Trump Owns The Midwest, Leads GOP Rivals In Iowa and Missouri

A pair of polls released on Monday and Tuesday, show Donald Trump is in command of the nation’s heartland in the GOP race. Trump holds large leads over his nearest competitors in both Iowa and Missouri, according to two Public Policy Polling (PPP) surveys released on August 10th and 11th.

In Iowa, Trump is polling 19 percent, outdistancing his nearest competitors, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson each by 7 percentage points. In Missouri, Trump owns a double digit lead. Trump is polling at 23 percent support, with Ben Carson and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, tying for second place, at 11 percent each.

Polls in both states show that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is losing steam and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is absolutely tanking. On the other hand, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, two candidates, who like Trump, have never held elected office, are gaining support. GOP voters in the two Midwest states seem dissatisfied with current office holders, and more inclined to support a non-establishment candidate who will give voice to their discontent.

Trump’s strong showing in each state is apt to give Republican National Chairman Reince Preibus ulcers, but the fact remains that Donald Trump is still in command of the GOP race for president. Every other candidate lags well behind him. In the Midwest, it is evident that Donald Trump is still dominating the Republican field.

In Missouri, Trump’s double digit lead is buttressed by the fact that he holds a lead with every significant GOP demographic group. Trump leads among young voters and seniors, male voters and women, and with both self-identified moderates and conservatives.

In head to head races against the Democratic candidates, Trump trails both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in Iowa, while he holds a clear advantage over each Democrat in Missouri. Interestingly, if Trump fails to get the GOP nomination, he could do serious damage to the Republicans in the Show Me State, running as an Independent. In a hypothetical three-way contest involving Clinton, Trump and Jeb Bush, Donald Trump would lose Missouri to Clinton 34 to 30, but finish ahead of Jeb Bush who polls 29 percent in that scenario.

The Iowa and Missouri post-debate polls reveal that Donald Trump remains in a strong position atop the GOP field in two key Midwest states. While Trump may eventually fade, there is no evidence that he is faltering yet. Right now, Donald Trump owns the Midwest in the race for the Republican nomination.

15 Replies to “Trump Owns The Midwest, Leads GOP Rivals In Iowa and Missouri”

  1. Oh, oh…..This is NOT looking good for the back of the field “contestants”. They should drop out NOW, and save face. It’s not going to get better for them. The uphill climb, with 100 lbs weights on their backs is the game changer. They should just say: NO MAS! I quit!
    Trump is moving across the landscape like a Tsunami. Look, the media is now fawning over his Wife! (he put her out there for a look-see). Potential First Lady? None of the other candidates (contestants) wives are even thrust into the limelight as potential “First Ladies”. Trump, quite masterfully put his out front for everyone to take a look at what the NEXT First lady would look like and act like. Glamor and style magnified 100 times. All the other wives are going to look dumpy in comparison. Wow! Talk about flaunting it. What a move.

  2. Mean white male vote, + their lobster-in-a-bucket wives*

    *Lobster-in-a-bucket syndrome: One lobster can climb out of a bucket. If you put several in there, none will,because every time one starts to climb, the others will pull it down to their level.

  3. Republicans = DUMB!

    Ben Carson is an unqualified dolt!

    Trump is a NR celebrity.

    Fiorina is a maladjusted shrew.

  4. You would think the people in the “heartland” had never been to a carnival and experienced the barkers on the midway. That’s Trump’s day job. Barkers perform a function, but being President isn’t one of them.

  5. To further qualify …it’s not the Midwest.
    It’s REPUBLICANS everywhere that are thick as bricks.

    Just as it is not politicians or the political process that is non-functional; it is dumbass REPUBLICAN politicians and their garbage policies that are no good, and the root cause of so many problems.

  6. It’s really rather depressing, the way the republican lemmings are flocking to this big-mouthed bully. Remember their love affair with Putin? It’s easy to see how Hitler came to power now with these brain dead people casting votes. A friend of mine from high school has turned tea bagger. She and her ex were big time drug users and I figure she fried her brain somewhere along the line. I wonder how many old ‘hippies’, who did the same, are now lining up for trump?

  7. Actually, most of us DO recognize a carnival barker when we see one.

    Here’s the thing: I think that when a pollster calls, people are just saying “Trump” because Trump is the surefire way to permanently send the GOP the same way as the Whigs, and “Know-Nothings.”

    They were doing a decent job of sliding into historical obscurity by themselves, but Trump is just greasing the skids!

  8. Yeah and maybe we could find that pic of her in that see thru blouse. Nothing more presidential then a great rack. It’s hard to believe this blowhard is getting any traction. Guess neocons don’t expect much from their politicians.

  9. Can’t wait for him to be able to build a wall around Iraq and have Iran pay for it. Oh! “It will work on our southern border” says the head birther. Good thing those Mexicans know nothing about tunneling. (or ladders)

  10. Stephen Henderson at The Detroit Free Press calls out Donald Trump on income inequality:

    Send Michigan’s auto jobs to states where people are happy to work for less, he says, then bring the jobs back to the Great Lakes state once people here are desperate for any work, at any pay level. Mr. Burns on “the Simpsons” couldn’t concoct a more sneering, resentful corporate strategy.
    Trump’s bright idea reflects a stunningly altered view of economic fairness, given that entry-level work in the auto industry pays around $16 an hour, while the companies’ chieftains rake in millions upon millions every year.

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