Liberals Have Obama’s Back as Al Franken Supports Iran Deal

Associated Press file, cropped
Associated Press file, cropped

Liberals have President Barack Obama’s back on the Iran deal, as Senator Al Franken (D-MN) came out in strong support of it in an op-ed published Thursday on CNN. Count Franken as a yes vote for sanity.

Franken writes that he didn’t come to this conclusion lightly, “Since the deal was announced, I’ve consulted with nuclear and sanctions experts inside and outside government; Obama administration officials, including Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz; ambassadors from the other countries that negotiated alongside us; advocates for Israel on both sides of the issue; my constituents in Minnesota; and, of course, my colleagues in the Senate.”

The Democratic Senator explained that the deal isn’t perfect, but he called it “strong”, saying it is “the most effective, realistic way to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon anytime in the next 15 years.”

Franken addressed some of the criticism of the deal which has inaccurately claimed that President Obama is just “trusting” Iran.

“You don’t have to trust the regime’s intentions to understand the reality it would face: Attempting to cheat on this agreement would carry an overwhelming likelihood of getting caught — and serious consequences if it does… But there’s no doubt in my mind that this deal represents a significant step forward for our national security.”

And what are the alternatives coming from the critics? They have no alternatives, except war. Franken wrote that their alternatives “run the gamut from unrealistic to horrifying. For example, some say that, should the Senate reject this agreement, we would be in position to negotiate a “better” one. But I’ve spoken to representatives of the five nations that helped broker the deal, and they agree that this simply wouldn’t be the case.”

That is very troubling, and a fact that should be at the forefront of this debate. There will be no better deal. That is not in the alternative plans. Franken pointed out that we would not be able to come back to the bargaining table and “… of course, Iran would be able to move forward on its nuclear program, endangering our interests in the region — especially Israel — and making it far more likely that we will find ourselves engaged in a military conflict there.”

Military conflict is the alternative to the imperfect deal.

Franken charged that some critics lusted after such a conflict and reminded them of their epic fail the last time they pulled this card, “… with one of my colleagues suggesting that we should simply attack Iran now, an exercise he believes would be quick and painless for the United States. But this is pure fantasy, at least according to what our security and intelligence experts tell us. And it’s certainly not the lesson anyone should have learned from the disastrous invasion of Iraq.”

The Minnesota Senator said prior to the historic Iran deal, our choices were dire, “… allowing it to have a nuclear bomb or having to bomb the country ourselves. This agreement represents a chance to break out of that no-win scenario.”

Liberals want to avoid unnecessary wars. All options should be explored first. President Obama’s foreign policy doctrine is diplomacy first, which was a major draw for voter support in 2008 and 2012, as the nation had yet to recover from the Bush administration’s misguided and disastrous Iraq invasion.

Senator Franken is signaling that the liberals in the Democratic caucus have examined this incredible deal (and it is incredible, to sit down with enemies and hammer something this tough out) and are choosing to vocally support and advocate for it. The House Democrats are already on board.

While the country is sighing a huge breath of relief, it must be noted that once again it is Democrats who are saving us all from another crazy Republican scheme.

Image: Associated Press file, cropped

47 Replies to “Liberals Have Obama’s Back as Al Franken Supports Iran Deal”

  1. Would liberals PLEASE STOP prefacing every statement of support for the President with the phrase, “it isn’t perfect”.

  2. In the perfect world, there would be no need for these kind of deals, because the entire planet would be populated by intelligent, sensible & caring beings.

    But since we have people representing us, who would have been happier living in a different century, and have to deal with people who cherish things from the past centuries, milleniums for some, it is difficult to move in unison and still move towards a somewhat common goal.

    Meanwhile ISIS is reviving ancient traditions and ensalving captive females for sex trade at an industrial pace. All under the protection of their religious interpretation.

  3. No shit it ain’t perfect. Nothing is.

    But then as liberals we’re always seeming to apologise for our actions. As if we should or need to.

    War- the only ‘viable’ alternative in the minds (?) of the Conservatives, is one helluva lot less perfect.

  4. I remember when Dick Cheney said before the 2000 elections that “The adults are coming to the rescue”. Only took 15 years, but he was right.

  5. I wish for once instead of calling them critics call their chickenshit asses out starting with Tom Cotton and the 46 other war mongers. That is the only way the brain dead Americans will understand what is at stake

  6. “The Obama Method” and Potential Realignment in the Middle East
    Right now it looks like the possibility of a space for movement on the Palestinian issue is not likely during President Obama’s term. But it is interesting to note that his approach seems to be creating an opening when it comes to the ongoing civil war in Syria.

    With President Bashar al-Assad of Syria facing battlefield setbacks, diplomats from Russia, the United States and several Middle Eastern powers are engaged in a burst of diplomatic activity, trying to head off a deeper collapse of the country that could further strengthen the militant group Islamic State.

    Russia, Mr. Assad’s most powerful backer, has built new ties with Saudi Arabia, a fervent opponent, and even brokered a meeting between high-ranking Saudi and Syrian intelligence officials. On Tuesday, the Saudi foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, met with the Russian foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, in Moscow, wrangling over the fate of Mr. Assad.
    Read More

  7. Great Post Maranon,
    This could be a Campaign Cry:
    “Since we have people representing us, who would have been happier living in a different century, and have to deal with people who cherish things from the past centuries, milleniums for some, it is difficult to move in unison and still move towards a somewhat common goal.
    Meanwhile ISIS…

    We should equate Republicans = ISIS!

  8. Saudi Arabia is predominately sunni, whereas Syria is mostly shia (Assad is alawite). KSA was bankrolling ISIS, but recently cut off funding. ISIS then retaliated by starting a campaign of bombing shia mosques in Saudi Arabia in hopes of stoking civil war inside KSA’s borders. Everybody seems to be fighting everybody in that area. I’m very cynical when it comes to peace to the middle east. The deal the US struck with Iran is a step in the right direction though.

  9. I feel you but anything that could get people talking is a step in the right direction. I think if we never invaded Iraq we wouldn’t be in this clusterfuk to begin with. If only we can see those Cheney/Energy Companies plans for the Middle east but that a whole other subject

  10. Correct me if wrong, but polling suggests Americans want to reject the Iran Deal 52% to 44%.

    I wonder how many Americans Support War with Iran?

  11. And now Jeb! has the temerity to blame Hillary for the clusterf*ck that is Iraq now? I thought he was the “smart one”?

    The middle east will not be straightened out anytime soon, thanks to the neocons who lied us into war, and the same a**holes now want to lie us out of peace, vis a vis, Iran.


  13. Sadly- if we hadn’t had the costly mistake of Iraq, the drumbeat of war against Iran would be much more tempting for folks.

  14. Something that would have overwhelming bipartisan support. And if I could figure out what that is, I wouldn’t be a commenter here, I would own the site…..and kick you off it.

  15. Dumbass you don’t own the site and you cant kick me off but guess what you Likud sympathizer when republicans said from day one we will do everything to make sure the President fail what part of your lizard brain you don’t understand that?

  16. It depends on how the question is asked. I was recently polled on healthcare and the way they framed the questions they can get any answer they want if you are not informed

  17. Another lucid OP-ED from a very smart man. There’s no such thing as the main stream media, that’s a myth, created by the democrats to get the news networks to stop promoting republicans outdated views and hatred for those they consider less among them. Oh,wait, reverse those parties for a more accurate view of history…HAH

  18. Did you all know that Netanyahu will be
    making a trip to the UK, they probably will not be fawning over him. They have tens of thousands of people who have signed a petition to arrest him for war crimes.

    I am guessing it is for the slaughter of Palestinians.

  19. Really? Name calling?

    I’m as liberal as they come. Don’t post here to often because I am turned off by how you hijack virtually every story and bully those that you do not agree with.

    One comment from me and your true self flows forth for all to see.

    You disgust me. Carry on with your self imposed illusion of your greatness.

  20. I have no idea but the same people who are looking for the magic golden unicorn that republicans would do anything bipartisan should not be allowed to play in traffic

  21. When I was a kid we had a cold war with the enemy and most everyone rallied around a common goal to oppose and defeat them. Now you have a war within our government where traitors openly sabotage just for the sake of scoring points. Any wonder most civilized countries make fun of our politics? Donald Trump for prez. Really?!

  22. Back in the day the one thing we could come to an agreement was foreign policy. When Nixon went to China you did not hear Scoop Jackson threatening to bring the government down. Even with Reagan and his blunders Democrats didn’t talk about impeachment even though it was warranted.

    We have a fifth column undermining this country and its republicans and the neo-cons on the democratic party

  23. am I the only person who believes Iran allready has the bomb.the U.S. Got the bomb seventy years ago. The Russians and British a few years later. Even backward North Korea has the bomb. Iran is far more advanced than North Korea. I think they have had the bomb for at least three years. I do not believe Iran will attack Israel. Israel has over a hundred high yield bombs. This is all about lifting sanctions and freeing up money to fund terrorism.

  24. So you have knowledge that they tested it? You don’t know shit about Iran or the conditions of the people other than the propaganda that your little brain eats up as truth.

  25. Prove it.

    Or perhaps we can seduce the Iranians with our Western Ways. Carrot vs Stick.

    Because after all, the Right Wings efforts in Iraq paid such wonderful dividends.

  26. gee we don’t have evidence that Israel has tested a bomb. did you know that. Of course you didn’t. we do know that Iran has worked closely with North Korea. did you know that. You believe all the propaganda you are fed. if someone says something on this site you do not agree with or understand you resort to name calling. Please be a bit more tolerant of other people’s beliefs. Unless they are really over the top. Oh yes did you know that South Africa once had the bomb and came clean. No hard evidence was found when the had it

  27. Damn don’t you people know history? We did have evidence that Israel tested the bomb. In fact we knew they and South Africa tested together
    CIA evidence of an Israeli nuclear test

    Nuclear Last updated: May, 2014

    Israel, a non-signatory to the NPT, is regarded as the first and only country in the Middle East to possess nuclear weapons.

  28. I don’t think they do. But if they did then why is Israel so paranoid? Iran could have used it before.

  29. Reading comments to the Fareed Zakaria op-ed
    in the Washington post, those who do not agree with the Iran deal seem to like comparing Obama to Neville Chanberlain, I do not understand – Chamberlain was British,
    Hitler invaded Poland! Britain went to war in 1939 against the Germans, the US only joined in when war was declared on them 1941 so who is the US Neville Chamberlain.
    Another saying from the dissenters is ‘we cannot trust anyone who says ‘death to America’ perhaps the Iranians cannot trust anyone who says ‘Bomb bomb Iran’

  30. Breaking news, a “side deal” which came from the state controlled media of Iran, that Irans deal with Kerry & Obama allows Iran to NOT allow any American at any level to inspect the facilities. Iran has 24 days to respond to any inspection requests, thereafter Iran has a right to not approve the person performing the inspections from IEAU…all being in compliance with the “Deal”. Admin of Obama contend that they were just rhetoric with “anytime, anywhere inspection” and that supporters understood. Do you?

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