Midwest Mayhem As Bernie Sanders Expected To Trample Republicans With Huge Event In Iowa

Bernie Sanders

Republican presidential candidates are getting the headlines for going to the Iowa State Fair, but signs are growing that Bernie Sanders will outdraw them all after his Sunday town hall in Iowa was forced to move to a bigger venue.

The Sanders campaign announced that due to audience demand their town hall event in Dubuque, Iowa on Sunday has been shifted to a larger venue. The campaign said in a statement, “With turnout projections mounting, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign has shifted the location of Sunday’s town meeting in Dubuque, Iowa, to the Loras College Athletic and Wellness Center.”

Republican and Democratic presidential candidates are flocking to the Iowa State Fair. Jeb Bush has already spoken there. Donald Trump will appear on Saturday, as will Bernie Sanders. Scott Walker is scheduled for Monday, but none of the candidates in the 2016 field will attract a crowd like Sanders will on Sunday.

Some of the skepticism towards Sanders comes from those who point out that he has been drawing huge crowds to liberal areas. Sen. Sanders can mute much of that criticism by speaking in front of a packed house in Iowa.

Bernie Sanders has delivered huge crowds in every part of the country. His movement to give power back to ordinary Americans has struck a nerve with millions. At some point, the Sanders campaign will need to demonstrate that his large crowds can be translated into votes.

The first step in that process takes place in Iowa this weekend. The early success of Sen. Sanders has turned the Democratic primary into a contest that is testing frontrunner, Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump will get the headlines on Saturday, but it will be Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders who packs in the supporters on Sunday.

41 Replies to “Midwest Mayhem As Bernie Sanders Expected To Trample Republicans With Huge Event In Iowa”

  1. I shall curb my enthusiasm until such time as the Primary rolls around.

    Now. Let the down votes begin.

  2. Sen Sanders campaign is scaring the other campaigns. The GOP hates it for it is bringing out issues that they do not want to talk about.

    The Democratic Party is taken back by the huge numbers that he is drawing. It is great fun to watch the squirming and gnashing of the teeth of the supposed all knowing pundits.

    Thus, all of these are hoping and talking how Sen Sanders can not win. Yet it appears that the public would disagree by the very huge amounts of people showing up to hear Sen Sanders message. A message that speaks truth. A truth that scares ALL of those that are in the main political leadership.

  3. Again the the sensational headlines..Second story today about Sander’s as though no other candidate is running. You do have journalist who are not so biased covering our other Democratic candidates, I assume.

  4. “Republican presidential candidates are getting the headlines for going to the Iowa State Fair”

    Why would that get headlines? It doesn’t mean they’re drawing any crowds. The crowds are there for fair!

    All I can do is laugh at the media headlines!

  5. You’re kidding right? Bernie Sanders has been subjected to a media blackout. He’s only getting some minimal coverage now because of the push from all the people who support him. Bernie is drawing crowds like no one else and still the media can’t point a camera at him. It has been up to the Grassroots movement to spread his word all along.

  6. The scary part is you are probably in the majority… just think how huge his campaign will become when people really begin to allow themselves to get excited about his chances of winning….

  7. HUH? People getting excited that he could win? I just don’t understand that line of thinking because if he is truly the one people will follow

  8. Let me rephrase my comment to be fair. Many members of that union are very angry that Hillary was endorsed as evidenced by the strong comments they posted on the facebook page. Neither you or I speak for those who did not comment on facebook.

  9. Recently heard about this guy and I really like what I am hearing.. Its not a party thing with me but who can best do the job and I will watch and listen and see..

  10. I counted one – ONE comment on the Facebook page that supported the decision to back Hillary. Out of how many? A hundred or more?

    Doesn’t that say quite a bit about the sentiments of the rank & file?

    Yeah, it does.

  11. A hundred out of over 540k members. But you are right they speak for all union members like the 40% who voted for republicans who cut their benefits. Racism is a powerful drug because of their hatred of anything that don’t fit their Archie Bunker view they will cut their own throats

  12. READ. the union members supported Hillary 6 to 1. She got 6x more votes from members to endorse her and they voted to start now so the damage stops.

    She had more votes than all 20 candidates combined. And unions are a cross section of the public not all are dems…

  13. The scariest thing about Senator Sander’s for the other candidates is that he is generating these crowds with a message based on the clear, simple truth.

  14. Look at the issues. Look at the character of the man. Then get to work telling your friends. Bernie’s FDR. You know, the only president to get elected 4 times? The peaceful revolution is upon us.

  15. It’s important and relevant that most of the posts were very negative — it does represent a sampling of the reactions of the group — those w/ positive feelings about the endorsement also could have posted. It really looks like HRC traded the endorsement for a promise of influence/power/job… [WINK][WINK][WINK]

  16. I don’t see where you are reading 6 to 1.

    The article you linked to states that it was “Union leaders endorsed Clinton after 1,700 members chose her from a field of about 20 candidates by margin greater than 2-to-1. She won the backing of nearly half of the members surveyed.”

    Given that only 1,700 members voted for Clinton, I question that such a small number of voters really represent the 600,000 members. I question it even more so when I read comments from members who were surprised a vote for endorsement had taken place. It seems to me those members were left out of the process.

  17. …as me Dad used to say back when I was a WEE tyke around 1 December “You know you can’t open a single GD present until Christmas Eve!!! Now go to the creek and see if you can’t catch some crawdads.”

  18. I get where you’re coming from. Voting for 34 years in the Oregon May primaries made me more of an observer than a participant in the ramp up to Presidential races. I remember trying to explain that to a new citizen/Super Tuesday voter friend who was so certain that Howard Dean was going to win it all. She had to wait to see how it all played out with the rest of us.

  19. Bernie has had next to no media coverage compared to the other candidates. Are people starting to talk about him because he has nothing to do with Super PAC’s, Internet scandals or saying negative comments against women? Yes they are.

  20. …didya hear??? The Chunky Toady NEVER got a weekday show on MSNBC, neither did Brian Williams…
    …guess all those nasty-grams were pilin’ up at Comcast/NBC…

  21. Union leaders always reminded me of the soviet politboro by dismissing those who disagree with them out of hand. I was a teamster union member when our then national president jackie presser endorsed reagan to the horror of most members. I’m glad that the larger unions are holding off because they always want to pick the winner. The unions that have endorsed HC are under great fire within and outside of their unions. We know she supported and supports the free trade agreements at the expense of union jobs.

    WAKE UP UNION LEADERS, and listen to your members. It’s a new day and if the unions want to survive and grow they NEED TO lend their support to Bernie Sanders NOW!!! He supports unionization and want’s more unions to raise the standard of living for millions of Americans. If they don’t they are harming their members and unions in general.

  22. AFSCME retired here.

    I disagree with everything you wrote and so does Trumka, he said TPP has no weight on their choice. They put the weight on the one who is most likely to be elected.

    The two large AFLCIO union affiliates who came out for Hillary both polled their members. The last one said it was 6 to 1 in favor of Hillary over him. She had 6x his amount of votes – not even close.

    She had more votes than 20 candidates combined – according to them. AND they also took a vote on wheter to wait or to endorse now and they overwhelimingly said NOW – in fact they said they should have been sooner to back her.

    AFSCME said they are anxious to get boots on the ground too. And they LOVE Hillary.

    So we will see. I say September.

    And when/if Biden backs out – the bump and the endorsements holding back for him – they are all hers, too. That is just the way the DEM party rolls. So sorry Indies.

  23. Unions, you surely know, are made up of who works at that location. The local is the townfolk who work at that facility. If it is in a RED cong dist – the workers will be mostly Rs. Blue Dist. mostly Dems.

    My local was in a mixed area and we had 800 workers who were about 50 – 50. They mostly do not want the person the union backs for OTHER reasons but many do support the choice of the union so they can hang onto their union job! Anti-gay, anti-choice, etc. but pro paycheck and retirement!

    BTW – Why is everything that happens good for Hillary dismissed in Conspiracy Theory.

    The unions weren’t really for her.
    Her mic was louder in Iowa not more support.
    She paid BLM to disrupt Nutroots/SS events.
    She manipulates the polls and isn’t ahead.

    Sounds Rovian to me.

  24. Bernie has already drawn large crowds in red states.eg….dallas and new orleans..i guess he has to continue to keep reinventing the wheel for the press to take him seriously..I think he’s our next POTUS..

  25. Your not wrong about the crowds and thats great for dems, but New Orleans is a largely democratic city in a very red state. I’m not sure how Dallas breaks down but I do know there are some democratic strongholds even in ruby red Texas. Democrats in red states are starved for the attention and want to hear all candidates views. When it comes down to it, even if they love a candidate they want to vote for the one the think can win in the general. A candidate that labels themselves as a socialist will not win in the general in the south.

  26. Unfortunately, Chuck Todd did have a show on MSNBC – it was the morning rundown. I usually changed the channel. The show is still going, with, I think, Tamron Hall as the host.

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