obama and the DOJ are the REAL RACIST! if Obama and the DOJ was REALLY the A.A get out of jail FREE card, then tell me? WHY are WHITE people with assault rifles killing A.A like animals in Africa?? I’m not jumping on Obama or the DOJ 100% but this BULL$HIT notion that LILY WHITE republican nation keeps screaming that Obama is some saviour to A.A’s is just NONSENSE! I think almost ANY caucasian democratic president probably would have done a better job than Holder and Obama has done! The RIGHT WINGERS from DAY ONE kept beating their lies that Obama ONLY cares about A.As and would give them unlimited access to do whatever THEY want! BULL$HIT! THE RIGHT WINGERS painted him into a corner! if he does what ANY other president would do and be president to ALL americans, the RIGHT WINGERS screams RACISM! REALITY!, Obama is far friendlier to caucasians than he is to his own brothers and sisters! CONTINUED

  8. …this is BEYOND disgraceful…Nixon and his cronies should be hanged…no doubt the 2 screamers from OA-206 will take the field as soon as they find the right accessories for thier combat garb…the so called “Oath-keepers” should be arrested or terminated…with EXTREME prejudice…

  9. @DJ, do YOU know that when some supposedly rogue individuals running around CLAIMING to represent YOUR logo or YOUR organization, YOU’RE suppose to CLEARLY and without ANY doubt , say THEY DON’T represent US and we’re looking into the matter to resolve it! If a group running around calling itself, lets say, Mcdonalds, don’t you know the REAL MCDONALDS would address it!! they’d sue and wipe them off the map! BLM better get their $HIT together and all the ridiculous justifications you and a few others here need to be objective!

  10. I have seen so many facebook post that deny or not to deny I don’t what to believe. From what I understand this is a grass roots effort much like occupy wall street. And just like occupy when some bad actors did things that was against what they stood for they were discredited. I see the same pattern

  11. Obama has been put into a box by the RIGHT WINGERS! if he treats A.A’s like AMERICAN citizens, now he’s the black massiah!! boy! the WHITE power structure flooded the airwaves and television with this NONSENSE!! the REALITY is, Obama has been FAR more willing to talk with his advosaries than the people who actually have his back!!! REMEMBER Van Jones???? he simply said republicans are assholes, and guess what?? he’s GONE!!! it amazes ME!! republicans can say ANYTHING offensive, vicious, racist language and THEY NEVER get fired! at best they’ll give some half A$S weak apology, and say jesus 50 to 100 times and ALL’S forgiven! BTW ask OBAMA how is relationship is with the CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS! yeah RIGHT

  12. BTW ask OBAMA how is relationship is with the CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS! yeah RIGHT
    Evidently its Ok because they support him 100%. Name one policy issue that they voted against him

  13. The fact of the matter is, Ferguson PD are worthless. I think Federal troops should take it over. Then remove those Oath Breakers. They don’t belong there and are just looking for trouble. So give it to them. When do stop pissing around with constitutional rights and start living by the laws. The constitution says nothing about gun loving rednecks has a right running around intimidating black folk. It’s time for somebody get the balls and say enough is enough.

  14. @DJ, if YOU wanna waste YOUR time defending something that’s obviously WRONG, you have at it, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree, but this BULL$HIT notion that black people are justified to do wrong because they’ve been wronged is ridiculous! Theres ways WE (Because last time I checked, I’m still BLACK) can protest without acting like some out of control MANIACS!! who the FU#K in THEIR right mind is going to sympathise with a screaming juvenile NUTCASE!? you can, I choose not too! the way I rant and rave HERE! is NOT the way I talk to people in the REAL WORLD, people don’t respond well to ANYONE screaming at them. BTW whether YOU comprehend it or NOT, those two IDIOTS just gave fuel to the FIRE of your WHITE racist! they’re ALL laughing THEIR A$SES off! they’re saying, “See, those N^G&ERS can’t be civilized! Hell, YOU got the WHITE racist posting their $HIT HERE!

  15. What am I defending? I get it you hate Hillary Clinton and everyone who don’t support Sen. Sanders is the enemy. In case you didn’t read it I was the one who posted one of the women’s history of supporting Palin.

    I try to post all POV’s I am in no ones corner and I guess that’s why people hate me or like me. So please try to explain without the rants what I am defending

  16. @DJ, REALLY? OBAMA and the CBC argued over judicial appointments in georgia, listen, if YOU REALLY think OBAMA is 100% pro black, you’re sadly mistaken! I’ve watched OBAMA closely and he’s willing to talk with republicans but when it comes to his own party? not so much. Heres another example lol yeah it’s petty but it’s VERY telling, remember when kanye West was talking trash about some caucasian C&W star?? OBAMA thought it was necessary for a sitting president to comment on some DUMB $HIT from the music industry? calling kanye, A JACKASS! REMEMBER? that was in 2009.But you notice, OBAMA NEVER goes after C&W stars who openly mock him and the ACA!

  17. LMFAO REALLY? now I hate Hillary? lol actually if you read my comments, I’ve said several times I vote for her. @DJ, you’re better than this, stop! I don’t care about you taking my words out of context but YOU should try be objective! because if YOU or ANY of these simple minded TROLLS believe you’re a stronger advocate of black civil rights than I am, you’re more delusional than I earlier thought! get well my friend (YOUR HIP) and take care.

  18. knight4444, I dig your postings but come on man we are all on the same Democrat/Progressive/liberal SANE AMERICANS side here. Let’s save our strength for the battle against the Fascist Christian Conservative Reich Wing that has caused these problems in the first place. Now you two shake hands and make up!!

  19. First of all those judicial appointments were made by the Senators of Georgia as with many things they were part of a deal I forgot what it was but I think it was to advance some appointments. In the end they were denied as the process played itself out. The CBC had no say so in the matter.

    Kanye West is a jackass in case you needed to be reminded
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  20. i know this has been put forward. i am looking forward, to seeing blacks dressed up in huey newton style black panther dress, carrying a ar-15. then we’ll see the fur fly. fyi, when the blacks last did that in oakland in 68, when it was legal to open carry in calif., then guv. raygun, made sure that would not happen again, and had the law changed. to this day, getting an open carry, or CCW, in calif. is impossible. in MI. TX, and other nra states, if your assault rifle was legally purchased, then anyone can open carry. if the nra was the same lobby as it is now, then, they would call out raygun as a RINO. lets see that happen, would be really interesting.


  21. @Joseph, thanks for the kinds words, but I’m not going to defend bad behavior just because they happen to look like ME, A.A. wrong is wrong! BTW @DJ, I’ll excuse your assine comment about my so called “HATRED” of Hillary! I’ve defended Hillary plenty of times here, I defended her yesterday! I guess you must have missed that and probably the other 10 PLUS positive things I’ve said about HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON.

  22. Well, the stunning double standard is on full display for all the world to see. America can never again claim the moral high ground while this shit is going on within our own borders. If I were the leader of North Korea, Iran or China, I would laugh in America’s face whenever we claim they treat their own citizens like shit.

  23. knight4444,I don’t recall saying anything in regards to defending of bad behavior of the KKK sans hoods, I deplore them as you do. Again we need to stop this infighting…Please.

  24. Thank God for the Oath Keepers.

    Why don’t we talk about the black business owners in Ferguson who THANKED the Oath Keepers for protecting their businesses?

  25. Hey idiot, did you know that the Oath Keepers were protecting black owned businesses, and many black business owners THANKED them for being there?

  26. Aren’t these the same folks at the Bundy ranch…pointing weapons at government officials? Then a couple of them shot and murdered 2 cops and a bystander?

  27. Yes, a credible link that shows or quotes the business owners directly expressing their gratitude, not a link to the OKkk’s site with them theirselves saying “They thanked us!”

  28. Sounds to me you just like posting to see your words? On a personal level what do you do for your community besides posting in all caps on this site? Just curious knight4444 about your so-call level of commitment.

    Maybe take a listening to MJ hit “Man in the mirror”

  29. Dude @knight4444 is NEVER wrong! He is the judge/jury of all black folks because he always let’s us know, “hey I’m black”. We get it….and??? I’m pretty sure there are a lot of black folks who post on here don’t need to self identify themselves in every freaking post…..lol

  30. I can’t agree more. When these white gunmen show up, it’s time for the National Guard to tear gass them and arrest. All they are doing is intimidating the protesters.

  31. The Oath Keepers are also making themselves a problem in Montana at that a gold mine. These guys are the American version of brown shirts and they need to be roughly put in their place before they get it into their heads that they do have real power and attempt something that takes civilian lives.

    They claim to be ex military, if so they should never have been in uniform because they don’t understand the constitution.

  32. I wonder how the oath keepers would receive ME if I showed up to one of their rallies in black-face & heavily armed, with my long hair flying…

    Buncha fakers. Patriots my donkey.

    My ancestors rubbed elbows at the local tavern with some of them Founding Fathers…

    “I’m no longer law enforcement, but I wanna still be pseudo-law enforcement”, kinda like Pseudo Conservative.

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