Same Old Bush: Jeb All But Promises To Bring Back Torture If Elected President


In a speech that sounded like it could have been delivered by his brother, Jeb Bush revised the history of the Iraq war in order to blame Obama, and left the door wide open to bringing back torture if he wins the White House.

During an event in Iowa, Bush made his most explicit comments indicating that his administration will be a return to the policies of his brother.

Defense One reported:

“I do think, in general, that torture is not appropriate and effective, and the change in policy that my brother did and was put into executive order form by the president was the proper thing to do,” he continued. But he added later, “That’s why I’m not saying that in every condition under every possible scenario [we wouldn’t use torture] — God knows what the next president is going to have to do.”

When pressed to say whether he could commit to keeping President Barack Obama’s executive order, Bush reiterated, “I’m not gonna go through every possible scenario that’s gonna come up.”

“At the moment, we’ve got people out there protecting the United States of America, protecting its citizens. And one of the most important duties, if not the most important duty of the president is to do the same.”

Jeb Bush is his “own man,” but if he is elected to serve as the nation’s next president GITMO will stay open, torture will be back on the table, and troops will be returning to Iraq. The Jeb Bush campaign is sounding a lot like the failed presidency of his brother, George W. Bush.

With one speech, Jeb Bush revealed what makes him unelectable. Democrats and Independents definitely don’t want a return of the Bush years, and a sizable number of Republicans aren’t thrilled with the idea either. There is a reason Bush has fallen back to the middle of the Republican pack.

A vote for Jeb is a vote for W, which is why voters have so far rejected Jeb Bush’s call to rise up and restore his brother’s failed policies.

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  1. Quite a perplexing campaign strategy,, To intentionally remind all citizens with eye’s, ear’s and memories, why Jeb Bush can never be allowed to be President of the United States.

  2. Well, Jeb sure has his finger on the pulse of America, doesn’t he? We elected Obama twice because he’s kept us OUT of wars, and old Jeb thinks that we’re all in for starting them up again? I do wish someone would ask every GOP candidate (and Congressman!) who thinks war is the answer “How will you pay for this?” Because George never did…Obama had to figure it out, amidst the jeers and faux tears from the right over the deficit. Gee, guys, 10 years of war aren’t free, but Bush just pretended they were. When Obama, being honest, put them back on the books, all hell broke loose. So, I want someone to ask every one of the warmongers just how they plan to PAY FOR the next war, when they assure us we can’t afford education, roads, SS, the ACA, or teachers. Dare you, Jeb.

  3. Can we PLEASE PLEASE stop calling him JEB!

    It’s John Ellis Bush – quit following the stupid media’s lead.

  4. When he was governor of Florida, everybody called him Jeb, even in the state government. I actually thought that was his name till I read this.

  5. I don’t think John E. Bush deserves any recognition as a viable candidate. Money does not always know how to talk…case in point.

    I was elated to see his polling numbers go down after the debate last Thursday, even though I don’t put much stalk in polls, particularly this early for a 2016 election.

    “They call me JEB” in Florida! Dah! Feel the love…NOT!

  6. It’s not surprising that he’s espousing the policies of his brother. He surrounded himself with the same advisors. He’s showing his intelligence by assuring us that he will repeat the same failed policies of his brother. Go figure.

  7. Rick, Jeb apparently doesn’t understand that if he surrounds himself with losers, he’s not likely to win.

  8. If Jeb is “the smart one” why is he keeping that a secret? He sounds every bit as dumb as his brother to me. He has that “vacant” look on his face most of the time, too. Is he shocked that he is not being elected with a name so recognizable? Wasn’t he supposed to be the saviour of the gop? Maybe he should have hired Rove, to pull all his dirty tricks the way he did for W.

  9. We left more than a mess behind in Iraq, Afghanistan

    In 2003, two years after the United States invaded Afghanistan, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said that conflict would cost “something under $50 billion.” The most recent estimate from the Congressional Research Service pegged the cost of the war in Afghanistan at more than $685 billion.

    Of course 2003 was the same year Rumsfeld declared an end to “major combat” in the country during a briefing with reporters in Kabul. Twelve years later, after the longest overseas conflict in our nation’s history, nearly 10,000 troops remain and we’re still trying to extract or destroy our tanks.

    Military equipment, paid for by American taxpayers, ends up in the hands of our enemies. This is only one of the many devastating human and economic consequences of Bush’s wars. Future presidents should learn a lesson from them.

  10. You’re as bad as teabaggers with their Obama was born in Kenya crap. Whatever comes up, you’re sure to chime in with something about Christians. Give it a rest, for Christ’s sake.

  11. And Jeb! Is suppose to be the smart one?? I’m really wondering just how Poppy & Barbara raised these two?? WTF was being taught in that home?

  12. I came up with this slogan after w was elected & I just knew jebbie would be running:

    The White House Already Has A Rose Garden, We Don’t Need Another Bush.

    I wish I could have bumper stickers & pins with my slogan on them.

  13. Know doubly and more? That sounds childish. How do you “know”? Just because someone is atheist does not mean that they hate religion. That was an ignorant comment

  14. I don’t hate religion. It’s just incredibly stupid.

    I try not to hate. That’s the job of religious folks.

  15. I find it incredible about how so many Christians in history felt outrage at the Jews for their ‘crime’ against their Savior- inspiring mass retaliations against an entire race because of some few nearly two thousand years ago.

    One would think that Christians would be as active against torture as they are against abortion.

    But there I go again- trying to use logic.

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