Editorial Cartoon: JIMMY


The Earth is our habitat and Jimmy fought to improve lives everywhere on this planet.Untitled

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  1. I was just in High school when he was President and the thing that struck was ABC came up with nightline for the hostage crisis. I didn’t understand the history or politics at that time but the more I learned I couldn’t find fault with the Iranians. Looking back at his term he knew what was coming down the road. Be it the middle east or the climate. He was a good President and a better man for what he did after he left the office. I can only hope President Obama will follow in his footsteps

  2. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, Jimmy Carter was a darn good president. He just had the misfortune of being sandwiched between two of the all time worst, Old Tricky and St. Ronnie.

    Don’t believe me? Try reading this written by a U of Nebraska Prof; somebody much smarter than the Ohio Lobo:


    Read it. You might learn something. The article is just a few pages long and well footnoted to prove her point.

    Thank you President Carter. Too bad the nation didn’t follow the energy policy you wanted. We the people are so much worse off because the country chose not to. [WINK]

  3. He was maligned by the gop, corporatists, and some Democrats as well.

    I agree with djchefron, our government were evil the way they treated Iran, and yet most of the Iranians love America (most are younger than the boomers) and I’d like to see the past remain the past. Our greatest threat today is the gop.

  4. …in High School, civics class required us to vote in-school elections mirroring the actual election…I voted for Jimmy Carter…I could smell Reagans BS all the way from California to Southern Illinois…and yes, he used dirty tricks to win…the hostages being released LITERALLY as Reagan was being sworn in…coincidence??? Gimme a break; THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS OR COINCIDENCES IN POLITICS!!!

  5. One Comment I read:
    “I was a Page for Jimmy Carter, I asked him why he was a Democrat? He said, Because I saw that Republican’s Love America…
    But it’s the Democrats who truly Love the American People”

    Thank You Bill Day…We Love You!

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