Alabama Poll: Trump Has Big Lead In GOP Race, Clinton is Crushing Sanders in Dem Contest

An Alabama poll, conducted by Strategy Research on behalf of WKRG News, found Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton enjoying large leads within their respective parties in the 2016 presidential race. Alabama holds its presidential primary on March 1st, along with a number of other Southern states.

The Strategy Research poll found Trump leading the Republican field with 30 percent support. His nearest challenger, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, was way back at 15 percent. Bush was followed by Ben Carson and Marco Rubio each at 11 percent. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who won the Alabama primary in 2008 on the strength of evangelical voters, polled just 8 percent. Carly Fiorina was also at 8 percent, followed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz who polled at 7 percent support.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton held a crushing 78 to 10 percent margin over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders has been barnstorming the South, speaking to large crowds recently, but that enthusiasm has not translated into strong poll numbers for the senator in the state of Alabama.

Clinton’s ridiculously strong poll numbers in Alabama suggest that she could employ a Southern strategy to curb Sanders’ momentum if he wins early victories in Iowa and New Hampshire. South Carolina holds its primary after the first two states weigh in, and on March 1st Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia hold their primaries, giving Super Tuesday 2016 a distinctly Southern flavor.

Sanders’ home state of Vermont and neighboring Massachusetts also hold primaries that day and Colorado and Minnesota have their Democratic caucuses on March 1st as well. Nevertheless, if Clinton’s strength in Alabama is indicative of strength elsewhere in the South, Super Tuesday would give her an opportunity to scoop up the lion’s share of Democratic delegates on March 1, 2016.

On the Republican side, the Alabama poll simply affirms that Trump’s lead in the GOP extends to every part of the country, including the Deep South. Alabama’s evangelical tradition makes it an excellent pickup opportunity for a social conservative like Mike Huckabee or Ted Cruz, but it appears that Donald Trump has cornered the evangelical vote, shutting out the most outspoken Christian conservatives in the field.

With most campaigns so heavily invested in Iowa and New Hampshire, the Alabama poll gives analysts a glimpse at how the presidential race stacks up in a Southern state that hasn’t received much attention yet, but whose primary still falls early in the 2016 calendar. With Alabama voters decisively supporting both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the poll also suggests which candidates should be favored to perform well in the Southern flavored Super Tuesday primaries.

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  1. Iowa and New Hampshire will mean nothing if the candidate can’t swing the south to their way of thinking. Democrats in the south are more middle of the road. To far to the left and you loose the south. Independants in the south, are just that, independent. Too far to the left you loose the south, too far to the right you loose the south. Republicans in the south are a breed all their own. There is nothing too far to the right for them.

  2. Eff the South ! Except for a few pockets, they’re morons and the rest of us don’t need them. They’re the real national welfare cheats.

  3. Kranky, please do not stereotype the entire South as morons just because the majority of white voters in the Bible belt are GOP zombies. I can certainly understand why others would have that opinion, but it is insulting to those of us with rational minds. I am from Mississippi, a total liberal, and have a quality education and brain. I know bullshit when I hear it. (Unfortunately, being from Mississippi, I hear A LOT of it). But, we also have some very intelligent people who have not forgotten about the welfare of ALL Americans. Please remember that Bill Clinton was from a single mother, middle class family in Arkansas. He never forgot his middle class roots or things he saw growing up that needed to be improved and he has dedicated his life to doing “the right thing.” There are more Southerners than one might think, who share his ideals.

  4. Only one Democratic candidate is even going to the South and that is Bernie Sanders. We’ll see how it goes in South Carolina this weekend but in Texas he drew 15,000, in Arizona, 11,000, 4500 in Louisiana. Many Northerners have moved South doing the past two decades. Many Sanders supporters are not Democrats. 42% of all voters are Independents. A poll of Democrats in Alabama would undoubtedly put Ms. Clinton, former first lady of the neighboring state of Arkansas, far in the lead. Only time will tell if people in the “heat belt” can tolerate The Bern.

  5. Trump’s Friday presser I didn’t see all of it, but what I did see were 16 minutes of a demagogic tour de force. I tuned in somewhere during his broadside against Rand Paul, whom Trump not only wants out of the presidential race, but out of Kentucky politics. Period. Trump left nothing of Paul standing. He also, somewhat needlessly, hit Lindsey Graham and Rick Perry again. Jeb Bush, too. For that, there’s need. He went on to solve all U.S. problems with China (and Japan) via a one-businessman appointment. He also solved all veterans issues. Then he completed much-needed campaign finance reform. Just like that. Plus, he announced he’d be converting the world’s greatest military power into … the world’s greatest military power. Nice touch. Everyone else’s policies remain “stupid” (without a hint of irony), which, combined with mind-bending simplicity, goes straight to Trump’s real demagogic power. We are witnessing a political genius at work, a demagogue fully enabled by the dumbest masses since ancient Rome, who were also hooked on entertainment. – See more at:

  6. Trump is showing that the way to the heart of the Masses is grandstanding and demagoguery; of which he is the master.

  7. Ya’ll know she is winning in more than one southern state, right?

    She is beating all her dem competition in all 50 states. Even NH except for one poll from Rs which was tied for dem votes.

    She has a huge ground game in Florida (+47%) and is well loved here. Georgia – (+50) and is head to head or beating Rs.

    South Carolina (56+) Big campaign presence for many months and big focus.

    Super Tuesday is secondary focus. First 4 states primary focus.

    Nevada, has full campaign too, offices and a ground game organizing, of course as an early primary state of much importance.

    You win the first 4 it is all snowball downhill from there and on to our GOP bloody epic battle and clash of the titans.

  8. Bernie has 5 months till the first contest looms overhead. Then they all come like machine gun fire and you have to be ready to hit the road hard and be in a dozen states with full surrogates and tv ad backing and ground game to get out the vote for you because no candidate can be in all places everyday once the avalanche starts.

    In 08 we had Chelsea in one, Bill in another, Hillary in a third and Governors and Senators of key states handling them.
    GOTV and flood the mass markets.

    To do so you must buy ad time months in advance – and it isn’t cheap. Hillary was one of the few candidates to buy blocks of time in advance – before the good slots – primetime – were sold out of markets.

    Frankly, he doesn’t have a plan after Iowa and NH beside holding rallies in white liberal strongholds like Portland Or. – hardly a battleground to help party build for a general. The battlegrounds are where the party gains – not strongholds.

  9. Thank you for this (political) reality check, Rin. Every one who doesn’t want a Republican in the White House and who doesn’t want a lame-duck president there, either – should read this.

  10. Let me understand this – you’re using Hillary’s campaign strategy in 2008 as evidence of how she’s going to win? You do remember what happened in 2008, don’t you?

  11. What? NO.

    BUT: She had more votes than Obama. She won every big state. She had a fierce, neck to neck competition that had half the base on one side and the other half the base on the other. They split the delegates, the campaign staff, the forces, the unions – all 50 – 50 and he was highly meteroric.

    Bernie isn’t even a freaking DEM. Obama gave the party key note in 04 and had half the party solidly behind him including most of the party leaders.

    I know her campaign then and the one now and there are many changes this time – that was old school things have changed.

    She also, this year, has broken every record for amount of delegates, amount of money donated, strength of polling, she is off the charts, even doing better than incumbents according to stats. But that is just because she earned the support over decades of proving herself and working very hard to accomplish many miracles.

  12. Hillary wins and America loses. You’re sHilling for the failed status quo and against the last real shot at reform this country will see. Glad I don’t have kids who will have to live in the world you help to create :D

  13. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate running that is asking for more debates. He is also the only candidate running that will give a straight answer to any question asked. He has no fear of speaking his mind, because he has nothing to hide; No ulterior motives. He is so aligned with the people of this country, because he is one of us. He is a middle class citizen first & a politician second. He IS us, & we ARE him! Bernie, Bernie he’s our man, if he can’t do it…we are definitely screwed! I am just a bit concerned with the portion of the country that has a deep embedded hatred for anything that goes against the grain of their great American conditioning. Which dictates what they’ll automatically love, or hate. Unable to process anything without the use of their patriotic hubris filter at full capacity; I’m afraid that socialism (an ideology that has been corrupted before by other countries along with communism–but just look at what we have done to capitalism!) will not be tolerat…

  14. Bullshit. Martin O’Malley is asking for more debates and as I have pointed out since 2004 the Democrats have always sanction 6 debates.

  15. Why would you need more than 6 debates for 5 candidates? Even if two more got into the race, there would be enough time to educate the electorate on all of their stances. Let the republicans entertain the masses. Dems don’t need to turn our debates into the the mud fight that the rethugs have made of theirs.

  16. No one is voting for Hillary, nice plan you outlined, not sure where you are getting your info from but Everywhere Bernie Goes he gets more and more support, This election isn’t over this November we still have over 6 months of campaigning until the Nominee is decided. History repeats and Hillary is toast. #feelthebern

  17. People are sick and tired of political correctness,and all the phoney balony,and The Donald is like a breath of fresh air,so deal with it.

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