Cliven Bundy Redux As Armed Militias Confront U.S. Forest Service In Montana

A clash between miners and the U.S. Forest Service heated up on Tuesday, when federal prosecutors asked U.S. District Judge Charles Lovell to stop a pair of gold miners from illegally threatening government officials and blocking access to public land.

The lawsuit alleges that the two gold miners, George Kornec and Phil Nappo, have unlawfully damaged public land that they do not own surface rights to. Furthermore, they have illegally closed off public access to U.S. Forest land, with armed militias denying entry to the public and to Forest Service officials.

Armed militias have converged upon the area around White Hope Mine to confront the Forest Service, in a standoff reminiscent of the 2014 clash between rancher Cliven Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Nevada. The Oath Keepers, 3% of Idaho and the Pacific Patriot Network are among the armed militia groups that have flocked to the area to confront government officials.

The government’s complaint against the miners reads in part:

The unauthorized and illegal actions of Defendants have interfered with and damaged National Forest Service land. Because the non-compliance has not been resolved, and because members of the public are still being threatened or blocked from access, it is necessary for the United States to bring this action.

Like the Cliven Bundy altercation, the dispute stems from private individuals disobeying the law, by trying to stake claim to public land that does not legally belong to them. The miners, like Bundy, surround themselves with armed vigilantes seemingly eager for an opportunity to fire on federal employees.

Fueled by anti-government sentiment and armed to the teeth, these self-styled ”patriots” are a menace to public safety, who turn federal lands into volatile tinderboxes ripe for violence. Hopefully the militias will refrain from engaging in continued armed intimidation against public officials, and the dispute in Montana can be ended peacefully.

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  1. NOW would be a good time to go after Cliven Bundy’s cattle that has been grazing for free.

    After all, all the Chuck Norris Wannabe’s attention and presence has been diverted.

    And all because some folks couldn’t be bothered to file paperwork.

    The inevitable- another toxic spill in the making. Other than the Oath Kreepers’ blood that is.

  2. when will these idiots be arrested? privileged white guys with guns threatening law enforcement?

    all of them are stealing from the rest of us… Federal land belongs to everyone not a bunch of idiots with guns…

    charge them with felonies, convict them and take their guns…

  3. The Koch brothers, echoed by Cruz and others, want there to be NO federal land. They want unlimited access to the minerals, the water, and the animals. They want in restrictions on anything…just jump in and take over what belongs to all of us, and for a reason. If people start deforestation for profit, and foul the rivers, and the air, it affects us all. The EPA and National Forest Service are in place for a reason…people like these gun nuts and the KOCHS do not care about the future…they are only interested in making money today. Arrest these creeps. Make an example of them. This has to stop.

  4. If Bundy and these jerks were dark skinned they all would be dead by now…
    Why are they treated with kid gloves while others are killed?

  5. Why are these homegrown terrorists allowed to continuously break the law?
    I believe they want a armed shoot out……put their wives, mothers, fathers, and grown children in jail for whatever……tax evasion, illegal arms, aiding and embedding… know these type of people are lawless and have a paper trail.

  6. …just send in some Marines…if they brag they wanna be in combat; let’s see how long they can stand up to pros…
    …my guess is : not too ‘f’ing long…

  7. An APC with a .50 cal mounted on top would be a nice way to clear the disputed area. Personally, I would prefer the .30 cal gatling just to introduce a little shock and awe. But we’d have to be careful. We wouldn’t want to start a forest fire…

  8. Arrest them if they resist wipe them off the face of the Earth. Just make sure to throw a few cigarettes around their lifeless bodies so the media wont ask to many questions

  9. We should send all these killer cops, Darren Wilson needs a job, and let them have at it with these so called patriots.

  10. We’ll see how many of these domestic terrorist thugs get shot. this is white privilege on steroids!

  11. Absolutely true. If this were a bunch of black twelve year olds waving BB guns, they’d all be dead.

  12. convict them of felonies and take their guns. I LIKE IT! cuz, ya know, convicted felons can’t own guns.

    oh, wait. they’d just break the law again by owning guns. cuz, 2nd amendment “well regulated” doesn’t apply to them.

  13. Patriots?
    A patriot stands with the law.
    A patriot protects everyone,not just a couple of white men who think they own the world.
    Any other group of armed men would have been dealt with extreme prejudice and certain death.
    Why not these men?
    Because they’re ex or current law enforcement and military.

  14. They can only afford spending all their time doing this (and terrorizing the citizens of Ferguson, and…) because someone is sponsoring them. Follow the money.

  15. Which journalists will have the balls to ask the Republican candidates what they would do with these rebellious thugs?

    Let’s hear the gaggle of wannabes say they support these azzholes who are going against the same government the pretenders want to lead.

  16. if these two minors had black skin this issue would be resolved in 5 minutes flat…end result would be 2 dead minors…

    period, end of story.

  17. Why don’t we just send in an overwhelming force and watch them wet their pants. I can’t believe Bundy has not been prosecuted it has emboldened more wing nuts to act out. Where’s Janet Reno when we need her?

  18. yah… an armed shootout…

    someone should point out how well that worked at Ruby Ridge and Waco… a lot of hand wringing about the Federal use of force but at the end of the day they’re still dead…

    ya makes your choices and ya takes your chances…

    unless you’re a white ‘christian’ Republican male… then you get spanked and then you whine like a baby…

  19. The military must never turn their weapons on the people they serve. Or you get Uganda under Idi Amin. Or Somalia.

    Because once they cross the bridge, they carry tyranny and enslavement with them.

  20. I wondered who are these people. Do they not have a career and work…..and if not, how are they able to afford all these guns, ammo, and run around from place to place terrorizing citizens and our government……Are the on disability?
    America needs to wake up and snuff out these terrorists. You’ll know something weird is going on if your neighbor leaves for weeks at a time, is obsessed with guns, and is anti government.

  21. This is Bull@@@@@@@@@! Why do we need to go to other countries and fight! We have a war going on right here in the U.S.! This is crazy! They are taking upon themselves to take over Federal Property! Is there something wrong with this picture or it’s just me! What’s next for these S.O.B? The White House and the Capitol buildings!

  22. If they were Black they would have the USArmy National Guard or Reserves with tanks and heavy weaponry and crush them like they did with David Koresh and the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX. At least have the military weapons and assault vehicles like the police had in Ferguson, MO.

  23. These wimps with guns need to be convicted of civil disobedience while armed. No one has authorized or trained these idiot wannabees for whatever their point is, none of em seem too clear on that. Im tired of seeing these wimps with no dicks try to act like some tough guy out of a 50s movie. They are so easily influenced by Koch inspired and paid wingnuts, they’ll do anything they’re told like zombies(brainless imbeciles). The billionaires want to own every inch of ‘merica and enslave its people to serve them. This is what you get when you vote gopbags into office: lies, takeovers, torture, war, mismanaged economy, corruption, etc….

  24. If left unchecked? Yes. That’s the only possible end goal for these terrorists and their financial backer(s).

    Can’t win the WH? Have the people kill each other to take it by force! Considering how sinister these bastards are, that would be a win-win for them.

  25. The military is not required. AFT, the FBI and Customs and Border Patrol have the equipment and trained manpower to put an end to this in short order. The only problem will be the PR when there are a bunch of dead Oath Keepers and video of them dying.

    That said it is time to end the insurrection within our borders and force these men to leave or die. You want to play soldier then face the consequences.

  26. Hell, the MERE PRESENCE of unarmed Black people would have been reason to start blasting them for BWB (breathing while black).

  27. They USED to track Bigfoot. No need to now that its open season on Black people. Plus it saves on transportation costs. They don’t have to go to any wilderness when they can just drive down the street and kill their quarry.

  28. Who are they?:
    Anti-government hate militias on the rise
    By John P. Avlon, Special to CNN;March 31, 2010
    “Another new Hatriot group is the Oath Keepers, who claim to have some 3,000 dues-paying members, including current and former law enforcement officers, members of the military, and others who meet to reaffirm their oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. ‘The whole point of the Oath Keepers is to stop a dictatorship from ever happening here,’ its founder, Stewart Rhodes, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.”
    Not exactly wimps and wannabes,they’ve bought into & promote conspiracy theories:the Government may take away your rights. I first ck’d them out in relation to the Jade Helm brouhaha. They were at the Ferguson Anniversary protests.They feel like anarchists and scare the heck out of me.
    Their side:
    From Montana Public Radio as reported by the website :
    Mission Accomplished At Lincoln Mine Operation
    By STEVE JESS • …

  29. I’m so sick of these a$$holes who think everything belongs to them and they have a ‘god-given’ right to take whatever they want.

    Law enforcement should pretend they’re black and blow them away. Problem solved.

  30. …I honestly don’t think any civilian Feds are even trained in Special Forces tactics…which is the best way to take ’em down with minimal casualities…which is why I recommended the Marines…they don’t rate SEAL Team-6…yet…

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