Liberalism Rocks The Iowa State Fair As Bernie Sanders Rips Republican Fake Family Values

bernie sanders iowa state fair

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders fired up the crowd at the Iowa State Fair by tearing apart the hypocrisy behind Republican “family values.”

While speaking at The Des Moines Register Soapbox, Sen. Sanders shredded Republican family values.

Sanders said:

Many of my Republican colleagues talk about family values. Their family values are that a woman should not have the right to control her own body.

I disagree.

Their values are that our gay brothers and sisters should not be able to get married, or enjoy all of the benefits of American citizenship.

I disagree.

That my family values are, I’ve been married twenty-seven years got four kids, seven grandchildren. That my family values are that the United States has got to end the international embarrassment of being the only major country on Earth that doesn’t guarantee paid family and medical leave.

When a woman has a baby in this country, regardless of her income, she should be able to spend three months with that baby, getting to know that baby, love that baby.

That’s a family a value.

And when we talk about American values, when we talk about where we want to go as a country, I want to end the absurdity of the United States being the only major country on Earth that does not guarantee healthcare to all people as a right, and that is why I strongly support a Medicare for all single-payer system.

Republican family values undermine families. There is nothing real about denying some families basic rights, or discriminating against some families. Opposing paid family leave, is not a family value. Trying to legislatively control the health care decisions of women is not a family value.

What Bernie Sanders discussed at the Iowa State Fair were basic American values. Strong families, whether they are gay or straight, two parent households or one, or rich or poor are the foundation of a strong nation.

Real family values are not reflected in Republican policies. Republicans hurt families where their version of family values.

Bernie Sanders spoke the truth, and his words struck at the heart of one of the great hypocrisies in the Republican Party. The home of real family values is on the left, and Bernie Sanders rocked the heartland with the truth about who is truly looking out for the best interests of America’s families.

39 Replies to “Liberalism Rocks The Iowa State Fair As Bernie Sanders Rips Republican Fake Family Values”

  1. Finally, someone fronts the ridiculous idea that Republicans have family values. Nice job, Bernie. Now if it was only possible to shame a “conservative Republican”, but it isn’t, so we have to crush them at the ballot box.

  2. “Family values”, to Republicans, means patrias potestas of rich white males over everybody else.

  3. Curious how many gathered to hear him and if the GOP booed him. Were the GOP family value people all over getting free helicopter rides from Trump? If it was the largest attendance day at the fair, you can bet Donnie will take the laurels it was because of him! Hope Bernie has a speech scheduled at the Fairgrounds or VA Auditorium! Might be surprising how many Dems come out of the woodwork!

  4. I pray National News will show clips of Bern’s Speech. His words need to be heard by Main-Stream America!

  5. God, I love Bernie. For many people just learning about him, let me tell you!!!! This man has been telling it like it is for a long time. The problem is our friends on the other side, and the media gave Bernie a logo “a progressive liberal”. To them this is a bad word and anyone remotely attached to this label is a “loose Cannon” or a “kook”. It seems that Bernie Sanders has changed the narrative on being a loose Cannon or a kook with simply telling us what we really need to hear. Giive them hell, Bernie

  6. Bernie is talking about things that really matter to people. North, South, East and West, Bernie shows people common ground all share. Time to stop dividing Americans and bring us together.

  7. Really love Bernie, we Americans truly need him. If we don’t elect him President this country is doomed, he’s our hope to bring the America it used to be.

  8. Good stump speech. but when speaking to the heartland, perhaps it’s wise to start with the family leave and health insurance part and then get to abortion and gays, the two issues the right uses to divide them, later.

  9. I don’t know how many were there when Bernie took the stand but it was packed and an elderly man next to me said it was the biggest audience he had seen for a candidate. If the GOP booed we could not hear them over our cheers.

  10. I love Bernie, BUT!
    He has challenged the corrupt system in D.C.
    Both parties in the House & Senate are so afraid of their future if Bernie get’s in, that the big money that’s needed to win will be sent to anyone opposing Bernie.
    Even Democrats will oppose him because he promises to expose the extent that money has been used to alter/secure political offices by both parties.
    As much as I admire the Dem’s, I am not naïve enough to think for a moment that they are not as corrupt as the Repub’s.

  11. “Finally”? We Democrats have been saying this loudly going back to 1980- with the entrance of evangelical Christianity and all of its hypocrisies into the mainstream of the GOP- if not further.

    Maybe you’re young, or maybe you just started listening, but Bernie is saying nothing new here.

  12. Remarks like this are so stupid and counter productive. As a person who has been and still is a left wing socialist for over 60 years, your wild off the cuff accusations are embarrassing and counter productive. And those are the best things I can say. I just don’t get how you can something like that.

  13. I love the article but would love it even more if someone had proofread it….? It undermines your message when you publish such badly written articles. That’s a shame because the message is so important.

  14. Revolt Against Plutocracy is convinced that Bernie needs leverage to secure Dem. Party nomination regardless of his views or ideas. Please click, read and consider:

  15. Give up on the mainstream media-they’re a joke. We have to make it happen through more authentic channels. Also-in addition to praying, start talking to people-spread the word, ACTION is required!

  16. The article makes sense and then they trash Obama and then the comments section points out that they are not listening.

    Yikes. Honestly, it helps my cause, I do have a horse in this race and it helps her, so yes, it is awful, but *SHRUG*.

    I tried to tell them to STFU and I told them why. The dumbchits have to learn the hard way. My conscience is clear.

    Oh well. Keep it up, you little revolutionaries you. Make a white power fist and take over the Dem party – you can do it, Fox and the GOP will help you!

  17. Comrade, good luck with that.

    You only need to convince the majority of this country to agree with you and surely you can do that.

    Oh and – you have 5 months left to hold your revolution and get it done before all those millions of capitalist swine start exercising their right to vote for Hillary.

  18. I can’t agree about republicans being psychopaths – – their uncaring ideology that promotes wealth and power over people’s lives pegs them as sociopaths.

  19. All that stuff sounds pretty nice- like most liberal stuff does- if you don’t really THINK about it.

    As always, I’d retort with how does Socialist Bernie propose we PAY for all that?

    Ahhh, there the dream starts to fade a bit. Solely tax those EEEEEVILLLLL rich people?


  20. You must be rich. For starters we can cancel a weapon program that has cost 1.5 trillion dollars that doesn’t even work
    How DOD’s $1.5 Trillion F-35 Broke the Air Force

    But I guess your lizard brain cant think about that

  21. BERNIE – COME CLEAN on YOUR OWN Family Values!! YOU Lie! You have One SON from a Woman you didn’t support and Never MARRIED!! You might have Step Children – But YOU REFUSE to Talk about your Two Marriages, One Son out of Wed Lock and Living with a Woman in a Common Law Marriage!! Is that How Jewish Socialists DO IT?
    And how about your Draft Dodging – Will that make a great Commander in Chief? Even running away to a Kibbutz for 7 months!! You can talk ABOUT FAMILY VALUES – When YOU can SHOW Some of YOUR OWN!! CHECK IT OUT!! The SECRETS Of BERNIE SANDERS No ONe is ALLOWED to TALK ABOUT!!! SAD!! The gOP is just sitting on this Hoping Sanders beats HRC!! They HAVE ZERO On HER!! MOST VETTED WOMAN in HISTORY!!

  22. But as long as she creates her own problems through her own lying, the GOP will always have something on her.

  23. Well said Kevin! The right is SO scared of the word “socialist” because they’re too stupid to know that we have always been a partly socialist country.

  24. The Sanders platform, from the beginning, outlines his plan. For starters, education will be free, with money left over, by simply taxing Wall Street transactions. Rather than pop off in comments about things you think you know, you may want to educate yourself. You may find that Sanders is on to something here…

  25. I don’t personally give a rat’s ass about his personal family issues. I do care about his voting record. As far as his “draft dodging”, I don’t give two shits about that either. Especially when you consider the # of talking heads of the GOP/Tea Party that have evaded the draft, one shitting his pants in an attempt to be deferred.Only a small handful of the GOP incumbents or candidates have ever enlisted much less seen actual combat, yet they wave their little flags, yell God Bless The Troops and then do everything possible to ensure we march butt first into another proxy war based on the same BS talking points they used to get us in the last one. As a friend of mine (retired Navy Seal) said, if they really want to support the troops they will stop making war and then turning their back on the Vets that fought in them.
    Lol, you can’t be elected to the office of Dog Catcher in this Country if you don’t swear your faith in God or spout on about American exceptionalism. Give it a res…

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